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 5 Steps To Successful Roleplaying In The Group In A Nutshell.

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Brother Roga

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PostSubject: 5 Steps To Successful Roleplaying In The Group In A Nutshell.   Fri Jun 06, 2014 9:38 am

Step 1: Familiarize yourself with the group's rules, which you can find ---> Here! <---

Step 2: Submit a character to the Brand New OC Character Thread which you can find via this link. There is a blank sheet available at the bottom of the first post that you can copy and paste!

Step 3: Once your character gets approved by Dualthrone, you are ready to join games and create them as you please! But remember to remain within character!

Step 4: If you break the rules enough times in a short enough time-span, you will be banned from the group. You will know if you have broken the rules by checking if you can find your name in the Strike Thread.

Step 5: When you have the need to talk to others in an OOC manner or ask about the rules with an admin in real time, visit our Cloudsdale OOC Chat!

With that short instruction manual, I leave you, new player, to get involved in this group's wonders!

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5 Steps To Successful Roleplaying In The Group In A Nutshell.
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