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 The Thousand Year Exile

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PostSubject: The Thousand Year Exile   The Thousand Year Exile Icon_minitimeMon Jun 29, 2020 5:56 am

"And if you come back around here again, traitor, you'll share the same fate as your whore of a sky-roamer friend did! Now get out of my sight!" Bull Rush spat as he directed his goons to shove Thistle away from the village and from what he had just witnessed. His two-year-long friend - nay, lover - Sweet Breeze was dead now, her windpipe crushed and her wings torn. Thistle was in agony he never knew existed. Not just from physical injuries, no, those were something that would heal over time. No, the mental trauma was far more severe, like gashes torn into his heart and soul. As he stumbled back up, he turned back and tried to go to her body, only to be kicked down again.
"You heard him, scum, scram. Unless you want to join that pathetic creature?" One of the goons, Mortar, kicked yet again as he laughed. Instinct was telling Thistle to run but his heart was telling him to avenge Sweet Breeze. In the end he hobbled back up and still crying and bleeding from surface wounds, eyes red and swollen from both the punishment doled out by the village bully & his cronies as well as the scarring that they'd done to his mind, he walked, then he ran despite his right hindleg protesting.

Only hours later did he stop, having travelled what seemed to be north according to the stars. It was dark now. Up ahead he could see two mountains rising up, their tips side by side. Unicorn territory. Their magic allowed them to make a home there in a place where accessibility was difficult at the best of times. They used their levitation abilities to lift rocks wide enough to allow a pony to stand on top up to the cliffsides where no threat could reach. That combined with that same levitation to wield weapons that they could use at ranges longer than spears, sometimes even at bow lengths, made any of their dwellings almost impossible to assault without suffering major losses.
Knowing this, Thistle gave them a wide berth as he moved further up north, still sobbing.

1000 years later, in the Crystal Empire...

Sombra howled in agony as he felt his entire being unravelling, his body disintegrating under the assault of the Crystal Heart's power, the wave of energy forcing itself through every pore on his skin and down his every orifice. His plans were in ruins, his empire usurped and slaves liberated, fueling the Heart. His powers could do nothing against it. That damn unicorn and his lizard! They ruined everything!
And then... He ceased to be. With a massive explosion, his body tore apart, his curved horn shattering and flying off into the frozen wastes where it eventually landed in the snow with a *fwump*.

Even in death however, the dark magic that permeated his being radiated out. Wave after wave. Like clockwork. Like a heartbeat...

1000 years earlier...

Thistle didn't know how long it had been since he was banished. All he knew that he couldn't go back.
"Those bastards... I'll avenge you one day sweetie, I swear it... I'm sorry for being so weak. I shouldn't have brought you there. Damn you Bull Rush, damn the whole village!" He seethed before yelling his defiance to the heavens.
In truth, he had this conversation with himself far more times than could be counted at this stage.
He had walked and walked and walked, fought and ran from dangers all the while, barely scraping by even as he'd entered what his kind had called The Frozen North. The snow was everywhere, not quite unlike what he'd seen back home. But this was different. There were no trees, there were no signs of habitation, just rock and ice and snow for miles. The cold bit into him like a dagger, threatening to slit his throat if he lost his consciousness for even a second. Quite fittingly, he felt like he was walking on a knife's edge. By this point he was barely able to walk, his bruises had failed to recede, a scrape he'd gotten on his left foreleg was clearly infected and his brow was sweating despite the cold.

He also knew he was being followed. He'd not seen anything but he could sense a presence. Circling him. Probably a camouflaged bear looking for its next meal.
Thistle knew he wouldn't be able to fight it and wasn't sure about his chances of running away either. As if to punctuate it, he stumbled on a rock hidden by the snow, rolling down a small hill hidden away by all the white. When he got his bearings again, he felt the presence growing closer. Death would be upon him soon.
"I'll be with you soon, love. Just wish I could have done more..." He let his tears flow freely yet again, not caring that they froze on his chin.
The presence was almost on him now. He could almost see it too. It moved like a haze, shades of blue against a frame of white, in the shape of a pony but larger, stockier yet more slender. It snorted and made animalistic noises as it slowly creeped in closer and closer. Yet even now Thistle felt rage in his heart over what had led him here. Stubbornness bade him stand his ground.
"Come at me then! If I'm going to die, I'm going to take you with me!" He bellowed out his challenge before charging at the beast.
The windigo responded in kind. When the two collided however, the already freezing Thistle felt like something truly cold had touched him, that the temperature to this point had been but a gust of wind in autumn. He could feel his innards freezing solid, the windigo seemingly having disappeared. The seconds felt like minutes as he could see his chest growing paler and paler before he could see ice forming on it, the impossible cold moving to the rest of his body like a wave. He curled up in an effort to minimize his exposure to the outside and somehow try and stay warm. He could feel his heartbeat slowing down, growing quieter as he started to fade. Thump thump... Thump thump... Thump... thump... thump... thump... thump...

1002 years later, in a frozen wasteland...

The heartbeats were ever so slow. Like the tapping of a window by a single raindrop. Agonizingly slowly a being began to stir. At first movement was difficult, like it was being held down by something. But eventually it had gathered enough strength to free one limb. Then another. To it, it might have felt like years. But eventually it could move. The snow covered it but that was no matter, it could not feel the cold. In fact, it was as if it couldn't feel anything at all. The limbs moved yet he felt no exertion. The amount of snow should be crushing his body yet it felt no pressure. It only felt cold in one place. Deep in it's chest, like a faded memory.
Eventually it had managed to dig it's way out of the snow. Once it did, it began to take a look at it's surroundings, then at itself. Curious... This limb shouldn't be covered in ice. At least, that's what it's mind was supposed to believe, leading it to using another of it's limbs to clear it of the offending ice, which was easy enough. It's head was frozen to the point where the chin was covered in a block of ice like a beard. The body itself was white, almost melding perfectly with the ice that encrusted it. It's mane was cyan and encrusted as well, completing the look of an arctic beast of myth.
A grunt and a roar sounded off a short distance from the creature. Covered in similarly white fur and large of stature, it was muscular and ferocious looking - a prime example of an adult polar bear. It seemed that the creature had unwittingly dug itself out into its territory. Ever so slowly the creature raised the other still ice-crusted hoof and brought it down while turning to face the bear. This sent out a wave through the undisturbed snow and before the creature could register it, a wall of ice had risen between it and the bear. The bear was wise and chose to run away, leaving the creature to wonder at it's powers. "Sssstraangeee." It hissed out, the voice sounding like a frozen wind. Years upon years of no usage of the vocal cords had left much to be desired but for now it was enough. But it was the ability that it now seemed to possess that was more important to it.

Rotating its head to the right, the creature saw in the far off distance a pillar that had a radiant light shining from it's tip. It was surrounded by smaller structures that it couldn't discern the true nature of at this distance. Seeing no other thing that caught its attention, it slowly began to move towards the structure when it felt a sharp jolt in it's head, like an icicle had been driven through it's frozen skull. It felt like a pain that it felt a long time ago but when it tried to recall, the cold in it's chest grew painful. It felt like it had lost something important but couldn't recall what. Eventually it started moving again. Maybe it would recall more as it moved, it thought.

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