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 Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)

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Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) Empty
PostSubject: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) Icon_minitimeWed Mar 19, 2014 8:27 am

*EDIT:*Many apologies for the late addition, but in this thread you are to only add the characters that have already been approved prior on the OC Roleplay FiMFiction group. BRAND NEW OC Characters are to be posted in the Brand New Oc Character Thread

In an effort to try and improve the quality of our group as well as to help compensate for the very varied levels of experience present in the group we are adopting a new way of writing characters in the form of the sheet below. Please do not make a new thread for your character, post it here.

Name: A last or middle name is not needed, but what you call your character is needed at least. link to a pony name generator if you have trouble coming up with names.
Race: Remember to say a few words in a note if your character is a race that you yourself have invented or is not native to canon Equestria.
Age: We do not need the exact number of years, but a general indication of their age should be included.

Mane: Colour(s) are needed, but style is a plus.
Coat: Colour(s) are needed, but length is a plus
Cutie mark.: Details are appreciated but a basic description will do.

Distinguishing Features: Example, what is the first thing that stands out about your character? If you saw him on the street what would you remember about him?
Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): Here is a good place to mention what your character is especially good at, or any sort of odd skills they might have. If this skill comes from an artifact or piece of equipment please include that in gear instead.

Weaknesses: Here’s where you’d put what you character is especially bad at. Any sort of flaws in their abilities or capabilities or such would go here. It’d be a good idea to balance out any specialties with weaknesses, this helps to keep a balanced character for you. As a general rule if you have a hard time thinking of any  weaknesses for your character there is a problem.
Occupation: What is your characters job? Do they have one? If they don’t what sort of job would they want? Note that this job does not necessarily need to be tied to your character's backstory or their speciality; more mundane jobs are just as welcome.
Gear: You do not need to mention that your character owns a saddleback or small things like that, but things that are special, or weapons for that matter, would go here.
History: This is the spot for the backstory, it does not need to be a novel, but writing a few lines would be a good idea.

Personality: Here is the spot to describe what it is that makes your character tick, is your character extra nice to people? Compassionate like no other? Maybe sadistic and likes to eat small ducklings? Here is the spot for tell all about that.
Current Home: Where is your character currently living? Do they live alone and if not who do they live with (this can be other users OCs if you both agree to that).
Misc: This is for anything that doesn’t fit in the other sections. Any extra little things and all that. This can help add some more depth to your characters.

Thank you everybody.

To save you some time here is a blank version of the character sheet for you to copy and paste.
[b]Cutie mark.:[/b]
[b]Extra details that aren’t needed but are nice to add:[/b]
[b]Distinguishing Features:[/b]
[b]Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc):[/b]
[b]Current Home:[/b]

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Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) Icon_minitimeWed Mar 19, 2014 3:31 pm

Name: Sword Symphony

Race: Pegasus

Age: 26-60

Mane: Blue

Coat: Grey

Cutie mark.: A sword with a treble clef as a guard.

Extra details: My Profile Pic is Sword Symphony.

Distinguishing Features: Around Sword's right foreleg he wears a silver band (See below: Projection Band). If one were to feel his right side, they could trace a scar from his flank to the base of his neck  

Specialty: Sword was hand-picked by Princess Luna at 16 to be trained in the arts of stealth and combat by her personally for 4 years. Princess Luna chose him because of his special talent. Sword has a pinkie sense of sorts, his being the ability to perfectly calculate the time and distance of an incoming threat, though he can only calculate one thing at a time. Sword, not wishing to sully his name, is truly a prodigy with a blade, utilizing his combat sense in conjunction with his own fighting style to slay his opponent as fast as possible. Physically, Sword is an exemplar of the pegasus race, he is fast, agile, and strong. He can fight as a biped by utilizing his wings for balance, and will often do so in combat to trip up more experienced fighters. Knowledgeable in the anatomy of all 3 pony races, Sword knows where to hit, and how hard to disable, or kill his foes. Though Sword is more than capable in a stand-up fight, he is at his best striking from the shadows, overwhelming his foes before they have a chance to see him coming. Sword is highly trained in repelling assaults on the mind, he is adept enough at this to repel attacks from a Princess, though,he cannot move while doing so, which may render him helpless anyways. Sword does not believe in the concept of an honorable battle,and as such will take advantage of anything he can to give him the upper hand. He is also well versed in the varying aspects of pegasi magic, including the molding, shaping, and general manipulation of cloud formations for various purposes.

Weaknesses: For all his skill in battle, Sword has no protection against basic magic like telekinesis, and could easily be restrained by an average unicorn capable of such magic. Attacks that attack from many directions all at once overload his combat sense, rendering it useless. Sword is not a team players, preferring to fight on his own,which makes him easy to single out. He is also oathbound to defend Princess Luna with his life, and would throw himself in front of any attack directed at her

Occupation: Former Agent of Luna, currently unemployed

Luna's seal. It was presented to him after he accepted his role as Luna's Agent. The band's sole power is to project whatever Sword can imagine in his head into reality, provided he has a complete understanding of it. Generally, Sword uses it to project a curved blade that is 2 feet long to fight with. He can project other blades of various lengths,but generally sticks to his usual 2 foot curved blade. He is capable of utilizing 2 blades at once, as well as an Overedge form. drastically increasing the cutting power of his weapon in exchange for the band going inert for a few hours after activated.

Silver Armor: A set of silver armor that is enchanted to be silent.

History: Sword was raised in the Canterlot Orphanage until the age of 16, where he was selected by Luna to serve as her agent due to his special talent. she trained him personally for 4 years, and at the age of 20, he was given his band as a sign of his position. He served her for 6 years afterwards until he was critically injured during a mission. He retired himself from her service, and went to Ponyville to recover. Currently, Sword is residing in a changeling city with his current lover. (Canon under re-development)

Personality: Sword is generally calm, quiet, and observant. reasoning his way through most situations in life. He is extremely protective of his family, He doesn't make friends easily, but values the ones he does. He is oath bound to serve Princess Luna, and will continue to obey her without question, even after his retirement. Sword is easily frustrated whenever he fails at a task, however.

Virtue: Determination, Loyalty

Current Home: A large cottage in Canterlot

Misc: I RP Sword at 3 periods in his life: 24, during his service as Luna's Agent. 27, when he is retired, but hasn't met his wife yet. And 37, when he is married and has his 3 children. For the purpose of most RP's, assume 27 unless specified otherwise

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Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) Icon_minitimeWed Mar 19, 2014 3:44 pm

Name: Archsage

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Race: Unicorn/Zebra (He's mixed.) :3

Birthplace: Canterlot

Current Home: On the Road

Occupation: He doesn't have a job, he travels about the world in ancient tombs and searches for ancient tombs or artifacts to learn more about the forbidden arts.

Coat:Archsage has a darkish purple coat.

Mane:He has a two shade purplish mane which are two different shades of purple.

Gear: He has a four daggers.

Cutie mark.: His cutie mark is a quill within a ancient tome.

History: When he was a colt, his magic powers were not good enough for Celestia's school of gifted unicorns. He grew up a regular unicorn always being picked on for being a bookworm and non magic user. He didn't know how to do most magic like other unicorns and it took him a long time learn magic. He didn't like the way his life was turning at all until he came upon a dying black cloaked stallion just outside Canterlot who gave him a map of the whereabouts of the forbidden arts, and if were to get them he would be one of the most powerful sorcerers of all time...

Convinced by the stallions sayings, he immediately started his travel after his death. The map he was using however were places beyond the land of Equestria, the lands beyond where what this particular map showed. Lands that has not been seen by many pony folk throughout the land. He needs someone however to venture with him into these lands.  So he traveled around Equestria in search for a traveling companion ever since.

Personality: Archsage is generally a silent pony. He talks but doesn't like speaking too much. He like to do a little of everything but a lot of venturing into the unknown. He really loves extended our of reading ancient magic tombs and developing powerful forbidden magic.
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Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) Icon_minitimeWed Mar 19, 2014 4:49 pm

Name: Umbra Nightshade

Race: Zebracorn (zebra unicorn cross-breed)

Age: 14

Mane: White with deep midnight blue stripes, rather short for a pony and sticking out like a zebras.

Coat: White with deep midnight blue stripes at her legs.

Eyes: Umbras eyes are deeply blue, almost black, and if you look inside them for to long does they look like caves.

Cutie mark: An old zebra glyph

Specialty: Umbra have control over shadowmancy, the magical school of shadow manipulation, how strong she are are yet unknown because she have never reached her limit yet, she does also know how to brew a few magical potions.

Weaknesses:Umbras magic are not coming from herself, but from an outside, or rather inside source, one that need payment each time greater spells than levitation are used

Gear: In her always booming saddlebags does she have many magical components and a old spellbook upholstered in what looks like dragon hide.

History: Not much are known about her, because not many ask the teen filly. All what most people learn are that she have always been travelling, never been a place more than a few years, not even as newly born, odd events always moving her along in her life. But one thing have been constant, Mister Voice have always talked to her.

Current Home: Traveling from place to place have she never found a place to call home, but she does still own her old family house in Zebraca


Race: Pegasus

Age: 21

Mane: Rose red and short with a few curls that frame her face.

Coat: Rosa.

Cutie mark.: A swallow that holds a poppy, while others cutiemarks are in colours are hers only in black.

Distinguishing Features: Sweetcake is a rather slender pony, fine looking with thin legs and wings that are thinner than most other pegasi, but still capable to fly.

Specialty and weaknesses: Sweetcake have no abilities or weaknesses as such, being as ordinary as a usual mare can be. She is a bit more flexible than most others because of how much she have danced, but beside that are there nothing special about her, although many have said that her smile are magical.

Occupation: Travelling dancer and musician, earning food and a roof over the head by entertaining.

Gear: Beside a reinforced violin and its casing does Sweetcake not own anything special for long, selling and buying when she needs or wants to.

Personality: One word to describe Sweetcake would be unbridled. When she does things does she do it her way, and does never soften her blows. In heated discussions or when stallion have been to intrusive have she been seen hitting them with her violin.

Virtue: Laugher True neutral.

Name: Sir Malendor Delaryn, The white templar of the Shield.

Race: Griffon.

Age: 32 years

Coat:  Golden brown coat, the colour between wheat and honey, and always newly groomed.

Feathers: A lighter brown

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): Even with with her armour on are Sir Malendor a fast fighter on the battlefield, her main power and force. Her plate not even slowing her down in flight. She are even fast enough to reflect incoming arrows in flight.

Weaknesses: While Sir Malendor are quick and have armour are she not the griffin with the biggest strength there is, her attacks many times weak when she fights for to long, and if she can´t fly almost like a sitting duck, her mobility coming from her wings.

Gear: Sir Malendor are always wearing her old plate armour the one wearing her house Coat of arms and her own motto "Facilis descensus Averno", on her arms and legs are she clad in ringmail, giving her great mobility.

She does also always have her two weapons with her, her magical falchion its blade never growing dull, and its green metal said to be the legendary metal adamantium, hanging from scabbard to her left side. On her back are her sturdy gunpowder pepperbox rifle, reinforced many times over, so sturdy that it can be used to deflect attacks and be swung like a hammer if needed, also made of the same green metal as her falchion.

History: Sir Malendor are actually daughter of a noble family, her house and family said to be one of the biggest in Avelonien, gaining said power by corruption and always being with the leading family no matter who they where.

As Malendor began to train with the sword saw she how rotten her family where, and when she took her oath did she not say the same words as all the others, them saying the words of loyalty to the family no matter what, when she said the words of the people, of justice.

Personality: Sir Malendor is fair and righteous to such a degree that she can be called zealous

Virtue: Justice. Lawful Evil

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Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) Icon_minitimeWed Mar 19, 2014 5:06 pm

Rain Splash
Name: Rain Splash

Race: Pegasus

Age: 23

Mane: Short, shaggy, perfectly kept mane, deeper brown than coat.
(Frazzled, but clean in other words.)

Coat: Light Brown

Cutie mark.: A gold ring tilted sideways with a aura of grey aura behind it, much like a storm cloud.

Extra details that aren’t needed but are nice to add:

Distinguishing Features: Ridiculously bright blue eyes, a scar on his lip going down to his chin. A single fake leather armor pad on his right shoulder. Muscular, and appealing to the eye. (In Anthro it's a simple fake leather vest with small shoulder pads, and of course usual clothing.)

(The fake leather is actually real leather, he just calls it fake so he doesn't scare every pony else on how he... Obtained it.)

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): Has a flask of water placed right behind his left wing that he had specially enchanted by his friends mother, a talented and wise unicorn. He uses it for its attack abilities, with a unfurled wing the water forms a out line on the wing, turning it into ice like blade. He can then fling shards of ice at his opponents, and the water that is expended returns to the flask. (To explain; the water itself has its own conscience, it is however limited. It simply knows it must obey Rain. And help any way it can, Rain's personality effects the water just like a naturally good person around naturally bad people, it wears off on the personality of the water. ((To explain how it "magically" returns into his flask, the silver bands on his slightly flashy Flask are imbued to absorb the water from the outside, once the water is flung great distances, unless otherwise told, or thought at, the water will soon evaporate and find its way back to the flask rather quickly.)))

This water can (like most water I would hope) be like anything water inclined. Be it: Evaporated into a thick mist, (which because of the quantity it could fill a small room, nothing like making a whole forest foggy) heated into super hot steam and pressurized, then sprayed at an opponent. Frozen and formed into weapons, (which aren't as helpful as steel, but a never dulling blade that will reform almost instantaneously will help at redirecting blows, instilling fear, and if needed killing.) or simply used as water to spray away enemies. He can also have the water slowly flow and pool around a victims hooves, then freeze when Rain flees. Or protrude into a large lethal spike.

Weaknesses: A bit selfish at times, he makes sure that the person he saves knows he owes him. Doesn't have anything against other races of equines, but is beyond fascinated in Changelings. To the point of wanting to seek out a hive just to observe. Tends to act stupid leading others to believe his IS stupid, but then ends up at some point silencing them all with a random spout of brilliance, or adding onto a complex situation for the betterment.

Warning: He WILL run. If he sees a fight he cannot beat, even with the help of others, he knows his life is more valuable than whatever it is he's doing. (Unless it's like the end of the world or something, then it might change.)

Occupation: Merc, when alone with no contracts he doesn't have a place of his own he'll most likely be in a inn, or a tavern. Any money goes to gear, inns, and the sauce. (And gambling.)

Gear: Dagger carved out of the crystal that killed his friend. Wing knives, blades hidden in between the feathers of a pegesus' wing the can be thrown by swiping the wing in the direction of the target. His Water Flask. (The dagger has no special property, besides being of sentimental value, and being a knife, it doesn't shoot lasers.)

History: Rain was born into a semi-wealthy house in Canterlot, a middle-class to be sure. However in spite of this Rain believed he was poor. Not his own doing, but his parents. Who eagerly kept the money to themselves. His father to Drink his dishonorable discharge from the Guard away. (He was too drastic for them, and brutal.) His mother to fuel her endless need to throw large illustrious parties, (which cost the family dearly) these parties she religiously believed were only used to further herself in Canterlot. Securing higher seats for herself and her child (Rain) so they could live happily. However when the money left, so did she. Leaving Rain alone with his father. Who, was even more at a loss of heartbreak, now depressed, and broken, his father did nothing but stare at the wall and drink. He did this until he died.

Rain was deeply traumatized by his mother walking out, this trauma only doubled when his father passed away. Deflated and destroyed his best friend's mother decided it was best for someone to look after him. He was ecstatic at the fact of not only being with ponies who cared for him, but having his best friend as his new brother! His name was Sparky Coils. The duo was more than a handful for Sparky's mother, a unicorn with deep knowledge on runes (and the crafting/engraving of) and had the strangest ability to have access to strange and bizarre things to entertain the colts. (A Phoenix feather, the claw of a Griffon, The Heart of a Water Elemental...)

Grown to 19 Rain now wished to leave to seek out the rest of Equestria, to dine with Griffons and see their cities, to behold the badlands, to feel the breeze of Horseshoe Bay. And on his 20th birthday Sparky gave him a small present of a goodbye card, 300 bits for his trip around Equestria, and a hug. Sparky then went off to seek his own destiny in the Canterlot School, for gifted unicorns. Sparky's mother showed him a flask, already filled with the heart of the elemental. (which was kept in a gallon sized container, Rain wondered how it fit in such a small flask. ((The answer was of course magic.)) When Rain reached out to touch it the rune present on the middle band of the silver on the flask blazed bright blue, easily lighting the entire house. Then disappeared, the headache and pain Rain suddenly had was the rune being etched into his mind. Not knowing how that effected him, since he can't really look at his brain, he took the flask, and the water it contained, believing it to be a drink of the special variety.

Lost, cornered, and frightened. He ran, Griffons were indeed a very interesting race, however he had been unlucky enough to be greeted into the hall the same time as a changeling had, (The name of no importance, however the one who commanded this changeling to go, was named by Flailing Spirit) the assassin failed, and in its escape had changed into Rain's shape, making him the scapegoat. Beaten and tortured, a griffon had made a joke and drank the water of his flask, screaming in rage as his gift had been wasted, the griffon has his stomach explode outward, killing the Griffom as the water went back to his flask without question, confused he pulled himself together and ran for his life, flying out the window outside of the room and making his escape.

He travelled with a caravan for a decent time, getting ahold of himself, and came to befriend a Silver Rapier, a stallion who wished to become Equestria's finest swordsman. On the way through a horrid blizzard a spastic burst of crystal killed Silver, and destroyed his carriage, while Rain protested and fought, they scavenged what they could from it and continued, Rain broke off a piece of this crystal, and with tears in eyes he left Silver where he died.

Hardened from his beatings by the Griffons, and wizened from Travel experience and loss, Rain is an expert of traveling. And knows his way to either drive a hard bargain, or know a fake one.

Personality: Sarcastic almost twenty-four seven tends to keep personal matters in his own cards as well as quick to defend friends. (He has so few that the ones that he does have are considered worth more than their weight in gems)

Virtue: He's a mercenary, he goes where the money is good, but if he sees too much wrong in it he leaves, no questions asked. If he sees tremendous wrong he stops it, or at least attempts so.

