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 Describe Your OC's Move List

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Brother Roga

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PostSubject: Describe Your OC's Move List   Describe Your OC's Move List Icon_minitimeThu Jun 11, 2015 9:13 pm

This here thread is for those combat enthusiasts here in our group! This was originally in the Fimfic group but thanks to Doomande's suggestion it was now copy-pasted here for people to use.
We all have posted or seen other people post some sort of combat-related things in the group, but sometimes things haven't been unified and some people have gotten confused over how this or that can be done by this or that OC.
So this thread here is to unify our OC's combat capabilities and let the other roleplayers know what they're getting their hooves into!

Here's a list:
Fighting Stance: What does your OC look like when in a combat situation? Does he/she stand proud and tall? Does he/she hang her head low, ready to pounce on the prey?
Weaponry: What does the OC use to fight his/her battles with? Does he/she use her horn as a stabbing device? Does he/she use magic blasts that leave nothing but scorch marks in their wake? How does he/she defeat the opposition?
Special Skills: Does the OC have any special manouvers that they make us of during battle? What do they call these manouvers? Show us why your OC stands out!
Ultimates: What does the character's most powerful moves look like? Let us know how they truly crushes the opponent's resistance and allow them to move in for the kill.
Fatalities: When forced to kill in the most gruesome of ways, what does your OC do? Does he/she hammer the victim to a bloody pulp or torched by a fireball? Sent to the moon? Will they have to taste the rainbow and be turned to stone? Give us an idea!

For example, here is my OC Oathbound and his skillset!

Fighting Style: Oathbound's fighting style is that of the close-combat specialist, though his weapons have the range to fight against those he cannot physically reach. He also moves actively around, better to dodge his blows and see the effects his weapons will have.

Weaponry: Oathbound wields two or more magic-created axes that he wields with telekinetically deadly prowess. At will he can make the axes multiply and merge back together when overwhelmed, though the axes lose power as he has to control more of them.

Special Skills: Oathbound has several skills at his disposal.
Vanish: Oathbound causes one or more of his axes to disappear in wisps of light, leaving his remaining weapons empowered due to the magical effort he can now redirect to them. This is also how he disarms himself after the fight is over.
Spawn Axe: Pretty much speaks for itself. Oath creates an axe that will hover around him until his magic commands it to do otherwise. The axes act like the real thing, can be stopped by physical obstacles like stone or wood. They can reach a range of about 20 hooves length from Oathbound before they vanish automatically, their source of power no longer able to feed the axes the energy they require to maintain form. They can also reach great speeds, about the same speed as a hurling ball at full speed (A hurling ball is one of those balls at the ends of chains that they throw in the olympics, for those who don't know).
Teleport: One of the more complex spells known to unicorns, Oathbound uses the spell to cross distances quickly when in combat. His axes do not teleport however.
Axe Flurry: Oathbound launches his opponent into the air before striking with multiple axes that strike once before disappearing. He strikes with about six of them. As the attack proceeds the opponent is suspended in the air, though pegasi can still move normally - however they make bigger targets of themselves thanks to their wingspans - while Oathbound is able to move around to prepare a followup strike.
Magical Amplification: Oathbound uses his magic to power up his strength in whatever parts of his body he wishes. He then uses this extra power to whatever ends he needs - usually his hooves for extra punching & kicking power when he can't depend on his axes.

Ultimates: Oathbound calls upon one single ultimate.
A Matter Of Heart: Oathbound's axes go behind his target and smash with full force into their back with their pommels, shattering bones. As they stumble forward, he bucks the target in the ribs, shattering those as well.

Fatalities: Oathbound has several fatalities at his disposal.

The Exile's Wrath: Oathbound's axes flare up before becoming slightly larger. Then he proceeds to use them to slice his opponent into numerous pieces in a split second, leaving the victim only a single moment before his body falls apart, now nothing more than gore and pieces of meat. His axes then disappear and he hangs his head low as he prays for the soul of the one he just killed.
Celestial Judgement: Oathbound summons up magical power into his amulet which he charges up. After a moment he fires a beam of celestial energy that hits the opponent in the chest area, making him/her slowly melt away as the heat of the sun itself burns his/her flesh and bones. The bubbly soup also vaporises thanks to the intense heat, leaving no indication to the victim's presence, save for the smell of burning flesh and fresh blood.

