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 Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)

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Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) - Page 2 Icon_minitimeThu Mar 20, 2014 7:56 am

Name: Chidinida Bar Chrysalis
Race: Changeling, Royal
Age: 35.75
Mane: Streaked with aquamarine, canary yellow, and magenta
Coat: Chitinous
Cutie Mark: A blue heart-shaped jewel resting on golden crests
Distinguishing Features: As a royal changeling, she has two pairs of dragonfly-like wings as opposed to the single pair of fly wings most changelings have. Under the secondary eyelid, her irises are violet.
Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): In a race that literally survives on the radiant energy generated by love, Chidinida stands out for her exceptional talent related to all things love. She has an innate and sensitive feel for its flow, can accurately predict its waxing and waning, can subtly guide and manipulate its currents, and can dig into a heart and gently coax the love within it into full blossom.
Weaknesses: Because of the part she plays in her mother's master plan, Chidi is a changeling that is a stranger to her entire people. She has some remote understanding of their society, history, and culture but has no idea how to be a part of it. Her total isolation from her own race makes her intensely lonely and thus vulnerable to the manipulation of anyone who is convincing enough in their assertions of friendship.
Occupation: Various
Gear: A jeweled locket with one of the jewels enchanted to allow her to speak to any changeling who has one of its sisters--and more importantly to her, see their face.
History: The second daughter of Queen Chrysalis and Prince Auron, born a short gestation period after her sister, Chidi's unique qualities--an even temperament, a friendly nature, ease among strangers--marked her as the ideal linchpin in her mother's grand plan to win the changelings acceptance into the society of the three other pony races. Thus, since barely after her birth, Chidi has been playing her part in this grand design and is proving to be everything her mother had hoped.
Personality: Chidi has a naturally warm and gregarious personality. She absolutely loves being around others, basking in the simple pleasure of being around them and able to talk endlessly with anyone about anything, genuinely interested in what they have to say--and the subtle strains of love energy she siphons off of the mild love and appreciation others feel for someone who pays attention, cares, and is interested in them.
Virtue: in her cheerful willingness to give absolutely everything of herself for a greater cause, and a genuinely giving nature, Chidi practically radiates Generosity. She's well-known for doing everything in her power to give aid and comfort, and the sea of love this earns from others is simply icing on the cake.
Current Home: Wherever the needs of her mother's plans take her.
Misc: Chidi is always accompanied by a mated pair of Throne Guards named Krissa and Aarian who assume the guise of Solar Royal Guards around ponies.

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Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) - Page 2 Icon_minitimeThu Mar 20, 2014 8:04 am

Name: Tettidora Bar Chrysalis
Race: Changeling, Royal
Age: 35
Mane: Turquoise, braided into a pair of pigtails.
Coat: Chitinous
Cutie Mark: A fanned stack of three books with a different symbol on each cover: a beaker, a gear, and a heart.
Distinguishing Features: As a royal changeling, she has two pairs of dragonfly-like wings as opposed to the single pair of fly wings most changelings have. Under the secondary eyelid, her irises are blue with visible streaks of gold.
Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): Tetti is exceptionally gifted in the science of shapeshifting and is the first changeling in thousands of years to actually develop a form that a changeling can assume that's not an imitation of an existing creature, but a highly-tuned hybrid of several that gives a changeling incredible agility, speed, and formidable natural weapons. She also acts as her mother's adviser on areas of science and scholarship.
Weaknesses: Tetti is as absentminded as she is incredibly intelligent and in a race that relies very strongly on disguise, her tendency to lose track of where she is and what's happening around her is quite dangerous. More than one occasion of her accompanying her eldest sister has gone badly because Tetti got distracted by something of scholarly interest and dropped her guise so she could access her saddlebags for her notebook. She, like Twilight Sparkle, also has a tendency to get extremely neurotic when her personal order gets disrupted although, oddly, the chaos of battle isn't one of the things that does this.
Occupation: First Vizier for Science and Scholarship, Ambassador
Gear: Wherever Tetti goes, so goes her thick notebook--and at least two books.
History: Tettiora was born nearly a full year after Chidi, the third daughter of Queen Chrysalis and Prince Auron, and right from the beginning was distinct for her love of books. She eagerly devoured entire shelves of the Royal Libraries and when changeling agents managed to collect a new box of books in Equestria, the changelings carrying the crate to the library found a fully-awake and highly excited Tetti waiting at the door no matter what hour it happened to be. But as much as she might have wished otherwise, a princess could never be a mere librarian or scholar, and Chrysalis would gently press her daughter to do more with her immense store of accumulated knowledge than hold onto it.
The thing that drove Tetti to her greatest achievement was several skirmishes with the highly territorial sand drakes than lived between Scarabi and the Everfree train terminus. Tetti was extremely fond of her older sister and when Thryssa was injured (lightly) in one of the skirmishes, her scholarly sister had a minor panic attack then vowed to find a way to fully leverage the changeling shapeshifting powers to give them better tools in a fight. The development of the "war form" took nearly a decade, much of it spent gathering data outside of changelings lands, but when Tetti presented the wolflike creature with its thick chitinous plates, scything claws, and both cords and tongue capable of making the sounds to speak the changeling native tongue, her triumph was widely applauded even by members of the court that thought her expeditions a boondoggle.
After the development of the "war form", Tetti was given a place literally at her mother's side and became well-known in the court as being a highly trusted adviser--and with very good reason. The Great Plan was an invention of Chrysalis before her daughters were even born but the various refinements of the Plan bear the distinct mark of the book-smart Tettiora and as time goes on, it's become clear that the small changes are making success all the more certain. Her greatest contribution, however, is that Tetti is highly open-minded and undogmatic and quite well-educated on the societies outside of the changeling lands, which makes her the perfect representative of the Monarchy to act as its official voice in the court of the Dual Thrones. Except for Chidi, no changeling has a more vital role in the Plan than Tettidora.
Personality: Tetti is a curious mix of an extremely serious scholar that others take seriously, and a youthful mare that's prone to displays of unsophisticated emotion such as expressing gratitude by hugging someone or blowing a raspberry at someone who irritates her. She's not as warm as her older sister but definately more friendly than her oldest.
Virtue: Tetti embodies an aspect of Magic, mastering the inherent magic of her own kind to the degree that she can mold and shape it to her needs.
Current Home: An apartment built onto the upper story of the Royal Library.
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Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) - Page 2 Icon_minitimeThu Mar 20, 2014 8:06 am

Name: Lepinora Bar Chrysalis
Race: Changeling, Royal
Age: 33
Mane: Naturally a very light aquamarine but Lepi experiments with styles and dyes so much that her color and style of mane change all the time.
Coat: Chitinous
Cutie Mark: A downward-facing mason's compass crossed by a paintbrush with its tip coated in rainbow paint, a needle and thread arcing above it, and a trio of green heart-shaped jewels arcing under it.
Distinguishing Features: As a royal changeling, she has two pairs of dragonfly-like wings as opposed to the single pair of fly wings most changelings have. Under the secondary eyelid, her she has one light blue and one peridot-green eye, both streaked with thick streaks of violet. She also has a very heavily carved-up carapace, the basic equivalent of full-body tattooing, and a careful examination of the angle reveals that every bit of it is her personal work, done using mirrors.
Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): As much as she hates it (if you take her word for it), Lepi is a genuine polymath with her immense variety of talent focused in the area of art and crafts. Try as she might, her instinct for aesthetics is so deeply-ingrained that even as she tries to play the rebel and shock polite society with outrageous fashions, she ends up looking attractive and admirably unique. Partly, this is because she meets the changeling ideal for beauty: slim, very smooth chitin, less-visible fangs, light mane and tail, and patterns of pits and holes instead of random ones.
Weaknesses: Lepi is an extremely unpleasant person, no way around it. She proclaims her hatred for being talented in arts and crafts, and makes every attempt to punish the world for making her talented in a way she strongly doesn't want to be. Thus, while her gifts make her very attractive and interesting, she's never been able to overcome her resentment at being condemned by some mysterious unknowable force to be artistic instead of beloved (Chidi), strong (Thryssa), or brilliant (Tetti). Her self-hate does nothing to diminish her family's fondness for her but it repels most anyone else.
Occupation: None apparent.
Gear: The proclaimed hatred of her talents aside, Lepi is not stupid or stubborn enough to squander her "curse" and regularly carries all the essential supplies of the artist: sketchpad, pencils, quills, charcoal, a compass, measuring devices, and other tools that allow her to capture an idea at the moment of conception and take it back home to make real.
History: Lepinora is the fourth and final daughter of Queen Chrysalis and Prince Auron and was born longer after her previous sibling than any of the others. She was also the first to get her cutie mark and like in pony society, this tended to lead to expectations that she'd be a prodigy of some sort. Chrysalis did her very best to deflect such inflated expectations and emphasize that she had no intention of allowing starry-eyed nobles to turn her youngest into a showpiece, but court politics eventually forced her to concede slightly and permit her daughter to be tutored and mentored to see what her cutie mark meant. The nobles that'd forced it on Chrysalis, however, found themselves flummoxed because Lepi seemed to have no useful talents: she wasn't exceptional in magic, nor in shapeshifting, nor in fighting, nor in learning and scholarship. A thoroughly annoyed Chrysalis retorted to their complaints with "Has anyone considered giving her a paintbrush, like the one on her bucking plot?" and that was how it became apparent to the court that the unfocused and energetic filly was a supreme artist.
It was at this point that public Lepi began to be different than the real Lepi. In public, Lepi followed the typical "misunderstood artist" trope to an absolute T, projecting nastiness and self-hate even has she turned out amazing examples of visible art and practical art. Her rebellious streak became a thing of legend and her strange and outrageous behavior was an embarrassment to the Hive Throne. In the company of family or in private with her marefriend (she's the only one of the four daughters in a serious relationship thus far), public Lepi got turned off and she was a totally different pony. The real Lepi is her mother's spymaster, the great range of her talents turning out an endless stream of tiny little details that make a disguise perfect and a cover story airtight. She personally makes the entire Great Plan possible and while her family is very tight-knit, she's regarded with especially great affection by her siblings and parents.
Personality: In the very paragon of a race that can change their shape and identity with unconscious ease, Lepi maintains two massively different personas and switches between them at will. She the public Lepi with all her heart and soul but without any public around, she turns it off and becomes cheerful, gregarious, affectionate (to her marefriend), and lightly eccentric. It's this real Lepi that makes her proclamations of self-hate somewhat dubious: by all accounts, she takes an artist's joy in dressmaking, painting, sketching, interior and architectural design, and even some limited jeweling. This comes as no surprise, when one thinks about it; after all, theater is an art too.
Virtue: There is no specific virtue that could be assigned to Lepi although if one was to describe her in terms of "alignment", she'd be Chaotic Good. She does what she believes to be best and as much as she projects a petty and mean personality to the world, there's a reason that those who know her best speak fondly of "little Lepi" and why all of those are perfectly willing to butt heads with her public persona without losing any love for the mare under it.
Current Home: Lepi inhabits an entire wing of the royal palace, enough space for her art and to manage the considerable legion of spies she maintains across the world.
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Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) - Page 2 Icon_minitimeThu Mar 20, 2014 8:20 am

