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 Location Thread

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Lorthalis of Crows

Lorthalis of Crows

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PostSubject: Location Thread   Location Thread Icon_minitimeFri Apr 08, 2016 2:18 am

Alright, so this is an idea I had awhile ago. A lot of the worldbuild-y people in the group tend to enjoy using certain locations across several threads, though these normally pertain to a specific character, style of magic, or custom character race.

Here is a place you can post locations not anchored to any of those things. Or rather, they are their own unique pocket of story, bringing their own additions to the thread canon just like any character would.

The Important Stuff
-Name: I should not have to tell you why this is important.
-Type: Also pretty important, juts what kind of building it is. Cafe, bar, dungeon, castle, duchy.... Brothels are allowed, but not encouraged. We have a ton of those, from both before and after the FIMfic RP ban. Seriously guys, we do not need anymore. Same goes for bathhouses. So yeah. Allowed but not encouraged.
-Location: Specifically, relative to known canon locations. I will help people out as needed with this one.
-Description: Here is where you talk about the place! Give us some rumor mill about it, what makes it special, all that good stuff.
-Random Facts:Bullet-ed list of some more random trivia about it. This part is optional, but encouraged.
-Special: Does its existence add some new mechanic to the thread? Is the castle really a magical time bomb? Does everyone that works at the cafe get ninja waitress training? Is the entire duchy plagued by Magical Mares? Tell us! This part is optional. In fact, it is optional to include this even when adding the location to somewhere. The special only applies to Oc's listed under employees if the Location is in play, and the GM is aware of the full impact of what that special does. Do not be cheeky.
-Employees: Or denizens, or residents, or what have you. What people might be found here. Yes, you can and probably will put some of your OC's on this list. It is expected. With the permission of others, you might even put their OC's on this list. More on that later. [NOTE: SOME OC'S MAY BE ADDED TO THE LIST ON A THREAD-BY-THREAD BASIS, SO YOU MAY WANT TO LEAVE OPEN SLOTS FOR NEW "EMPLOYEES".]

So, now you have a form! We really like forms in this group, apparently. Just like characters, you should not feel at all reluctant to modify your location "on-site" in the thread sign-up if parts are unsuitable.

Convenient Example:
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PostSubject: Re: Location Thread   Location Thread Icon_minitimeFri Apr 08, 2016 2:44 pm

Name: The Singing Raven
-Type: Music bar/ tavern. and Supernatural hangout.
-Location: Canterlot
-Description: The tavern is a common get together for anyone that likes good food, good music and good times.
 And for our special (Supernaturals) Don't worry we got your back. (just show the barkeep proof you're a supernatural. Fangs, Claws, ext.) After showing proof you and your peers. will be escorted to the secret bar.(Out of site of any too curiosity eyes.) The hide away would provide too many of your monster related needs (including Meats, drinks and claw and fang sharpening. Alchemy station. Perfectly Safe from any "undesirables." , good food and music. We could even provide housing if needed.
-Random Facts: Music is constantly performed by the workers or bands when they not busy.
(Mostly for roleplay purposes.) If you're short on bits or need a little action in your life you might try your luck and ask for any jobs available.
Weekly events.:
-Special: All workers are part of the same vampony family.
All are highly trained and are highly skilled in both combat and in conversations
Don't worry all employees are peaceful and would not cause harm to anyone unless needed. Also, they don't show their fangs till they need to.
Rules: Don't cause a scene, No fighting especially with the employees. (You will highly regrate it.), Keep your romance family friendly.  
Great place for information and rumors.
To any hunters thinking they could fight us: "We are peaceful, we are not causing any problems. Cause problems with us, You try our patients and refuse to put away your weapons after we try to talk to you. You will be exposed of."
-Employees: (in order of authority. Lowest to highest.)
"EX" (Newest vampire in the family, Unicorn.): a server for supernatural.
"Chains" (weakest vampire in the family. earth pony.): Cook in the back.
Fortissimo (Younger of the twin sisters. Bat pony): Waitress on mortal side.
Pianissimo (older of twin sisters, Batpony.): A waitress on mortal side.
"Doc." (Zebra vampire, Zebra.) Event runner and planner
Crescent Keeper.: Security for both sides.
Songcraft. (Daughter of a head vampire, Unicorn.) : Waitress on supernatural side.
"Miss, Encore" ( Wife of the head vampire. earth pony): Barkeep for the mortal side.
"Count Showcase." (Head vampire. Unicorn.): Barkeep for the supernatural side.
Always open for performers and front of the house. (supernatural or mortals.)
Feel free to use this for any threads, But, the bar has a no naughty rule. (flirting allowed, but keep the bedroom stuff at your place.) and no fighting.
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Location Thread
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