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 Brand New OC Character Thread 3

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PostSubject: Re: Brand New OC Character Thread 3   Sun Apr 23, 2017 3:34 am

Name: Sandy Pyrtinker (remake)
Race: Earth pony, Mare
Age: Mid-twenties
Mane: Dirty blonde, Blown back style
Coat: Earth yellow
Cutie mark.:  A black and white eye with a cog as the pupil
Extra details that aren't needed but are nice to add: The eye represents her talent of observation as the cog represents her knack for gizmos.
Distinguishing Features: Her bandage up right foreleg, Her yellow iris, and her daisy pendant.
Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc.): Observation, she can pick up on small details and patterns that most could not see. Also, heightened hearing for eavesdropping and telling for the presence of others. She is also highly skilled with tinkering and mechanics. Incredibly smart and lastly, she is very skilled in close combat, (her favorite style being muay thai.)
Weaknesses: Very low communications skills, she tends to get lost in her own thoughts, suffers from night terrors in which she could attack if someone tries to wake her, gets jumpy when someone touches her and could attack in reaction, lacks the ability to have empathy.
Occupation: Detective, Investigator, adventurer.
Gear: A small toolkit, hatchet, a spyglass, notebooks, a magnify glass, (redesign as a monocle.)
Lone Shot”:

History: Sandy was born and raised in a small town located in the badlands. The town was responsible for taking care of old and outdated tools and equipment that the rest of Equestria had no need for (not exactly the prettiest’ town, but home for lots of techs.)  Ever since she was a filly, Sandy always had an knack for gadgets and gizmos. Always finding opportunities for learning and reading, even when it involved her dismantling something that wasn't hers and putting it back together before being dragging her to the sheriff office. (She rarely was in the cell, but they just had to keep her out of more trouble.) During her many visits to the sheriff's office, she builds a close connection with the local police force. To the point, they started giving her mock cases to solve. One day while she was in there, she received a case file like she normally did, but the newbie, accidentally hoofed the filly a real case about a raider group that kept attacking them.  Using the details from file and photos, Sandy was able to give them an estimated guess on where they were and earned her cutie mark.

At the age of seventeen, Sandy was at home working on her "lone shot" gun, (which she made from some pipes, an old B.B, gun, and a balloon pump) till she heard a gunshot from the kitchen. When she got there her mom was dead on the ground and her younger brother was being held by some masked ponies. In a fit of rage, she charged at them just to get shot in the shoulder and got a table kicked on top of her. The masked ponies left with one of them saying, "Sorry about your fate, Sunshine" before they left they set the house ablaze. The town managed to extinguish the fire but was unable to capture the arsonist. As for Sandy, the table managed to cover most of her body from the fire. However, her arm got badly burned beyond the possibility of healing. She spent a few weeks in the clinic before she was let go. Homeless and without a family, she went back to the charred remains of her house, grabbed her "lone shot," and her mom’s pendant. and set out to find out who did this to her.

It wasn't too long before she was taken advantage of. She was kidnapped and was used as a servant/plaything for a mob. (She was abused a lot, mainly for backtalk and trying to escape, this was also where she got her flinch about being touched.) After about two years as a servant, she and the rest of the servants were rescued by a group of mercs.  (this is also when she met Gale.) After the incident, she decides she had to learn to defend herself. She took her time to train in close combat while she traveled with a mercenary/archeologist group. She also self-taught herself from some book on combat styles. Afterward, she went back to solving cases for a living while continue with her investigation to find her brother and her mom’s killer.
Personality: She doesn't talk much as she kind of finds it pointless when it's not needed. And when she does talk, she normally talks very bluntly. She doesn't normally like ponies close both figuratively and physically since she sees herself as a bad pony since she can't feel like others and hate the feeling of others seeing that. She is willing to work with others or attend events if she sees a purpose or a learning experience behind it.
Current Home: Whichever cheap motel is close, or if she in Vanhoover, Sickle's house.
Misc.: She was in a band for five years and could play the guitar and cello.
She keeps a spare roll of gauze and medicine on her just in case something happens to her to her bandaged arm.
She finds stupidity the most annoying part in interacting with others.
She likes reading, tinkering with some gadget and practicing her close combat.
She does not like sweets.
Sandy's mom's killer is her dad. She picked up on that when he called her "Sunshine." However the dad is also smarter than her and knows how to remain out of her sights.

Pick-a-mare: Sandy Pyrtinker Nightingale Dream Sickle and one dude: Cresent Keeper.
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PostSubject: Re: Brand New OC Character Thread 3   Wed Apr 26, 2017 4:58 pm

Name: Sandy Pyrtinker (remake) wrote:

My my, a more intense but comparatively a more coherent backstory than your first attempt if memory serves. The rough merc and part-time musician out for revenge is approved, JZ.
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PostSubject: Re: Brand New OC Character Thread 3   Wed May 17, 2017 11:30 pm

Name: Northern Wind

Race: Pegasus, Stallion

Age: 23

Mane: Short-cut mane resembling the pony equivalent of a buzz cut, half dark blue and half violet.  Colours each take up half of the mane, neatly split down the center vertically.

Coat: Short-cut, dark grey coat.  His coat would be clean and well kept.

Cutie mark: Silver diamond shape, similar to a kite with a thin black outline.  A golden coloured star is in the center of the diamond.  The section under the star is coloured black while the section around the sides and top of the star is coloured red.