(From Maretropolis Group
Name: Steam Coupling/Enginseer
Age: 33
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Coat Colour/Pattern: Coat is an iron grey with speckles and streaks of black.
Mane Colour/Pattern/Style: Mane is worn short. Light grey with brown stripes.
Cutie Mark: Two hoses coupled together with steam coming out of the coupling.
History/Backstory: Steam was born to a lower-class family living in the slum-like neighborhoods built around the heavy industry factories that are still a large part of the prosperity of Manehattan. Her father and mother were both master machinists, her father with sheet metal CNC machines, her mother with industrial lathes. As such, Steam grew up around all the modern tools of industrial manufacturing and was familiar with the intricacies of welding and lathing before she even entered high school. Being the oldest child, she was expected to the the example and to be successful, and the constant pressure began to make her obsessive-compulsive and more than a little twitchy. The compulsive habits made other children steer clear of her and Steam's high school experience was filled with lots of studying alone and getting used to relying on herself, her family, and no one else.
A loyalty to the family business combined with the fact that she was definitely on the higher end of the intelligent spectrum practically compelled Steam to choose mechanical engineering as a career, and she took to it with enthusiasm. Already well versed in the practical side, she found the theoretical side to be quite simple and graduated a year early with her Bachelors of Applied Sciences. With a higher degree in hoof, she went back to her old neighborhood and swiftly became a highly successful foremare at the same factory her parents worked at.
Naturally, grinding poverty produced plenty of desperation, and desperation produced crime. In a bit of irony, Steam's family home was both the worst-situated house in the neighborhood and the most well-protected. Even very clever thugs were hard-pressed to break in through steel-backed doors, thickly-barred windows, and cable in legitimately armored conduit. With a mechanical engineer renting space (the room she'd shared with a younger sibling suited her needs just fine), it became something of a fortress. With her own space secure, Steam began to notice that her family was unusually fortunate, and she began to think that perhaps, others could benefit from what she and her parents had learned as they devised ways to keep their homestead protected. Moreover, she concluded, thugs with baseball bats and even ones with guns could be left behind in an "arms race" if there was a certain engineer with access to plenty of industrial machines to start such an arms race.
Calling herself "Enginseer", Steam Coupling came up with some simple metal armor and ways to conceal both her actual appearance and voice and quickly became the biggest bully on the block. Right away, she enjoyed a level of popularity that took her aback as the workers could easily tel that one of their own had decided to stick up for them and protect them. As time has gone on, her work has become more and more sophisticated and while she lacks the electronics education to turn her exoskeletal rig into a true full-suite battlesuit, brute force methods of building have yielded very good and robust results.
Personality: Steam is something of a loner and comes off as very shy and awkward in social situations since she barely understands how to do it right. But when you get her talking, she shakes off her discomfort and tends to be very animated and enjoys simply discussing things, anything.
Costume: Steam Couplings wears a full-body machine suit that has a very bulky, rough, low-tech appearance, all severe angles and blocky shapes. In truth, the machine suit is quite sophisticated for having no electronics beyond the basic components to run the actuators. Precision-ground optics give her sight an almost supernatural sharpness and clarity. Extensive use of bearings and fine-machining allows for very fluid and natural movement. The armoring is done in such a way that hitting it stright-on without having to contend with spaced, sloped armor is extremely hard and the sophistication of the armor configuration allows it to deflect light anti-machine munitions such as .50 caliber and 20mm rounds.
Powers/Equipment: Other than the natural power that intellect, literacy, and drive bestow on her, Steam has no powers. Her equipment consists of her Mark XIV machine armor suit and increasingly, a very heavy sidearm that she can use in the suit and won't produce noticeable recoil because of the suit's durable design.
Weaknesses: With her compulsive habits and acquired indifference towards others, Steam Coupling works very poorly at group efforts and ponies tend to go out of their way to avoid interacting with her, not quite sure what to make of somepony who'll randomly begin talking to the air to help figure out a particularly thorny problem.
FA 5
EP 3
SPD 2.5

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Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) - Page 2 Icon_minitimeThu Mar 20, 2014 8:37 am

Name: Eclipse Moon/Halfmoon
Age: 28
Race: Thestral
Alignment: Neutral Good
Coat Colour/Pattern: Coat is a deep violet with ears tips, muzzle, and around her hooves going to black.
Mane Colour/Pattern/Style: Mane is a mild blue with a single silver streak running down her right side.
Cutie Mark: A moon with half a light yellow and the other half a dark blood-red.
History/Backstory: Eclipse Moon was born to a single mare in one of the lower-middle class districts of Manehattan. While her and her mother weren't necessarily starving and destitute, existence was grinding, difficult, and hopeless. Blind idealism among the city authorities led to Eclipse going to school with a mix of poor kids like her, the middle class, and spoiled rich brats who enjoyed slapping everyone else in the face with all the nice things they got. Eclipse, never a shrinking violet by any means, gave as good as she got, sneering at the rich kids for their "fashionable" clothing that, like much of high fashion, looked mildly ridiculous. The mutual verbal abuse started in nursery school and kept up into high school without showing any signs of abating. As if to give teeth to her taunting and put-downs, Eclipse was the proverbial teacher's pet, always well-behaved, always quick to volunteer, always turning in assignments on time and looking very tidy. Her biting commentary on them and the fact that she kept showing them up made the the rich kids hate the mouthy little mare with the creepy catlike eyes, enough that brats who obsessed with clique and who was "in" and "out" came to want to shut her up more than they wanted to backbite each other. With their "old money" city elite parents wrapped around their little hooves and willing to do anything for their precious little colts and fillies, they succeeded in getting Eclipse and her mother evicted from their little rental space and her mother fired from a relatively well-paying job doing fast courier work.
And then they rubbed her face in it, and something in the well-behaved thestral snapped. After spending a night hugging her mom and consoling her that they could figure something out, the fact that these insufferable, spoiled, stupid, rich vermin had made it happen was more than she was willing to  bear. She leaped at the first taunting filly with a bestial snarl and both fancy clothes--and blood--began to fly. The other rich kids waded in to save the first target and got plenty of the same treatment from what had turned into a beast gone mad, something with claws and teeth and razor-sharp wing edges that no longer looked like Eclipse Moon. It wasn't until a teacher galloped over to stop the one-sided fight that the enraged young thestral relented and stood there with an eerie serenity among her half-dozen victims looking no different than she had before. Despite the blood and shreds of clothing, all the wounds she'd inflicted were intensely painful but would cause no lasting harm; angry but not murderous, she'd made them hurt and made them bleed--but had not made them die. Suffice it to say, Eclipse was swiftly expelled from school but all attempts at criminal prosecution went nowhere, because no one could explain how a thestral's small fangs and smooth hooves could have inflicted the bite and claw marks that decorated the snobs.
Her education having ended but free, Eclipse began looking around for a way to ease the burden on her mother and she swiftly hit upon the idea of getting into courier work like her mother had--but as much as her mother was a good provider and determined, Eclipse was ambitious and saw herself as being above merely running packages. From day one, her eye was fixed on the top of the food chain, and she was willing to do what it took to reach it. She was faster than the others, more reliable, more willing to work hard jobs, had fewer incidents of damaged goods, and was all around better until the level of "better" moved her up a slot and she led a section. The second turned into a wing, and the wing turned into a branch. While her mother did stenography--thestral ears and reflexes being excellent for transcription work--Eclipse became an important pony in the courier service before she turned 24, having started at 16. Being high in the courier organization, however, meant always knowing where goods were flowing and how they were flowing, and this inevitably meant that Eclipse had her ear tuned to the movement of illegal goods that made bad ponies rich, ponies that were worse than the selfish snobs that had bullied a poor mare and her daughter on behalf of their spoiled offspring. Eclipse saw a way that she could hurt these bad ponies in ways much deeper than scarring some overdressed brats and she began working out how to tap into the bestial thing she'd found in that school hallway eight years before.
Presently, criminal organizations around the city began to experience severe disruptions in their supply lines. Shipments were attacked and destroyed, thugs savaged, and "protection" money disappeared along with the leg-breakers that had gone to collect it. The only thing these events seemed to have in common was descriptions of a snarling beast seeming to be made of shadows, a twisted hybrid of wolf and thestral with the lithe, frighteningly graceful movements of a hunting cat. The only identifying mark on the creature is a half-moon on its forehead where a horn would be on a unicorn; causing the beast to be designated "Halfmoon" with no one the wiser. After all, Eclipse Moon looks nothing like a wolf...
Personality: Eclipse is a very driven thestral, doggedly seeking to escape crushing poverty and ensure that her mother can live comfortably ans safely as she ages. This intense focus often gives the impression that Eclipse is ignoring or disregarding someone, or simply doesn't care. But despite her drive and illicit nocturnal activities, Eclipse is actually quite pleasant to others--when she can be torn away from her work, that is. She has a certain "den mother" demeanor towards her employees and is extremely protective of anyone she regards as downtrodden, weak, or in need of someone to protect then, the same way she was when a child in school mocking the snooty rich kids.
Costume: In her everyday life, Eclipse wears a quartet of specially reinforced hoofshoes that are designed to relieve hoof pain from standing for long periods of time. In the form of Halfmoon, she wears nothing at all since the form itself conceals her identity.
Powers/Equipment: By some means unknown to her, but that she suspects has something to do with her unknown father, Eclipse can take a bestial form that has earned her the name "Halfmoon". Bearing very high bite strength, broad bat wings with razor-sharp edges, and long retractable claws, this bestial form is very fast and agile, making it difficult to land a blow, especially against the extreme brutality she practices while using the form. The shadowy aura around the form also seems to dull the strength of any attack; on more than one occasion, rifle bullets have literally bounced off of it.
Weaknesses: Eclipse has a temper. In school, this temper caused her to respond to sneering with biting mockery, earning the united hate of the rich kids. When her mother lost her job and home, this temper led to the first emergence of Halfmoon and the savaging of several students. Her temper often makes it very, very difficult for her to exercise full sapient control over herself in her bestial shape. Also, despite her drive and natural gifts, Eclipse is poorly-educated although not necessarily stupid.
STR 2/4 (Halfmoon)
FA 4/6 (Halfmoon)
INT 4/4 (Halfmoon)
DUR 3/5 (Halfmoon)
EP 3/3 (Halfmoon)
SPD 2/2.5 (Halfmoon)

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Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) - Page 2 Icon_minitimeThu Mar 20, 2014 3:55 pm

Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) - Page 2 Heartop2_zps56d14bf2
- - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - -

Name: Heart String
Race: Unicorn
Age: 18

- - - - - - - - - - - -

- - - - - - - - - - - -
Mane: Sky blue with raspberry red highlights
Coat: raspberry red, short hair.
Tail: Raspberry red with sky blue highlights.

Cutie mark: A golden Heart shapes Lyre with three little mini-heart shaped lyre's floating around the large Main lyre.

Distinguishing Features:The tribal markings upon his face which are colored in a sky blue color, plus the scars, on his legs and hips, which are also colored in with sky blue coloring.

- - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - -
Current Home: Currently he doesn't have a home and wanders around Equestria and sleeps outside, or in caves, really anywhere he can rest.

- - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - -
» Occupation: Wandering Storyteller

» Personality: Heart String is a gentle colt. He does have his aggressive side, but that rarely ever appears. He tends to go the route of "treat others as you wish to be treated". He's very respectful when speaking to others, but he isn't one to allow him or others to be trampled over.

- - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - -

» // Basic Unicorn Magic
-  Taught to him by his father before Heart String left home, he learned basic survival spells that would assist him to living outside. (Think of it like a Swiss army knife)
» // Small Scale Weather magic:
- Due to his mother’s teacher, Heart String is capable of small scale weather magic which only effects his immediate location [Radius of 30ft]
» //Levitation
» // Fire
- A low flame created, by use of unicorn powers, to create intense friction, which causes objects to set a flame. [Can create a small (baseball sized) fireball]
» // Teleportation
- Short distance teleportation. [10 feet]
» // Shield
- Creating an aura around him to protect against external forces. [If hit against with a powerful strike, whether physical of magical, the shield will break.]

Special Abilities
» // Heart String's unique special skill is his ability to be able to make another feel emotions through his words. Many of Heart Strings spells are related to his unique special skill of emotions.

- - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - -

Born in Manehatten Heart String has only spent a little bit of his life there. He was quite happy with his family and loved them so much, but there was this undeniable sadness that was within him. He knew that he didn't belong there, not that he was being troubled or anything, but it just didn't feel right for him to stay there. As a little foal Heart String stuck close to his parents and was quite shy and didn't interact much if at all with other ponies his age. Though as he grew older he began to gain confidence and began to wander Manehatten.

  His wanderings around the city were soon to be discovered that he was really trying to find something there that he would enjoy. Something that would help him feel like he belonged, it wasn't long though before Heart String began his attempts to his parents to allow for him to leave Manehatten. Constantly telling them "I need to leave something out there is calling me." It took him a long while before his parents finally caved in and allowed for him to leave. Since he left Manehatten he had been wandering around Equestria, finding places to sleep where he could.