Current place of residence: Any Tavern, inn, or place that'll give a decent nights sleep

Misc: Dislikes Griffons for obvious reasons. And doesn't take questions about his friends lightly.

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PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) Icon_minitimeWed Mar 19, 2014 8:37 pm

Name: Oathbound

Race: Earth Pony

Age: 40

Mane Color: Red and Golden Yellow

Mane Style: Combed back and split.

Coat Color: Gray

Cutie Mark: A golden shield crisscrossed by two light-blue axes

Extra details that aren’t needed but are nice to add: His tail is tied in a braided rope-like manner.

Distinquishing Features: He wears a sapphire amulet around his neck that he is never seen without.

Specialty: His amulet gives him the capabilities of a unicorn, though limited outside of any combat usage.

Weaknesses: He suffers from a disease that makes his body age away at a drastically accelerated pace if his amulet is taken off. He needs the magical power of that neckpiece to survive.

He also sometimes lets his emotions get the better of him, sending him into situations that a rationally thinking pony would not get into. There is an even worse state where his negative emotions throw Oathbound's sanity aside and he gets possessed by Oathbreaker (See below)

Occupation: Currently the Captain of the Ponyville Guard. Previously the Captain of the Canterlot Guard and the predecessor of Shining Armor.

Gear: Magical weaponry conjured through his amulet. His preference consists of two conjured light-blue axes that hover in the air. They have the ability to merge into one or even split into several depending on the situation, though their strength gets cut down drastically if they split.

History: Oathbound was originally a wanderer who suffered from amnesia, having no known parents and no idea how to function in society. He was practically feral when he was found by some patrolling guards on the western border of Equestria at the age of 10. He eventually came to Canterlot and due to lack of knowledge about the most basic of laws, was soon thrown into the dungeons for stealing. He was eventually led out of the prison by Princess Celestia, who saw his distress and confusion as to what he had done. She took him under her wing and taught him what he needed to know to live a happy life, even giving a sum of bits from the royal coffers. As a way to repay for her kindness, Oathbound joined the Royal Guard and quickly rose up in rank. Eventually he was second in rank to the Captain of the Guard, but his race prevented him from becoming captain for he could not use magic - something that the Captain would deal with on a daily basis. It also didn't help that he was still a blankflank at this point. When the previous captain died, he was recommended for the position by many and Princess Celestia granted Oath the amulet he still wears today on the condition that he serve her as Captain. But in doing so he also sealed his fate in more ways than one for his disease manifested itself. Not only that, but his cutie mark appeared at that time.

After a long time of servitude as Captain, Oathbound's time as Celestia's personal guardian came to an end as one night the princess was attacked by an assassin, though the Princess lived. He ran from Canterot, unable to accept that he should stay after failing his duty. He broke the promise he made when he joined the Guard, of not letting any harm come to the royal family, not to mention his personal promise to the princess herself.
Eventually the Princess found him thanks to the help of the Elements of Harmony and after some convincing, he became the Captain of the Ponyville Guard, which he is to this day. As such, he is also good friends with Twilight and the others.

Personality: Very friendly around those he considers close friends, but there are not many. As such, he is usually a solemn pony who tries to be as neutral as possible, though anypony who speaks ill of the princess' is not on his preferred list of acquintances. He finds it hard to make friends of those he considers enemies, but if they prove willing to do right by him, he'll do right by them. There are numerous circumstances which can make him descend into slight melancholy.

Virtue: Loyalty and Self-Sacrifice.

Current Home: A cottage on the eastern side of Ponyville, a short walk away from Fluttershy's.

Misc: When in thought, he usually meditates or summons his axes to make them spark against eachother as if sharpening them, even if he knows it is needless, they're always conjured as sharp as can be.
Also, here's his theme song:
And here's a reference pic: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) PxMGez6

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Brother Roga
Brother Roga

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PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) Icon_minitimeWed Mar 19, 2014 8:37 pm

Name: Oathbreaker

Race: Unicorn

Age: 20 (He has existed for that amount of time)

Mane: Hazy Purple, combed back and split

Coat: Ebony-black

Cutie mark.: A broken shield with a single red axe in front of it.

Distinguishing Features: A sense of hostility and an air of malignance about him. His eyes also glow red. Furthermore, the more time he spends outside his host, the more feral his appearance becomes (Hair becomes unkempt and rugged, coat loses it's shine, etc.) The possession process makes him use his magic to grow a horn through the forehead in a shower of blood as the keratin bursts forth like a nail through a board (This is reversed when he's defeated, though a scar is left in it's place that can heal over time or through medical spells)

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): Can use magic in a manner that he doesn't get tired even after launching countless barrages of magical weaponry. He also has the ability to turn into dark mist, something which enables him to be imprisoned in Oathbound's body when he is defeated. Lastly his very presence clouds the minds of his enemies and allies, souring the mood wherever he goes and filling their vision with a metaphorical bloody haze. Animals become enraged, friends look at eachother with hateful eyes, racists openly express their beliefs in a violent fashion and the harmony that Equestria is known for is disrupted around him.

Weaknesses: Can only possess Oathbound's body. Requires inhabiting of said body to recharge his power unless a critical mass is reached. When he has fought long enough he has vented enough of his anger and other negative emotions to become vulnerable. He is sometimes rash in his actions and will let his own anger guide him, resulting in predictable moves that can be countered, though he somewhat counters that predictability with sheer hitting power, overpowering opponents and clouding their minds. The longer he exists outside his host, the less intelligent he becomes, eventually being nothing more than a beast. Lastly, when he is in his mist-form, he is vulnerable to magic blasts unless he manages to dodge it (For example, by making a hole that the blast can pass through).

Occupation: None.

Gear: Identical to Oathbound's, sans amulet. Magic weapons have a red hue rather than blue.

History: When Oathbound first failed his duty as Captain of the Canterlot Guard he dwelt on that failure over his years as a hermit. Those feelings of failure and grief slowly turned to anger that he sealed away. Eventually, after years of accumulating, these feelings took their own form, the being known as Oathbreaker, Oathbound's negative emotions given form. Unable to act on his own, Oathbreaker needed a catalyst, a surge of rage to truly be born. He got it when Discord, now reformed, informed him of some details about events in the past. He has ever since tried to destroy all Oathbound holds dear.

Personality: A complete polar opposite of Oathbound in every way. Full of insults, no kindness to be had. He will try to provoke conflict at every opportunity and any alliances he gets forced into in the name of survival will be broken when he knows he can do it. He is a capable strategist when the situation calls for it but in a rage he is easy to lead on and predictable.

Virtue: If it could be considered a virtue, then Oathbreaker's would be Hatred.

Current Home: None

Misc: For a theme song, play this:

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Name: Twinkle Star

Race: Pegasus

Age: 18

Mane: Light Blue

Coat: Creamy Yellow

Cutie mark: Three hearts of differing sizes

Extra details that aren’t needed but are nice to add:

Distinguishing Features: Her ears have gold earrings that reach all the way to below her neck, giving her the likeness of having a necklace.

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): The ability to find perfect partners for everypony, regardless of the type of partner, after only a brief amount of time with each.

Weaknesses: Very easily scared and unable to fly when in such a state. Has the tendency of trusting anypony too quickly, something which can get her in trouble when she manages to find the wrong kind of friends. Also gets sometimes overattached to those she knows are going to be gone for a while or for good.

Occupation: Relationship advisor (Sometimes calls herself a "love consultant")

Gear: She has a little compartment beneath her wings that hide tissues.

History: The daughter of Oathbound, Twinkle lived a happy life with her father and mother (In my canon, her mother is Fluttershy, but it changes as needed, so her mom usually goes unnamed - don't want to set it in stone since some of the RP's take place before Fluttershy was even born) in Ponyville. No bullies at school, no heartbreaking moments, no violent situations. Some think she is pampered, but her parents were pretty strict. When she saw a couple breaking up in the middle of the street - ending up with the mare crying as she ran off, she couldn't bear to see such pain in the hearts of the two. When she got them back together and made them promise not to hurt eachother like that ever again, her cutie mark appeared and she decided to become a relationship advisor so she could help everypony find their perfect partner. And even if the pony wouldn't be looking for a partner, there are plenty of other types that need more than one pony to handle. Hence Twinkle sometimes helps Cheerilee at school in Ponyville, picking members for group projects.

Personality: Energetic when meeting new people, somewhat calm otherwise. She sometimes fidgets with her earrings, since they aren't actually piercings but clasps held tight in her ear's helix so they can get out of position. Usually she doesn't fly unless it's necessary, but will fly up if she spots friends in the sky.

Virtue: Love.

Current Home: Ponyville

Here's a picture of her: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) Commission_brotherroga_by_dailyshii-d852ozo

Here's a theme song:

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Name: Coal Scorcher

Race: Earth Pony

Age: 28

Mane: Light Brown

Coat: Dark Brown

Cutie mark: A piece of coal over a flame background.

Extra details that aren’t needed but are nice to add: He stores a small piece of slightly burned wood in his mane - it's almost indistinquishable from his mane but one can see it if they look closely.

Distinguishing Features: No-nonsense attitude, no sense of humor whatsoever. Hates and fears dragons a lot.

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): His special talent is the ability to create fire from the most basic of materials. When anypony else could make a small campfire with a piece of wood, some flint and tinder, he can turn the same materials into a roaring flame. Not only that, he is also a master-class blacksmith.

Weaknesses: His hate and fear of dragonkind clouds his judgement which will always result in him becoming unable to make rational decisions when a dragon is involved.

Occupation: Owner of the Hearth's Blaze company in Canterlot.

Gear: Red and white checkered bandana.

History: Coal Scorcher lead a simple life out in the northern Badlands. He lived in a family of ten, being the runt of the litter, as his uncomprimising parents used to say. He was constantly bullied at school, he couldn't defend himself even though his father tried to teach him. His siblings always teased him when the family of loggers organized a great feast which usually involved a fire, something that the colt was fascinated by. It was during his second feast that he earned his cutie mark.
One day, when he was in the forest searching for wood, he was horrified to find his family home ablaze.
He could only hear his family's screams of agony. He was frozen in place by the sheer terror he felt.
The roar of a dragon woke him from his reverie. A red-scaled dragon with spines on it's back with a natural crown made of horns spoke to him as the roof of his house collapsed.
"You kill my kin, I kill yours."
Coal never found out what the dragon meant by that, but he survived where his family had not.
After the disaster, he traveled to Canterlot and started his own company, Hearth's Blaze, which he named in honor of his dead mother. He has worked in there ever since, providing smelting services for miners and any coal that they want off their hooves goes to fueling his flames in the furnaces and the large bonfire that he keeps for the homeless of Canterlot.

But should he ever find the dragon responsible for his family's death... He will go out on a quest for vengeance.

Personality: He's a gruff, hardworking pony who doesn't appreciate practical jokes being played on him or any of the people he knows. Or any jokes, for that matter. He only respects those who can pull their own weight and aren't afraid to get down and dirty.
To him, dragons are greedy, power hungry monsters who will take what they want and kill those that get in their way. But if he ever manages to find the dragon that killed his family, the adage "fight fire with fire" is going to be frighteningly accurate.
In addition, he is very kind to those he knows are homeless. He usually provides them a place in his company building.

Current Home: Canterlot, inside the very building he conducts his business from.

Misc: He was almost kicked out of the city for assaulting a noble who basically treated a homeless person like a slave on his property but Princess Celestia, upon hearing of the circumstances, banished the noble and freed Coal, offering a hefty sum as recompense. This went to the homeless person who would go on to become a successful businesspony with influence in every major city of Equestria.

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Name: FrostScale
Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) 1121f249c479f6067fd1094b4ccb1f40-d74hymc

Species: Frost Dragon

Age: 150

Color: Very bright blue

Size: Four times the size of a normal stallion

Wingspan: each wing is as long as 7 stallions standing one behind another

Additional details: Very brushy tail, very spiky head,

Distinguishing features: Scar over his right eye

Speciality: Ice magic and ice-making
(Example: can breath ice and shape it into objects in mid-air)

Weakness: Fire, High temperatures

Occupation: Currently being Arianwyn's companion (Will later be introduced)

History: Was hatched far up north, his mother was slain while raiding the south, was left to survive by himself. Upon reaching his 148th birthday (or should I say, hatch-day) he was found in the cave by the hunter Arianwyn and since she was friendly to him, he was friendly to her too, and thus their combined adventure began. Still going on as we speak.

Personality: He has a good sense of humor most of the time, unless he is being threatened or attacked. Wants to protect Arianwyn in every way possible, takes a long time and proof to actually trust someone. Likes to tell stories about his younger days, except the ones involving his mother. Dislikes warm places (but will be near them if Arianwyn will), likes ice, snow and water. Usually sleeps in caves on frozen mountains, sometimes even in the forest with Arianwyn. Dislikes small rooms where he can't fully stretch his wings.

Current home: Forests to the north of Yanhoover.

Misc: Likes eating whatever Arianwyn does. Even hay or flowers.

Theme song: A theme for Kjell

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PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) Icon_minitimeWed Mar 19, 2014 9:08 pm

Name: Arianwyn

Race: Pegasus

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Coat color: Dark blue
Mane/tail color: Bright green
Mane/tail style: long, spiky
Cutie mark: A tree and a bow

Gear: Bow, two short swords, pocket knife
Clothes/armor: Dark green/brown leather chest and legs, dark green long cloak with a golden trim, mail shoulder pads

Companion: FrostScale the dragon

Occupation: Hunter, doing various other jobs that come by

Likes: Warm, water, loves nature, open areas
Dislikes: Closed spaces

Weakness: Crowded spaces (She relies on her smell and hearing rather than eyes most of the time, which get completely nullified in crowded spaces), small and closed spaces

History: Her mother died when she was 2 years old, she grew up with her father in a small house near the woods, who taught her how to use a bow and a sword. Her father later got lost on one of the missions so she was forced to survive on her own. When she was 17, she found FrostScale in one of the mountain caves up north, made him her companion and now she lives and travels around with him. She usually picks random places around the world to sleep at.

Personality: Happy most of the time, always does what she thinks is best, usually gets hyped about things she loves, has a great sense of humor. Just like her companion FrostScale, it takes a lot to actually make her trust someone completely. She becomes very angry and aggressive if someone threatens her or FrostScale or makes fun of them.

Current home: Forests to the north of Yanhoover.

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PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) Icon_minitimeWed Mar 19, 2014 10:08 pm

Name: Opal

Race: Dragon

Age: 230

Spines: naturally: pale silver

Scales: naturally: pearl-white with a rainbow tint

Distinguishing Features: silver-colored chest plates and wing webbing; fin ears, like Spike's, only a bit longer and slimmer

Specialty: chameleon-like abilities, stealthy, can breathe fire, fireballs, and smoke, has good stamina, observant

Weaknesses: if she's stressed out, her scales may either give her camouflage or change colors and patterns constantly

Occupation: N/A


History: [EDITING IN PROGRESS]Right from hatching, Opal was the most rambunctious dragon of her siblings. For almost all of her life, Opal unintentionally annoyed the hell out of her siblings. Eventually, they just decided to play Hide-and-Seek with her. And leave her hidden, until their parents inquired her whereabouts.

However, because they always left her alone for so long, Opal eventually found a hiding spot where she also caught sight of some peculiar creatures. They were strange, but... not in a completely bad way. They were quadrupeds, like her (her siblings were bipedal, though; she didn't understand why they did that), and built their own shelter. They were very easily scared, but they seemed to have good reason: they were settled right on the edge of the infamous Everfree Forest. Dumb move, Opal thought, but it was still enough to convince her they weren't scardy-cats without reason. She also saw how they cared for one another, how strong their bonds were compared to dragons. Opal wanted that. She decided to try and form that bond with her siblings.

A day later, before they could begin their "hide-and-seek", Opal proposed, and kept pushing, to play a different game; she decided they took too long to find her and that wasn't very bonding. Eventually her siblings relented and agreed to play a different game. Huddling up, and excluding Opal to "surprise" her, they decided to get something out of her. They told her they'd set up a scavenger hunt in the nearest pony town, and she needed to collect as many gems as she could before sundown.

Of course, Opal eventually found out they were lying, and they'd tricked her into hurting a lot of ponies. When she called them out and said she wouldn't do it anymore, her siblings disowned her. They wouldn't interact with her at all during family activities, and though her parents didn't like that, they weren't actually concerned enough to do anything about it. With no one to interact with anymore, Opal continued watching ponies.

When she was experienced enough to care for herself, Opal left her home without a second glance. She survived, but had almost nothing to do. She observed the ponies, and liked their lives, but also felt envy since she couldn't have a social life like them. Everything non-dragon feared and/or hated dragons, and dragons themselves were solitary, territorial assholes most of the time. She led a lonely life.

One day, Opal saw a peculiar pony on his way to the farmer's market. He was pulling behind him a cart full of... rocks? Why rocks? What pony would want rocks, unless they were geodes. But none of them were cracked in half, so it'd be impossible to tell; only dragons could tell if a rock would be a geode or not. Opal watched for him from afar until she lost him in the crowds. Then she waited for him on the dirt path she hoped he'd take back home. He did, and to her surprise he walked back home with a near-empty cart.

One day, when she had nearly fallen asleep with boredom, an earth-shaking explosion sounded out of nowhere. She panicked and her eyes darted all around for the source of the noise. That's when Opal saw it: a sky-dominating wave of all the colors, moving across the sky and bringing gale-force winds with it. To her amusement, the winds made the filly's mane extremely tangled and messy. And... it made her smile. She smiled big. That was the first time Opal had ever seen her smile.

Suddenly, she rushed into her family's wooden silo, and didn't reemerge for days. Opal started to worry about the filly. As far as she knew, that silo didn't have any food or water, and she didn't know how long ponies could live without water. To her relief,she called her family into the silo. Out of curiosity, Opal followed and peeked through a window, and saw the filly and her family dancing, and being happy. Something she had never seen them do. All because of that one explosion, the filly was now happy, dancing, and had even earned what Opal learned was a cutie mark! She was jealous, but in a friendly, proud way.

