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 Sign Up: Digimon: Equestria! (Cartoon Violence)

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Brother Roga

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PostSubject: Sign Up: Digimon: Equestria! (Cartoon Violence)   Sun May 25, 2014 5:57 pm


You all had come together to the same place - a note had been slipped into your mane/pocket/backpack and you found yourself intrigued by the message to visit a shack in Ponyville.

Little do you know that you are about to step into a world much unlike the one you inhabited before - no more the peaceful land of Equestria, but instead now a place where every living thing has a name that ends with -mon for some reason.
Yet you do not notice it for the most part, for you will only remember that you do not belong in this place - that you weren't always a Digimon.
But you must use your digital powers to make it out of the Digital World alive.

Sign Up Info:

OC Name: The OC you are using. Linking the sheet is not required, but the OC must be approved.
Digimon: The form your OC takes. It can either be a digimon from the series or one of your own making (Remember that you must choose a Rookie-rank). If you use your own digimon, please provide a description and if at all possible, a picture.
Strengths: What is your digimon good at?
Weaknesses: A digimon always has some sort of weakness or several.
Digivolve: As the digimon you choose has to be a Rookie, you will be required to choose digivolve forms. If you use an original Digimon, provide descriptions of their digivolved forms as well. And if you want, your OC's cutie mark can be somewhere on the digivolved digimon, whether they have it in the show or not. Be aware that after fights, your digimon reverses back to Rookie form.

OC Name: Oathbound (Link here to his sheet)
Digimon: Ajanamon.
Strengths: Once digivolved, he is able to attack at range without putting himself in danger. He can also perform telekinetic feats to a small degree once said digivolve has occurred.
Weaknesses: Even with his advantages at range, he usually foregoes caution and charges into the fray. He is also vulnerable when hit directly in the head.
Rookie Form: Ajanamon has an appearance of a little gray colt, with barely any mane and his tail is extremely short. He can fire Bubble Beams and kick up sand with his hind legs, but is not much use in a serious fight.

Bubble Beam: He fires a stream of bubbles that burst violently upon hitting a foe, causing damage.
Hind Kick: Simply just kicks with his hindlegs, though they glow slightly and deal a lot more damage than one would suspect, though it still won't do much.

Champion Form: Oathmon (SURPRISE THERE, EH!?), which is a larger version of Ajanamon, who has a large crystal embedded in his chest, about the size of a man's fist. He also uses magical axes (As magical as they can be in the Digital World anyway), in attacks such as Axe Flurry. He can also perform small telekinetic feats.

Axe Flurry: He summons two light-blue axes that quickly fly towards an opponent to deliver 4 slashes each.
Hind Kick: Basically the same, though more powerful in the sense that he fires a small shockwave from his hooves that extend his range tremendously.
Shadowbane: Using his gem as a light source, he casts a bright light in front of him. This can cause blindness and decreases the power of nocturnal Digimon who get caught in it's rays.

Ultimate Form::
Parjurumon: A black unicorn with red glowing eyes and a mist-like feel to him, in addition to losing the crystal embedded in his chest, instead having a chestpiece made of Chrome Digizoid. Upon attaining this form, he becomes incredibly powerful and destructive and will most likely turn on his allies and friends. His axes become red and his Axe Flurry attack becomes far more formidable, in addition to gaining the Slash Bomb attack, whence he launches an axe at an opponent only for the axe to blow up in a spectacular explosion.

Slash Bomb: One of his axes becomes supercharged with power, which he then fires at a target at high speed, which embeds itself in it before exploding. He can do this move several times in rapid succession.
Crimson Lightning: One of the few Digimon to know this move, he wraps red energy around his hoof, which he then uses like a whip.
And for the record, this is an actual move from the show:

Mega Form:
Sapathamon: A gray unicorn similar in appearance to Unimon, but has no wings and no helmet, instead he has a light suit of Chrome Digizoid armor - though his face is still uncovered, with the exception of his horn, which is also covered in Chrome Digizoid. He also maintains the gem from Oathmon, which he has a hole for in his armor. His axes, having previously been simple 1-handed axes, become battle-axes, hence more powerful along with the rest of his form. He also gains levitation abilities and can charge his own body to increase his strength for kicks that can go through solid steel. In addition, he gains the Chest Beam attack, which makes him fire a huge beam of energy at an opponent.

Axe Beam: An axe forms up and slashes the air, creating a beam that explodes upon contact with either terrain or an opponent.
Chest Beam: Using the power of the gem in his chest, he fires a gigantic beam of light that obliterates the enemy that tries to withstand it.
Bombing Run: Summoning axes to surround his foe, he runs in quick circles around them, causing the axes to light up and strike the enemy as he passes them, each one causing an explosion.