And here we are, the very first combat move list introduction! Feel free to post your own or suggest improvements to the list! Use the list below for easy filling.
[b]Fighting Stance:[/b]
[b]Special Skills:[/b]
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PostSubject: Re: Describe Your OC's Move List   Describe Your OC's Move List Icon_minitimeSun Aug 21, 2016 3:48 am

I made this assuming Bright's in a hand-to-hand hoof-to-hoof combat scenario. Any other case, he might need some help.  
Fighting Stance: Bright will lower his head down, vertical to his body. He is ready to turn around and run 180 degrees in the other direction
Weaponry: His bare hooves. If he knew he was getting into a fight he'd bring a blunt object such as a wrench.
Special Skills:
Run: Attempt to flee away from the fight.
Close-Eyes-And-Swing-Madly Technique : An ancient technique first used by merychippuses and later given it's name by a wise unicorn, Ponuis The Not So Brave. Since then it was immidetly dropped as a tactic by the Royal Guards in place of the Open-Eyes-And-Swing-Madly Technique. Anyway, Bright will close his eyes and swing away.
Nerd Rage: Like the Fallout Perk of the same name. Bright has had enough! If backed into a corner and pushed to his limit he will go berserk and wail relentlessly on the nearest enemy. Downside is he'll be so caught up in his blind rage he'll be hard to distract and thus more easy to take down if someone where to sneak up on him.
Two Faced: (This can only be used if he has the objects in easy access to himself) Bright will grab a vile of sulfuric acid (or similarly acidic substance) and splash it onto the enemy's face and pours the rest into the enemy's throat while they scream in agony. While they are choking on the substance, Bright will start to strangle the enemy until they stop moving.
Can't Fix That: Bright puts the enemy in a headlock and tries to twist the enemy's head until it snaps.
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PostSubject: Re: Describe Your OC's Move List   Describe Your OC's Move List Icon_minitimeMon Aug 22, 2016 8:11 pm

Not sure how to type a rouge or thief like style.... well I'll give it a go.
Fighting Stance: Loose but low, ready to move away or dodge from an attack.
Weaponry: A pair of knifes she wields in her magic. Natural Weapon(Figured it whould be ok): a muzzle full of gem eating teeth. Breath of fire.
Special Skills:
Weak Beam: A beam of pure magic shot in a straight line. Range 20hfp. (hooves from pony)
Modorate Beam: A slightly stronger virsion of ^. Range 15hfp.
Find Gems: A magic wave that finds gems in a area. Radius 15hfp.
Enchant R: A random enchantment on an item. 1 item, can be cast multaple times before tiring.
Enchant F: A focused enchant for a spacific outcome, 1 item, 1 use. (If she uses it on something, she cant re-enchant it) Tires her after a few uses.
Weak Repair: A weak spell to repair damaged Items. (Enchant R uses.)
Slice'n'Dice: A storm of slashes from her knifes. Range 30hfp but in a 3p area in front of her.
X-Hit: A x slash in front of her. Simi defenseve, 5hfp.
Bladenado: She spins her Knifes around herself. Very defensive, 5hfp.
HELP!: A desperate attack where she fires her knifes forward and runs not looking back. Range 20hfp and she looses her knifes breafly, unable to attack with knifes  untill she uses Recall.
Recall: Pulls her blades to herself. 90hfp, can be easaly disrupted if somepony grabs the knifes as she Recalls.
Bite: Chomp... 0hfp and can harm her as shes trying  to Bite
Fire Breath: She breaths a wave of fire in a cone. 5hfp 1 pony wide cone and she can move it by moving her head.
Headbutt: A bash with her horned head. 0hfp, can cause bleeding from her horn, can also daze herself if hit hard enough.
Buck: A common buck with back hooves. 0hfp, can be dodged, if done so she looses her balance.
Natural (passavely used):
Dence Body: Her inner Earth magic makes her harder to hurt
Dragon Skin: Her inner Dragon magic makes fire attacks useless. Weaker to cold attacks.
Vampire Blood: Her inner Vamp magic makes her heal faster but she will scar and can die if the blow is leathal.
Iorn Mind: Her inner Unicorn magic binds her mind making her resist moves that target her mind.
Ult Beam: A massave blast of magic strait ahead of her. Long range and 5ponies around, she will faint after the blast.
Flamenado: She lights her knifes on fire and using her magic throws them in a tornadow like shape. 20hfp.
Ruthless: She pins her enemy down with hrt knifes and feasts on thier innards, will attack other if desturbes while doing so. She is incapacitated as she eats.
Sacrifice: She grips the enemy and suicide nukes useing her own magic. 30hfp around her, and she is ko from the blast.

Last edited by 555EchoJewel on Tue Aug 23, 2016 3:38 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : it was unfinished. it is now :D)
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PostSubject: Re: Describe Your OC's Move List   Describe Your OC's Move List Icon_minitime

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Describe Your OC's Move List
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