She was so happy that the filly was happy, and wished her life could be like hers was right now. And that's when it hit her: it could be that way! If that filly turned a terrifying, world-rocking explosion into the best day of her life, why couldn't Opal do something similar? She could turn any moment in her life into the best time of her life, instead of just wasting it watching other ponies have happy lives, while she sat around being depressed. From that point on, Opal dedicated her life to being happy and having a fun time whenever she could. Her time of constant boredom and sadness was over, and she would make the most of her life![EDITING IN PROGRESS]

Personality: Opal is very obviously different from the typical dragon. She has a much better, more upbeat and friendly personality.-

optimistic, curious, fun-loving, little interest in material things, very friendly and would-be social, but fears rejection,

Virtue: make the most of life

Current Home:

Misc: favorite food is fish; likes the occasional pearl

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PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) Icon_minitimeWed Mar 19, 2014 10:34 pm

Name: Jukebox

Race: Unicorn


Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) 39078bc7bed246656230796d6189cd0f_zps045ba8a6

(If the photo is broken, try this link.)

Cutie Mark: An arcane symbol with a quarter note, showing his love of music, magic, and the combination thereof.

Personality: Kind and caring, shy around those he is romantically interested in. Strong-willed, but nervous at times.

Sexuality: Gay

Bio: Born into a middle-class family, the slender stallion was never one to hide his feminine side. However, this caused him to hear the words "Dude looks like a lady...." quite often behind his back. He often brushed his spiky mane down in the style of a mare's, and his lithe body only added to the image. He took up reviving ancient music sheets from the previous Equestrian eras, then selling them on CDs and digital copy in his music shop in Ponyville. This made him rather wealthy. It was discovered by a doctor that the gland that provides raw magic power in his head was larger than normal, and thus, gave him a counterweight to his weak physical build.

Other: Jukebox is an ethereal sword mage, able to shape countless kinds of blades out of magic. He often does not want to fight, but his creativity with his weapon shapes makes him a challenging opponent. Due to this, he has also become something of a sword historian, his favorite legend being the tale of Masamune and Muramasa.

Name: Crush and Chords, the twin brothers.

Race: Unicorns

Appearance: Both have a white coat and golden blonde mane, brushed in the style that Big Macintosh wears. Crush has blood red eyes, while Chords has a pleasant green.

Cutie marks: Crush has a pair of revolvers crossed in an 'X' fashion, while Chords has a black electric guitar. A PRS, to be specific.

Sexualities: Both Straight

Personalities: Crush is a gunslinger, and as such, his personality is a good match. He is slow to trust others (but will respect them), is straight to the point in what he says and does, but always looks awesome doing it. He is intelligent, cunning, and perceptive. He has a bit of a sadistic streak, but he keeps it in check.

However, he's doesn't often want to talk it out, letting his twin revolvers, Silver and Gold (each plated with the appropriate metal) do the talking.

He's practically Clint Eastwood! XD


Chords, on the other hand, is more humorous and light-hearted, and tries to see the good in ponies first. He loves to entertain, and his enchanted electric PRS guitar, the Black Beauty, is perfect, able to produce the sounds of an amp without actually needing an amp. Of course, he learned from his brother that the world isn't all smiles, so he had his guitar reinforced with pieces of steel, turning it into a rather effective bludgeon. Combined with the axe blades he put on the sides, well.... Nopony has tried to attack him so far. Very Happy

A fan of rock and metal in particular, he can't stand the new hip-hop artists. And when he gets annoyed.... He swears. A lot. He is also a decent repairpony, having learned to completely maintain his guitar all on his own.

He's practically Eddie Riggs! XD


The two often travel and work together, simply adventuring across Equestria

Bios: Growing up together in a wealthy family in the city of Manehatten, the twin brothers had much free time to practice and try whatever they chose. After both discovering their cutie marks on the same day, the two took to their talents. Crush joined the police force for some time, gaining a plethora of medals and commendations, while Chords became the local rockstar, filling stadiums to the brink. Both the brothers grew tired of the grind, and together set out to find adventure. Little do they know, adventure finds them.

Name: Cold Fusion (now goes by Chernobyl)

Gender: Male

Species: Earth Pony

Age: 32

Cutie Mark: Before the accident, his cutie mark depicted a green test tube with a model of an atom behind it.

Appearance: Formerly, green mane and peach fur with brown eyes. He now has no fur or mane and has milky white eyes (he is not blind), and appears like a sickly, starving pony (though he feels fine overall), as his skin is very dry and patchy. Almost always sealed inside a hazmat suit like this one below. Please note the original color scheme is intended to be yellow with a black visor.

Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) Scientist_outfit

Personality: Intelligent and eager to learn new things, Chernobyl is a kind-hearted scientist who loves to use his vast knowledge of the physical sciences to help others. He has become shy and reserved, however, mostly to protect ponies around him. He has long since given up on being with another pony, both due to his appearance and how dangerous he has become.

Bio: Cold Fusion was a Germane scientist who was leading the budding science of nuclear fusion. His knowledge, intuition, and charisma helped his team of scientists and engineers construct a functioning prototype nuclear reactor. During a scheduled maintenance check one day, something went wrong. Horribly wrong. Cold Fusion managed to evacuate his team safely by staying in the main control center and doing his best to delay the meltdown. Instead of being killed, the extreme amounts of radiation changed and mutated him. His fur and mane fell out, his muscles atrophied and became smaller (though he has worked hard to exercise and build his muscles back to normal again, and is making good progress), and his eyes became milky white, though he can still see just fine. The stallion now gave off intense amounts of radiation, becoming a living conduit of it, and has since sealed himself in a hazmat suit to keep others from becoming harmed by the radiation. He normally lives in a secluded spot away from towns or villages, only going into a town to buy supplies. He has a geiger counter on his belt, which will go off if his suit starts leaking.

Notes: Chernobyl can live unharmed in any amount of radiation due to his body generating it, though he still has to eat and drink like any other pony. His home, wherever that may be at the time, is usually heavily irradiated due to him living there without his suit on. He posts hazard signs around his property wherever he chooses to live. He has a strict exercise regimen to slowly but surely strengthen his atrophied muscles. He was only able to lift about 30 pounds during the time period shortly after the accident. He is still physically weaker than the average pony, and is still a bit underweight.

Name: Maria

Gender: Female, hermaphrodite. For those who do not know, a hermaphrodite has a male penis and prostate, but no testes, as well as a female's complete reproduction system. Maria has no horn or wings.

Species: Banshee. Banshees are a sub-species of pony that live in tribes outside of Equestria. The 'wail', which is actually a scream, is a defense mechanism that will be explained later in this sheet. Banshees normally have varying shades of white, grey, or black fur and manes.

Age: 28

Appearance: Maria's fur is a bright white, while her hair is long and straight, and a slightly darker shade of white. She also wears a white cloak that is made of strong dyed leather and lined with soft wool on the inside. Her eyes are the only thing not white. They are a dazzling sapphire blue.

Cutie Mark: Banshees do not have cutie marks.

Personality: Maria is a very shy banshee, like Fluttershy in many ways. She has a heart of gold, though, and will show unfaltering love and loyalty to whoever shows her love in return. She has a fragile heart, though; she is a worrier and, though not gullible, will be heartbroken if she is betrayed or hurt. Maria can't stand to see the ones she cares about hurt, and will muster her bravery to defend her loved ones.

Bio: Maria's tribe was destroyed by a very large group of raiders when she was six, leaving her to wander the world and take whatever odd jobs she could. Her mother's cloak was the only thing left, and it has been her only constant in her life as she traveled. She is looking for a place to settle down, and someone to love. Such a lifestyle has left her muscles toned from much walking, but her body slim from not having three square meals a day.

Notes on banshees: Banshees age and mature at the same rate as normal ponies, though they live, on average, to be around 120 years old. They have a special set of vocal chords, allowing them to mimic voices and sounds, sound as if two ponies are speaking at once (three with practice), and perform their signature wail. The wail itself is a series of multiple frequencies; those in earshot will experience migraines, temporary loss of inner ear balance, and nausea. Banshees are also naturally talented in archery and medicine, due to the two skills being embedded as partial instinct, but rarely are born with a horn or wings. They are also normally born with a greyscale color scheme in their fur and manes.

Banshees do not enjoy fighting, but will defend their tribes with everything they have. A banshee is taught to value nature, family, and loyalty. If you have a banshee as a trusted companion, they will never abandon you, and they will defend you to the death.

Name: Stone Skin

Gender: Male

Age: 38

Appearance: Stone Skin is a muscular and chiseled stallion, with bronze fur, a short coal black mane and tail, and amber eyes. His body is considered tall (what six feet tall is for a human), and has a square jaw and a clean-shaven face. (NSFW note: His genitals are pretty damn impressive. :raritywink:)

Cutie Mark: A stone wall, showing his natural strength and resistance, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Weakness: While he has no specific flaws, he does not have a unique super-talent or some kind of all-purpose ability.

Occupation: Police Detective

Equipment: He wears a pack on his left hip and keeps his gun holster strapped to his right hip. The pack contains his badge, hand(hoof?) cuffs, headlamp, extra batteries, and extra ammo for his gun. His gun is always a handgun, whether that be a pistol or revolver. He has a personal collection.

Personality: Stone Skin has a strong sense of duty, and will always do his best to finish any assignment he's given. On the job, he is a cold, hard, gritty detective that will track down the scared criminal at the end of the trail of clues. Of course, he does have a soft side, but he rarely lets it show unless he's off the job. To those he cares about, he is loyal, caring, and sensitive.

Sexuality: Bisexual

Bio: After watching his attorney mother and police marshal father work together to clean the Manehattan streets of crime, he himself grew to work as a normal officer, then eventually take a promotion to a police detective. He has solved over two dozen cases, and has even re-opened and solved a few cold cases to boot. His mother taught him the basics of the legal system, which he makes sure to remember by heart. His father taught him to shoot firearms whenever he went down to the shooting range on the weekends.

His determination to catch criminals partially stems from an inner desire to make his now-retired parents proud of him, and they are very proud of their son, who, to this day, is still working to clean the streets of any crime that may arise.

Name: Baker's Dozen

Gender: Female

Age: 35

Species: Earth Pony

Appearance: Baker's Dozen has a light tan coat, like a fresh sugar cookie. Her eyes are a pure caramel brown, and her mane is long and curly, and white like pure sugar. Her body is plump and very curvy, though she has a set of strong muscles as well, since she goes to the gym every day.

NSFW note: Her rump is huge, wide, plump, curvy, perky, and bouncy all at once. Many stallions come into her bakery just to watch her swinging hips and glorious backside. :raritywink: She's too focused on her work to notice, though.

Cutie Mark: A tray of a dozen fresh sugar cookies, showing her talent for baking.

Personality: Baker is a strong, independent mare that likes to handle her shop by herself, save for some hired help to clean the tables. She doesn't take crap from anyone, and keeps a weapon under the front counter in case some punk gets any ideas. Though, if you show kindness to her, Baker will show herself to be kind and generous. She keeps her friends safe however she can. Granted, there are times when she seems to work herself too hard to make time for friends.

Bio: Her mother was her inspiration for baking. As a foal, Baker would watch her mother move about their small Phillydelphia home with awe as she would cook and bake the most delicious treats. Once she was old enough, the two of them began baking together, and Baker's cutie mark soon followed. Now with her mother retired and Baker with her own business, the mare ensured her success by baking and inspecting each and every batch of bread, pastries, cookies, and whatever else herself. The quality food she created in her bakery, particularly the sugar cookies, drew crowds from the entire town and beyond to her humble shop.

Other notes: She has a weakness for sweets, cake in particular. But she's still very healthy because of her exercise routine and her varied diet of many friuits and veggies. She would do more cardio, but she's fine the way she is, and besides, Baker likes being plump. It makes her soft and squishy, like a big plushie. :3

Name: Golden Dawn

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Species: Pegasus

Appearance: A soft blue coat, with summer green eyes and a long, curly golden mane and tail, reminiscent of rays of sunshine.  She has a slender, athletic figure, with large, strong wings. They make for great blankets. :3

Cutie Mark: Her cutie mark depicts a rising sun, as her talent is bringing light into other's lives. Take that in whatever sense you will. It largely consists of helping those down on their luck get their lives back in order, and as such, she is very forgiving and nurturing.

Personality: Golden Dawn is a sweetheart, and a real spunky pegasus to boot. She has lots of energy and will use it all to brightening up someone else's day. She likes making new friends, but doesn't have a lot of experience with it, so she acts a little timid around new ponies. If you're ever down on your luck, then she'll happily shelter you and help you get a job and get back on your feet. Dawn is a very honest pony, and is very good at making peaceful negotiations, especially with ponies who may be addicted to something. She can create a good schedule to help weane them off their substance, then eventually get rid of it.

"Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

-The New Colossus

Weakness: Golden Dawn's main weakness is something called cryophobia. That is, if she gets too cold, to the point where you and I would like to put on a coat and hat, it would become almost like a nightmare for her. She loves it warm, and can't stand it cold. Her house is quite warm inside. Putting ice to her skin evokes a very mild fear response, but she still wears oven mitts when pulling stuff out of the freezer. In the winter, she rarely steps outside, and when she does have to go outside in the winter, it is when she's wearing several layers of clothing, a scarf or two, a hat, and booties for her hooves. She may look ridiculous, and she knows she does, but it's worth not getting cold.

Bio: Dawn lived in Trottingham with her parents and her three older siblings, a brother and two sisters, growing up. One Winter night, when the house was holding a party, the kids were playing outside. Dawn was only a few years old at the time, still a blank flank, and was intently focused on building a snowpony. However, when everypony else went inside, she failed to notice, and when she did try to open the door, it was locked. The little filly began panicking, banging on the door and crying for help, but the music and the chatter of the ponies inside was too loud to hear one little foal. She began banging on a window, screaming and crying to be let inside. It was growing much colder outside, and Dawn didn't want to be stuck outside. The window eventually cracked, then shattered, allowing the hysterical to spill into the room. That was enough to finally get everypony's attention, and she was rushed to the hospital.

Dawn was taken to a psychiatrist soon after, where it was discovered that she had developed a new irrational fear of intense cold. The pegasus learned to live with her new condition, and after growing up and moving to Phillydelphia, she met a kind, plump mare named Baker's Dozen. The two quickly became close friends, and Dawn got a job serving tables and cleaning dishes at Baker's bakery. She has been working there ever since.

Other notes: Dawn just about always cooks something hot for dinner, as she has grown fond of warmth. She rarely, if ever, overheats. She also loves giving wing hugs, since her wings are very large and strong.

Name: Spell Weaver

Gender: Female

Species: Unicorn

Appearance: Spell Weaver is a gracefully curvy mare, with pleasantly wide hips and an ample rump. Her fur is a pleasant violet color, her mane colored a lovely satin red. Her eyes are a shining summer green.

Cutie Mark: An arcane symbol depicting a seven-pointed star, showing her talent for spellcasting, enchanting in particular.

Weakness: She isn't very physically strong, so she tends to use magic or her talent for persuasion to get out of problems.

Bio: Spell Weaver, raised in a rather uptight family of nobles in Trottingham, was enrolled at a young age into a school for unicorns, much to her contempt. She finished her courses and earned her cutie mark anyway, though she moved out at the age of nineteen to Canterlot. She had always been interested in sexual pleasures, though she was smart, and didn't just let anyone have sex with her. She liked to flirt, and she loved to see stallions smile when they realized a pretty mare flirted with them. Her sexual pleasure stemmed from her fondness of making others happy. In Canterlot, she runs a sex toy shop, and her kind but flirty attitude towards customers draws many ponies back for more. That, and the quality of her toys is something to behold. Her toys can be, and some are by standard, enchanted with various effects. She offers custom enchantments for toys to help a customer be satisfied.

Personality: Spell Weaver is a very kind mare, and loves to make others happy. She does this in the best way she knows how: flirting. She does offer sex to a pony, stallion or mare, but not to the mean-spirited and reckless, and it is not always sex. She offers, in her own words, "a night that you will cherish and remember forever". That means she will work to make sure the night is very special to the pony in question, whether that be just chaste cuddling in front of the fire, sex, or even just sharing a romantic dinner. If one were to talk to her, they would find her to be intelligent and empathetic as well as kind. She likes her easy-going lifestyle, not tied down. She is open to the idea of relationships, but it would have to be a relationship that lasts. Some ponies might not like that she flirts with almost everypony she talks to.

Name: Rose (Mortal Alias)

Gender: Female

Race: Demon, succubus, disguises as a bat pegasus

Appearance: Her mortal disguise is of a sexy, beautiful black bat pegasus mare, blessed with a very curvaceous figure and a large, plush rump and wide hips. She has a long, straight, fiery orange mane and tail, and a pair of passion red eyes. She also has a pair of strong bat wings. She has a cutie mark in her form, a heart wrapped in thorny rose vines.

Her true demonic form is similar, but with key differences. Her tail, instead of a normal pony's tail, is a long, black demonic tail, prehensile and with a sharp spade tip at the end of her tail. Her mane is a swath of intense flame, and her wings are a bit larger. She also has a pair of curved horns that curve up over her head and slightly around the bases of her ears. Her teeth become sharp, like a predator's.

Powers: As with most demons, Rose can manipulate fire for combative purposes, and is very good at seducing mortals of either gender to have sex, and thus, allow her to steal life force and possibly their soul. She is also very physically strong, as are most demons. Being a sex demon, her breath contains a mild aphrodisiac.

Weaknesses: Being a succubus, Rose is not benefitted from eating mortal food, although it won't hurt her to do so either. She has to take some life energy from mortals by having some form of sexual intercourse with them. Taking a pony's soul not only provides a huge amount of life energy, but the soul is absorbed by Rose's body to permanently enhance her powers. However, taking a soul will most certainly kill the victim.

Personality: Rose is a kind soul, especially towards mortals, which is very unusual for a demon. She doesn't like having to feed off of a mortal's life energy. As a personal compromise, she makes sure she feeds often and only takes what she needs. The mortals she feeds off of just feel strangely tired the next morning. However, she steals the occasional soul from douches and rapists, who get a nasty surprise trying to have sex with her. She has a fiery temper, but is also very intelligent, and enjoys the company of the kind-hearted.