  He learned a lot from his father in the ways of magic and the knowledge of weather from his mother so he'd at least was prepared mentally. Though no matter what they could have taught him nothing could have prepared him for the many adventures he had throughout Equestria. It's been about two years since he left home. He'd occasionally send messages back home to his parents to keep them from worrying so much. Unfortunately for him, he's a late bloomer, even though being a grown colt, he still doesn't have a cutie mark, publicly he doesn't show that it bothers him, but like any pony deep down inside he knew it upset him a lot.
   It took him quite a long time before he finally discovered what his true talent was and that was storytelling, with how he was able to sway the emotions of his listens through the words he spoke of the adventures he'd taken or even the fairy tails he'd make up in order to entertain little fillies he'd meet on his adventures. To this day he continues to wander Equestria simply to bring joy to the life of another.

- - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - -

» //Physical strength isn't his best suite, while he is more physically fit than most Unicorn's, hewould still lose in a physical battle against an Earth Pony.
» // He needs to know where the object is in order to affect it with his magic.
» //In order to undo something he has done he needs to be able to see it and concentrate.
» //In order to do large-scale magic’s he needs an intense concentration in order to perform correctly.
» //Hitting his horn is one method of immediately stopping whatever spell is in current use from properly functioning.
» // He cannot do spells he has no previous knowledge of, in order for him to know new spells he has to learn it or have the spell read off of a paper, book, parchment, etc. in order for it to work

- - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - -

» // A colorful hairpiece tied into his mane, which consists of a lime green flower with a rainbow colored dyed ribbon attached to it.

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PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) - Page 2 Icon_minitimeThu Mar 20, 2014 4:01 pm

Name: Serene Catastrophe
Race: Pegasus
Age: 20
Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) - Page 2 PonyWithBackground_zps026d3282
Mane: Midnight blue with dark purple highlights.
Coat: Midnight blue with a dark purple gradient on her legs.
Cutie mark: (currently doesn’t have a cutie mark) It is a atom, where a hurricane would act as it’s nucleus, and the obit lines (the orbit which protons and electrons float around the nucleus), are streaked lines of stars surrounding it.  

Extra details that aren’t needed but are nice to add: Due to her fear of interaction and staying inside most of her life, she hadn’t had a chance to acquire her cutie mark. She wear’s bangles on her upper legs, a gift given to her from her late mother; Midnight Dream

Distinguishing Features: Aside from no cutie mark. It’s her color scheme being so different from everyone else, which on average is much brighter and more saturated.

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): As a Pegasus she is capable of walking on clouds. Manipulating weather through physical actions. When flying at extreme speeds, she leaves a trail of bright “stars” which fade after a few seconds.

Weaknesses: She is not very good at flying to fast, or maneuvering to well due to always keeping inside for years.
She is xenophobic in the sense that she is afraid of other ponies that isn’t herself or her father; Day Dream

Occupation: She currently doesn’t have a job, if she if she did she would work in the Weather department in the Storm Tamer’s division.
Gear: She owns a set of Midnight blue bangle’s that were once her mothers.

History: Serene Catastrophe, in the reason that her parents had given, is supposed to mean “one that quells the storm”. It was on the very night of her birth that there was a horrid and tragic natural storm that was far too dangerous to be handled by the Pegasi, so in the meantime they had to evacuate everyone from Cloudsdale. While on that very same night Midnight Dream was going to have birth. Unfortunately it became impossible to move Midnight Dream as the baby wanted to come out. So in order to go through the birthing process they needed to somehow keep the storm at bay.

Day Dream, being the proud husband that he is, took a great and dangerous risk and headed out into the storm. It was extremely dangerous and he wasn’t able to convince anyone to willingly join him, but he went out anyway. If he was able to do anything to make sure his family survives he was willing to put his life on the line. Through his action’s alone he managed to convince other Pegasi to help him. They managed to hold back the storm long enough and weaken it enough that when Midnight Dream had finally given birth the storm had dissipated. Day Dream had came back injured with his rag tag group of impromptu team, not only did they save Cloudsdale from massive destruction, but Day dream wasn’t in it to save the city his job was to save his family, which he did.

As Serene grew up other foals at school teased her because of her color, even targeting her for her name Catastrophe and blamed her for things that she didn’t partake in. The teasing got bad that one-day when another terrible storm was starting to brew. Foals her age took her to the area where the storm was supposed to take place just as it was starting to take shape and threw her in there telling her to ‘go join other catastrophe’s like her’.

In this point of her life, the storm itself, which had started to brew quickly, had terrified the little filly with all the thunder around her and the lighting crackling between the clouds. Luckily when this happened her Mom had been searching for her desperately to make sure her daughter was okay. Upon her search she found her daughter in the middle of some lighting clouds. Serene was struck by lighting in her attempts to escape and was free falling. Midnight Dream rescued her daughter, but during her rescue Midnight suffered a lot of damages from lighting strikes. Managing to get her daughter to safety, Serene woke up in the hospital with Day Dream next to her. Serene had awoken to unfortunate news, her Mother, had passed away. The amount of damage she had suffered flying through that storm was far too severe and she had passed away.

Since then Serene, heartbroken, had developed a fear of all other ponies around her. Terrorized, still, by that very night that she was thrown into that storm and her mother dying, she became scared of the world around her, particularly when dealing with other ponies. It was gradual but she soon found herself unable to even leave home without her Dad without breaking into uncontrollable tremble and screams.
Personality: Serene has been tragically scarred her whole life because of the incident when she was thrown into a storm that caused her mothers death, so she’s very skittish and reserved. She is very sweet and caring, but is fearful of other ponies.

Current Home: Ponyville
Misc.: Five years after Serene’s mother’s death, Day Dream and Serene moved to Ponyville.

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PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) - Page 2 Icon_minitimeThu Mar 20, 2014 4:05 pm

Name: Kimi 'Hebi' Seishou
Race: Seishou pony
    The Seishou is a clan that has never pertained to any sort of ninja village. The clan is known for their absolute, from birth, control of chakra and being known to harness a superior control of chakra greater then that of any other shinobi. The clan specializes in the usage of special chakras that is hard to harness by normal shinobi.
The Seishou have a special ability known as Chakra evolution. As most individuals are capable of using specific types of chakras the Seishou have the ability to cause their chakra to evolve into a greater stage. This greater stage of chakra type replaces the old chakras.
Age: 22
Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) - Page 2 Kimi5_zps835d2f0b
Mane: Black
Coat: White
Cutie mark.: A blooming violet lotus

Distinguishing Features: The tattoo's upon her body pertaining towards various types of summoning’s ranging from holding items to summoning creatures from another plane to use.

Specialty: Kimi over her years of being a shinobi she has accumulated a massive library of techniques.

Gate Valve: Due to popping up in Equestria because of the experimentation her access to her chakra has been severely hindered as the effects of the chakra use from her world is so different from the magic used in Equestria that it doesn't harmonize. So it takes her a little more difficult than normal to use her chakra properly.

Weaknesses: Her two children, Kimberly and Tetsu Seishou, can be used against her as they are her whole world. Has a fear of dying prematurely and Loneliness.
Occupation: Village Leader, Shinobi, Mother, and Teacher


  • Village Headband: Garasu headband, Scratched out Konoha headband.
  • Ninja tools: katana, ninja claws, triple bladed-scythe, Shuriken Holster with shurikens, Kunai Pouch with kunai
  • Breathing Apparatus
  • Scrolls: two Village scrolls and Special weapon scroll
  • Medical tools and items
  • Guqin - Guqin is the modern name for a plucked seven string Chinese musical instrument. It's nothing more than a musical instrument. With seven string's and it's length is about 5 feet. It's appearance is that below. The purpose of the Guqin is to be used specifically for the Deadly Melody Skill, where it can make it more refined and focused, that it's power increases.

History: Being born into the Seishou clan meant one things, the moment you were able to walk and comprehend you were put to training. Kimi had two loving and wonderful parent's, while they were tough on her with training, they took very good care of her for the time that they were alive. It was around the age of five when it had happened and her parents were killed when they were out on a mission. Kimi lived in a village called Konoha, it was located in the middle of a massive forest that covered most, if not all, the continent. She had been cared for by the head of the village and provided for. Upon coming of age she had joined into the ninja academy, as is tradition for shinobi's, and spent the next few years there. Enduring new experiences such as dealing with others, and even dealing with bullying, though when graduation occurred, which is promptly when the students, typically, turn 12. She joined a cell comprised of two others; Hinata and Daisuke and their team leader; Datorru and was finally given her headband  which officially signified her as a shinobi of the village.

    For the next few months many mission's would be done; team building, trainings, more studies into various thing's that didn't include ninja techniques. During this time Kimi had begun to feel inadequate compared to her teammates and seeked to gain power in order to help them, but because of her naivety, she seeked out somepony else for more power.  Seeking this person was probably one of the biggest mistakes she had ever made. she began pupil to a criminal known as Orochimaru and continued under his tutelage for many months. Going through hellish training and experimentation's forced upon her while she learned from Orochimaru. One night she escaped from his clutches upon overhearing a conversation Orochimaru had with Kabuto about using her as his next host.

    She returned back to Konoha only to have a not-so-happy welcome from her ex teammates which caused her to leave once again. Many month's would pass by and several battles ensues to keep from returning back home, eventually she had managed to successfully fake her death in order to have freedom. she wandered the world traveling from country to country making sure to keep a low profile in her attempts to not get found out by another shinobi. She had gotten caught by a jounin of an allied village to Konoha. Though, in her fear, she managed to strike a deal with her captor to not turn her in and since then thing's had just went downhill for the young shinobi pony.

    Sexual abuse, slavery, drug addiction, near neath experiences all of which happened over the time she was with Inuzuka Koji. After his demise, she left and wandered the lands again, now, looking for a place to settle down. It was about a year now and she had become pretty well known amongst the criminal's as "The Monster" and was even scouted out to join a group called the "Nishoku" who were comprised of criminal's who ironically held a strong sense of justice and tried to fight against the evil powers that tried to ruled the villages through underhanded and deceptive means. Though the effort was valiant things didn't work out that way and only made things worse.

    she had fallen in love at this time as well and had gotten pregnant. During this time as well she had gotten funding and made a deal with another country south of Konoha and started her own village. thing's had appeared to be going to well until she was called out on a mission for the nishoku and it was to begin battle against the greater evil, Akatsuki, and she headed for Suna where she did battle with Sasori of the red sand's along with a group of other shinobi's, who were also sent to do the same. Her battle with Sasori ended with the death of the dangerous criminal, but around the world where her teammates had been. They were being killed off one by one.

    When thing's had appeared to have been going well, it had gotten worse for her. Her teammates had been killed off, and most were captured and imprisoned. The love of her life and the father, who was the host of the two tail demon nekomata, of her children had committed suicide and blamed her for all of his problems. This led to several months of depression and even her own attempts at suicide, which had been prevents by her faithful follower, Yasmin Kaguya. After getting over the death of the one person she loved, she gave birth to two beautiful fillies. Not long after this did Kimi go into hiding along with her village and for several year's Kimi and her village did their business in complete secrecy.

    When they finally emerged they began their dealing's with other villages and created allegiances to keep peace and to battle against the Akatsuki that was slowly trying to take over the villages. In the next couple of years, Kimi had been out on several political missions and even participated in several events which required the participation of all other villages. She's met with god's and received their blessings. She's dealt with spirits and demon's. She became respected as a village leader being so young when she first took the mantle others thought it was a joke, but she pulled through and managed to prove that she was capable of handling it.

    Even learning an entirely new tier of ninjutsu when she created had become known to others and she was not only respected, but greatly feared as well. Orochimaru had caught wind of her location and Kimi had also found out that she was being hunted down by him, and while she was quite the powerful pony with very little to fear, she was still afraid of him. Though she did what she could to prevent herself from being found by Orochimaru, but it didn't turn out as well as she had wanted to as Orochimaru and the akatsuki had attacked her village. She had wanted to run from her fear, but she had to stay and battle as it was her responsibility. Her village was utterly decimated after a raging battle. Many of her shinobi's died that night. Orochimaru had been killed and the other akatsuki that had attacked the village.

    The village had been rebuilt and a Kimi went back to her duties. It was during an experimentation that she was performing on trying to teleport with mirrors, where an accident occurred and she had found herself in Equestria.