Distinguishing Features: Tip of left ear is chipped off and there's a large burn mark underneath his left eye; the red coloration obvious against his grey coat.  The wounds would appear to be old.  His wings would be considerably large for his size and seem well maintained.

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): North has, as expected from his occupation, training and skills in combat and enforcing Equestrian Law.  He wouldn't be exemplary in his combat capabilities, but would be classified as "above average" by his superiors.  North's primary skill for which he excels at is his flying ability.  While he is by no means incredibly fast (in fact he's only slightly faster than what would be considered normal) he is exceptionally good at maneuvering mid-flight even when wearing the heavy armour given to Royal Guards.  He is able to turn almost on a dime even when at full speed and has proven more than capable of dodging around incoming objects.  These skills also allow him to deliver strong, effective attacks from the air if the situation warrants.

Weaknesses: North has a tendency for getting easily carried away, acting on his emotions rather than logic or protocol when situations get out of hand or if a situation becomes stressful.  This can and has led to him getting into messes that have been difficult to get out of.  He knows this and has been, unsuccessfully, trying to rectify this issue.  He is also easily distracted, and struggles to focus when disinterested.  A semi-achilles heel to his flying ability is that he far less effective and efficient in maneuvering and fighting when grounded.  He is also currently struggling under significant amounts of stress which only furthers his other problems.

Occupation: Currently a member of the Equestrian Royal Guard, originally a part of the group guarding the Princess' Castle, but is in the process of being transferred to a different location outside of Canterlot.

Gear: Standard set of Royal Guard armour, painted gold, though lacking the plume on top of the helmet.  He'd also carry a short spear and have a small, diamond shaped shield attached to the back piece of his armour, in between his wings.  The shield would be a mix of gold and white with a copy of Celestia's Cutie Mark in the center of it.

History: North had a rather normal life throughout most of his childhood.  He was the son of an officer in the Royal Guard (Mother) and a factory worker (Father) and spent his early years in Canterlot where he attended school.  While he struggled to pay attention and this often led to him skipping on certain assignments, he still finished school with relatively high grades.  In his off time he'd hang out with his best friend or spend the day flying around the city, training his wings.  Given his parent's occupations, and the fact that they were usually busy or away, he was able to "get away" with more than most.
He had always admired his mother's career and upon finishing school he enlisted, along with his best friend, into the Royal Guard.  The training was more difficult than he anticipated and he often considered if he should just quit.  He eventually decided to stick it out till the end and finished his training, becoming a member of the Royal Guard.  
Fresh out of boot camp, he and his friend were sent to Ponyville to guard the visiting Princess Celestia.  Normally new recruits would never be given such an important task, but a recent issue left the guards that accompanied the Princess understaffed.  All they had to do was stand outside and keep watch; a task for which they managed to fulfill even despite some big distractions.  Following their first successful "mission," they were redeployed back to Canterlot for normal patrolling of the city.  
North remained as a normal city guard for a while, performing his duties with moderate degrees of success.  A major issue in which North was distracted from his duties and failed to stop a thief put him on the chopping block.  As his superiors tried to decide whether or not to axe him from the Guard, for which his mother did her best to defend North’s position, the Changling attack on Canterlot occurred.  In the midst of the chaos North was able to pull himself together and successfully organize fellow Guards in evacuating civilians and defending sections of the city, pushing the Changlings back.  During an intense battle he was severely injured moments before the Changlings were blasted from the city.  
Following his actions he received commendations and a promotion for the actions he took during the battle and his past transgressions were quietly dropped.
During this time he was also in a relationship with a mare he had run into during off-time in Ponyville.  They remained together for 3 years before splitting on bad terms.  Though they’ve forgiven each other, they have drifted away and don’t talk often anymore.  The stress from this shift in his life lead to him getting into a heated fight with one of his superiors.  His best friend and now officer managed to convince the brass to simply transfer North out of Canterlot and to another location instead of punishing him.  An agreement was struck and he was given a pardon due to his past actions and connections.  
Presently North is struggling to keep his spirits high and is attempting to find a new direction to take as he waits for his new orders.

Personality: North is generally an optimistic, caring individual, though the recent events have strained his ability to remain as such.  He generally has a happy-go-lucky demeanor and tends to joke around and remain lighthearted during most situations, but is capable of becoming serious when a situation reaches a certain level.  As stated above, his emotions have a tendency to flare up, causing him to act irrationally and recklessly which more often than not ends up coming back to bite him in the flank.  He struggles most with his anger and sadness.  While he seems to trust easy and create friendships fast, he often is wary of everyone he meets until certain criteria are met.  This means that while he will be nice to just about everyone, he won't put his trust in them.

Current Home: Currently living in the Royal Guard barracks in Canterlot.  He does not currently own his own home, so, excluding his living quarters in the barracks, is effectively homeless.

Misc: North’s history is still being fleshed out so that’s why some things may seem more vague than others.
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PostSubject: Re: Brand New OC Character Thread 3   Thu May 18, 2017 12:38 am

Sif wrote:
Name: Northern Wind

I'm a fan of this character. Here's a stamp of approval, just for him. Smile

Feel free to continue to edit and form the history; if anything major changes, just inform me so I can glance at it.
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PostSubject: Re: Brand New OC Character Thread 3   

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Brand New OC Character Thread 3
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