Bio: Rose's real name is something she only shares with other demons, but she has gone for a while in the mortal realm, so Rose has become her real name for the time being. She loves the mortals and their imagination. She loves books and art and music and love and emotions and joy and all the other wonderful things mortals have. However, she hasn't shared this with any demon, lest she be made a laughing stock. So, one day, she simply decided to explore the mortal realm for a while, and experience all the wonderful things without being made fun of by her fellow demons.


Name: Emma

Race: Germane Shepard Diamond Dog

Gender: Female

Appearance: Standing around five and a half feet tall, Emma looks essentially like an anthropomorphic dog: normal dog head, capable of speech, digitigrade legs, and a humanoid body overall. She has a coat of swirling grey, brown, and black fur, and a fluffy curled tail, giving her the derogatory nickname "spiral-butt". She has a muscled, rugged body, though she is pleasantly curvy as well, with a very large rump and flared hips, as well as a hefty bosom, measuring at about a DD cup. She has hazel eyes and pointed ears, and a wet black nose. She normally wears overalls, a tee shirt, and a hooded leather coat over that to keep warm. Though she can easily wear special fingerless gloves or toeless socks or cloth wrappings, the unique bone structure in her paw-hands and paw-feet generally makes finding full-covering gloves or shoes that fit difficult, though she usually doesn't need them, considering the tough, callused pawpads she bears.

Personality: Emma is incredibly intelligent, especially so for being a diamond dog, and is, at heart, a kind, loyal, and caring soul. However, she very much prefers the company of machines over ponies, or even her own kind, and acts reclusive, awkward, snarky, and overall introverted around those who do not let her be. While she wants to be friendly, she finds it hard, as many ponies and otherwise make her feel uncomfortable to certain extents. As such, she usually slips back into her snark routine.

Bio: Hailing from Germaneigh, she grew up in a colony of diamond dogs. Having been singled out as a target for her size and smarts growing up, Emma found solace in her books and in tinkering with machines. She was a gentle giant among her kind, wanting to help others at her young age. As she grew up, she became snarky as a way to deter insults, and her size would be all she needed to intimidate anyone who was annoying her. One growl and a bear of her teeth, and they would turn and run with tails between their legs. Anyone who picked a fight with her soon realized the power of Emma's dense, muscular frame. Once she was old enough to do so, she set out on her own, with only her tools and books as company. Most of the time, she can be seen exploring or at home, the former activity usually done with a robot companion of some kind, for companionship and/or protection.

Talents: While Emma is mostly a reclusive and a solitary figure, she has many talents to make up for her usual "lone wolf" attitude. A skilled mechanic and engineer, she can build and repair a variety of machinery, and has even recently started tinkering with and studying energy-based weaponry. She is surprisingly proficient in combat, even beyond her fights growing up. Her heavy, sturdy tools prove to be useful short-range weapons, and she has learned to use and maintain a wide variety of firearms and explosives in her travels. Her most dangerous skill is her talent with machinery. Able to reprogram terminals and rewire robots to her use, any opponent with a technological advantage may soon find it turned back upon them.
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PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) Icon_minitimeThu Mar 20, 2014 12:05 am

Name: Dark Wing

Race: Pegasus

Age: 25

Mane: Rust colored, Short and Spiky.

Coat: Tan

Cutie mark: Two gears connecting

Extra details that aren't needed but are nice to add: He has green eyes.

Distinguishing Features: A black desperado hat, red bandanna.

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): He has a keen eye and can spot the smallest of details,

Weaknesses: If a pony even starts talking about time travel he will go on and on about his theories and experiments and won't stop unless someone shoves a hoof in his mouth, He will sometimes has a relapse, thanks to what happen to his father, and will most likely threaten to hurt everypony, thinking it was their fault his dad is dead.

Occupation: Clock Technician

Gear: A switchblade knife, Squared rimmed glasses, though he doesn't wear them, A small blowtorch.

History: He was born an only foal and was raised by only his father, who was a unicorn and the captain of the Sterling Light, an airship Celestia asked be made to transport troops or representatives to the Griffon Kingdom and beyond. Dark would always come along with his father when he needed to sail to skies to places beyond Equestria. He had noticed that most clocks on the ship were broken so he through he would give it a shot and try to fix them. He found out he was actually good at fixing clocks and later got his cutie mark. The weather had always concerned him he was on the ship, fearing a stray lightning bolt might hit the ship and send it crashing down to the ground/sea below.

When he wasn't up in the skies helping his father, he was in Caterlot being teased cause he was the only blank flank in his class. One day when he was at school, one of the local bullies accidentally shattered the classroom's clock. Dark offered the teacher to fix it, who gratefully accepted. That was when Drak got his cutie mark.

When he got older his dad let him order the crew of the Sterling Light a bit. Then one day when Dark was 18, the Sterling Light was told to send some representatives to the Griffin Kingdom to strengthen the bond between the griffins and ponies or something like that. Dark went along of course, he wouldn't have given up seeing the Griffin homeland for the world. When the Sterling Light got there, there was a miscommunication and the Griffins fired at the Sterling Light making it crash down to the ground killing everyone but Dark Wing, who was hovering on the deck of the ship when the Griffins fired. Dark looked around the wreck of the ship to try and find his dad only to find him dead. Since that day, he had a grudge against all griffins even if they apologized and Celestia accepted and since then he worked and lived alone trying to forget the past, but he never could. During this time he fixed the clocks of ponies in Ponyville, but also studied about time travel.

Personality: He is a reckless, self absorbed pony who usually drags other ponies into his mess, but is kind and will help out others if he dragged them in to the danger unintentionally.

Current Home: Ponyville

Misc: He hates griffins. He wishes to travel back in time and save his father.

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PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) Icon_minitimeThu Mar 20, 2014 12:06 am

Name: Zero

Race: Changeling

Age: 53

Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) Zero_by_daddydiscordishere-d76tqbd

Extra details that aren’t needed but are nice to add:

Distinguishing Features: A fedora or cloak.

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): Shape shifting, illusion magic, invisibility spell, Stealthy.

Weaknesses: His illusions can be destroyed easily, if anyone mentions his brother he will most likely try to kill them, he becomes mentally unstable when his past life is brought up.

Occupation: Mercenary

Gear: A cloak, two pocket knives, a fedora, a photo of him and his brother.

History: When he was young Zero and his brother would always play about. One time they sneaked into the armory where the changeling kept their weapons, but were soon discovered and forbidden from ever going in the armory again.

After that incident Zero and his brother tried to learn new magic spells. Zero tired to research into illusion magic while his brother researched combat magic. Zero found he was actually pretty good at illusions. One time he played a prank on his brother, which didn't end so well. Apparently, making an illusion of an adult dragon when there are changeling guards around was a bad idea. Zero's brother was scared to death, sure that was funny, but the guards took action. They were surprised when the "adult dragon" just disappeared in a puff of green smoke. Zero's brother knew exactly who had done the illusion and nearly choked Zero to death. Luckily the guards stopped him and told Zero never to do illusion near other changeling again.

When him and his brother got older they decided to join the changeling army. They're first mission was to help invade Canterlot. When that didn't end so well, Zero dragged his brother, who had been badly injured in the invasion, to the town of Dodge Junction. There, he disguised himself as a teal blue unicorn who's mane was orange. He even put an illusion spell over his brother to make him look like a normal earth pony.

Zero was lucky the ponies took his brother in to help him, but was unlucky when his illusion easily disintegrated with a simply touch. The ponies of Dodge Junction quickly threw him and his brother out without a second thought. Zero put his brother on his back and walked, hoping to find a town to help his brother.

He walked and walked until he could walk anymore, but even then when he couldn't walk he flew his brother over a forest and down into a small town. Zero remembered from his studying that this small town was the home of the bearers of those cursed elements. The same ponies that help defeat the queen. He shook of any doubts he had and disguised himself as the same teal blue unicorn. He quickly rushed to the hospital.

Once there he focused his magic on maintaining the illusion long enough for the doctors to do whatever they needed to do. The doctors did all they could, but Zero's brother was to remain in a coma. Zero stayed by his brother's side day in and day out, hoping his brother would one day wake up.

As time went on Zero got impatient on waiting for his brother to wake and decided to explore Equestia. He took the train to Canterlot. Once he got there he disguised himself as the same teal unicorn and walked around the city. He was quite surprised at how different the ponies in Canterlot were from the ponies in Ponyville. While walking, Zero bumped into a unicorn mare who was wearing a cloak. Before he could say sorry she ran off. Curious, he followed her. She lead him to a rather old building near the outskirts of Canterlot.

Zero was caught by the mare and was tied up. The mare in question gave him an option. He was to serve under her or he could be killed. Zero choose to server the mare and was made into a mercenary. She gave him a cloak and weapons to protect himself or kill a target. After that Zero went back to the main area of Canterlot.

Personality: He is a bit self-absorbed and mysterious, but if you get to know him he might just tell you about himself and his past. He is also a little silly and a little stoic.

Current Home: Canterlot

Misc: He likes to disguise himself as a teal blue unicorn with an orange mane, The cutie mark is a hammer.

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PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) Icon_minitimeThu Mar 20, 2014 12:46 am

Name: Lightning Storm

Race: Pegasi

Age: 24

Mane: White with grey highlights

Coat: Grey

Cutie mark.: A lightning bolt and a bow

Extra details that aren't needed but are nice to add: None

Distinguishing Features: None

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): His cutie mark shows his natural natural quickness and precision. Lightning is able to move clouds with a magic field. His field can give more energy into the clouds making them turn into storm clouds and lightning bolts. Lightning is also able to hold said bolts and can change its shape to anything he want allowing it to branch out into smaller bolts to stun enemies. Can also use the clouds as fog cover to sneak up on people and is also able to feel anything inside the fog as long it goes over their body. He also can use markers that act as waypoint for him to teleport in between. This allows him to port a quickly and accurately at a thought.

Weaknesses: Excessive use causes his headaches which can make his storm to go out of control or his lightning bolt to branch out without him wanting to. Without his magic protecting him he runs into the risk of being electrocuted by his lightning.  He can control more clouds than he can actually convert into lightning bolt which can break through the magic he has protecting him given enough time. Changing the lightning bolts shape takes up more energy. He can't do both his lightning and teleportation at the same time and can only have up to the markers. More would cause him into losing a body part during the teleportation. Markers only stay on for about an hour two and require physical contact with object.

Occupation: Shadowbolt

Gear: His jacket and the knives that are inside of his jacket

History: Lightning joined the start up program for the special ops group called the Shadowbolts that was brought back shortly after Princess Luna returned. During, his time there he learned his teleportation technique and advanced weather control. He has already passed his trainingand is there if his sister, Storm Blower, needs him.

Personality: He is normally silly and cracks some lame jobs at times. While he my seem that way on the outside, internally he is panicking and is trying to hide it. But he does act silly around people that he's comfortable with as well or just want to mess with.

Virtue: Laughter

Current Home: Canterlot


Name: Blade Shield

Race: Unicorn

Age: 20

Mane: Brown

Coat/Skin Tone: Green

Cutie mark: The eye of Horus

Distinguishing Features: None

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): Blade is able to manipulate raw energy by binding it inside of a field of magic which he uses to create constructs which he can use with a good amount of skill.These constructs' shape can change with a single thought. While, these can be used to be morphed into almost any shape though there are limits. The constructs need to be focused on so they don't suddenly release the energy inside of themselves and fade away. The size of the constructs are limited to being either at or under a hundred yards. In fights Blade's constructs are mostly basic things like barriers since he has to think of the details for it to get more complex. His barriers are able to take most gunfire though rounds from a rifle will shatter and face away. Blade is able to wrap a construct around himself and to protect himself though heavy hits will still be felt to a lesser degree. So, if a sledgehammer hit a barrier not around him the construct would only crack, but if it was around him it would fade due to the pain of being hit from a sledgehammer, since while lessen it would still break a few bones.

He has also tried to do things that are not constructs such as temporary physical enchantments on himself and energy conversion. The enchantments are basically Blade pouring his magical energy into his body to increase his strength, speed, and reaction time for a brief a moment of time. The use of this causes his muscles to expand slightly and will strain Blade with each use of an enchantment. These only last a brief time before wearing off and back lashing Blade's body depending on how much he poured into his body. He normally thinks of a set amount to increase his abilities by a set number which ranges in between Times 2-4. These are quick bursts that are meant to deliver quick decisive blows so that his weakened state can't be taken advantage of.

Limit for all abilities is 10 secs:
Times 2: His movements and strength are twice of what they are normally. Once this wears off his body faces a good amount of fatigue, but he can keep going without too much trouble. This takes up a small amount of his magical power and is about 1/8 of his overall power

Times 3: This is considered to be what he'd rather stop himself at with this ability because while it triple his movements and strength it will also cause his bones to break, which ever one he moved the most. The only reason why it's not his limit is because it isn't his full amount of magic being put into this, it actually taking about 1/4 of his overall power

Times 4: Is what considers his suicidal moments attacks, but has never been tempted to use this. This would cause multiple bones breaking and ultimately pass out from the pain. This is only when Blade's constructs have proved to be useless and his opponent exceeds the other Times. This Times takes up 1/2 of his overall power.

Geomancery is when Blade uses his own energy to take energy from plant life. This also him to take in the energy and replenish is magic, but will not help with physically recovery unless he uses the new energy for spells.

He is also fairly familiar with basic healing magic, but is meant to deal with bruises and small wounds.

Weaknesses: Blade's mind goes frantic while seeing fire or dragon's and in this he can only think of either trying to calm himself or simply go berserk and try to kill it. The fire normally only causing him to stiffen or feel uncomfortable though large amount will cause him to into his berserk state which is caused by having flash backs of being nearly killed.

Occupation: Is apart of the Royal Guard, but since he's new he gets put into different places to get him to be able to do whatever he is asked to do.

Gear: While he normally doesn't have gear on he might wear his father's old leather jacket or carry a regular shield. The leather jacket is only on special occasions or simply when it's chilly out.

History: Blade Shield was the child of the advisers of Princess Celestia and Luna. This changed after a group of teenaged dragon's attacked him and his family in the way to a peace summit. Blade's parents were quickly killed and the young colt became enraged about how the creatures made light of what they had done. While, this only caused the young colt to be played with by the dragon, which was either by tossing, punching, or lightly burning him. So, in fear of his life Blade gave one last attack that hit straight in the face of one of the teens, but only angered it. If the Guards nearby hadn't came shortly after, Blade would have died. The stallion would later be adopted by some family friends, which were griffons, and stayed in the Griffon kingdom for most of his life. During, his time there he rough housed with the young griffons while simply being playful. He also had a tutor visit him every day to help him learn about magic since no one else could help him. He also trained to practice certain fighting styles, but was kicked out after he used magic while in the middle of a panic attack, due to sitting next to fire goblets that was lighting up the room. Later, he would return to Canterlot and become a guard so that he could protect others like he had been.

Personality: Blade is a prideful pony that dislikes not being to help or able to do certain things since they remind him of how weak he is, but only applies when it's something in extreme situations where he fails. His pride does not cause him to do brash things, but will make him take certain challenges that seem dumb. He also dislikes in having an advantage in a battle which makes things unfair, but him not using it or not depends on the pony he's facing. Blade is also fairly sensitive about when bringing up his parents and normally has to restrain himself if someone insults them. Saying he's weak doesn't do much beside make Blade want to prove how powerful he is and fade the challenge, but will go into so with a clear head. He knows he's not the strongest so he has to uses his greatest weapon, his mind.

Virtue: Determination

Current Home: Canterlot

Misc: He goes to his parents grave every night and talks to them about his day before leaving them. There hasn't been a day since he's been a guard he has missed this.

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PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) Icon_minitimeThu Mar 20, 2014 12:59 am

Name: Starry Night

Race: Unicorn

Age: 25

Mane: Dark blue and black

Coat: midnight blue

Cutie mark: Constellation

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): Can use a wide variety of spells and magic.

Weaknesses: She's shy. She is also allergic to white chocolate and parasprites.

Occupation: Student of Princess Luna (because multiverse)

Gear: Telescope and star chart in her saddlebags

History: Raised in Canterlot, Starry found her talent in stargazing quite early. She would stand on the balcony of her house every night to watch the stars. Upon Luna's return, she was approached by the alicorn princess. Luna was happy that someone had showed so much interest in the night and offered to teach her about magic and the stars. Starry Night accepted.

Personality: A little shy, but friendly and mysterious.

Current Home: Canterlot

Misc: the constellation of her cutie mark is Capricorn

Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) T3vcJCX

Name: Sunshine

Race: Pegasus

Age: 27

Mane: Blue/pink

Coat/Skin Tone: Yellow

Cutie mark: A sun radiating light.

Distinguishing Features: Her cutie mark and wings glow when she uses her light abilities.

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): Can store light in her body for use at any time for almost any use. Any type of light will do but sunlight works best. She can use it to light up dark areas, attack enemies with small blasts, or use it as a hardlight shield or sword.

Weaknesses: Using her light abilities is quite draining, and she has to be careful not to totally run out of light energy.

Occupation: Freelancer Meteorologist, weather pony for hire.

Gear: Aviation goggles that double as sunglasses, as well as a combat knife.

History: Sunshine grew up in Cloudsdale, where she made friends with quite a few ponies. Was best friends with a colt named Snowstorm, but when he moved to Ponyville, she was saddened. After graduating from Flight Camp, she studied at the Canterlot School of Meteorology(totally came up with that just now. Yay me). She likes to travel and learn more about what pegasi can truly be capable of in terms of weather and controlling it.

Personality: Very easy going, but also rash and competitive. Will also probably try to punch you in the face if you get a dress on her. (In other words, expect Murphy's Law to giver her plenty of them.)

Current Home: Cloudsdale

Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) 9WD8K1o

Name: Strawberry Breeze

Race: Pegasus

Age: Early 30s

Mane: Yellow and pink

Coat: Pink

Cutie mark: Strawberries in the wind

Distinguishing Features: Always smells of strawberries. ALWAYS.

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): Charmer. She doesn’t like doing it though

Weaknesses: Tends to somehow get into feminine situations, despite her hatred for it

History: Actually used to be male, but a stray spell from Discord made her female. Was not affected by the EoH, so she’s stuck like that.

Personality: Very much a tomcolt, but you would never guess by just looking at her.