Personality: Kimi Seishou is a misunderstood pony, who has been through many tragedies. Underneath her serious demeanor is a gentle and kind and very loving spirit. Due to her life as a shinobi, she learned to keep her trust to very, very few ponies, but she is sensible and merciful lest her wrath is incurred.
Current Home: Hayseed Swamp

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Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) - Page 2 Icon_minitimeThu Mar 20, 2014 11:40 pm

Name: Dusk Hammer

Race: Unicorn

Age: 26

Mane: Burnt Orange, kept in a short mohawk. His tail is also kept short

Coat: Dark Violet

Cutie mark.: An iron hammer surrounded by fire.

Extra details that aren’t needed but are nice to add: He has navy blue eyes.

Distinguishing Features: He's bigger and stronger than most unicorns, about the size of Big Mac. He also has a set of scars on his right shoulder from when a timberwolf got too close and scratched him.

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): Again, stronger than an average unicorn, about that of a regular earth pony. A good tolerance to high temperatures from working at a forge. Very attentive when listening to other ponies, and has taught himself how to read ponies, although he knows it isn't 100 percent accurate. Most proficient with his sword, especially with a shield, but he can use other weapons effectively.

Weaknesses: He's known to overwork himself to the point of exhaustion, and he won't let anypony try to stop him. In other words, he's stubborn and bull-headed. When he's caged up in some way and can't get out, he becomes depressed to the point where he's lethargic and often won't do anything.

Occupation: Former military blacksmith, now a civilian blacksmith.

Gear: He keeps his sword from the military in case he has to fight. Also, any weapon he makes in his shop.

History: Born and raised in Trottingham, he decided to try being an apprentice for a local blacksmith to earn his cutie mark. He received it after successfully forging his first sword and finding that this was what he wanted to do. He joined the Royal Guard as soon as he finished school and became a military blacksmith. He also was trained to be a soldier at his request. During his final test he was jumped by a timberwolf, giving him the scars on his right shoulder. After serving for eight years, he decided to go back to civilian life. His parents still live in Trottingham, along with his two little brothers and his little sister. He lives in Trottingham too, right above his workshop about a block from his parent's home.

Personality: He acts rough around other stallions, but becomes somewhat gentlecoltly around pretty mares. He's confident in his abilities and proud of his achievements, but he's not prideful. Although he does have a strong sense of independence, so being able to take care of himself is very important for him. He has a serious personality. He also has a very strong sense of right and wrong and is often selfless.

Current Home: Trottingham

Misc: He is looking for a special somepony, but not actively as he puts work first.
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PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) - Page 2 Icon_minitimeThu Mar 20, 2014 11:42 pm

Name: Torchlight

Race: Unicorn

Age: 23

Mane: Burnt Orange

Coat: Red

Cutie mark.: Two crossed lit torches.

Extra details that aren’t needed but are nice to add: Blue eyes

Distinguishing Features: none

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): Anything that has to do with fire. He's good with fire spells, manipulating fire, and is rather resistant to heat from being around flames a lot.

Weaknesses: Has less tolerance for the cold, and is only slightly stronger than an average unicorn. Other than that he's average.

Occupation: Traveling Entertainer

Gear: A cart full of all the props and tools he needs to perform.

History: Born and raised in Trottingham, he's the second oldest of four, his brother Dusk Hammer being the oldest. He always had a thing for fire, and his parents weren't surprised he got his cutie mark for having a talent in literally playing with it. He and Dusk often didn't get along. Dusk is known for his loyalty and also his stubbornness, which didn't go well with Torchlight's carefree attitude. They're practically opposites, except they both have a passion for their work and both respect the guard and the law. Torchlight now travels around Equestria, entertaining those around him with his talent at using fire.

Personality: A carefree pony who isn't all too concerned on how many bits he earns as he works, although he earns a good amount thanks to his skills. He loves to party and he loves his mares. Family is still his highest priority. He often lets insults simply roll off of him, and sometimes he makes a joke out of them.

Current Home: His cart, which he pulls all around Equestria. Though he can always go back to his parent's home in Trottingham if he needs to.

Misc: Often seen as irresponsible, but he's actually isn't. He makes sure to never put the audience in danger. He's Dusk Hammer's younger brother.
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PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) - Page 2 Icon_minitimeFri Mar 21, 2014 12:57 am

Name: Sugary Market

Race: Terra Unicorn (Not from Equestria. Think MLP meets Final Fantasy.)

Age: Mid 30's

Mane: Long white mane and tail

Coat: Light brown with some white patches on the nose tip, lower forelegs and lower hind legs, and part of his flank

Cutie mark: Stretched taffy that looks like a Pink Horse Tail.

Extra details that aren’t needed but are nice to add: Dark brown eyes, white horn despite his coat color, and of large frame(Roughly the size of Fancy Pants or Blueblood for best reference... because Big Mac is too mainstream.). Somewhat rugged and very well built due to long years of physical labor, travel, and training.

Distinguishing Features: May occasionaly be seen wearing his vintage "Red Mage" travel clothes and feathered fedora or just the fedora.

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc):

Combat related: Wide knowledge in offensive, defensive, and support/utility spells. Great manipulation of weapons, shields, and other items when levitated. Can fight using a combination of both previously mentioned combat elements. Good at horn fencing, tackling, bucking/kicking , stomping and some improvisation(grappling, "punching") for close non-magical combat. Can achieve Trance/Limit Break for a higher level of magical focus in general(Does not boost his magic strength. The individual spells are still only as powerful as he can possibly make them.) Can cast spells without the use of his horn but are significantly weaker and/or take longer to focus on.(Basically, the spells are from the FF series... Within limits, restrictions and variations of course. Can't just use Doomsday or Meltdown just because they exist in the series for example... Nerfing may be done if required however.)

Casual: Great at making sweets so long as he has the proper tools and ingredients(Reason for being awarded his mark.). Can use certain combat spells at low output for convenience along with the support/utility spells. Is just as good at manipulating regular tools and items with levitation as he does with weapons. Competent knowledge of technological devices.


Combat related: Overuse of stronger spells will drain him faster and faster over time. Extended use of certain support/utility spells will have similar effects. Only has average resistance to mind and body altering abilities and drugs unless he can manage to heal himself off of them on time. Can be wounded/disabled just like anyone else if he fails to defend himself well. Loss of concentration in battle may result in him injuring himself with his own magic and/or weapons/shields. Levitated gear may be taken from his grasp by a greater magic user if he is not careful. Extended use of Trance will tax him physically and mentally over time.

Casual: Average cooking knowledge at best if it does not involve pastries. Can't dance to save his life. Is ticklish. Very light drinker. Being in the presence of alicorns or particularly powerful beings will have an effect on him of sorts due to acute magical senses.

Occupation: Tantalus Guild freelance mercenary(Not THAT kind of mercenary. Read the part about his history.), part-time pastry maker, and willing to take as many odd jobs as possible since Equestria does not accept Gil... only Bits.

Gear: Magic inventory bag for holding weapons(Axes, maces, lances. Nothing high tech among his gear.), armor set and shields, and miscellaneous items(Bouncing balls, potions and other non-lethal items for situations that may require it over force or for preserving magic reserves.) but it does have a limit to quantity so all items may be used up, lost or broken over time.

History: Sugary Grew up in the village of Dali from the land of Melmond helping with his father's business as a merchant while learning about making pastries from his mother. It was during this upbringing that he was taught to wield a variety of basic spells for various scenarios as was expected of magic users like himself, though the practice was average at best at the time though he was given sound lessons along with others by village elders and guards. Some time later, he had been awarded his cutie mark for making and selling a very successful batch of pastries and confectionaries in his home village... and sharing a strawberry taffy with a young lass that couldn't afford it. As a teenager, he came to grow increasingly more interested in a mercenary guild and their exploits not too far off from his home which incited a thirst for adventure the more he came to know about it and its members. After much hassling with his family for a chance to move on to bigger and better things than his relatively simple life, he eventually spent more time becoming a mercenary than living at his village, so he moved into the Guild to become a full-fledged mercenary where he spent his days training, slaying monsters(and taking their dropped loot) to help keep roads and towns safe as well as more high profile targets if the need arised, delivering supplies and doing charity-like work, escorting/carrying commoners and nobles alike including the sick and/or injured, body guarding for feudal affairs, and getting along or bickering with fellow members among other things as time went on. During his years as a mercenary and traveler, he learned about politics, strategy, magic, technology and magitechnology, as well as weather to be as well versed as possible and be ready in a variety of scenarios. Eventually, he also acquired enough funds for purchasing and learning to pilot his own custom Cargo-Cruiser airship which he used to travel for more missions as well as some leisure as time went by. After having spent well over a decade and a half as an accomplished and well learned mercenary, he eventually asked to volunteer and travel to another world as a freelancer under the Guild's name as part of a magic experiment and a chance to further broaden his horizons. Permission was granted and the necessary arrangements were made...

Personality: Generally nice and well mannered. Prefers to avoid fights unless it is necessary. Tends to take work seriously. Is very patient but has a fairly bad/harsh temper when it can't hold or when something particularly ticks him off on a regular basis. Somewhat quirky. Emotion driven.

Virtue: Loyalty. Honesty. Lawful Neutral.

Current Home: Usually his own airship, the Black Mambo.

Misc: Loves music, good food(Especially sweets), and traveling. His hobbies include practicing magic and keep his general training sharp from time to time, as well as reading stories and other various novels, though he's known to improvise for the sake of variety and creativity. The fact that Equestria is generally peaceful compared to his world is a plus to him. Would like to be in a meaningful relationship someday. Secretly wishes he could be a hero just like the legendary Warriors of Light from his home cluster of worlds.

Theme music.

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PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) - Page 2 Icon_minitimeFri Mar 21, 2014 6:57 am

Name: Aerv Xereth
Nickname: Freelancer, Meteor Wing (Very rarely used)
Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) - Page 2 KzWqSpi

Race: Western Dragon

Gender: Male

Age: 35 dragon years (483 in pony years)

Skin color/style: Dark blue, scaly
Eye color: Bright red

Gear: Flight goggles, old Father's golden compass

Clothes/armor: Green scarf

Additional detail: Scar over his right eye, goat's beard, grey, spiky, medium hair from his head to his tail, Magic-resistant scales, glowing eyes when casting spells.

Occupation: Mercenary/whatever job he finds

Likes: Good company, everyone that doesn't want to murder or hurt him, water, forests, fireplaces

Strength: All sort of magic (Harmful, healing, teleportation), melee is always a secondary option

Weakness: His golden compass

History: Hatched over the sea from Equestria as the smallest in his tribe. He could never grow larger than a bit bigger stallion unlike the rest of his tribe, who were all three times his size. Since he saw that he had no point in training strength and melee to fight against other dragons (who would just easily maul him due to his size), he decided to learn magic instead. When he was 50 (in pony years), his father, who was the most known explorer of the tribes that resided around those mountains, went missing on one of his missions. Before he did he gave Aerv his golden compass. Aerv proudly wears it since then.
After some time, his sister made him a scarf, her first tailoring creation. 5 years later, during the tribe war, his sister was brutally killed by another tribe, and the scarf Aerv wears around his neck is his only reminder of his sister. And thus, after the war ended, Aerv was left alone with his mother. He decided to train magic even harder and try to become the explorer like his father was, not caring about friendly fights to prove who's stronger in his tribe. When he was 150, he left his tribe's grounds to search for exciting, new areas. After MANY (332) years, he decided to fly over the Great Sea and arrived to Equestria.

Personality: He is usually very kind, loves traveling around the world, making new friends (which he usually fails at, heh), he is very shy when it comes to actual love (Yes, talking about actual NSFW). His golden compass is his major weakness, because it reminds him of what a great dragon his father was. If stolen, he would either try to end his life or go insane, finding the guy that stole the compass, brutally murder him if he would have to, and retrieve his compass.

Misc: If someone somehow places a collar around his neck, his personality changes to a very submissive one, similar to one of a dog. In that case, taking his compass would be similar to taking a dog's favorite bone, which is, ofcourse, bad for the one taking it. If combined with a leash, the effect is stronger.

Current home: Everfree forest.

