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 In The Balance

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The captain looked more than a little perplexed even before anything more happened with the pillars; when the gigantic serpent statue twitched then turned it's head to look at the ship as smoothly as if it had been real the captain's nerves finally gave out, his faint complete before the serpent had finished taking in everypony on the ship with it's seemingly pupil-lacking eyes.

"Agents of Chaos!" The voice didn't seem to come from the serpent itself, rather it seemed to boom across the entire icy wasteland, cutting off the annoying humming the pillars were making at least. "Your disruptive nature must be purged!" With that the pillars started humming again, the boat physically shaking this time as lightning arced across the tops of the pillars in red, yellow, blue, countless colors. "Anarchy is the enemy!" It was hard to say whether it was even the serpent speaking anymore but what they did know is that the boat didn't seem to be in the water anymore...

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In The Balance
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