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 Sign-Up: The Investigation ((Adv., Gore, Anthro))

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PostSubject: Sign-Up: The Investigation ((Adv., Gore, Anthro))   Tue Apr 15, 2014 1:25 am

This is Bleach Crossover thread so if you want to skip the paragraphs below you need to know the following terms.

-Soul Reapers
-Soul Society/Seireitei
-Hueco Mundo
-Quincy (optional)
-Kido: (Glance over this, but don't worry about it much since this isn't normally used)
-13 Court Guard Squads: (includes the Squads that have their duties officially mentioned)
-Reishi/ Spiritual Pressure: (Rather important since it's your characters energy
Flash Step: Important

Many have wondered what will happen to those who leave the world of the living and go to the mysterious realm of the dead. There are many theories on this area, but they only scratch the surface of the truth. The home of the dead separated into three domains on the contrary of the regular two.

Soul Society or Heaven, Hell, and Hueco Mundo.

The last being the place where spirits that have not found peace call home. For each creature there is a hole some where on there bodies, but normally somewhere in the chest area. This has coined the name Hollow. If they were not kept on check they would rampage through Soul Society and the World of the Living with Hell having one being safe. Hollows are not beaten by angels in white clothing, but instead warriors of black.

The Soul Reapers.

These powerful warriors are equipped with zanpakuto, or Soul Slayers, that can send all spirits to Soul Society and to Hell for the few ponies that earned it their stay. Heaven is guarded by the Soul Reapers while Hell is off limits to all Soul Reapers. The souls who found their way to what was thought was paradise would be surprised to find Heaven was strangely similar to home.

This place is also guarded by the 13 Court Guard Squads which is organization that all Soul Reapers are apart of. Each Squad is ran by a Captain and Lieutenant. The Captains are ponies that have learned their swords true name and are able to fully unleash their zanpakuto's true power. Bankai. Where other Soul Reapers know only part of their zanpakuto's name which only unleashes part of their sword's power. Shikai.

Each zanpakuto is formed by the spiritual energy of their wielder so once they get out of their base form, katana, they can turn into something any type of weapon, though not normally guns. Every zanpakuto has a personality of its own which decides whether or not their wielder is worthy to gain more of its power since a zanpakuto's power is separate from the owner's. Anyone below Captain level normally only has a shikai which includes the Lieutenants, the 2nd of command of the Squad though not always the strongest since they are chosen by their Captains. Ponies below Lieutenant are ranked by power which goes through 3rd to 10th. There are some cases where Lieutenants have achieved Bankai, but still need to learn how to control it.

A few squads are known more famously for certain tasks that they perform to do. Squad 1 is the head of the other squads. Squad 2 is about gaining information and at times is used for assassinations. Squad 4 is the healers and well know for healing the injured quickly though are constantly picked on by Squad 11 the strike force, normally obsessed with the glory of battle. This Squad only uses their zanpakutos and dislike Kido. While Squad 9 is about protecting the Soul Society. With finally Squad being head of the technology and lack combat experience.

((Now for the intro))

Things in Worlds of the Dead and Living have progressed normally or at least they were a months ago. Since then the giant Hollows called Menos, who rarely ever travel outside of Hueco Mundo, have been frequently visiting Soul Society. While they do not do anything, but seeing them randomly tear holes in sky will cause concern for anyone. Most of the time they simply stand there and do nothing for a while or least until they see the Hollow next to it. They would start feasting on each other and create destroy anything nearby during their battle. This would normally end with the aid of the Soul Reapers along with minimal casualties. But, this needed to end.

They had to figure out why the Menos were leaving Hueco Mundo and going to Soul Society and then solve the issue. This would be a simple mission in theory, but still this was the home of Hollows. It was normally impossible to trace these creatures after they close up their holes, but luckily Squad 12 have managed to capture enough data to be able to find where the Menos are coming from. This meant they would be randomly sent into Hueco Mundo and could finish quickly.

Once, opened the portal would close and the Soul Reapers would have reopen it with a device which looked like a small bracelet. Multiple device were created for each of the Soul Reapers so that they could leave individually if they have to.

Soul Reapers' Regular Attire
Things needed for the sign-up:
1.) Your rank ((Captain, Lieutenant, 3rd to 5th))
2.) Squad ((2-13))
3.) The name, shape, and ability of your shikai and if you are a Captain bankai as well though there can be an exception for Lieutenants
4.) Color of your Spiritual Energy and feel
5.) Ability in Flash Step ((How easy it for your character? Does it tire your character after doing it a few times or can they do it constantly without much trouble))
6.) No autohits unless I say so
7.) YOU CAN DIE!!!!!

Extra Stuff:
Also if you're wondering. Yes, your OC will have the same abilities as they did while they were alive. Pegasi can still effect the whether and unicorns can still cast their spells. Take note that Kido will be open to all races.

