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 Skype rules.

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Skype rules. Empty
PostSubject: Skype rules.   Skype rules. Icon_minitimeSun Jul 12, 2015 10:21 pm

General Rules:

*Above all else, members within the chats are to respect one another just as they are expected to do so in the forum itself.

*Members in the chats must be registered with the forum.

*When an Admin/Moderator catches someone's attention in the chats, for WHATEVER reason, they are expected to listen and follow instructions if given as they would in the forum; Especially so when it's the ones overlooking them. (Note: Mr. Market, Brother Roga, Obsidian Pony, and Pariah manage/moderate the Main Chat... Mr. Market, Obsidian Pony, Aurum Tempestas, Sif, and Pariah manage the NSFW Chat.) Just as with the forum, however, if one feels they are being chastised wrongfully, they can take up the issue with another Admin.

*Strikes may be given for unruly behavior in the chats as they would for unruly behavior in the forum(Note: These count towards the same grand total. Accumulate three strikes, and temporary ban from the forum will follow.) Same goes for temporary but lengthly bans from the chats in the event of persistent unruly behavior.

**When sharing images of any sort, PLEASE be sure to prioritize using actual links instead of image files. We got people using Mobile Skype from time to time, and too many files of that sort seem to slow things down for them, or are simply unable to avoid watching the content of it for some reason, even if they're not interested. Basically, if you know where to find them online, use those unless you really can't find them anywhere but your own saved data... This is less a rule and more a request to be considerate of people whose phones don't perform very well, but file sharing isn't being forbidden either. On that note, it may be preferable to just ask who wants to see such files and send it to each individually. Anything to avoid cluttering the main chats, basically.

Main Chat Specific Rules:

*Keep topics roughly PG-13 at most. Not everyone is into everything being openly or explicitly discussed, hence why we got an alternative for more explicit chatter.

*NSFW content may be linked, but it must be tagged as such to avoid unwanted surprises.

*No RPing allowed. Some brief moments of silliness may happen among those in the chat, it's sorta inevitable, but extended RPing will be called off. There's a reason we got an RPing forum after all.

NSFW Chat Specific Rules

*Due to the nature of the NSFW chat since it was created and what it was originally made for, RPing 'quickie' smut is allowed, though keep in mind this may not hinder regular texts. Be wary of this as no one is obligated to stop for anyone even if requested. That said, if an Admin/Mod in charge of it says to stop RPing for whatever reason, then kindly stop right away.

*NSFW links are obviously allowed, but if it's about something of a non-sexual nature, ask those present if they would like to see it first... Or watch as people cringe and groan over a 'turn off', soon followed by an Admin/Mod telling you not to link anything like it again without consent and risk a strike/ban.

**Technically any topic is allowed in the chats, EXCEPT Politics(a chat for debating in general was made outside the group chats, so ask about it for its use), but keep in mind as to what is and isn't TOO explicit still.

**Rules may be subject to change. Changes will be announced as needed.
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Skype rules.
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