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PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) - Page 2 Icon_minitimeFri Mar 21, 2014 7:26 am

[DELETED, slight chance of being re-made in the future]

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PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) - Page 2 Icon_minitimeFri Mar 21, 2014 4:46 pm

Coat: The lion half has a tan coat while the goat is blue-black. The snake heads scales are green.
Cutie mark: NA
Extra details that aren’t needed but are nice to add:
Distinguishing Features
:He's about three times the size of a regular pony (about 9 foot tall). He has two heads (Lion and Snake). If he were to take his armour off an observer would see that he has a few glyphs carved into his skin and stained black, they are marks of his achievements and defining moments and he's proud of almost all of them.
Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): He can act as a medic using the snake heads venom to clot blood at the surface of the wound. The snake head can also spit it's venom at short range although it doesn't have any real effect and is used to scare enemies back a bit to give him some room to manoeuvre.
Weaknesses: Magic, he has no defence against it. An opponant that can fly could easily stay out of his reach, although he can jump pretty high.
Occupation: He used to be a warrior now he'll do just about anything, although he sticks mainly to heavy lifting and security for travellers in the most dangerous parts of Equestria.
Gear: He usually wares a set of armour that covers almost all of his body. Other than that he only uses his claws and teeth.
History: The Chimera are beings of balance not Chaos as everyone assumes from their appearance. They see it as their duty to bring balance to the land, so when Discord rose up they fought to bring him back down.
As princess Luna began to fall to the Nightmare she realised that bringing eternal night would upset the balance and set the Chimera against her. So she decided to wipe them out. Killing them slowly during the night. Eventually they noticed what was happening but they were greatly weakened and Luna had only grown stronger. In an attempt to save their race the Chimera sent groups of their people to the farthest corners of the world.
Chilly led a group north to the frozen reaches of the once Crystal Empire. He hid the group inside an ice cave and went put in search of food. ON his travel he became tired and stopped to rest in the shelter of a small cave. While he slept Luna, whom Chilly and most other Chimera refer to as the Night Monster, froze him in the cave. He slept there for a thousand years until a pony found a way to free him from the enchanted ice. As soon as he was freed and had learnt the date he returned to the cave the others had hidden in only to find it had been caved in on them and they'd all died. The pony that helped to free him had made a joke about him looking chilly and so he took that as his name, partially because he didn't feel he deserved his old name and partially to remember his greatest failure.
Personality: He's a little gruff at first but he's a big softy really. He is quick to anger though and can become violent if he feels his honour has been called into question.
Virtue: Loyalty.
Current Home: Wherever he can sleep.
Name: Meteor Storm
Race: Unicorn
Age: 40
Mane: Red with a yellow interior
Coat: Dark blue
Cutie mark.: A burning heart

Extra details that aren’t needed but are nice to add:
Distinguishing Features:
His mane is pretty distinctive. He can also transform his face and chest into flame.
Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): He's a Pyromancer, giving him unique power over fire. He can create it and manipulate it in ways far beyond most ponies.
Weaknesses: Ice based magic, his polar opposite. If he uses too much fire magic he begins to go insane wishing only to burn and destroy everything that crosses his path. Other forms of magic are harder for him to perform, for example his levitation can't lift much beyond his hammers or one of his lighter anvils (about 10 pounds)
Occupation: Blacksmith, former guard.
Gear: His favourite weapon is the Meteor Hammer, however he rarely gets the chance to use it. he is most often seen with one or more swords.
History: Meteor Joined up with the Equestrian military when he was 20. He served until he reached the rank of Captain. A few years after he returned home the Crystal Empire reappeared after taking a few holidays there he and his wife decided to move to the north with their daughter. A few years after this he sort a pony to teach him to control his temper which had been growing out of control since his return to civilian life. The pony taught him a form of magic that fed on his anger forcing him to control it partially to control it's strength and partially to prevent the magic controlling him. He uses this magic regularly to control the temperature of his forge.
Personality:Serious, he's focused on the job at hand. When he has no job to focus on he's a quiet guy, quite well read and loyal to his friends and his beliefs. Quick to anger as a side affect of his pyromancy.
Virtue: Loyalty
Current Home: Lives near the Crystal Empire. (He's not the pony that freed Chilly).

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Name: Raviere Blue Feather.

Species: Griffin.

Age: 35

Plumaged part: Royal blue with a lot of sheen.

Furred part: The standard slightly dark brown.

Extra detail: A very Bushy tail.

Distinguishing Features: Wears a white officers jacket and sports a large scar across his chest.

Speciality: Is very skilled with a sword staff and similar pole arms and has a lot of stamina. Is highly knowledgeable of cultures and customs.

Example: Can fly many miles and still be fresh to fight a prolonged battle.

Weaknesses: Puts loyalty and honour above all else (Will go knowingly into traps to protect his friends and will challenge obviously stronger opponents to a duel if they insult him badly enough). Is fairly useless in ranged engagements.

Occupation: mercenary

Gear: A sword staff, plenty of bits and a bag with basic leather armour.

History: Was born into the Blue Feather clan (One of the ten great clans) during a massive power struggle in which the Blue Feathers were defeated and became a minor clan. Raviere joined the military and was assigned into the guard infantry (Only applicable by clan members) and showed his great stamina and dexterous use of pole arms. Three years into his service, his squad was sent into minotaur lands during an invasion and witnessed how much damage his efforts were doing civilians. After the successful mission, he was awarded the rank of sergeant and used the opportunity to try and use his assets for good in his torn hometown. After years of trying, but every time getting stopped by the military (Which feared the Blue Feathers would rise up, if given a chance to prosper again) he chose to retire so he could help by his own code and his own discretion. He then started traveling around the world, getting what jobs he could get, mostly as a mercenary.
Personality: He has a strong sense of honour and is loyal to the few friends he gets, takes a lot of time to fully trust anyone. Is very polite and thoughtful about what he says, unless he gets annoyed or insulted, griffins are his only clear chink in the armor, any griffin almost no matter what will be treated antagonistically. He is quite vain (In a joking way) and likes to boast about his military career (Only the good things that came of it), telling war stories and such. Loves to go on pubs. Hates heat and likes to be near water, he does not like rooms that restrict his ability to take off.

Current home: A tree on the road to Baltimare.

Misc: Likes to sing whenever he's happy no matter who's around at the time.

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Pony Name: Plasma Stream
Symbiote Name: Perseus (Goa'uld Queen)

Race: Male Unicorn

Age: 244 (goa'uld) 32 (pony)

Mane: white and red stripes, rather short but not quite bald

Coat: deep blue, kept very well kept and short

Cutie Mark: a line of orange passing through a red giant, with a spire coming out the other end

Distinguishing Features: Glowing orange eyes when Goa'uld wishes, deep, echoing voice (again when it wishes), and very very tough to take on alone

Specialty: Anything dealing with fire, but also very good at Naqueda research

Weaknesses: Certain spells backlash at him periodically, causing severe burns and/or lacerations depending on the spell used.

Occupation: Blacksmith

Gear: thin cloth clothing with a metal ring around the base of his neck, has a device that activates on the presence of the Naquada in his blood, allowing him to do otherwise incredibly taxing things with ease (such as telekinetic blasts, torture, draining the life of another, brainwashing, activating certain consoles on his ships, etc.) he almost always has a pair of saddlebags containing a medkit (a small bottle of Morphine, a hypo, a surgical blade, and a small plasma torch [useful in cauterizing wounds or cutting through thin metal]) and finally he carries his personal longsword Mjolnir when he believes he's about to do something stupid

History(Pony): Plasma Stream was renowned for creating some of the finest and most creative works of art for the Royal Guard, while he himself never joined. After seeing a triangular craft crash within canterlot itself, he was the only one gutsy enough to enter the strange ship, holding Mjolnir out in front of him like a spear. The only survivor amongst the crew was a badly injured ape, who was spouting some strange language at him. The ape convulsed slightly as Plasma came close, looking for any signs of injury, but then he blacked out. Later back in the hospital, he came to hooked up to a bunch of monitoring machines, after asking the nurse what happened she replied he was found unconscious next to one of the casualties on board the strange craft...

History(Goa'uld): One of the last remaining queens of the Goa'uld, Perseus was taken by Anubis to make his Kull Warriors, where a group of Tau'ri were planning on blowing up the facility. Perseus hatched a plan to kill the symbiote in one of the warriors and replace it as her, where she managed to escape with one of the Al'kesh. The rush out of the atmosphere was one she'd never forget, as she was not only being shot at by Death Gliders, but Anubis's troops were also ringing into her stolen ship. With her ship nearly being shot down, she plotted a random course into the computer, where upon she crashed and took the body of another, a pony named Plasma Stream...

Personality(pony): Very loyal to Celestia and Equestria as a whole, he is a very stoic defender of this and will do whatever it takes to bring down any threats to his home

Personality(Goa'uld): Traumatized, Queen of none, and on the run, she has made herself a target for Anubis, and knows it is only a matter of time before he finds her and kills her host. She made the decision to keep down low in case anyone decides to go snooping around this area of space, and with the memories of her host, will also defend his home from any invaders; though of a different type

Virtue(Pony): Very Patient and thinks far ahead, he would most likely embody the element of Strategy

Virtue(Goa'uld): Patient and stealthy, she would most likely embody the element of Infiltration

Current Home: Plasma Stream's residence, next to his smithy

Misc: Very large amounts of knowledge on Naquadriah, it's strengths (which are many) and it's weaknesses (more unstable the more energy extracted, explodes like gasoline when under pressure, etc.), several tests have concluded similar results: normal ponies die of neutron radiation exposure within a day after injection

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Name: Chrono

Race: Pegasus

Age: 20

Mane: Indigo with light indigo streaks

Coat: Purple

Cutie mark.: An hourglass

Extra details that aren’t needed but are nice to add: My profile pic is Chrono

Distinguishing Features: Chrono would normally frown quite a lot. He would also have a slightly injured right wing.

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): Chrono learned from a very young age that he should run away. He is a quick runner and can usually can find a way to escape any situation. He has a knowledge of when things should happen, and has excellent organisational skills. Chrono can time things relatively with ease, especially with deadlines and due dates, and usually keeps a relatively cool head.

Weaknesses: Chrono is a very bad flyer, having injured his right wing when he was a child. He is also usually a coward, preferring flight then fight. He has a very bad perception when things don’t go how he wanted them to go, and can become very frustrated when something doesn’t make sense for him. He also has a gambling and alcohol addiction, in which, if given the opportunity, would start again, even in bad situations.

Occupation: Chrono is currently working as an organisational advisor in Ponyville, acting as an advisor for when events and occurrences should be planned out.

Gear: He would just be carrying a small blade in case of the occurrence he could not escape.

History: Chrono was born in Los Pegasus in the poorer section of the city. Chrono knew the harsh reality from an early age when he witnessed a pony stabbed by the Los Pegasus Mafia. When they found him they broke his right wing, which had been lofty ever since. He gained his cutie mark by helping out his father plan out the day. When he started growing up his mother had passed away from a heart attack, and his father had been thrown into jail for theft and bank fraud. Chrono, who couldn’t take it, starting doing gambling and alcohol until he decided it was time to stop. He moved to Ponyville after that, in which he is now trying to stop his addictions.

Personality: Chrono is very opinionated on various subjects on how life goes around, and likes to prove that his opinion is correct, even when it is not. He is very cunning and intuitive, relying on his instincts to get out of situations he does not want to be in. He is very much a coward, not wanting to fight. He is quick to call out things which don’t seem right for him. He is also somewhat flirty, but he knows when to much is to much. Chrono can get frustrated easily when things don’t go his way. He is very helpful however, and has a strong sense of justice.

Current Home: He currently resides in a 2 stories building in Ponyville, which is much like several other residencies in the town. He lives by himself as well.

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Name: Atemlos Rune

Race: Griffon

Age: 34

Coat: Beige and beginning to go white

Specialty: A doctor of natural sciences( Doctorates in Chemisty and physics. Master level qualifications in biology and astronomy) meaning he has a base understanding of a large amount of subjects. Knowledge of shipbuilding. The ability to lie convincingly (though his lies are often terrible).

Weaknesses: Overconfident and talks too much at the wrong times. A high desire for power that overrides his also strong sense of self preservation.

Occupation: Professor at the Univiersity of Trottigham

Gear: His wedding band.

History: Grew up in a coastal town that was all about work, foul language, sex and alcohol.His father died when he was eleven. His mother couldn't take that and left. Met an elderly griffon who served as a mentor figure. He was told that he must must "Go  to school and study very hard, and become smart, go to university and  become a famous scientist." He worked double shifts in a shipyard to pay his way through school. He moved to Equestria to attend university and went on to work there, serving mostly a research role with the occasional class.    