If you need more information please message me or talk to me in our group chat on Cloudsdale
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PostSubject: Re: Sign-Up: The Investigation ((Adv., Gore, Anthro))   Tue Apr 15, 2014 2:00 am

Kitsune, page four of old char thread. Lieutenant of Squad Four. Ludus is her blade and it takes the form of a staff, white with odd arcane designs along it that glow slightly with her spiritual energy, which is a soft blue, and Ludus has powers over dreams and illusions, and can make one see what they wish to see. Her spirit energy feels mischevious, and she is very good at Flash Step. Her Bankai takes the form of a fox, which sits upon Kitsune's shoulder, and her illusions are amplified greatly, able to span about twenty five yards in any direction and can automatically adapt to dreams, nightmares, hopes, and fears to manipulate others. She can help a patient stay calm or punish one for disrupting the healing process. She doesn't use Kido, preferring the use of her Zanpakuto.

Let's play, Ludus (for shikai)

Let's play, Ludo et Somnia Somniabunt (for bankai)

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PostSubject: Re: Sign-Up: The Investigation ((Adv., Gore, Anthro))   Tue Apr 15, 2014 5:47 am

Sword Symphony.

Lieutenant of Squad 9

Zanpakuto: Shikai: Merodi no Rekuiemu. Release phrase: "Conduct, Merodi no Rekuiemu"

Merodi no Rekuiemu is a dual zanpakuto. Its primary power is to make the secondary sword perform the same movement as primary weapon as if a second person was wielding it. Its secondary ability is to replicate itself 3 times and then fire the replicas at the enemy. Alternatively, he can choose to "Overedge" his weapon, increasing the cutting force of it 3 times for 2 blades, or 6 times for a single blade

Bankai: Burēdo no Shinfonī.

Burēdo no Shinfonī's ability is the shikai's ability on a large scale. As he activates his bankai, Sword will grasp his blade between his palms and then spread them, a thousand copies of the blades spreading in front of him. In his hand Sword will hold the conductor's blade, which controls his bankai. Each blade can be conducted independently, or commanded as a mass to assault targets.

Sword's ability in kido is exceptional, being able to cast all Hado, and Bakudo's up to 81. His flash step on the other hand is average for his rank, although he is proficient enough for repetitive usage

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PostSubject: Re: Sign-Up: The Investigation ((Adv., Gore, Anthro))   Tue Apr 15, 2014 2:49 pm

Squad Eleven, Lieutenant
The sealed form of Grey’s Zanpakuto is a normal katana with a grey blue ito wrap.
Shikai - Swing Wildly, Tetsuya. The length of the sword extends from the ground to the wielders shoulders. A western style greatsword, bulky and durable, the blade is cast with a silvery blue hue. The fuller of the blade is segmented twice with small jagged circles at equal distance along the blade. The guard is black with blue ridges and the tips are shaped like horns, it curves down slightly towards the grip. The grip is large to accommodate for various two handed gripping and is wrapped in tight black leather. The closer the wielders grip to the guard, the faster the swings are, but the reach and force is diminished. Holding the grip further away from the guard will slow down the users attacks, but increases the range and force of the users swing. The pommel of the hilt is round and flat, colored the same silvery blue as the blade.
Grey’s Spiritual Energy is grey with a blue outline. It is like an ominous wind that signals the approach of a terrible storm.
Grey’s Kido capabilities are very limited and he hardly ever resorts to using them.
Grey has practiced using Flash Step, but is not efficient while performing it. He only relies on Flash Step when in a pinch because he tires easily after multiple uses.
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PostSubject: Re: Sign-Up: The Investigation ((Adv., Gore, Anthro))   Tue Apr 15, 2014 5:05 pm

Krix, captain of squad 13.
Zanpakuto: Shashari- appears with a shorter than average blade, but a large arrow head shaped guard

Shikai release: ("Stand strong and stalwart, Shashari") Instead of a sword, Shashari's release is a elongated heater shield who's edges are sharp. The weapon is held vertically, with the point extending well past Krix's hand. Shashari's primary ability is kido, and other energy based attack, deflection which if aimed properly can be re-directed back at the attacker. It also has the capabilities to change how gravity affects itself and it's wielder.

Bankai release: (Dura-Shashari Yavmaru) In it's bankai, Shashari takes the form of 4 pieces of armor, one set of shielded gauntlets (a gauntlet with a small heater shield connected to it) and a set of greaves. The armor appears to be like plate mail, with the knuckles of the gauntlets and the knee's and toes of the greaves being spiked. While expanding only slightly on the kido deflection ability, by allowing it's wielder to actually catch energy and kido based attacks and then either hold onto the energy to combine it with other attacks, simply dispel it, or hurl it at something, Dura-Shashari Yavmaru's ability expands more on it's gravity manipulation. When ever the pieces strike something, they can instantaneously change how gravity affects it, even to the point giving things their own gravitational pull or repel.

