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 Here be Dragons [Anthro, Crossover, Sign-Up]

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PostSubject: Here be Dragons [Anthro, Crossover, Sign-Up]   Sat May 03, 2014 5:18 pm

The province of Skyrim has been overrun with dragons, and it is up to all of you to defeat them. You will be supplied scrolls that will trap the souls of slain dragon so that they may not rise again. Weapons and armor are not provided, so you must bring your own gear. There is a two thousand septim reward for each dragon slain, more if you can find their leader. Not much is known of how this happened besides sight of a black dragon before and after each new dragon appears. You must take caution around these beasts, for they are strong, crafty, and deadly.

No Daedric gear
All weapon types and armor types are allowed except Daedric, but try not to be OP about it
You can die
One OC only
No dragon OCs
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Here be Dragons [Anthro, Crossover, Sign-Up]
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