Current Home: Wanderer

Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) J4NPXqf

Name: Lemon Drop

Race: Alicorn

Age: 23

Mane: Dark yellow

Coat: Light yellow

Cutie mark.: A glass of lemonade

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): Makes great lemonade, but also does assorted fruit juices too

Occupation: Runs a lemonade and other fruit juice store. She sells mainly lemonade but has branched out into many different types of juices. She also has an assistant who bakes pretzels and cookies.

History: Lemon was born and raised in Canterlot. She discovered her talent in lemonade at an early age and the the third in her class to gain her cutie mark. She gained it when she set up her first lemonade stand. It was a big success, and after she noticed a rather long line for her lemonade, she got her cutie mark. When she grew up, she opened up her own professional store.

Personality: She has a calm disposition. She is rather hard to anger and is a strict pacifist. She likes to chat with her customers, and some may say she talks a little too much. Her chats do sometimes hold up the line, but they say her lemonade is worth the wait. She is also compassionate and willing to listen to other ponies' problems and troubles. She'll help them out and try to cheer them up.

Current Home: Canterlot

Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) WzrTTA7

Name: Frosty Works

Race: Earth Pony

Age: 32

Mane: Two-toned teal

Coat: Cyan

Cutie mark: Gears

Specialty: She is great with machines. She can fix just about anything. She also is pretty strong, being an earth pony with a job like hers.

Occupation: Mechanic. She also tinkers with construction and inventing, but not often.

Gear: Tool belt with assorted tools.

History: Growing up in the industrial city of Manehatten, she was raised around machines. Her father worked in an ice cream factory, and Frosty became very interested in his job. One day, he took her to work with him for a tour of the factory when something went wrong with one of the machines. Frosty came in and fixed the machine. She was so proud of what she did to help everyone and fix the machine, she gained her cutie mark. Since then, she's been fixing and tinkering with machines.
Personality: Very professional when working, but rash and very cheerful when not working. She can also be flirty if she wants to. She is very passionate about her work.

Current Home: Manehatten

Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY) YAXlAOy

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Yay, character transfer

Name: Zen Gale (usually just goes by Zen)
Race: 'Lost' pegasus (lost is described below, but's basically randomly modified by magic)
Age: early 30's
Mane: Grey with a purple streak running through it, often unkept and messy
Coat: Dark blue
Cutie Mark: Half a light rain cloud going into a portal and the other half coming out of a different portal.
Distinguishing Features: Hourglass pupils, pointed red hat and trench coat both are a bit ragged, pointed teeth.
Specialties: Can create portals into a pocket dimension, quick thinking, feather covered draconic wings give an edge to flight maneuverability.
Weaknesses: Creating portals without his scythe or some other enchanted or magical item to channel with can cause harm or worse, doesn't always think things through. If he suffers too much damage or loses consciousness there is a chance his 'Turned' aspect can come out (marked by his eyes turning completely red). The aspect is named Zalgene (Zal-jean) and is little short of a true monster that delights in causing pain and suffering, that will attack mercilessly and relentlessly until everything in sight is dead. There is no contact between Zen and Zalgene, but both know the other exist and despise each other for existing at all.
Occupation: Sky pirate count?
Gear: Rune enchanted scythe (scythe can launch blades of energy or generate a shield), Rune enchanted twin sickle swords (both launch energy blades, one shoots fast but not that strong, the other shoots slower, but much stronger. Fast shooting one has ice element, slower shooting sword enchanted with lightning. Enchanted by Johnny Maker.)
History: Zen grew up in Cloudsdale as the only child of Gusty Gale (a weather pony) and Shuffling Rain (A dance instructor). He grew up under pretty normal circumstances, eventually going off to college to study on subjects like magic theory and latent magic in pegasi. One of his papers on the use of runic magic caught the eyes of a professor who recommended him to another professor at Princess Sparkles Magi-tech industries, where he became an intern. While working there, an experiment the other scientist were working on went catastrophically wrong and unleashed a chunk of pure un-filtered magic that rained down on the city of Trottingham. Zen, along with several other ponies were exposed to this and it caused their bodies to be changed to the whims of magic. These changes could vary between almost nothing to the recipient becoming completely unrecognizable as a pony, the only shared characteristic is that each gained at least one kind of magic. Many lost their minds to these changes (becoming the 'Turned'), others didn't (becoming the 'Lost'). Twilight quarantined the city until the outside figured out what happened, but every team sent inside to research either died or worse. Zen managed to survive along with a rag tag group of other 'lost' ponies, eventually forming a band of pirates to loot the ruined city. As Zen's control over his powers grew he eventually managed to open a portal big enough to allow his ship to leave the city, and now flies the sky in a mix of random adventure and mercenary work. (more details in story (Tales from a lost pony) that is being produced)
Personality: Zen is very sympathetic towards his fellow 'lost', and if possible, prefers not to kill or doom any pony (this isn't including the 'turned'). He's happy-go-lucky most of the time, but his mood can shift very quickly giving him an air of unpredictability, he also makes a lot of split second decisions without looking at the consequences. Overly hopeful even in dire circumstances, always looking for a situations silver lining. He's also terrified of being alone and of his 'turned' aspect.
Virtue: Protective of what he cares about, chaotic but sides with what he believes is right.
Current home(s): Has a cabin in the airship
Misc: looks after a young 'lost' unicorn filly by the name of Mythic Sketch. Has a decent grasp on the concepts of magic theory and it's applications. Also has a experience with runes and runic magic.
Name: Mythic Sketch
Race: 'Lost' unicorn
Age: Young, just under CMC ages
Mane: Medium purple and green mane and tail kind of grown out
Coat: White
Cutie Mark: A pencil and pen beginning to draw on a sheet of paper
Distinguishing Features: A small pair of additional horns that she tries to hide in her mane. Dark purple eyes with triangular pupils, the pupils rotate to point downwards when she'd Cythim.
Specialty: Really good at drawing and sketching despite have no teacher. Due to her 'turning' a mass of black tentacles made of magic can sprout from her back. These extra limbs posses considerable strength and they can be continuously spawned. Cutting or destroying the limbs does little to nothing in terms of physical strain.
Weaknesses: She's a young filly who's seen a lot of bad things during her experience inside the barrier with Zen. As such she has a lot of trust issues and is pretty much an outright coward when it comes to even basic interaction with other ponies. This also leads to a slight lack of control over her abilities as a 'Lost', and a heightened chance of her 'turned' aspect appearing. Using her ability for extended periods of time or trying to have more than 4 tentacles out at once drains her immensely. Her actual magical ability is completely interwoven with her turned aspect, other than basic levitation (which is usually used in her drawing) she has almost no other magical capabilities, and will express extreme difficulty with even basic spells.
Gear: Always has a single saddle bag which holds a sketch book and some drawing implements. Also carries a Dusk guard (Princess Sparkle's personal guard) dagger.
History: Mythic is a young filly who during the chaos that occurred in the beginning of my story got separated from her parents. Eventually she was found by Zen after she'd been spying on him for days, and secretly helping him during his travels. When they first met, Mythic fell into a puddle of pure liquid magic (the stuff that causes the transformation) causing her transformation into a 'Lost'. After some convincing the duo traveled together and continue to do so even after Zen managed to get them outside the barrier.
Personality: As mentioned in her weaknesses, little Mythic has been exposed to some of the worst sides of a pony. As such, she gets very nervous/outright scared in groups any bigger than 4 maybe 5 ponies especially if there isn't anypony she knows. She's a bit more realistic and down to Equestria than Zen, though his optimistic personality has had some influence over her. Mythic is also very submissive, preferring to run and hide rather than try any kind of confrontation. Still she's greatly sympathetic, and while lacking the self confidence to stand up for others let alone herself, she will help the victim afterwards, well before seeing to herself. Certain experiences that occurred inside the quarantine have also forced her to grow up and be very mature in some aspects, while others have almost completely dropped off from the lack of interaction/use.
Virtue: Neutral Good, with her virtue being closest to kindness.
Current home: She lives with Zen.
Misc: Her turned aspect 'Cythim' (See-thim) is extremely cruel, liking to torture rather than outright kill. While Cythim is aware even when Mythic is in control, Mythic isn't when Cythim is even though Mythic knows about the black tentacles and how to use them. She even will use them in private to aid her while she is drawing, though she's rather ashamed of them, and usually will try and hide what really lies beneath her bandages.
Name: Krix
Race: Diamond dog
Age: Late twenties
Coat: ashen grey with flecks of white and black throughout the coat. Paws and mouth are solid black.
Distinguishing features: Left ear is missing a piece of the top, right is pierced with 3 small silver hoops, the middle hoop has a sapphire in it.
Specialty: Exploring and fighting.
Weaknesses: Not the brightest, slow speaking, extensive trust issues, blind in left eye.
Occupation: former scout/explorer
Gear: A hooded cloak, and some chainmail armor, carries around a decent sized pack of camping and survival items like rope, canteens for water, food stocks, and various other supplies.
Weaponry: A shield, similar in design to a tower shield, but thinner, a bit shorter, and bladed along the bottom edge which has been set into a curve like shovel. Also carries a couple of knives, but uses those primarily as tools.
History: Krix was a diamond dog of the black snout clan. The clan itself was rather large, and openly traded with the ponies of nearby cities. Due to the increase in runic magic research, the need for crystals to serve as magic batteries also increased and trade was established. Unicorn mages enchanted all the crystals the dogs brought them, and in return got roughly half the gems brought to them. Krix, eager to explore as was his trade, volunteered to make the trade runs to the pony city of Trottingham. During one of these trips the disaster took place, and even though he wasn't exposed, Krix fled the scene while one of his kin became a 'turned' and slaughtered the other. Returning home, he told the clan of what had transpired, but was blamed for the failure of the mission, the loss of the crystal shipment, and the deaths of both dogs. As punishment, he was exiled for bringing dishonor to his clan.
Personality: After being exiled from his clan, Krix initially trusts anypony very little. He talks little, because of his limited vocal vocabulary, and trust issues. This limited interaction has lead to the assumption that he has a cold personality, but to the contrary, when someone makes it past that exterior Krix warms up very quickly and turns very pleasant almost to the point of jolly. Past that he has a very steady personality usually taking a lot to sway him a little when it comes to his mood.
Virtue: neutral
Current home: Exiled from clan for what he'd become and done, Krix wanders
Misc: Likes books and reading stories.
Name: Reflect (commonly disguised as a Pegasus named Nimbus Chaser (Nim for short))
Race: Changeling
Age: 21
Mane: Dark purple changeling frill (Silvery white with multiple light purple tips throughout the mane when disguised as Nim)
Coat: Black chitin, with a red back shell plate (Pale light blue when disguised as Nim)
Cutie Mark: N/A (a cloud that's raining and snowing, when disguised)
Distinguishing Features: Her eyes are solid purple when undisguised, her red shell plate has a crack in it, (When transformed, one eye is the same shade of purple while the other is green)
Specialty: Like the rest of the hive that Reflect is from, she specializes in changing/manipulating parts of her body while her ability to construct full body transformations is considerably more limited along with general magic.
Weaknesses: Has only one alt form (Nimbus), feeds off of joy, happiness, love, and generally happy feelings which drains the corresponding emotion from the ponies she's around, the cracked shell plate hampers it's effectiveness making it weaker than a normal changelings natural armor.
Occupation: None (Nimbus works in ponyville as a weather 'pony')
Gear: Nothing significant, keeps a special knife for emergencies, has a really simple rune enchant that keeps the blade sharp and un-rusted, a last relic from her old hive.
History: During the changeling purges, when wide scale military opperations were being made to 'eradicate the changeling threat', Reflect was disguised as Nimbus in a nearby town. She'd been there for quite some time, gaining several friends and even her first 'love'. When the military came and rallied a militia to attack her hive, she warned her fellow changeling of the coming attack and tagged along with her 'lover' figuring she'd be able to warn and maybe even help some escape. On the way to the hive however, the makeshift army of townsfolk and army ponies were ambushed by the changelings. In the chaos of the attack, Reflect (still disguised as Nimbus) saw both changelings she'd known and been close to her entire life and the new pony friends she'd made in the town killing each other. Every horror scarred her, but none as much as seeing her lover crush a changelings head under hoof while grinning. He turned towards her with the green blood splattered across his face, but before he could say anything, another changeling, whose left fore hoof was changed into a blade, nearly beheaded the pony. Reflect fled the scene before the battle was over, never finding out how many of her friends had died in the attack, though shortly afterwards she lost contact with her hive. Assuming the worst Reflect took to wandering, eventually settling in Ponyville and finding work as a weather pony. She gradually re-opened up to ponies and now lives as a regular citizen of the town where the abundant feelings of joy and friendliness accepted her fake persona with open hooves.
Personality: After the attack, Reflect grew to despise pointless fighting. She likes to try and make others happy, partially just because, and partially to keep a food source present. She's scarred of what'll happen if others find out she's not a real pony so she tends to keep up the disguise as often as possible. Also after the attack she has really mixed feelings on 'changelings' methods as well as pony's methods on dealing with them and is on the whole rather uncertain on many topics right now.
Virtue: striving for peace, calm, happiness
Current Home: Ponyville
Misc: LOVES peppermint candies.
Name: Scarlet Writ
Race: 'Lost' pegasi
Age: 9, 13, 17, 21
Mane + tail: Red and purple (tail is split in two with each one a separate color)
Coat: Yellow
Cutie Mark: An open book with the letters lifting off the pages
Distinguishing Features: Scarlet's lost abnormalities include her split tails, a set of scale coated bat pony wings, a considerable larger mouth with two rows of pointed teeth, solid red eyes with a black diamond shaped pupil. Most of these changes are hidden by an enchanted pair of bracelets given by her father. When worn they blend the tails together, completely hide the wings, make it appear that she has a horn, and makes her eyes appear as normal red colored eyes.
Specialty: Her lost power is illusions, Scarlet's able to create illusions, and with a bit of focus they can become more corporeal. She's constantly reading and writing, coming up with games and stories to present to her friends
Weaknesses: Practically blind without her glasses, a bit forward, the bracelets weaken her illusion creating ability, and without a source of shadow, she can't create any illusions. She's also scarred about how normal ponies will judge her abnormal appearance, and her magic can occasionally activate without her realizing it or on accident.
Occupation: In school
Gear: Her bracelets, and saddlebags (usually filled with various fictional books)
History: Biological daughter of Zen, Scarlet is a young naturally born 'Lost', meaning she has a slightly more stable connection to the pure magic. She got her cutie mark when she was reading a story one day and her magic kicked in by accident. As she read, shadowy illusions formed and began to act out the story. The commotion began to draw a crowd and without even realizing it, Scarlet was soon entertaining over a dozen ponies. When the book was finished, and the last scene played out, Scarlet became aware of the assembled ponies and the new mark that had appeared on her flank. She hesitantly bowed to the crowd before rushing home to tell her family, and soon joined the theater department in school
Personality: Forward and optimistic, Scarlet loves her books, both the ones she wrote and didn't. Nearly always reading, she has a bad habit of shutting out the world when she gets into a book. Wants to be the 'Hero' like in the various stories she's read, with her friends as the other champions by her side as they all go forth to fame and glory.
Virtue: helpfulness
Current Home: Lives with her father Zen Gale
Misc: Scarlet's turned aspect is Setlarc, who uses it's power over illusions to turn itself into a horrifying visage and terrorize other ponies with illusions that look and feel real but inflict little to no physical harm.
Custom Race Details/Background: The 'Lost' are any pony, or other living being, that has been mutated by exposure to an exceedingly high amount of magic known as pure magic. This usually ethereal substance was forced into the Equestrian world in a physical liquid form by scientists, who miscalculated it's power and failed to properly contain it, resulting in an explosion and it raining down over the city of Trottingham. Zen (another of my OC's) was exposed to this and became a Lost along with scores of other ponies and creatures. While the Lost rarely look anything like each other given the unpredictable nature of the unfiltered magic and it's seemingly random mutations, they all share one trait and that is a form of magic given to them via the transformations. Zen, using his portal opening abilities, left this dimension. Later when Scarlet was born, the pure magic's corruption was passed down and mutated her in it's own random fashion.
Name: Cinder
Race: 'Lost' Diamond dog (Additional information on the lost can be found here >>1290529 on another of my OC's sheets. Look at Zen Gale's history)
Age: 28
Mane: N/A
Coat: Brown fur with a black snout, paws, and tip of tail.
Cutie mark: N/A
Distinguishing Features: Vibrant orange eyes that have # pupils. His lost transformations were actually relatively minor, and aside from the eyes, the only truly noticeable difference is that he has three tails and feathers along his arms, though these by no means permit flight.
Specialty: Cinder's lost power is fire. He's able to engulf himself in flames, augment his attacks with it, and launch balls and streams of flame as a ranged attack. Along with his use of fire, he's immune to it as well as most heat based attacks, though any physical force or other effects would still work.
Weaknesses: Water, ice, even just lowering the temperature in the area will make him uncomfortable. Cinder also lacks some control with his power, though that is partially just because of the nature of fire anyways. Small spaces are another, because the flames he produces rapidly expend the oxygen in the area, in close quarters, he's likely to just choke himself out.
Occupation: none
Gear: Cinder has a ruby gemmed necklace and a fire proof enchanted coat he took from a dead firefighter in the ruins of Trottingham after the cataclysm that took place there and turned him into a 'Lost'. The coat he tore away at until it was a vest. He also carries a small dagger that is a lingering memento from his past and occasionally he'll get flashbacks from before his transformation.
History: Cinder didn't always go by that name, he used to be called Kuro and along with Krix (another one of my OC's who's sheet is on the same page as Zen's, just a bit farther down) and another dog named Nissi, they made gem deliveries to the Magi-tech building in Trottingham. When the cataclysm occurred, Kuro was the dog that got exposed to the corruptive pure magic and in an uncontrolled state brought about by the changes, he slaughtered Nissi while Krix fled. When Kuro's mind came back to him, even it had been altered by the magic to a point where he didn't completely know himself. With his mind twisted, Kuro, who soon started calling himself Cinder, began to simply wander looking for some purpose or a hint to who he really was.
Personality: Cinder is a hot head both literally and figuratively. He's also a bit simple minded, believing that most problems can be solved by simply burning to different degrees. He hates being confused as well as the general confusion stemming from his lost memories and a quick way to work him up is to bring up his past.
Current Home: Wanders
Misc: Even though he doesn't completely understand why, he loves rubies. There's some nostalgic aura about them that causes Cinder to go out of his way to acquire them. Cinder's 'Turned' aspect took Cinder's old name Kuro, though the two don't interact too much. Kuro just a chance to come out if Cinder really loses control.
Name: Shard
Race: Crystal pony
Age; Equivalent to 23, but is actually a bit over a thousand because of the Empire vanishing.
Mane; Crystalline blue.
Coat: Crystalline whitish purple
Cutie mark: An emerald crystal shard, roughly the bottom half however appears to be a mix of dark purple and black, like corruption seeping up to consume the stone.
Distinguishing Features: Around her eyes, the fur is darkened to an almost black purple in a spike like style. Eyes have red pupils while the white's of her eyes are green (similar to Sombra) and the teeth are pointed.
Specialty: Shard, due to what happened to her before, can summon up crystal like spikes made of either ice or crystal (or both, it's dependent upon what concentrations there are of either around) from the ground. They can't float in the air, but she can reshape them at will and direct them on little more than a whim.
Weaknesses: Shard's mental state is fragile, not only from the shock of waking up over a thousand years later but also from the events that occurred before. Her ability with the crystals is similar to Sombra's and as such carries the same corruption. This is evident by the marking on her eyes, which spread the more she uses her ability. The magical corruption also continues to sap at her already damaged mind, dragging her farther into the depths of hopeless insanity until the corruption consumes her completely. At that point, she'd be almost as bad as the monster that caused all this.
Occupation: None
Gear: A small bag of crystals, and a pair of glasses to hide her eyes.
History: Long ago, before the Crystal Empire vanished, the evil king Sombra ruled with an iron hoof, Shard lived among the masses of ponies suffering under his tyranny. Forced to work the frozen tundra along with the scores of other ponies, Shard spent days out in the freezing cold. For a time however, Shard was alright with this. The hard labor, the poor nourishment, all of it was worth it to see the love of her life. A royal guard, stationed to stand watch over her and several of the others had fallen for Shard's beauty, and under the excuse of 'additional punishment' began to see her away from prying eyes.
Their love grew strong and true as time progressed but it was not to last. One day, Shard's lover never showed up for his shift on the watch. Concern only grew when another guard, this one sporting the visible corruption of Sombra's tainted magic appeared and demanded she come with him. Forced to comply, Shard was escorted out of the mines and led to the castle itself, into the throne room no less. Once inside, Shard broke away from her escort, running quickly to one of two other figures that occupied the room.
From his throne, the tyrant king Sombra smirked at the wails Shard cried out as she cradled her lover. The stallion had been cut deeply and was bleeding badly, but shallow breaths quickly petered in and out as he clung to life. The knife that had done the work still lied on the ground near him. "Kill him," commanded the voice of the king, causing Shard to instantly go quiet with shock. "Kill this weakness within my ranks, and I might spare you and all the ponies he was assigned to watch. ," he taunted with a cruel grin.
Somba might have continued speaking, but Shard didn't hear him. Her mind was a blur as the impossible tried to rationalize itself within her mind. Tears filled her eyes as she struggled to decide if she could do either thing, and her mind tore at itself for not being able to decide. Then something new spoke to her, and offered a clarity to her internal struggles. It pointed out the unfairness of this situation, it showed the way her one glimmer of a better life was being stolen away from her, and then it pointed towards the one responsible for all of this. The pony who enslaved her, her family, her friends, the pony who took such enjoyment in the suffering of others, the pony who was grinning from his throne as he stole away what remained of her happiness.
Shard's thoughts turned dark, cruel and filled with rage. How dare this pony do this to her?! How dare he do this to her lover?! she thought as this new thing fueled her rage. Oblivious to the outside world as her mind succumbed to corruption, Shard didn't notice Sombra stop his taunts, or how his expression changed. Something about Shard had caused the tyrant's expression to shift, and quickly he rose from his throne, ordering guards to remove Shard from his throne room at once. He recognized this darkness, and it was something he didn't want aimed at him.
The royal guards were quick to move towards her and as one held his weapon pointed towards her, the other went to carry Shard out of the room. He got one hoof on her shoulder before a massive crystal spike shot out of the ground, impaling the unsuspecting guard and leaving him hanging limply in shock. The other guard moved to stab Shard with his spear, but before he could another spike rose to impale him like the other.
Knowing he had to act, Sombra began to descend the steps of his throne, complimenting on how cruelly she'd killed the guards, but his comment stopped short when Shard turned to look at him. Her eyes and teeth had been changed, now matching Sombra's own aside from the fury that filled her face. With a roar of corruptive magic fueled rage, Shard lept at Sombra, unleashing a flurry of the crystal spikes, that Sombra countered with his own magic. This battle went on for a while, with Sombra forced to play defensively at the enraged Shard's assault. Eventually though Sombra slipped, and Shard was on top of him in a heart beat. The rage that had originally filled her face was replaced with a malevolent glee as the corruption wormed its way deeper and deeper into her.
Before she could deliver a final blow though, a loud blood filled cough echoed out into the room, followed by a higher pitched wheezing. Instantly, Shard's face lost it's rage, and she rushed back over to her lover, completely forgetting about the King she'd been so close to killing. Scooping back up the nearly dead stallion, Shard her barely made out the plea for her to remove his helmet so he could see her one last time. While almost hysterically arguing that this wouldn't be the last time, Shard obliged, but the next few words from him made her pause instantly. Looking back down in disbelief, Shard was shocked to see him looking at her with fear, his mouth quietly saying things like 'get away from me monster', and 'where's Shard?'.
Then he went silent, and didn't wake to Shard's repeated attempts to get him to say something. After minutes of this, she finally saw her reflection. The corruption that had transformed Sombra, had been one in the same as what had given her power, and now it had left it's mark. So stunned was Shard, that she didn't notice Sombra preparing a powerful spell. And in the next instant, Shard was being imprisoned in a large crystal of ice. Her screams and outcries as the prison finished only seemed to make Sombra's grin grow all the wider as he watched the spell take place. When if finished, Sombra had the crystal imprisoned Shard taken to a remote cave, well outside the city and into the frozen wastes.
Time passed, the city was sealed away and then reappeared. It was only when Sombra was completely defeated did the spell upon Shard wear off. Weary of the world, Shard wandered the frozen tundra in search of anything that made sense. Eventually she made her way to the Crystal empire, where her magical scars were more than enough to get her taken to the throne to be judged by the princess of love herself. Upon hearing the tale, Cadence's sympathy went to the mare, and she was allowed to stay at the castle for a time until something could be done about the corruption that stains her being, or she manages to get set in a stable situation on her own.
Personality: Shard's a usually passive and sarcastic pony, seeming almost cold and intimidating to those that don't know her, taking most things with a grain of salt, this though is largely to not let anyone get too close since she's still scarred from the losses she experienced. However, when she get's too angry, the still present corruption can feed this rage until she's out of control and indiscriminately trying to destroy anypony within reach.
Current Home: Crystal empire castle.
Misc: I'm trying to play up the corruption to be sentient and it knew Sombra would be overthrown, so it decided to plant itself in a second host, aka Shard. Now it's just lying in wait for the right time to completely corrupt the mare.
Name: Martial Mix
Race: Earth Pony
Age: 37
Mane: Short chestnut brown mane, kind of messy. Tail is longer, and has a simple woven band tie at the bottom. Also has a small beard.
Coat:Light yellowish cream colored fur.
Cutie mark: A broken board loosely bound by a black belt
Extra details: Stands a little taller than the average pony, and while a bit lanky, is fit if not muscular.
Weakness: rather passive, always believes there's a peaceful solution, has something just shy of an addiction to tea
Specialty: Martial has studied various martial arts for years and as such has become fairly good at several different styles.
Gear: Usually none, may occasionally have his martial arts outfit with him.
Occupation: Martial arts instructor
History: Growing up as a kid, Martial was occasionally picked on at his school in Manehatten. After one particularly bad day when he came home with a black eye, Martial's parents enrolled him in a martial arts class. At first, Martial struggled with his training, unable to complete anything past the very basics due to his impatiences. A month later, Martial picked a fight with the colt who'd given him a black eye earlier, with pretty much the same results.