Personality: Rather arrogant and generally unempathetic. Sharp tongued, full of his own self importance, ignorant of why everyone isn't hanging on his next word. Though he may often laugh (which is normally directed at something he admits or holds great contempt to), he remains relatively unhappy, even if he may seem so with himself. Can often be derogatory without meaning any malice behind it.

Current Home: Trottingham

Misc: Is divorced from his wife, Raynie, after twelve years of marriage. The two met a violin recital.


Name: Mittere

Race: Alicorn

Age: 1000+

Mane: Yellow

Coat: Orange, flows from short to long until it reaches the base of her neck

Cutie mark.: A large fusion reaction of incandescent gases

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): Mittere has a very eclectic range of spells built up from over her years, meaning if there is a spell that sounds reasonable, she can cast it. Her prefered uses of magic are suggestion and all out kinetic, which her large amounts of magical power mean it is easy to throw lots of force around.

Her most potent non elemental combat spell involves concentrating the lightest gases in air together before using to trigger, contain and direct a fusion reaction. This isn’t a very practical spell however, as she can not contain it for more than a few seconds before it collapses.

Weaknesses: Prone to knowingly overexerting herself. Has no formal (or informal) training with any weapons beside, hit them with the pointy end.

Gear: Mittere is very rarely seen not in a white hooded robe which obscures her wings and horn

History: Mittere was born into a small clan of unicorns, that from the earliest records to the very early days of harmony,  managed the sun. She was born a pureblood unicorn, as was every member of her clan to keep the power strong. When she was in her adolescence, a visitor coming to us. They lived in a relative isolation, only a few ponies ever visiting them, the even fewer that wished to join the, were often turned away. She was as shocked by the sight of the visitor, having no prior belief in the tales of alicorns told by outsiders, yet there she was, looking not more than a few years older than herself.

The visitor, who introduced herself as Celestia, had magic that was above what was expected of any individual. After only watching Summer perform the magics on one of the training globes she managed to replicate the spell with no tutoring.

Due to her high potential, Celestia was quickly accepted into the clan and a position of high standing. A year or two after her acceptance, she met with the oldest and most respected members of the clan, elders if you will. After that meeting was called upon less and less for her sun raising and lowering  duties, the clan slowly being replaced by one seemingly immortal pony.

Several members grew dissatisfied dissatisfied with the “defilement of tradition”. The dissatisfied  broke off and began to pursue knowledge on alicorns to reclaim the power for all. The group eventually began to split and divide further and further, until Summer broke off by herself, staying true to the purpose.  Years later, the work gave some fruit and Mittere ascended. In the years since then, mittere has waited for the right time to confront Celestia

Personality: Mittere is a mare with both ambition and intelligence honed from years of experience.  Her long lifespan has changed her in the fact she is less willing to engage in any conversation she feels is tiring or pointless. She thrives on setting goals and meeting them, and if that means having to get her hooves dirty or put herself first she will. That does not mean she is without compassion she  cares for her own(even if “her own” is sometimes more selective than some other ponies).  


Name: Polo Mint

Race: Earth pony

Age: 23

Mane: blonde, well kept

Coat: White

Cutie mark.: A speaking podium

Distinguishing Features: Is always seen wearing a suit, even for casual events and day-to-day stuff.

Specialties: Always has something to keep eyes on him.  Knows a few party tricks, knows about common issues physiological issues (mainly from parental issues) so he can manipulate others, can play some piano. Can approach ponies from multiple conversational angles

Weaknesses: Unable to refuse bets, can come off as trying too hard for attention, short attention span.

Occupation: an intern for the Equestria's foreign affairs/ waiting for performance analysis (RP pending)

Gear: A suit with a small stash of mint leaves in his pocket.

History:Was born to a middle class family and led an average childhood. Became interested in international affairs because he was good with ponies (and non-ponies), as well as making him seem more alluring.

Personality:Friendly and extremely energised. He can be opportunist and manipulative to make things play out his way, normally for laughs. He enjoys the challenges that social interaction present.  Loves moaning, but hypocritically hates whining.  He has short attention span which he regulates through constant activity (from chewing to shifting weight).

Current Home: Permanent residence is Canterlot, but lives near wherever his work takes him

Misc: Has embezzled money to pay gambling debts


Name: Zenith Chaser

Race: Unicorn

Age: 28

Mane: aquamarine

Coat:dark blue

Cutie mark: A pick stuck in the side of a mountain

Specialty: high altitude climbing. Can pace herself well enough to be able jog for extended periods even in low oxygen enviorments. Knows first aid.
Weaknesses: Can only perform utility spells tolevitate objects or start fires. Sudden noises. Believes lies when they're what she wants to hear. Will make impulsive decisions when faced the prospect of more knowledge.

Occupation: Professional mountain climber

Gear: journal, climbing suit, ice pick

History: Older sister of another mountaineer, Peak Chaser. She was always setting the standard for him. Once his talent was also found to be climbing she suggested they do it together. Peak called it out as an attempt at being controlling and taking fame from him. Since that heated conversation their relationship has degraded badly.
When her brother didn't come back from a expedition, she braved the mountain herself. Along the way she found out about the nature of the mountain and its strong mystic power. Fighting fire with fire (Learning the magics used against her) she found her brother and brought him back down.  

Personality: A determined if a little pessimistic individual. Has a curiosity towards different cultural customs. Could be called honest to a brutal degree, with most everyday things. Harbours a slight distrust of all Stallions after her augments with her brother.
Virtue: Honesty (To her own ability and to others)


Name:Shutter Kite

Race:Earth Pony

Age: 19

Mane:bright grey

Coat:deep aquamarine

Cutie mark.:Binoculars looking at a tree-scape

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): The ability to remain focused, still and quiet for long periods of time. Can do several birdcalls, which often serve as icebreakers.

Weaknesses: Kite is fairly naive when it comes to every day life and hasn't had much pain in her life.

Occupation: Amateur Ornithologist that is trying to get her photos into a magazine.

Gear: A camera, sketchbook.

History: Was born in into a vary large family in the lower income section of Manehattan. Kite grew not paying attention to school. She struggled through school before dropping out as soon as she could. A decision she grew to regret. Watching the birds in the city was something she often did. On visits to her family around Equestria she began to notice new types of birds she hadn't seen in the city.

Doing some research she found that there were lots of ponies who shared her interest. She has since tried to make a living from doing what she loves (though with little success).  

Personality:She is fairly serious when it comes to her job, and has no problems being patient enough to stay still, silent and alert for hours. This means she often comes of as apathetic, but she isn't socially confident. She often has to think about what she says.  

Virtue: Patience


Name: Ashen Cloud

Race: Pegasus

Age: 22

Coat colour: black

Mane colour: white

Cutie Mark: A grey could  
Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): Is good a keeping his own problems and issues his own. Smart in the sense you wont have to teach him something twice.

Weaknesses: Self doubt issues.

Occupation: Data entry for a small accounting firm.

History: The younger of two brothers, Ashen was not the considered the special one. His brother being a rather talented unicorn left him feeling depraived of attention. This wasn't strictly true however, as he got praise when it was earned, but could my keep up with his brother's acheivements.

Personality:Not untalkative, but grows shy and embarrassed when the conversation shifts to him or his work. This awkwardness can become a problem when he stays quiet about some thing others need to know. For a pony who maintains the appearance of being shy, he is resolved and may offer surprising solutions to a problem.


Name: Luminous Flux

Race: Earth pony (kinda)

Age: 28 biologically. 41 actual (thanks to the magic of cryogenics)  

Mane: washed out green  

Coat: a diluted yellow  

Cutie mark: A shinning lightbulb

Specialty: Is schooled in a manner that few equestrians would receive. Has a few genetic modifications, such as artificial higher density muscle fibres to increase strength to the level of an Equestrian native.

Weaknesses: A deep seated discomfort around magic from growing up in an environment where unicorns (and thus magic) were uncommon, and therefore the subject of much mysticism. Often falls victim to Equestrian bacterial infections.

Occupation: Societal researcher, essential an anthropologist  

Gear: Digital watch synced to the ships clock. A note pad reserved for noting xeno-linguistics, mostly idioms.  

History: In their early forays  into the intergalactic scene, the people of Iphos found themselves alone and with nopony to greet them. Disappointed, they began to search for any other life, sapient life that is. Over time ponies came to except they were alone and give up, with an association only given an afterthought of funding remaining actively looking.

One day, their instruments picked up  a large, controlled spike of a vary rare phenomena: magic (more specifically the elements of harmony activating).    
Despite knowing that the energy had taken time to reach its point of detection, the fact it had originated from a planet that was reachable in their lifetime was a massive deal.

Being a part of the organisation that specialised in response to this exact type of situation, they departed immediately for closer observation. Upon further investigation, they found that, not only were they not alone in the universe, but surprisingly a race had evolved to take the same form as them.

The only trouble was that there was no efficient way to travel the vast distances of space as, despite having access to far greater than lightspeed communication thanks to trans dimensional frequencies. This meant it the trip was a big commitment and they had to be certain before taking any official action. Flux was among one of several ponies to observe, for ten years, the population of the planet and judge their readiness for contact.

The team managed to land in Equestria unobserved on a summer solstice, something considered a big celebration by the resident population. The guise of foreigners that had come to see the celebrations worked as an opportunity to try to integrate with society. After the celebrations the group split, with Luminous being the one closest to the ship.

Personality: Can be prone to the occasional social faux pas, including an insistence in calling ponies she meets by their full names. Is a generally positive person capable of finding wonder and amusement in things normal ponies would not. Is perfectly tolerant of the lower cultural status, but when expressing such comes off as unintentionally condescending.

Virtue: Diligence

Misc:  A joke character that won't likely see any serious threads.


Name: Amaryllis Blossom

Race: Earth pony

Age: 26

Mane: Red, brushed to stay out her eyes.

Coat: White with a light pink hue

Cutie mark: An amaryllis flower

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): Versed in business and financial management, which in addition to her already conservative nature makes her great at plotting safe and reliable solutions to problems. Cultivating and arranging flowers.  

Weaknesses: Physical homesickness whenever she has an extend time to think about it. A brief nausea upon realization. Very quick to blame others for disrupting her order of things.  

Occupation: Owner and manager of chain of florists

History: Rather sheltered by her parents, them setting stricter curfews and rules than the other children. Blossom soon discovered the joy she took in gardening. So many flowers, in so many different colors! And she could grow them all! She discovered her homesickness when she went to a summer camp when she was about 14 and that shaped all her habits since. She built her lifestyle around little change, religiously avoiding any disturbances to her life, new people and new places had no place. As Amaryllis Blossom grew older she began a small business in the Manehattan market district, making bouquets and selling them, and occasionally making a perfume out of her flowers. She enjoyed selling the flowers, looking at all the different ponies that took interest, but to her, the most fun was in growing them. The business had very limited success and almost no long term viability. Pushed by her parents to get at least something ‘academic’ behind her name, she studied horticulture for about a year, secondarily studying business in order to please her parents. The catch being, in a move by her parents to try a overcome her homesickness, the school was away from from her home city. This was daunting, discomforting and literally sickening for a while, but came a long way in her building confidence and improving her comfort with the idea. What she learnt on the course was rather useful, coming out of it with a small but clear dream. She was going to restart her business with a slightly more professional approach and less all around incompetence.

Personality: A rather mild individual, with a strong dissuasion to changes, preferring overcast days and friendly company. Kind, and is rarely seen in a sad or otherwise negative mood. In and outside her comfort zone she is a cheerful and gentle mare at heart, though she likes to act like she can handle herself and is tough, she knows how much of a meek wimp she can be
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Name: Johnny Maker
Race: Unicorn
Age: Late Twenties
Mane: Brown with light blue streaks, often scruffy.
Coat: Dark red, short fur.
Cutie mark.:
Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) - Page 2 Vi1jrl

Distinguishing Features:
Johnny is a very tall stallion, easily the height of Celestia, and seems very intimidating because of it. The fact he walks around with a very cold air and with a face like thunder really doesn't help lower his intimidation factor.
He is never seen in public without his goggles, computer, toolbelt or vest. He is one of those people that have a week's worth of the same clothing.