Krix himself is really good at kido, while his flash step capabilities are lower than average. He can use it a fair number of times before tiring, but it's slower than the average. Possibly the slowest of the captains and slower than most of the lieutenants.
Krix's Spiritual energy is very dense and heavy, but not in a menacing way. More like it's just there and not going to move much unless Krix himself moves. It's color is stone grey.

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PostSubject: Re: Sign-Up: The Investigation ((Adv., Gore, Anthro))   Tue Apr 15, 2014 7:30 pm

Meteor Storm

3rd seat of squad 2

Shikai: Moeru yōna zōo. The release phrase is "Storm from above Moeru yōna zōo." Storm's zanpakuto turns into a single headed Meteor Hammer. The hammer's head resembles a flanged mace and weighs approximately 6 kg. The hammer is normally spun around the body to gain momentum but can be wrapped around various parts of the body to release fast and lethal blows. Moeru yōna zōo also heats up giving it the ability to burn the opponent, this takes time though and isn't normally used as Storm doesn't like to drag fights out too long.

Skill in kido is lower than average. He can use some kido spells without reciting the incantation however he needs to recite the incantation for most and can only reach hado 40. His bakudo is even worse as he can't use any without an incantation and then only up to 20.

Flash step can be used quite a few times without tiring, and Storm can move at great speed.
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PostSubject: Re: Sign-Up: The Investigation ((Adv., Gore, Anthro))   Sat Apr 26, 2014 10:54 pm

Ocean Arc (page 10 of the brand new OC character thread, more than half way down)
Captain of Squad Three
Arc’s Zanpakuto, in it’s sealed form, is shaped like a normal katana with a dark blue hilt. In it’s released, Shikai form, the blade turns blue and cools down, then takes on a broader thicker form similar to a western longsword. The sword generates a thin veil of water around it, imbued with Arc’s Spiritual Energy. When Arc strikes with the sword, the water splashes out. The water is controlled by Arc and he utilizes it to strike his target with spiritually enhanced water that can cut through stone. In it’s Bankai form, the sword dissolves into a endless pool of water. Arc can then control the water, shaping it however he wants, whether it be blades, armor, or even into the shape of a sea serpent. The water Arc controls in this form can cut through almost anything.
Shikai: Make a Splash, Mizuchi.
Bankai: Devour the Sea, Mizuchi.
Arc’s Spiritual Energy feels like being submerged into the deep ocean, drowning scared and alone in the black abyss of the deepest oceanic trenches. It’s color is dark grey with a dark teal outline.
Arc is more proficient with Bakudo spells than he is with Hado. Favoring the defense that Bakudo spells provide than of the offense the Hado spells provide. He knows up to 98 in Bakudo while only knowing up to 58 in Hado. Arc’s Flash Step is at a captain’s level. He’s able to use Flash Step repeatedly, rarely ever tiring of it until he uses it excessively for prolonged battles or travel.

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PostSubject: Re: Sign-Up: The Investigation ((Adv., Gore, Anthro))   Sun Apr 27, 2014 12:23 am

Sakura Foxxbryt

3rd Seat, 9th Squad

Zampakuto: Cherryblossom in her sealed form has the appearance of a nodachi with the chisel end reversed from normal (instead of slanting towards the cutting edge, it slants away from it). Her released Shikai form is that of an silver espada longa about four feet in length. Her Bankai form is that of a katana with the same reversed bevel as the unreleased form and the phrase "For each with the lash, twice with the sword" in Japanese kanjii characters imprinted into the metal on either side and nine colored ribbons (red, violet, blue, white, black, orange, fuchsia, yellow, and green) hanging from the handle.
Shikai: "Draw near, Cherryblossom!" In this form, the slashes of Cherryblossom leave a visible trail of silver light that hardens and flies outwards, supernaturally sharp and striking with greater force the further it travels.
Bankai: "Show your tails, Cherryblossom!" In this form the hard trails of silver light become trails of pink flower petals that are propelled by a sudden wind towards their target, cutting like razor blades at the lightest touch. The bankai also permits Sakura to turn a glancing blow into a trap, what was apparently her dissolving into a thick cloud of the petals which envelope the offender and shred them like a meat grinder. Finally, Cherryblossom can shield Sakura behind a whirlwind of the petals with her in the eye of the storm.

Sakura's spiritual energy gives one the feeling of having flower petals driven by a gentle wind flowing over the skin with the faintest hint of the scent of star jasmine in the phantom breeze.

Sakura is heavily inclined towards Bakudo focusing specifically on bindings, able to achieve Bakudo #99. Her Hado, however, is relatively weak, going only up to 34. She has fully mastered flash step, able to use it tirelessly and with such minimal effort that it's almost unconscious, giving her incredible speed when she chooses to employ it.
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PostSubject: Re: Sign-Up: The Investigation ((Adv., Gore, Anthro))   

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Sign-Up: The Investigation ((Adv., Gore, Anthro))
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