Defeated, and furious about it, Martial went to his martial arts teacher, demanding to know why he could be beaten so easily. The wise old teacher only grinned as he consoled the distraught Martial instead of punishing him. Showing him the peace he could achieve if he let his anger go. Martial didn't believe a word of it though, and continued to struggle with his training, eventually managing to make himself a little better through sheer force of will.

Then one day, Martial saw his instructor being mugged. The other pony, a pegasi, held a knife pointed at him and was demanding the instructors bits. To his shock, his instructor started handing over a bag of bits, but then the mugger saw Martial and made to take off after him, yelling out, "no witnesses." The mugger barely made it a foot before stopping and slamming into the ground, the back of a hoof resting on top of his head.

Then the old instructor proceeded to apologize to the almost unconscious pony before he dumped half the bag of bits next to the mugger and then went over to Martial to escort him home. On the way, Martial's teacher explained why he'd done what he had. Simple observation had shown the master that the mugger was desperate and in bad shape. When Martial had shown up, it was panic, not fury that had filled the pony's eyes. So the master had apologized for hurting the stallion so badly, and given him a few bits for a hot meal and maybe even a new coat during these cold nights. He explained how peace would resolve the situation for the better, and hopefully the mugger wouldn't be back to this desperate of a situation again.

After that, Martial became more relaxed and patient, trying to take to heart his master's lesson and in time it gradually sunk in. As the years went on, Martial achieved his black belt in not only that style but 4 others, until he eventually opened his own school in Ponyville where he continues to teach the same style his first master had taught him.

Personality: Martial is a very relaxed and patient stallion, who exudes an aura of calm. His speech is rarely harsh or commanding, and he's rather kind, especially to young ponies.

Current home: Ponyville

Misc:: His house is styled in a more oriental sense and his dress also comes to reflect this as he commonly wears sandals and a simple kimono.
Name: Wisp
Race: "Lost" pegasi ghost
Age: Appears to be 19
Mane: Translucent/faded red, just enough to give a hint to what it used to be. Styled long and hanging simply down.
Coat: Purple, though under the same translucent effect that her mane has so really faded and see-through with just enough color to it to hint at what it used to be.
Cutie mark: None, what it was isn't showing up on her new form

Distinguishing features: Well, to state the obvious, Wisp is a ghost and as such only has so much solidity to her. Wisp's form is semi-transparent, even when she's trying to be seen.
Specialties: Because Wisp has no physical form, most conventional attacks against her simply go right through most of the time. The same can be said for solidly manifested magic like flames, ice, lightning, etc... At will, Wisp can simply fade from sight, upping her translucency to the point where there's nothing to be seen even though her essence is still there. She can posses inanimate objects for periods of time, but nothing larger than herself.
Weaknesses: Wisp's greatest strength is also related to her greatest weaknesses. Almost in exchange for her immunity to physical harm, Wisp is extremely susceptible to straight magical energy, and can be trapped and harmed through such means. Wisp also has extremely limited physical contact with the world and those that inhabit it. The more translucent her form is, the less this already limited contact becomes until she's invisible and has no physical contact at all. In her average state, Wisp can move things that face little resistance and/or don't weigh much, for example, she couldn't lift a large heavy book, but she could open it's cover, and flip through it's pages. When possessing an inanimate object, Wisp effectively has a physical form and it can be destroyed through conventional means. This however just destroys the object and, while it does cause her 'pain', it won't destroy her.
Occupation: None
Gear: Thanks to a spell mixing with the innate magic of her being, Wisp now possesses a magically altered mannequin body. This body has a pseudo metabolism and functions like normal, but if it takes too much physical trauma, it'll crack/break/and shatter like the mannequin it used to be.
History: Another victim of the devastation that befell Trottingham, Wisp, originally called Misty, was in the initial batch of ponies exposed to the corruptive magic that rained down upon the city. While most beings either became 'Turned', those that lost their minds to the overflow of magic and became monstrous killing machines, or 'Lost', those the managed to keep their sanity despite the corruptive magic but were still mutated by it's power, Wisp/Misty technically became both. When her body was exposed to the massive influx of energy, Wisp/Misty's conscience was ejected from her body which continued to change until it became a full 'Turned' that went rampaging off into the quarantined city. Her conscience, or spirit if you prefer, was still affected by enough of the magic that it actually became a stable enough entity to continue existing, however, she lost all memories associated with her previous life. Lost and alone, Wisp wandered the ruined city with no purpose or plan. Over time, the atrocities she witnessed, and the fear she inspired in those that did see her drove Wisp to try and fade away forever. Eventually though, Wisp found the 'lost' community, where she 'haunted' the area until it was raided by the void knights. Though Wisp was sparred the void knight's wrath, witnessing the slaughter drove her to new levels of despair. Vowing to flee the city, Wisp snuck into Zen's void space and escaped with him and Mythic, though she never revealed herself so neither of them knew of her presence. Once free of the Quarantine, and that dimension all together, Wisp began roaming the world, searching for something, though what that is even she doesn't know
Personality: Wisp doesn't know a lot since her memories are only from after her transformation, and as such is extremely curious/entertained about even some mundane objects and peaceful, if not boring, things. This curiosity however is tempered with great caution because of the horrors her curiosity led her to when Wisp was trapped in the quarantine. She's also fragile and easily upset almost to the point of gullible, with no sense of sarcasm. Despite this all, Wisp wants to be happy/accepted and will try as hard as she can to achieve this.
Virtue: Hope
Current home: None
Misc: My aim with this character is really develop her in the RP's she's in. Like if somepony inflicted a lasting wound onto her actual essence, I would update the sheet and she'd have it on her at the start of the next game she's in. It'd only go away if it was healed in the current game she's in. Also as promised, here's a link to Zen's page where more details about what the lost are, >>1290529
Name: Sonata Nights

Race: Thestral
Age: 22
Alignment: Neutral Good

Mane: Whitish silver with a few purple streaks
Coat: Bluish grey
Cutie mark: A constellation in the shape of a violin (basically a bunch of small white dots connected by faint white lines that form a violin)
Extra details that aren't needed but are nice to add: Usually wearing a rather plain green cloak, held down by a few straps that also hold her gear. She keeps the hood up so sun doesn't blind her.
Distinguishing Features: Her golden eyes constantly refract into a myriad of other colors like reds, blues, and greens depending on the angle they're seen at and the light in the room. There's a short almost vertically cut scar going over each eye, but the cuts aren't deep enough when made to cause a loss of eye sight.

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): As her name hints, Sonata is a musician of some sizable ability. She's also rather good at using a bow and arrow as well as her crossbows.
Weaknesses: Sonata is forgetful and a little scatter brained aside from when she's playing or shooting. She's also highly phobic of bladed weapons after the incident where she got her scars. Even knives are a source of worry for her, though she can at least tolerate their existence so long as they're in her grasp or somepony she extensively trusts.
Occupation: Currently, she plays wherever she can for just about any amount. She's also not above a bit of thievery to get what she needs.
Gear: First and foremost is her violin, her cherished possession that she will try and save over everything else. Two pistol crossbows with spring loaded fold out limbs, a fairly powerful bow and plenty of arrows/bolts for their respective weapons.

History: Sonata grew up in the country side near the small town of Brambles. At an early age, she learned how to shoot a bow and took a liking to the craft. Her ability soon had her attending some competitions where she usually placed and occasionally won. Despite all the hard work however, a cutie mark never appeared, that is until one competition where her attention was captivated by some musicians playing nearby.

After the competition, Sonata's relentless questions about the performers and their instruments finally broke her fathers resolve and he acquired an old violin for the young mare. Sonata took to playing the instrument relentlessly, practicing constantly, and driving her parents insane with the squeaky scratchy noise that she called her first performances. Her first actual performance, for others, however would yield better results as it was actually decent and by the end of it she had a new mark along her flank.

Sonata continued to pursue her new passion of playing not only the violin but several string instruments, and gradually rising in fame and talent, though she never achieved the level of prestige that others, like Octavia who Sonata holds as a personal hero, have. Playing concerts, private gigs, and even common parties, Sonata just enjoyed being able to play. That however changed when the Magi-tech incident occurred (see Zen's history) and the concerts stopped.

In the aftermath of the disaster, Sonata managed to hide and survive in one of the crumbling concert halls for quite some time, but when the structure actually came crashing down, she escaped it only to be caught by one of the gangs that had formed. While in their custody, Sonata was treated horribly, and even acquired the scars over her eyes when she refused to comply, the memory of which still haunts her.

Eventually though, the gang picked a fight they couldn't win and as they were slaughtered by a red coated airship pirate and his crew, Sonata thought her life's performance was finally at it's end. It was surprising to say the least when instead of death, the pirate brought the mare aboard his ship and saw to it she was taken care of, even going so far as to fly to the collapsed concert hall to recover her prized violin she'd hid away for safe keeping.

Even though it was a farcry from her usual audiances, being able to play for any audiance brought new life to the mare, and from that point on Sonata decided she was going to stay on with the pirate. Wanting to do more than just play for them, Sonata picked back up a bow and even a couple of small crossbows since they were cheaper than rune guns, and assisted the crew in their antics. When Zen left the city though, Sonata followed him before going her own way out into the new world.

Personality: Sonata's a bit rowdy and a little bitter sweet, but she usually means well. She doens't handle critique well though, of her musical or archery talent.
Current Home: Wanders.
Name: Ungetüm Jäger (usually just goes by Jäger)

Race: Mad scientist's monster, he used to be an earth pony

Age: 207, but he appears to be around the 20's/30's

Alignment: by perspective, chaotic evil

Mane: Dull green, kept short and messily spiked. Tail is noticeably different shade of green, by kept in a similar manner.

Coat: A little bit of patchwork here. Most of him is a dull orange, but his front left leg is mechanical and his back right flank and leg are actually a more yellow shade of orange with noticable stitching wherever two different colors come together.

Cutie mark: There are actually two seperate ones, on his left flank there's a shield being broken by a hoof, while on the other there's a rock.

Distinguishing Features: Aside from the patchwork and the mechanical leg, Jäger's also got a pair of mechanical wings. These however don't work as he's too heavy to actually fly. The best he's able to manage with them is the ability to glide, and even that's debatable when you see the landing. He's also got a full set of pointed teeth that a few of always manage to be exposed, even when he's got his mouth closed.