Creation. Johnny is a master of making things. He instinctively knows what is wrong with a machine or thing often just by looking at it. His mind works a lot differently to others. Instead of seeing just a thing, his mind takes it apart, scans all the components of it and puts it back together. He doesn't do it deliberately, his mind does it automatically whenever he sees something that has been crafted somehow. Of course this doesn't happen with biological things or raw materials, thankfully, or he would have been driven insane.
This factors into the fact Johnny is incredibly intelligent. His brain functions like a super computer, more so than a normal brain. Tricky and very long calculations are no problem, and he is very tactically minded, most of the time trying to think a few steps ahead of everyone else and horizontally.
Having been trained under the Master Blacksmith Darkfire Forge, Johnny has the ability to hold metal with his magic, turning it basically into clay to be shaped however he desires. He doesn't like to do this often though, as it poses literally no challenge or excitement, which is part of the fun of being a Blacksmith in the first place.
Repairing and healing come naturally to Johnny. Making things whole is easy for him, an inbuilt skill. He can pull off very high level repair spells and healing spells, even going so far as to train as a doctor to be more effective with them. However, while a broken bone he can deal with, an illness is something he can't, as it isn't technically broken.
A strange, and scary, ability Johnny has is tied to his anger. When he gets to quite a high level of anger his magic starts to get a little agitated, starting to create lighting storms that centre around him, and that will respond somewhat to him. This basically means lightning will strike whatever he is pissed off at.
But if Johnny gets really angry, like, "Fuck it, Everything dies." Level of angry, things get much worse. His magic does a complete 180 and turns from Creation Magic, to Destruction. At this point, everything around him starts to break and fall apart, and if he's that angry, he's most likely going to throw it at you, regardless of what is was.
It is for this reason he doesn't like getting angry, and constantly tries to keep his emotions under control.
Another odd little ability Johnny has works a little bit like a Pinkie sense, but a bit more focused. After many years of having inventions explode in his face he has developed a sixth sense for if something is going to hurt him. It's not very precise, but it gives him the idea "Standing here is not a very good idea at this point in time." And it's up to the rest of him to get out of the way.

Johnny dislikes creatures touching him. It makes him feel uncomfortable and the nature of his magic doesn't help. Because his magic is Creation Magic, it jumps to other living creatures, giving them a soothing sensation as the weak flow of magic heals them. This idea itself Johnny is very uncomfortable with, and so he distances himself from others because of it.
Social interaction is not one of his strong points. He finds it difficult to talk to others, preferring to stay quiet, double checking what he is about to say before saying nothing.
As mentioned above his temper also troubles him as he tried to keep it under control in an infuriating world. He doesn't want to lose his temper because he hates breaking things, and can't stand to be near something that is broken.
A strange weakness for such an antisocial stallion is he has to help others. He will always put others before himself, and will not refuse to help someone unless under very special circumstances (He hates them). He does this because he thinks it is his purpose in life to fix, and others tend to break things a lot. It is his attempt to make a perfect world.  

Ponyville's repair pony, a job unlikely to dry up any time soon, and Part time Inventor, Mad Scientist and Trinket Maker.

Toolbelt, complete with hammerspace pocket, whatever tools and other bits and bobs he has in it, computer capable of scanning pretty much anything and hacking into things (Also has a Snake app for if he gets bored) and his trusty goggles. They don't do much, but he thinks they look really good.  

Johnny was born and raised in Canterlot. Unfortunately though, he didn't exactly have a normal childhood. He was bullied mercilessly for being different, it didn't help that he was tiny as a colt, but that lessened when he grew to be a full head and neck above everyone else.
Not that he cared to much. He lived in his own little world that just had knowledge and him in it, for his tiny mind soaked up information like a sponge. He didn't have the time of day for others, going from lesson to lesson on the prowl for even more juicy morsels of facts and figures.
This went on through his education, from nursery to Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, where he got a place at because of his intelligence and natural skill with Creation Magic. He was recommended for higher education and eagerly took it, ending up leaving with M.D, Sc.D and P.Eng degrees to his name.
He moved to Manehatten after that, a city he did very well in, helping others as an odd job pony, earning a name for himself. However, he quickly discovered that busy city life wasn't for him. So, when the flat he lived in was scheduled for demolition, instead of finding a new apartment, he moved to Ponyville. He'd been told that they could use a pony like him, which turned out to be all too true.
He was eagerly welcomed to the town by the local council, and even given a plot of land to build his home on. He has lived there ever since, keeping Ponyville in one piece every other week.
Personality: Very stoic, seemingly heartless Johnny is a very logical stallion. But once you really get to know him and get him to open up, he is really just a big softy, and a loyal friend.
Current Home: Bungalow on the edge of the Everfree Forest with secret underground hanger (But you didn't hear it from me.)

Thanks to his work as an Inventor he has a high pain tolerance.
Will always refer to people as Mr or Miss, because he's polite like that, until told not too.
Twitching is a sign that he is getting angry, so is something to look out for.
He is a very convincing liar, though he doesn't like being dishonest.
He feels compelled to pick up stray feathers for reasons even he can't explain.
Refuses to drink alcohol in case it turns him destructive and he likes his liver.

Name: Jeeves.
Race: Robot.
Age: 16 years.
Mane: None.
Coat: None.
Cutie mark.: None.
Jeeves is a six legged, bug like robot, made out of a dull silver/grey smooth metal. It has an oval shaped body that is not too wide or high, but is about the length of a pony. Running along its back in sets of two (Total eight) are small circular depressions in the metal. These open up and allow for hands attached to bendy extendable arms (Bender style) to be used for multitasking. At the front it has two large glowing circles for eyes, these can change depending on mood or emotion, with a small black bow-tie attached underneath them. When ever Jeeves speaks its eyes glow brighter with each syllable. Coming out from slightly under-night the bow-tie and to the side are two arms (Regular style, E.g human like) that end in three fingered (And thumbed) silk gloved hands. All of Jeeves's hands are the same as this.

Distinguishing Features: See Above

Specialty: Can make a Smashing cup of tea. Good for an intelligent conversation and has good culinary skills. Very good gardener. All round effective Butler. Can channel Magic to a limited degree, E.g healing spells.

Weaknesses: Water, lack of power, logical processor, Will always put others before itself. Its Crystal Heart.

Occupation: Butler for Johnny Maker.

Gear: None. Often seen with various cleaning appliances. Duster, broom, hover, air freshener.

History: Jeeves was created for a Science Fair at Celestia's School For Gifted Unicorns. However, its creator, Johnny aged twelve, originally planned for it to be a toy. However, when something went wrong during a sign up day at the school, something peculiar happened.
Johnny was working away on his project when suddenly a bolt of magic struck a lightning rod he had set up as an experiment and went straight into the Crystal Johnny was charging with his own magic to use as a battery. The Two magics reacted to each other, Pure Magic and Creation Magic, enchanting the Crystal to something much more than a battery. When Johnny placed the Crystal into the finished project the Crystal took over its programming, integrated with it, and gave the toy, now a fully fledged robot, a life of its own.
It chose its own name as a sign of independent thought and free will, though in the end it decided to stay with Johnny, faithfully following a programming it set up on the day of its creation. To Serve him as a Butler.

Personality: Jeeves has a witty, but polite and calm personality. He is intelligent, and sophisticated. Despite having a heart of crystal and coding, the Robot cares for others.

Current Home: Johnny Maker's home on the edge of the Everfree.

Misc: Jeeves can die. If his Crystal Heart is damaged or runs out of power, his personality will cease to exist. The Robot also has a passion for gardening, and on its days off (Not needed but given anyway) It will often read about or spend time gardening.

Name: The Nightmare Knight
Race: Golem modeled after an Alicorn.  
Age: It is itself ageless, but was created over One Thousand years ago.
Mane: Lunar Guard Fin, Black.
Coat: Doesn't have a coat. However, what can be seen of its 'Skin' is Black.
Cutie mark.: Doesn't have one. No one could be bothered to draw one on.

Distinguishing Features: Is a massive metal Golem in a suit of armour. Size of Celestia and bulkyer. Horn is more like a sword as serves as a back up weapon as well as a magical channel.

Specialty: Is Unstoppable. No matter what you do to it it will get up e.g if you blow it to pieces the parts will eventually 'Magnetize' together. (No magnetism is involved but it is the best way to describe the affect). Physically strong, programmed to be good with weapons, able to learn and adapt. No tactic will work twice on it e.g. Teleporting behind it will only make you avoid it once. Next time it will be ready. The Golem can also, if need be, mold parts of its body to serve other functions, though it very rarely has to.

Weaknesses: Emotionless. Does not have a soul nor is capable of thinking like an actual pony. Is only useful and capable of and in war. Will only listen to members of the Lunar Guard and Princess Luna, Will also flat out ignore Celestia and the Solar Guard. Will follow out orders to the letter, so it is best not to be vague. Can not run, and it's movements are very robotic and jerky.

Occupation: Used by the Lunar Guard.

Gear: Sword and Shield. The Sword is called The Last Sunset (The words engraved into the blade in ancient Equestrian), is made out of the same black metal the Golem itself is, as is the shield. The Sword has a star like, saturated edge and because of this has three points. The main one and two smaller ones either side and further back. The guard is shaped like a crescent moon and the pommel is a crown the same color as NightMare Moon's armour.
The Shield is called The Eye Of The Night and is shaped like a heart but spiky. It has a jewel in the center that looks like NightMare Moon's eye and is designed (And Enchanted) To scare opponents.

History: Created by top craftsponies of the time from metal from a meteorite the Nightmare Knight was the leading force of NightMare Moon's army. It was designed to Be a one pony army. However, it had been told to only follow the command of NMM, so when she was banished it just shut down. For a thousand years it stood forgotten on an ancient battlefield. Until Luna returned. Sensing the return of its Mistress the Golem reactivated, tore itself free of the plant-life that had grown around it and set off home. When it returned it was not welcomed. It was attacked every step it took in Canterlot, but it didn't fight back, too focused on getting to Luna. Marching into the Throne room everyone was surprised when it bowed before the Princess of the Night. Everyone except the Princesses themselves.
The Nightmare Knight was then allowed to join the Guard, getting a clean up and a new set of orders.
"Protect Equestria with all your might, Follow the Guard into battle, Do what they say and Never harm an Innocent as long as you function."

Personality: Technically doesn't have one. But could be described as stoic, merciless and unnervingly intelligent.
Virtue: Loyalty
Current Home: Canterlot, Lunar Guard barracks.

Misc: The Nightmare Knight is made up of two parts. The Metal body and the Armour. The body is solid metal and enchanted with life. It is also engraved with hundreds of Runes to make it function and be Unstoppable. The Amour is forged from the same metal and is enchanted with spells to protect the Golem. The armour covers the whole body of the Golem, is similar to Lunar Guard amour and has a colour scheme of dark purple, royal blue, white and some black.
The Nightmare Knight also has a pair of wings. Though of course these are mechanical in nature so only grant flight. It is not very fast, nor agile in the air. It can also use a limited amount of magic, capable of offensive spells and levitation.
The Golem runs on magical energy, which it constantly drains from the surroundings and stores in its 'Batteries'. It is theorized that cutting off its magical supply will 'Kill' it, but no one dares try as the Golem is capable of self preservation thinking. It is able to drain magic directly from a living creature if it runs low.
Because of the enchantments in its body it doesn't have a central thought processor. If its arm was cut off that limb would be able to think and act of its own accord, though of course it wouldn't be able to see as the 'Eyes' are in the head.
Little side note. It can get "Attached" to others. As in, it can "Care" about them to a degree and will defend them.

Name: Shalvitte  
Race: Teterian
Age: 34
Mane: Dark green, 1.5cm thick strands going down to her shoulders.
Coat: A slightly lighter shade of dark green, no fur.
Cutie mark.: None.

The Teterians are a plant based life form, and are therefore mostly green in colour, with eye colours ranging from green to yellow. Shalvit's eyes are a light yellow. Speaking of which, this species has three eyes, slitted pupils, the third one positioned in their foreheads.
Their hooves are also different. Instead of ponies hooves they have three very strong claws coming out the front of the hooves and two coming out the back. These claws are used to dig into the ground and increase the surface area for absorbing nutrients through their feet.
A note, in Anthro form they have a second thumb on each hand, and their finger length is more symmetrical.
Other than that they look like ponies physically, if slightly shorter in stature. However, their Environment Suits alter their appearance somewhat. These dark grey suits make them look much more bulky, and three glowing red circles cover their eyes.
The suit's purpose is to help keep the Teterians alive in unfriendly or unsuitable environments. The inside is just a layer of UV lights that keep them constantly producing energy even if natural UV levels are low. If need be the suit can also filter salt water, filter toxins out of the air, keep the wearer hydrated and fed.

