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A My Little Pony based Free-form roleplaying site, a place for your Original MLP Characters to call home.
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 Group Rules

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PostSubject: Group Rules   Group Rules Icon_minitimeWed Mar 19, 2014 4:07 am

Hey guys, Obsidian here. So yeah, our new home of OC Roleplay.
Here's hoping we can make a good place for ourselves here. I sincerely believe that we'll be okay so long as we keep it together.
Anyways, onto the rules, and bear in mind some of this is not by choice but enforced by our new host:
1) As usual, please only use characters that have been approved on the character sheets.
2) Always be respectful and kind to your fellow players.
3) No explicit images on the forums please. This isn't fimfiction but that still doesn't fly over here.
4) Please no foalcon or noncon content.
General Rules

  • Respect other Role-players.

    • Skill levels of RPing vary on this group, from people who've been doing it for over a decade to people who this group is the starting point. Please do not mock anyone for a lower level of experience or skill than you, we're here to have fun.

  • No Abuse.

    • While trading insults and barbs is to be expected as part of Roleplay, keep your real life personas out of it. Abuse directed at other Players will not be tolerated.

  • Do not treat the Admins any differently than you would treat another player while they are in character.

    • If an Admin drops Out Of Character and tells you to do something however, do it.

  • No spoiler Rule: Upon the release of a new episode, no matter it's series, there is to be no spoilers for a period of 5 days after it's release. Afterwards it's free game.

Forum Rules

  • Label for mature content.

    • Role-plays that indulge in topics such as Gore or Clop should be appropriately labelled.

  • Do not cluster the forum with retreads of past Role-plays.

    • If a Thread has been inactive for a while assume it to be dead. Retries of a Roleplay may be done if the original is deleted first.

  • Please lock your Thread when you are done.

    • If you are no longer willing to monitor a thread you started or you are declaring the game finished please lock the Thread.

  • Do not make overly long titles for your Threads as a means of getting attention.

    • This has been done multiple times in the past and needs to stop. Your Thread will be renamed by an Admin and if you undo the change the Thread will be deleted. Try to keep the titles of your Threads short and snappy.

  • DO NOT post "Urgent" or "Important" as titles for your Threads.

    • Those are to be used only when an Admin has something they wish to say. If you believe you have something important to point out send it to an Admin and they will decide whether to do so or not.

  • A GM, within reason, makes the rules for their threads. Adjust your character as needed for the thread. If a compromise cannot be made, do not join the thread.

    • Addendum: This rule does not apply to Battle Grounds threads. If there is a disagreement that cannot be dealt with amongst yourselves an Admin must be notified to settle the dispute.


Private Threads

  • Posting in a private Thread or a Thread you have been excluded from will result in a strike.

Original Characters

  • Please keep your OC's character traits consistent.
    If you have multiple OCs that is fine but please make it clear which OC you are using and make it clear what their powers, personality etc. are and stick to it.
  • A character is not allowed in this group unless it is posted on the Character Sheet Thread and has the approval of DualThrone.
  • Avoid Mary Sue characters.

    • Now, what makes a Mary Sue is very subjective, so please try to exercise common sense in your character writing. The technical definition of a Sue is:
      “A Perfect Character that faces no challenge by the narrative whatsoever.”
      You should also be aware that there are many types of Sue. Blackhole Sue, Sympathy Sue, God Sue, Etc.

  • Custom Races or Human OCs must be screened by either ObsidianPony or DualThrone before they can be used.
  • No banned OCs.

    • A Player using an OC which has been banned for whatever reason will receive a strike.

  • OCs only.

    • Characters who are blatant copies of canon characters or from another franchise are almost certainly going to be rejected.


Questions? Concerns?

  • PM ObsidianPony or any admin if you have any questions over what is or isn't acceptable.
  • If you want to report somebody to an Admin please check that:

    • The Admins aren't already aware    
    • That they're actually breaking the rules.


List of Strike worthy offenses.

  • Red Text = Instant Strike
  • Normal Text = A warning is given first, a strike if the issue persists.
  • * = This rule does not apply to Private Games

  • OOC User Abuse.
  • GMing another person’s game.
  • Posting in a private thread that you are not part of.
  • Ignoring an Admin's instructions (unless it is justifiable, which "I did not like what he/she told me to do", is not.)
  • Plagiarizing another’s thread.
  • Non-consensual content
  • Foal Con. (Maximum age for what counts as Foal Con is 15. 16 is the allowed minimum otherwise.)
  • RPing with an OC who has been banned/suspended
  • Using an OC Without a character sheet
  • Excessive OOC Chat in Threads. We have PMs, Skype and Discord chats for this. * (It's moderately allowed within reason to compliment what's going on in a post or giving more obvious clues to inexperienced writers/players, but always try to narrate intentions and options proper)
  • Posts that fall under two lines * (unless otherwise noted by the GM)
  • Mary Sue Behavior
  • Use of another Player’s OC without permission
  • Lack of consistency
  • A character not matching their character sheet in any way
  • Posts that do not match the style of the thread. (So 1st person in a thread where everyone else is using 3rd person).
  • Bringing NSFW content into a SFW thread.
  • Auto Hitting.
  • Self-Advertising on the threads. (Advertise your OCs and possibly their stories the way you're supposed to; by RPing).

Admin list.

  • Brother Roga: Community Admin
  • DualThrone: Character Admin
  • Heartstring: Technical Support Admin
  • Lightning Shield: Combat Admin
  • Mr.Market: Chat Admin
  • ObsidianPony: Group Creator

Please note that an Admin can give a Strike for anything as long as the rest of the Admins agree.

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Group Rules
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