Specialty: Jäger's durability is probably the forefront of his specialty. He's able to take being hit, stabbed, crushed, impaled, electrocuted, set on fire, poisoned, dipped in acid, dismemberment, large amounts of concussive force, and the occasional honey badger, and still keep going. This isn't to say he's invicible, but simply able to take far more than the average pony to finally kill. Say somepony set him on fire for example, and so long as he's not reduced to ash he's liable to keep hitting whoever set him on fire until he's reduced to ash.

Next up is Jäger's ability to heal, not regenerate, but simply heal. This includes, but isn't limited to, replacing lost blood, wounds closing, and broken bones setting. This is at an accelerated rate, but not instantaneous which shows more of his ability to simply stand up again despite being beaten into a wall.

Lastly, we have Jäger's strength. Jäger's considerably stronger physically than a pony of his size, able to literally punch through most materials and lift several times his own weight (He should be stronger than Big Mac and he pulled a building in one episode so I guess it wouldn't be too outlandish to say he could throw a building or two if his halberd was out of reach).  

Weaknesses: Jäger's not smart. He's not stupid and he's got common sense, but he's certainly lenient to the mentality of 'hitting the problem hard enough with a brick' will eventually solve most things. It's just knowing what problem to hit with the brick is the tricky part.

Occupation: Mercenary for the most part.

Gear: His hat, it's very special to him. There's also some simple armor and clothing to make him at least able to pretend he isn't a monster in public and his good old halberd.

History: Ungetüm Jäger wasn't always the monster he appears to be now. A few hundred years ago, he was just another earth pony named Sprout. Nothing particularly special about him, his parents, or even the town they lived in aside from the mad scientist of a unicorn who lived up on the hill in the creep mansion but what town didn't have one of those. Yep, just a regular old town with nothing special to it at all.

And then disaster struck in the middle of the night. When Sprout was 16, a horde of monsters attacked the town, driving the ponies towards the mansion as they desperately tried to flee the slaughter. Both of Sprout's parents were killed just trying to make sure he made it to the mansion, leaving him with only a hat to remember them by. When the townsfolk arrived, the professor welcomed them into his home to take shelter from the nightmares outside.

While the monsters continued to prowl the abandoned town and around the base of the hill, the professor continued to offer sanctuary to the survivors of the town, but requested they help him with his... experiments. This was alright at first, and no one questioned the strange nature of the professor's experiments but over time, one or two of the survivors would go missing strangely. After that it didn't take long for rumors to begin, especially when these disappearances continued. Talk of how the professor had actually released the monsters just to get new test subjects and the like.

For the most part, Sprout ignored these rumors and simply continued to work for the professor without question, at least until he was called away in the middle of the night to assist in a 'special project'. Soon enough, Sprout found himself strapped down to an examination table with various tubes and other equipment hooked up to him. The professor told him that the monsters were his fault and he was trying to fix things, or at least re-establish control and that Sprout was to be the latest attempt. He was injected with a special serum that changed and mutated his body, turning him into the monster he is now as well as establishing a mind control effect over him. In the aftermath of the experiment Sprout, now named Ungetüm Jäger or monster hunter after the title of the experiment and since his memories had been erased by the mind control, found himself continuously sent out to fight, capture, and occasionally kill not only the monsters, but also some of the more unruly survivors.

Jäger didn't escape all these confrontations unscathed though, requiring 'replacement parts' after some of his injuries as well as just simply being subject to the occasional 'improvement'. It was thanks to one of these injuries that the established mind control was overwritten as the body part that had originally been infected was destroyed and the new one that regrew was free of contamination. With his new found freedom, Jäger did the only sensible thing to do, he beat the professor until he was a fine gooey paste and left. Now while this did make him feel better, even though he wasn't completely sure why, it did leave him without much purpose, drive, goals, or anything to live by. So Jäger took to simply wandering around, looking for a master worthy of his ability and where his next meal would come from. Jäger has continued to do so for years upon years, even occasionally taking work from the princess, though most of those deals are kept rather quiet.

Personality: Jäger's kind of simple, nice in his own way, easy to anger (especially if he loses his hat), and always looking for a good fight.

Current Home: Wanders

Misc: He's both inclined to be wary of and look towards unicrons since while one was what caused his transformation, a unicorn was also the first being to give him a purpose. He's also got a bit of an accent.
Name: Resonance (Rez for short)

Race: Lost Unicorn (See Zen's sheet for details)

Age: 23

Mane: Bright neon blue with silver tips, it's kept short and haphazardly.

Coat: white

Cutie mark: A neon blue base clef on a black record

Extra details that aren’t needed but are nice to add: Rez's cutie mark isn't the original one that was there, and instead that image is tattooed on (explained in back story).

Distinguishing Features: Rez can almost always been seen with his headphones one, yet he manages to usually hear whatever's said around him. Rez also doesn't have a mouth, and lives off magic which given the abundance of magic all around, he's usually more than fine just gradually eating the residual magic left about, though some of the different kinds of magic can have a slight effect on him. For example, if he were to actually 'eat' some of the more chaotic magic, he'd likely get an equivalent to drunk/high.

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): Rez's got a few unique features to him. Firstly, there's his ability to 'eat' magic and while this sounds overpowered, allow me to assure you it's not. Rez isn't able to endlessly absorb magic and he doesn't instantly absorb it. So he can't drain the princesses or even a common pony of all their magic, maybe a very un-magically inclined filly but that'll probably leave him stuffed for like a week. Rez can't disperse an incoming spell, unless it's traveling REALLY slowly and even then it'd probably have to be a weak enough spell it wouldn't do anything THAT bad in the first place. Also, this eaten magic is eaten, so he's not going to be throwing spells right back at his opponents. He can however get a temporary boost from absorbing/eating some powerful magic, but again it's a relatively minor thing.

Another side effect of Rez's transformation is his ability of manipulating the size and shape of his body. Too rigid to honestly be called an amorphous blob, but with many of the similar traits. His hooves can stretch a good distance, he can make himself larger or smaller as a whole or just individual body parts. He can even reshape parts of himself into new forms like sprouting wings, changing a hoof to look like a sledge with a significant increase in hardness,density, and weight, and a few other things of that nature. Unlike an amorphous blob though, if you hit Rez with a bladed weapon, it can cut him and he will bleed. Rez's form is too rigid to negate actual physical blows as well as magical ones, he can only look to defend himself like any other pony.

Lastly, there's the only ability of Rez's that's not a side effect of his transformation and that's his sound manipulation. Most of Rez's magic is sound related, being able to change volume, pitch, and where the source at least appears to be coming from. He can modify the volume of a chair falling to where it makes no noise at all, or creates a boom that can shatter windows. Rez cannot however change what a sound is. He can't make that same chair suddenly sound like an orchestra, or a scream, or another noise other than a chair falling.

Weaknesses: Due to the mutations, Rez can't verbally talk nor does he know hoof-sign language. This has caused numerous problems in several situations, especially when he doesn't have the time to write what he wants to say something or it's too dark to read. Rez also doesn't eat or drink like a normal pony, and is instead reliant on magic consumption. This CAN be blocked by the target and if that happens, Rez can be left starving. Rez also runs into the same weaknesses of all Lost in the sense that draining away magic severely harms him, possibly to the point of death. Aside from changing his body around to better take a hit, Rez also doesn't have all that much in the way of defenses and can't take too many hits.

Occupation: DJ for a couple clubs.

Gear: As stated earlier, Rez almost always has his headphones on and they're usually playing something. To cover up his lack of a mouth, and make it a little less awkward, Rez also usually wears either a bandanna with a sharp toothed smile print on it, or a full face mask. He's also usually wearing some kind of pants to cover up the off looking tattooed on cutie mark and a jacket just to go with the outfit. Also to allow at least SOME communication, Rez usually carries around a dry-erase board with a couple markers.
When needed to fight, Rez has a simple rune gun and enchanted knife. The rune gun is basically a pistol like weapon that shoots simple spells and the knife can extend it's blade up to the average length of a short sword thanks to the enchant.

History: Rez actually knew Zen before the cataclysm, working at the magi-tech tower as an intern as well. While the two knew of each other, they weren't exactly close. Then when everything went to hell, Rez got a full dose of magical exposure and mutated severely. His mouth disappeared along with his cutie mark and horn. When he awoke, to say Rez was shocked was an understatement and sure enough the first thing he did was panic, though it was rather quiet since he no longer had a mouth to speak through. After finally calming down, Rez began to pick himself up and try to make the best of the situation, especially since his hoof-pod and headphones were still intact.

While wandering about, Rez nearly fell to his death early on, but much to his surprise when he reached for the already out of reach ledge, his hoof stretched until he was able to grab a hold and pull himself up with almost no effort at all. After that incident, Rez began to experiment with his new found malleability, eventually giving himself back his horn for looks sake at least even though it wasn't needed. However the mouth and the cutie mark simply refused to form no matter how hard he tried. While he couldn't do much about the mouth, Rez did get another survivor to tattoo his cutie mark (or at least a close copy of it) back, though it never quite seemed the same.

After wandering around and a few more close calls, Rez eventually found himself in the company of Zen and his crew. Figuring his chances were better with the already somewhat perspectively infamous pirate, Rez joined them. Rez proved to be a unique coordinator with his ability to redirect and manipulate sounds as well as provide some background music to fight to. When Zen left that world, Rez tagged along as well and soon found work DJing at a couple clubs in Canterlot. While there was some initial competition between himself and Vinyl, the two eventually worked things out and now even do a couple shows together, which Rez is usually more than fine being the runner up in popularity so long as he gets to do his set.

Personality: Usually a little disconnected and distracted, Rez can be seen as oblivious and uncaring, but if one gets to know him, he is very friendly and rather hyper. Rez usually appears to be rather lively and excited when he's awake, and sleeps like the dead when he finally crashes.

Current Home: Canterlot Apartment

Misc: Nothing yet.

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Name: Verde Tin
Race: Unicorn/Alicorn
Age: 34/234
Mane: White
Coat: Emerald-green
Cutie mark: Golden hammer poised above a golden anvil
Distinguishing Features (Unicorn): Wherever Verde goes, a whole slew of tools go with her. An obsessive tinkerer, she's never without the tools she needs to tinker with things.
Distinguishing Features (Alicorn): Unlike the more avian wings of a pegasus, Verde's wings have a solid bony ridge at the leading edge like those of a griffin. Also, her feathers are all elaborately dotted and patterned with whites, browns, violets, and the emerald green of her coat.
Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): Verde's magical training centers around exceptionally fine and detailed control. She can adjust the delicate components of devices, magically inscribe exquisitely sensitive "imperative" runes on objects, and excels in using her scoped rifle with the precision of a highly trained sharpshooter.
Weaknesses: Whether as a unicorn or an alicorn, Verde's magic is very precise and very efficient, but it's not particularly strong. She has low reserves no matter her form and never really learned the art of outputting immense amounts of magic.
Occupation (Unicorn): Magitech Engineer
Occupation (Alicorn):Commander of the Ministry of Morale's paramilitary unit, the Black Watch.
Gear (Pre-War): Various precision tools and instruments on custom-made saddlebags.
Gear (Pre- and Post-Apocalypse): One bolt-action 11.43x195mm 2.5-10x variable scoped rifle. One rune-lathed 11.43x35mm six-chamber revolver "Ocelot". Mk XVIII combat barding with metal-ceramic strike plates and integrated saddlebags. PipBuck Mk V w/ version 8.6.754.09 firmware. Various combat implements and materials.
History: Verde Tin was born to Viridian Rain not overly long after Viridian formalized her relationship with the thestral Razor Back. While Viridian has never told her who her father is, Verde has long (correctly) suspected that she was fathered by her uncle Steel Rain but that the truth remains unspoken and unwritten to protect him and avoid damaging his relationship with his family. When she was twenty-five, the war between Equestria and Zebrica began and she grew up in a world defined by this war. As the government passed to Princess Luna and the Six Ministries were formed, she became one of the founding members of the Grey Brigade (later called the Black Watch) and was involved in critical moments of the Zebra-Pony War that, together, took it from a hot war that was claiming thousands of lives a day and leading to the spread of megaspells, to a cold war that ended the killing and the development of the apocalyptic weapons. But even with the success of the Black Watch and other actors, the megaspell attacks still made a wasteland of Equestria. What this amounts to, especially after an accident made Verde one of the "potion alicorns" produced by Twilight Sparkle's IMP formula, is that Verde Tin's daily life takes place in a wasted hell. The only things that keep her sane and optimistic are her loving marefriend (who was "alicornized" in the same accident as her) and constant visible signs of progress in bringing the wasteland under governmental control and making it safe for ponies to live in again.
Personality: Life and her circumstances have made Verde Tin a duality of sorts: she's both a compassionate and good mare who cares about the common pony and a remorseless murderer who delights in killing and torturing bad ponies. Fortunately for all concerned, she easily switches the psychopath on and off as needed so in the past world of the expanded royal family, she's merely a long-lived mare with the painful memories that comes with a long life in the circumstances she lives in.
Virtue: If she could be assigned an element, Verde would be Magic. Exceptionally gifted with magitech and uniquely able to inscribe "imperative" rune into objects, greatly enhancing their attributes, she represents magic integrated with ingenuity.
Current Home: Canterlot

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Name: Astraylzenika
Race: Half-zebra/Zebra-Alicorn
Age: 32/232
Mane: White with a streak of vivid scarlet
Coat: Zebra pattern with streaks of vivid scarlet.
Cutie mark: A circle with one draconic eye and one sightless eye
Distinguishing Features:  Astra has the normal zebra coloration of black and white stripes in her coat but also vivid streaks of crimson red spaced more or less at random. Unlike most zebras, she has a pure white mane and tail. When she was made an alicorn, she gained the wings and horn of one. While the primary coloration of her wings are striped black and white, the feathers of those wings are perfectly identical in pattern to those in Verde Tin's wings, a reflection of the fact that both were made alicorns by the same accident.
Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): None.
Weaknesses: Unlike her marefriend Verde, Astra was born a zebra without horn or wings, so she has little facility with magic. Her use of it tends to be more crude and she wastes a great deal of her reserves making her horn work because even 200 years later, having magic is very foreign to her.
Occupation: Prior to the war, she assisted her mother Scarlet Knife. Afterwards, she became a member of the Ministry of Morale's paramilitary unit, the Black Watch, acting as the trusted right-hoof mare to her marefriend.
Gear (Pre- and Post Apocalypse: A rune-lathed 9x25mm forward box-magazine automatic pistol "Pale's Burden" w/ 1.5-4x variable red-dot pistol scope. Mk XVIIF combat barding with integrated saddlebags. PipBuck Mk V w/ version 8.6.754.03 firmware. Various combat implements and materials.
History: Astra and Verde Tin are actually legally cousins, but their respective mothers have no blood relation to one another; mutual legal adoption led to Viridian Rain (Verde's mother), Scarlet Knife (Astra's mother), and Silver Rose becoming sisters. What this amounts to is that while Verde and Astra regard one another as family, that they're also marefriends isn't particularly problematic. Although a half-zebra (through her father), Astra looks pureblooded and in a world of zebra-pony tensions, this led to her being very badly abused and mistreated in school; it was partly because Verde would step in and thrash bullies that hurt her cousin that Astra hero-worshiped her, which eventually turned into a mutually-loving relationship. Out of school, Astra followed her marefriend into the army and then into the Black Watch and was her right-hoof mare in most of the things that Verde accomplished in the Watch prior to the end of the hot war. Of the two of them, Astra was the one in the greatest danger from the accident that turned them into alicorns because the IMP formula was only supposed to work safely on unicorns; only the fact that the Black Watch was reformulating the IMP into a chemical weapon called the 'Black Cloud' did the transformation complete safely and properly.
Personality: Generally speaking, where there is Verde Tin, there is Astraylzenika; the two are inseparable and trust one another implicitly. Astra tends to be much more bitter than her cousin; she loathed her father and thus loathes the fact that she looks like a zebra when, as she'll insist to anyone who's within hearing range, she's a pony. At the same time, one of her favorite things to do is to feed into expectations by speaking in rhyme at first, and then abruptly breaking rhyme and going on like any other pony, something that tends to be a little jarring for somepony who expects a compulsive rhymer when they see a zebra.
Virtue: Astra is very much an embodiment of Loyalty. Her dedication to family is ironclad, and she will follow her cousin anywhere if only to lend encouragement. She is Loyalty to family.
Current Home: Maintains a home in Canterlot, currently living at the Gull's Reach military station above the ruins of Stable Fifty.

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Name: Paladin Amor
Race: Unicorn
Age: 21
Mane: Dark blue, with a light blue streak, cut back short.
Coat: White, average length
Cutie mark: A silver shield divided down the middle, half a sun on one side, and half a moon on the other.
Distinguishing Features: Paladin's horn is chipped and worn, from many battles. Furthermore, he has a scar running down his left eye, and his right ear has a chunk bitten out of it.
Specialty: Paladin is a defender more than an attacker, and therefore he is far better at shield spells than anything else. His shields are extremely effective against most forms of attack. He is also proficient in healing spells, and the use of mundane healing methods.
Weaknesses: Paladin cannot summon shield upon shield, with a small cooldown between each spell. He also can't raise another shield immediately after he loses one, leaving a small window of opportunity to strike. While his healing spell may be effective, they are not his forte, and so drain his magic reserves considerably.
Occupation: Paladin serves faithfully as a medic/guard in the Royal Guard, sometimes serving in Celestia's private guard.
Gear: Paladin prefers to wear his father's modified armour, the main difference between it and normal guard armour being that it is blue. He also carries a first-aid kit on his person at all times.
History: Paladin was born into a family of guards, with both his mother and his father serving. Despite this, for the first sixteen years of his life he worked in a hospital, learning to heal injuries with both magic and a needle and thread. However, he always showed proficiency in shielding, and used his shield to defend another for the first time at age fourteen, when a violent offender, brought in after being knocked out by the guard, attacked a nurse. Paladin's shield spell knocked him through a wall. When his father died in combat at age sixteen, Paladin traded his smock for his father's armour and joined the Royal Guard, where he served loyally for the rest of his life. His years in the hospital made him an excellent medic, and so he joined the medic corp.
Personality: Paladin is humble pony, with few possessions. He has served the guard his entire life, and prefers to solve disputes peacefully, even when the arguing ponies are at each other's throats. He is quiet, and was at one point shy. He also believes whole-heartedly in chivalry, and treating mares with respect.
Virtue: Chivalry.
Current Home: The Royal Guard Barracks.
Misc: Paladin has never seen the point, nor has he ever tried, to get a marefriend. Instead, he spends his time alone, reading.