Being a plant has many bonuses to it, but also many weaknesses.
Because of how their lungs work a Teterian only has to take a breath every seven minutes as their bodies recycle the CO2 they produce. (The even produce clean oxygen, but only a tiny amount.)
They also don't need to eat much, as their diet consists mainly of chemicals. This is both a blessing and a curse as this means their food source can't be replaced. A Teterian can stand in some soil and have a meal that will last them a while.
As long as they are being exposed to UV and have enough of the needed nutrients a Teterian can keep on going because they constantly produce glucose
The Teterian's eyesight is very good, on account of them having three, but they also have a very strange visual power. They can see electrical (And Magical) energy. Another little odd ability they have is the power to sense things through plants by physically touching them.
The last two abilities they posses are being slightly stronger than they look, on account of bulkier cells, and the power to heal and regenerate very rapidly. A severed limb can be regrown in a month under the right conditions. This is what gives them their long lifespan.

Fire. Fires terrify this species as it would cause a slow, very painful death as they first evaporated and then burned. On the total flip side, not having enough water is also very dangerous. A Teterian needs to drink at least three times as much water as a normal creature to survive, but salt water won't do. In fact it will harm them.
While immune to most diseases that would affect animals the Teterians are not without medical issues. Fungus's are a big problem for them, and can have some very nasty results.
The last but by no means least important weakness is toxic chemicals. Teterians are much more susceptible to them and can die from them much, much easier than other animals.

Occupation: A previous member of the Teterian Mining Corporation

Gear: Environment Suit, Nutrient Conversion Machine, Water Collector, a Nutrient Harvester and a dual barrelled Laser Pistol.

History: Shalvitte  grew up on a Mining Ship, and just like her family before her worked for the corporation to mine planets for the minerals her race needed to survive. Her job in later life was to learn about the planet Equestria was on in order to peacefully ask for mining permission, as was their way. However, after leaning a fair bit, enough to be able to communicate, the lone scout ship was attacked by pirates fleeing from a skirmish. Shalvitte was in the way, and was taken down crashing into the Everfree in an escape pod with the nearest rescue ship over 50 lightyears away.

Personality: Naive, yet very curious, Shalvitte  is eager to learn about the planet she is stranded on, for her own survival if nothing else. But despite her bleak situation the plant mare remains cheerful and tries her hardest to always look on the bright side of life.

Current Home: Escape pod converted into a hut, in the middle of a crater. You can't miss it.

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Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) - Page 2 Icon_minitimeSat Mar 29, 2014 4:21 pm

Name: Harmony Iris

Race: Flutter pony (this is a race from G1 not yet adapted to current cannon)

This race has over sized semi-translucent wings, despite being slightly shorter than the average pony, they longer legs in proportion to a regular pony body type. They have the usual powers of a pegasus, except for the fact that they cannot fly when their wings get wet. This race has a power unique to them called "Utter Flutter"

Age: physically around 8-10 (the age of the CMC)

Mane: Dark blue with white streaks/highlights

Coat: light mint green

Cutie mark.: a trio of iris's

Extra details that aren’t needed but are nice to add:
She lives deep in the Everfree Forest, claims her mom is Rosedust, but no one has ever seen this pony.

Self-consious about her strange wings, Harmony Iris wears a drab cloak to hide them. When nervous or startled, Iris is prone to rapidly flap her wings in a manner called the "utter flutter". She isn't proud of this and tends to distrust ponies more after each incident.

She has a stuttering problem.

Distinguishing Features: a singular iris on her forehead

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc):
Utter Flutter - directional hurricane strength winds, typical to her race.
Vast knowledge of plants, due to where she lives.

Weaknesses: Can't fly when wings are wet, slight xenophobia, easily startled.

Occupation: Herbalist. Child.
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PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) - Page 2 Icon_minitimeSun Mar 30, 2014 1:17 pm

Name: Nirvana

Race: Unicorn

Age: 20

Mane: Navy blue with a streak of blonde through it

Coat: Teal

Eyes: Silver

Cutie mark.: a heart-shaped peace sign

Extra details that aren’t needed but are nice to add:

Distinguishing Features: The fact she seems to be able to get anyone to do anything

Specialty: Charmspeak, it allows her to push her will into anyone near her, making them to think her logic is better, that

she is right, and makes them want to obey her, though anyone with a strong enough will can break free of the spell.

Though powerful, Charmspeak in itself is weak, needing the one using it to put forth effort for any results, it taxes the

user and can be broken easily by those not directly targeted with it.

Weaknesses: Being looked down upon, being treated unfairly, being insulted.

Occupation: Drug Dealer, though her cover is a Mailmare

Gear: A serrated, silver dagger and a blood-red bandana tied around her right foreleg, just above the hoof.

History: She always wanted more out of life, so, when she got bored one day, she went out and joined a gang, it was

difficult to gain entry at first, but once she got in, the leader saw her Charmspeak as a way of distributing everything they

needed, and she soared through the ranks, soon becoming the third in command.

Personality: Kind, but cunning. Gentle, though with a razor edge. She was always a kind mare, but being in a gang has

given her an edge and she can be mean at times.

Current Home: Canterlot
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PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) - Page 2 Icon_minitimeSun Mar 30, 2014 1:17 pm

Name: Mayhem

Race: Draconequus

Age: 1019

Mane: Pristine white mane, shoulder-length, slightly curly near the bottom

Coat: Torso is covered in brown fur just like her father's, her left arm, which is a dragon's, has reddish-orange scales

where her right arm is covered in brown fur and is similar to a Diamond Dog's, her left leg is that of a pony and it has

white fur with a cheschire cat smile on it, her right leg is a tiger's with the regular tiger colorations, orange, black, stripey,

and her tail is a dolphin's and it is grey, she has no horns and no wings.

Distinguishing factors: The fact that she is a Draconequus.

Specialty: Pulling pranks and messing around

Weaknesses: she gets really, really sad when people don't accept her...

Occupation: Claims to be a Daddy's Girl or a Sexy Beast

Gear: She only has a golden locket with a picture of her as a baby with her parents(Discord and Celestia)

History: She was locked up after her father was turned to stone, and a dampening curse was placed upon her, weakening

her to a level between an average unicorn and Twilight Sparkle before her ascension. Throughout her life before

imprisonment, she was a bit of a history nut, always studying ancient civilizations from before her parents even existed. As

a child she would dress up in armor and run around chasing the other kids with foam swords and wage mini-wars. If you

were to ask her about a certain civilization, she would go fan-girl mode and rant about said society. During imprisonment,

however, she was locked away in a purgatorial dimension where she could do as she pleased, but have no other

interaction with anyone besides her mother when she visited. After imprisonment, she hit the Royal Library with a

vengeance, almost literally inhaling the information on the new societies.

Personality: She is somewhat kind, polite, loves to play around, and barely ever takes anything seriously.

Current Home: Canterlot
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PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) - Page 2 Icon_minitimeSun Mar 30, 2014 1:24 pm

Name: Fossil Fighter.

Race: Unicorn.

Age: 22.

Mane: Jet black, long.

Coat: Light grey.

Cutie mark.: Three dinosaur skulls, a velociraptor's, a T-rex's, and a triceratops's.

Distinguishing Features: An old, battered and tattered hat that is her only possession that she would never give up, no

matter what.

Specialty: Conjuration, summoning different item by creating them from pure mana, solidified by concentrating it, and

controlled by her thoughts.

Weaknesses: slightly shy, can't perform well under pressure unless she gets really desperate.

Occupation: Archaeologist and Paleontologist.

Gear: Her hat and a few random digging tools in her bags as well as a silver pendant with an emerald carved and shaped

to resemble a tricera's head, facing those who look at the pendant.

History: She traveled the world with her father, going to ancient burial grounds and dig sites to help her dad as best she

can, but she usually hung back and watched until she turned thirteen, where she began helping the dig team and

contributing to their work, which got her some of their respect. Around the time she turned fifteen she uncovered an box,

within it was a scroll telling of conjuration magic, and she began to experiment, and found that it was a simple

combination of Levitation, Barrier, and Focusing magics. When she got good, she was able to create her own tools

whenever she needed and she started to experiment further, creating copies of living( and once living) creatures, and

ended up using a conjured Tricera Skull to Hold open a heavy slab of stone that was an excuse for a door, and a

Velociraptor and T-Rex skull to scare away predators when it was her turn on watch for the night. Eventually she became

adept enough to conjure an entire Skeletal Velociraptor just for fun and to scare her friends. At age twenty-one there was

a cave in and her father was trapped inside, the only remnant was his hat, and she never let's anyone touch it if she can

help it. With the dig team's help, she got back to Equestria and is trying to make a living there, but she always stays in

contact with her friends.

Personality: A little shy, but normally a bit out-going and respectful.

Current Home: None
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PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) - Page 2 Icon_minitimeSun Mar 30, 2014 1:34 pm

Name: Pixie

Race: Flutter-Pony

Mane: Dull, greyish-purple

Age: 47, though she looks 17

Coat: Light, bluish-grey

Cutiemark: A navy blue Ankh

Distinguishing Factors: She is a foot tall and she has antennae the same color as her fur and light blue dragonfly wings

that glow softly with the same color as the wings themselves.

Specialty: Her extremely powerful healing magic.

Weaknesses: Her small stature and her fear of rejection.

Occupation: Believes herself to be an Herbalist, with her extensive knowledge of plant-life, though she never had wny

schooling in such things.

Gear: A dark blue robe with silver trim.

History: Her kind, the Flutter-Ponies, are a creation of Discord, they are a fusion of pony and parasprite, they are merely

very short ponies with insect wings and antennae, sometimes a horn, and they usually have dull coloring, but still very

different varieties of colors. Flutter-ponies are able to procreate with any other species, but the only problem is fitting it

in, though the safest way to impregnate one without harming them or doing any odd positions would be the artificial

path. But no matter what, a pregnancy involving a Flutter-pony always gets twins. Pixie herself is one of the few

remaining, the others have been either killed by predators, or have simply died of natural causes. She never knew

anything but the Everfree, but she has tried to involve herself with actual towns, never being noticed usually. Her twin, a

brother, had died when she was twelve, and she wasn't able to save him from the timberwolves. Her parents, however,

died when she neared her twentieth birthday, they died of natural causes, old age to be specific. She has never known any

others of her kind, but is optimistic.

Personality: Bubbly, kind, a bit of a flirt.

Current Home: None.
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PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) - Page 2 Icon_minitimeSun Mar 30, 2014 1:35 pm

Name: Luminescence, prefers Lu-Lu.

Race: Unicorn.

Age: 19.

Eyes: Bright orange.

Mane/Tail: Dark, almost-black blue, streaks of toxic green within them.

Coat: Dark, almost-black purple.

Cutie mark.: Four glowsticks; one toxic green, one electric blue, one hot pink, one bright orange, each of which glow their respective colors.

Distinguishing Features: Her glowing earrings, her glowing eyes, and the glowing streaks of toxic green in her mane and tail, and her glowing cutiemark. Glowing, highlighter orange eyes.

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): None, besides her ability to make things glow in neon colors.

Weaknesses: Sweets and her physical capabilities, which are rather weak.

Occupation: Independently Wealthy, AKA Rich Parents, no need for a job, but she wants to be a recreations planner.

Gear: An array of various glowsticks in different colors and different types of glowrings and necklaces, even a hot pink earring in her left ear and an electric blue one in her right ear.

History: Lu-Lu was always a bit odd, and this escalated when she began to go to parties, then it escalated even more as she earned of Raves and she eventually did some drugs, a big mistake when her parents found out, but she always stayed fascinated by bright colors and glowsticks, eventually getting her cutiemark to glow with a spell she researched. She is a

Raver, and forever a Lover, not a fighter.

Personality: Bubbly, kind, helpful when she can be, never seems to get angry or sad.

Current Home: Canterlot.

Misc: She loves bright colors, music, and parties.

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Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)
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