Name: Pariah Farcry
Race: Unicorn
Age: 26
Mane: Dark brown, extremely messy
Coat: Short, dark blue
Cutie Mark: Sigma
Distinguishing Features: Often sports a white fedora, and is always carrying his trusty saddlebags.
Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): He can speak 17 languages, with 13 authentic accents.
Weaknesses: Despite being a unicorn, he has no access to magic of any kind.
Occupation: Scholar of languages.
Gear: He carries his saddlebags, which hold various plants and such collected on his journey, as well as a light weight recurve bow and arrows.
History: Pariah grew up in the slums of Canterlot, though he quickly found himself in Celestia's School in for Talented Unicorns. At age seven, he attempted to place a pocket dimension in a saddlebag, at which point he caught alight, and burnt out his magic entirely. He woke up in hospital the next day, a young mare staring at him.
Over the years, Pariah fell in love with the mare, Silver Star. Fate, however, had other plans. Silver had joined the Guard when Pariah joined the Canterlot University. During the invasion of Canterlot, Silver was side-swiped by a Changeling, and seriously injured.
Pariah blames himself for her injury, and fled Canterlot, fearful of hurting her further. If only he would return...
Following the events of 'A little change up', Pariah met with Silver and discovered that she never actually blamed him for the incident. He now travels less than before, and spends a lot of his time with her. He has also, and continues to spend time in the Night Court, where he sometimes shares a quiet laugh with Princess Luna,who he refers to as 'Moonbutt.'
Personality: Pariah is a mixed bag of emotions. He believes somewhat in chivalry, in particular the ideal of protecting mares. However, he is also a little short-tempered, flaring up when dealing with a pony he doesn't like. Razor Back in particular seems draw out this angry side. He is also brazen and sometimes reacts without thinking of the consequences. No matter how many threats he makes however, he will not attack a mare.
Virtue: Determination.
Current Home: When in Canterlot, he will spend almost all his time with Silver. More often than not though, he sleeps in any cave he can find.

Name: Silver Star
Race: Pegasus
Age: 26
Mane: Short, golden, flows to the left side of her face.
Coat: Short, silver.
Cutie Mark: A pair of crossed falchions, with a trio of silver stars aboe them.
Distinguishing features: Her left wing is missing a few feathers, and is bandaged. She often wears he Royal Guard armour.
Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): She is trained in the use of falchions.
Weaknesses: She has an extremely cool head, but she often contemplates things too long, and winds up missing her opportunity.
Occupation: Sergeant of the Royal Guard.
Gear: Silver carries a pair of hoof-crafted falchions, as well as the standard Royal Guard armour.
History: Silver was born and raised a Royal Guard. Her father served faithfully for many years, and when she was old enough, he taught her to protect and serve. At age seven, she caught a blade poorly on her shield and it cracked, before breaking her arm. A few days later, she woke up and wandered through the hospital.She came across a wounded pony, covered in burns. Instead of running away, she sat down and waited for him to wake up.
She continued to chase the stallion, named Pariah, for many years before befriending him. She began to have serious feelings for him just before the attack on Canterlot. She took him to a bridge, prepared to confess her feelings for him, then got hit by the changeling and she fell. When she woke up in hospital, she found the note and though she was angry, she understood his logic, twisted as it was.
Instead of feeling sorry for herself, she pushed herself harder and harder, before gaining the rank of Sergeant.

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Name: Viridian Rain
Race: Unicorn
Age: 25
Mane: White
Coat: Green.
Cutie mark: A twisted star.
Distinguishing Features: Viridian wears two braids in her mane, one interwoven with scarlet beads, one interwoven with silver beads.
Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): Viridian is an extremely scholarly pony and this tends to show through in her speech and the clipped Trottingham accent she speaks in. She is self-trained in highly deducative reasoning and most ponies that know her well are convinced that her gift is supernatural, above and beyond what unicorn magic ought to be capable of.
Weaknesses: Because of her scholarly nature, Viridian is a fairly remote pony and gets along poorly with ponies that aren't family. She tends to be blunt and not particularly kind as a first-blush response. She also has little experience of the real world, the one outside her learning, and so tends to approach new things with a naivte that's highly unusual for somepony so learned.
Occupation: Graduate student in theoretical magitechnologi studies and applications.
Gear: Partly because she's fully aware that it's incredibly creepy and partly because she's a legitimate affectionado, Viridian always carries a couple dozen black leather sheaths in a harness on her left side, each one made to fit a particular exotic or rare cutting instrument. She has straight sickles, machetes, knifves, stilettos, misicords, and even fairly mundane things like a pair of scissors and a scary-looking but entirely harmless butter knife. No one has ever known her to use the weapons, but its' notable that the weapons are visibly cared-for, which means that Viridian keeps them constantly sharpened and in perfect condition.
History: The youngest child of two parents who were scholars at Hossford University in Trottingham, primarily of magical theory and development history, Viridian was known to be an unsettlingly quiet child, to the point where her parents seriously considered calling her "Silent Rain" before she broke her ordinary silence to primly inform them that she preferred Viridian. Despite acknowledging that her family was very kind to her, Viridian is only close with her older-by-10-months brother Steel Rain; the rest of her family she almost never speaks of.
Viridian was always prodigiously intelligent, having a substantial advantage in reading comprehension over fillies of a similar age, and one of her favorite subjects was the science of deductive reasoning and logic. She's a complete fanfilly of the Fetlock Holmes books and vowed, early on, that she'd learn how to concentrate her powers of observation and correctly utilize deductive reasoning the way her fictitious detective heroine did. This determination caused classmates to be somewhat frightened of her when she started school because, although her methods were still primitive, children aren't the most sophisticated creatures and she found it extremely easy to "read" classmates and pleasantly tell them the results of her observations and deduction. This led classmates to believe she was psychic and could tattle their deepest secrets if they bothered her; thus the class bullies tended to bypass the incredibly juicy target that a strange, bookish, teacher's pet represented.
The two exceptions to the class avoiding her were a tomcolt filly that was a year behind and a soft-spoken sweet-natured one that was two years behind. Scarlet Knife and Silver Rose were the only friends Viridian had through school but they were good ones. The warmth, trust, and frankly sisterly love between the three eventually became such that when they went on to Hossford, not a single person realized that they weren't in fact sisters by birth. Viridian became fascinated by the subject of applying magic to technological devices to create entirely new technology or enhance old, and graduated summa cum laude in magitechnologi studies. Then, with her two virtual sisters happily in tow, she moved to Canterlot to begin her postgraduate work using the Royal Archives.
Personality: Viridian tends to be fairly cool towards others (except for family and her "sisters") and cares little for the feelings of those others. She tends to be highly analytic and level-headed, which others mistake for calm when it's really a self-control so tight that occasionally, her temper will flash and things ends up being broken, whether those "things" are objects or other ponies.
Virtue: The nearest Elemental virue that Viridian possesses is Honesty. Her honesty, however, would be better-rendered as "truth" and she represents the honesty of objective and harsh fact, delivered with neither compassion nor tact.
Current Home: Three-room rented house in Canterlot with her two "sisters"

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Name: Scarlet Knife
Race: Unicorn
Age: 24
Mane: Black
Coat: Vivid scarlet.
Cutie mark: A hammer and sword laid across one another.
Distinguishing Features: Scarlet knife wears many braids in her mane but the only ones that are heavily decorated is one with bright green beads and one with silver beads.
Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): Scarlet is a consummate athlete whose manual dexterity, speed, strength, and agility are notably above average for a unicorn of her age and size. Much of how she uses her magic centers around augmenting her physical characteristics.
Weaknesses: Cliche as it is, Scarlet's largest weakness is her intellect, not so much that she lacks intelligence but that she knows enough to be dangerous while not enough to make it useful. She deeply admires her older "sister" and often attempts to imitate her deductive and objective way of looking at this, not understanding that Viridian can do this well because of nearly 20 years spent disciplining her mind to naturally work that way. Subsequently, Scarlet utilizes her sister's method but rarely comes to the most correct conclusions by it; Viridian, being an older sister and contractually obligated to let her younger sister make a fool out of herself from time to time so she can tease her, does nothing and certainly doesn't tell Scarlet she's doing it wrong.
Occupation: Scarlet is currently working as a apprentice and near-journeymare to a blacksmith in Canterlot while she works to make herself an attractive candidate for admittance into the Royal Guard.
Gear: Normally, Scarlet carries nothing but saddlebags. When she goes on a "walkabout", though, she carries a crossbow and crank post, a buckler, and a matched pair of militarized pickaxes, all made personally by her with help from Viridian's technical understanding and aid with "imperative" runes.
History: Scarlet Knife is the consummate tomcolt, the middle of five brothers and all five attest that middle sis is the tough one. Scarlet grew up beating up, being beaten up, and running around with her brothers and when she finally got to school, she was the biggest filly in her year--and two years above hers. Both of her parents being in the city guard of Trottingham inspired her to make becoming a Royal Guard her life's ambition and she started working for it very early on. If there was a sport being played, Scarlet was there. If there was running, jumping, throwing, tagging, or fighting going on, the big red filly with the ebony mane was in the thick of it.
But there was another legacy of being the filly in the middle of five brothers and that was being a prankster. Scarlet loves to prank ponies and she came to rely heavily on her large size and invincible cheer to deflect anger from he targets. Ever since she'd come across Viridian Rain, moreover, she'd made it her life's mission to prank the most stick-up-the-plothole filly in the entire school--and then Viridian ended up laughing harder than Scarlet did. Coming together over Scarlet playing a practical joke on her made Viridian and Scarlet two peas in a pod and the opinion among other students was unanimous: Scarlet plus Viridian equaled epic pranking. That there was a silent partner to their reign of terror was not generally known and both fillies would later admit that their best work came out of the mind of the sweet, innocent, soft-speaking Silver Rose.
There would be many who were absolutely floored by Scarlet Knife passing the stringent entrance requirements to get into Hossford University but no one who really knew how intensely driven and focused Scarlet could be thought it odd at all. At the famous university, Scarlet studied metallurgy and blacksmithing, determining that she'd work in a very difficult and physically taxing profession while she was readying herself to get into the Royal Guard Academy. She wouldn't graduate with full honors, but Scarlet Knife graduated respectably and happily followed the mares she saw as the sisters she'd never had off to Canterlot to seek her life's goal.
Personality: Scarlet Knife would probably be the most hated meathead and athlete you'd ever met if she wasn't brimming over with good nature and a vigorous lust for life generally. The central aspect of Scarlet's personality is a love of laughing at the world and enjoying her life, and combined with an easy willingness to just let things happen and accept them, she's a very happy pony.
Virtue: Scarlet easily embodies Laughter, always laughing at life and making others laugh too, even those who endure the petty and amusing torments she sends their way.
Current Home: Three-room rented house in Canterlot with her two "sisters"

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Name: Silver Rose
Race: Unicorn
Age: 23
Mane: Silver-white
Coat: Silver.
Cutie mark: A rose with sapphire-blue petals.
Distinguishing Features: Silver wears her mane loose, except for two braids, one entwined with red beads, one entwined with green.
Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): Silver is exceptionally skilled with any and all forms of healing, almost as capable of soothing psychological wounds as physical ones.
Weaknesses: The philosophy of the ends justifying the means, or one in which you need to do a wrong to prevent a much greater wrong, is difficult for Silver to fathom. As such, she can be paralyzed in a medical trauma situation, especially one where it becomes necessary to save a life by amputating a limb or some other major sacrifice. Her inability to process these situations makes her astonishing medical gift useless when it's needed most.
Occupation: Silver works as a senior nurse at the Royal Canterlot Medical Center, working towards becoming a physician's assistant and eventually a doctor.
Gear: Wherever she goes, Silver always carries a pure silver facsimile of her cutie mark with emeralds, rubies, amethysts, and sapphires inlaid; she typically hangs it around her neck. Another thing she always tries to carry is a first-aid kit and a detailed medical guide in case she's called upon unexpectedly.
History: Silver Rose is the only child of a Hossford University botanist and an orthopedic surgeon, which meant that as a small filly, she found herself listening with wide eyes as her parents recounted stories of medicine and of plants. This impromptu education continued all the time she was in school, and Silver quickly developed a reputation for being both extremely quiet--albeit not shy--and highly intelligent. Her quiet and harmless nature made her an ideal target for bullies and bullies are exactly what happened. However, they found Silver to be an extremely frustrating victim because she reacted as if they didn't exist. Largely wrapped up in her own world when she wasn't directly engaged by teachers or other tasks, the various hitting, taunting, name-calling, pushing, and other tactics of the bullies just slid off her and she went about as serene as ever.
Eventually, the bullies lost patience with being ignored and decided that it was high time to do something to the filly that she couldn't simply ignore. They chose their moment with care, when there would be no teacher to interfere or immediately punish them, and picked the biggest bully colt to give her a good hard buck. As the colt wound up, for the first time ever, Silver actually looked at him and when the blow came, fluidly sidestepped and threw an expertly-planted double-hoof buck into the bully's shoulder. As the colt wailed from the snapped limb, Silver walked over and gently said "permanent injuries are not acceptable" before she used a ruler and some tight rubber bands to splint his leg just as the teacher arrived. The surprise turnabout from the meek filly put a serious damper on the bullies but more importantly, it drew the respect and admiration of two older fillies, Viridian Rain and Scarlet Knife. If her display had failed to cow the bullies, the friendship of Viridian and Scarlet did the job nicely and the three became fast, and extremely dear, friends.
Like her "sisters", Silver was admitted to Hossford where she studied medicine and graduated with honors. Bidding her parents a fond farewell, she followed the other two mares to Canterlot and got herself a job as a graveyard shift nurse at the Royal Canterlot Medical Center. But talent and a sweet personality advanced her rapidly and shortly, she was on her way to qualifications as a physician's assistant and beyond that, to becoming a full doctor.
Personality: Silver Rose's personality has been alternately described as "made of pure nice" and "steel wrapped in silk". A serene, gentle, soft-spoken pony who's instinctively kind, Silver Rose is also totally fearless but for her inability to comprehend doing a small wrong to prevent a greater.This fearless side rarely comes into the picture but, like with the bully colt, it's very noticeable when her hard and fearless side comes out from behind the genuine sweetness of nature. Generally, though, Silver is full of warmth and kindness towards others.
Virtue: Silver Rose is, of course, full of Kindness.
Current Home: Three-room rented house in Canterlot with her two "sisters"

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Name: Thryssa Bar Chrysalis
Race: Changeling, Royal
Age: 36
Mane: Light aquamarine braided into a single braid that goes to her mid-back
Coat: Chitinous
Cutie Mark: A crown perched atop an upright ax
Distinguishing Features: As a royal changeling, she has two pairs of dragonfly-like wings as opposed to the single pair of fly wings most changelings have. Under the secondary eyelid, her irises are an intense gold.
Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): Thryssa, as the heir to the throne and thus the war leader of the Changeling Hive Monarchy, is quite gifted in the liquid combat style natural to the "war form" that her scholarly younger sister develop. She's also quite competent at the use of freeform magic in combat, although far from a master of it. A born leader of soldiers, she enjoys the instant and unquestioned obedience of her forces.
Weaknesses: Given that she's a member of a race of shapeshifters, Thyrssa's capabilities in this regard are very limited. She cannot successfully imitate the features of a pony and having never left her kingdom, she see no reason to learn. This reasoning is part and parcel of a certain level of arrogance fed by her inflated regard for her own people, a regard that comes mostly out of nursing an age-old hatred between the changelings and the three pony races. It's a hatred that few remember and Queen Chrysalis has totally forgotten but her eldest daughter nurses.
Occupation: Primary field general of the Changeling Hive Monarchy.
Gear: Thryssa, like most of the Throne Guard, goes about in thick articulated plate armor made of a bronze-like metal, sacrificing protection for the fact that the metal is lighter than steel and other iron alloys and allows freer movement and easy flight.
History: Thryssa is the first-born child of Queen Chrysalis and Prince Auron and as the heir apparent, was always destined to have the greatest burdens laid on her shoulders. Among her people, Chrysalis was already gaining a reputation as one of the greater queens in the history of the changeling race despite being extremely young in changeling terms (a mere 39, in a race where the royals could live for multiple centuries if sufficiently loved) and Thryssa had very large shoes to fill. Like in any monarchy, there were bickering nobles to deal with and court protocols to learn, and every action reflected in some way on her mother, especially since she was the proclaimed heir. Thryssa dealt with this reality by throwing herself into being the ideal changeling: cunning, deceptive, and above all a predator of refinement and skill. By and by large, Thryssa achieved this goal although it came at a cost: when her mother devised her far-sighted plan to forge a peace and then a reunion with Equestria, the zealously patriotic Thryssa, the ideal changeling, was suitable only for the least important task: ensuring that the safest route of travel from the train terminus in the Everfree Forest to the changeling capital of Scarabi was kept safe through military force.
Given her hard-driving nature, it came as a pleasant surprise to both mother and sisters that Thryssa graciously accepted her limited role in the visionary plan and remained as close to her three sisters as she ever was. Chrysalis bestowing the coveted, and richly-earned, titles of Marshal of the Everfree Line and Lady of the Southern Wastes further soothed whatever tensions may have developed.
Personality: Thryssa is a fairly typical noble: intelligent, well-spoken, and works hard to project and maintain an air of regal dignity. More than that, though, she is intensely driven and zealously patriotic about her nation and people. Having adopted an age-old grievance as her own, she also tends to be bitter and curt with ponies she might encounter.
Virtue: Without question, Thryssa embodies Loyalty to her nation, an intense patriotism that makes her absolutely dedicated to whatever goals her mother might select.
Current Home: A permanent military camp along the Everfree Line.

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