Here is a copy-pasteable sheet for you to make it easier.
[b]OC Name:[/b]

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PostSubject: Re: Sign Up: Digimon: Equestria! (Cartoon Violence)   Sun May 25, 2014 7:14 pm

-Dropped Out-

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The Notebook


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PostSubject: Re: Sign Up: Digimon: Equestria! (Cartoon Violence)   Mon May 26, 2014 3:45 am

OC Name: Angel Glow
Digimon: Kudamon (<- actual digimon)
Strengths: Quick to dodge, as well as much higher in intellegence than most digimon
Weaknesses: Isn't very strong unless up against virus attributes.
Digivolve: Reppamon, look it up.
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PostSubject: Re: Sign Up: Digimon: Equestria! (Cartoon Violence)   Mon May 26, 2014 5:16 pm

OC Name: Scarlet Knife
Digimon: Faerdramon
Strengths: High strength and endurance, infused with fire.
Weaknesses: Consequently slow, with lower agility and average intelligence. Mild hydrophobia.
Rookie Form: In her rookie form, Faerdramon is a salamander-like creature about two feet in length that's pleasantly warm to the touch. Her skin is smooth and striped with yellows, oranges, and reds and she has a long black frill. In this form, she can Fire Bite or Hold And Tear with her long sharp teeth.
Champion Form: Her first digivolved form is Byrdramon, where she appears as a red-scaled lizard of about four feet in length and a foot in height with a long whiplike tail. Spines made of fire burn along the length of the tail and her mane becomes a smoldering yellow flame. Her form gains armor over the joints and most vital areas. She can perform a Tail Whip that throws a barrage of flames at a foe, or a Fiery Charge where she bulls them over with main strength. She can also use her limbs, tail, and body in various combat ways.
Ultimate Form: Her second digivolved form is Pyredramon. Her entire body becomes covered in what appears to be a suit of scaly armor and large wings sprout from her back. Reddish fire seeps from gaps in the armor and her mane becomes a cascade of blue flame. In this form, she can be either bipedal or quadrupedal as the situation requires, and her front paws are entirely functional as hands, able to pick up and manipulate objects. In this form, she's eight feet tall and has the same long whiplike tail as before. She can breath a stream of Violet Napalm, deliver a Wing Buffet, or simply tear into a foe with Tooth And Claw.
Mega Form: Her final and mega form is Syngedramon. The scaly armor assumes the appearance of articulated platemail and her wings expand in size and width and become covered with a chainmail mesh. All four feet gain armor, the back two armor that sheathes claws in metal, the front two claw sheathing plus a long blade with a bladed hook on the end extending from her wrist. Her tail armor ends in a flanged mace which continually smolders with blue flame. Her mane no longer burns, turning jet black with a braid running down her neck and two smaller ones drooping over her temples. Now sixteen feet tall and entirely bipedal, she prefers to brawl when at all possible and this permits her to use her Butcher's Hooks to tear through armor and into flesh and rip it from the bone. At a distance, she can spit a ball of concussive blue flame called Vulcan Hammer.
Her ultimate attack is Fullsade, which goes through several stages before achieving full power: Final Blow, Killing Trio, Deadly Flurry, Lethal Torrent, True Torrent, and then finally Fullisade, with each stage being accompanies by more and more spheres of violet fire driving into the target until a veritable machinegun of fire is blasting the target. As can be imagined, this is an enormously costly attack and will instantly revert her to Rookie.

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PostSubject: Re: Sign Up: Digimon: Equestria! (Cartoon Violence)   Tue May 27, 2014 11:53 am

OC name: Evoltit
Digimon: Platemon
Specialty: Large amounts of endurance, above average strength.
Weaknesses: Average speed and intelligence.
Digivolve: Her rookie form is Platemon, and it is a humanoid creature clad in thick, dark grey, heavy plate armor. It's helmet is featureless, blank, and the only decoration on Platemon is sharp claws at the end of it's fingers. It fights with Quick Slash or Heavy Hit. Very short and not that strong.
Her first digivolution is Dullamon:
Dullamon is the stronger and taller than Platemon, being six foot. In this form she wields a large axe, similar to one wielded by the executioner, he who beheads. Her armor is pure black in this form, and the helmet is gone, revealing empty armor, and no head. Dullamon is a lot more endurant than Platemon, but slower. This digivolution fights with Cold Arc, which is an icy strike that slows an enemy, or Severing Slash, which is a slash of her axe intended to dismember her opponent.
Her second digivolution depends on if she has the option to armor digivolve:
Dullamon digivolves into Evoltimon, looking the same as Dullamon but taller, and with a reaper-like cloak over it's armor, hood up but still no head there. Evoltimon wields a large scythe, and become more balanced in endurance, speed, and strength. This digivolution uses Necrotic Blast, a burst of dark purple energy, to fight at range while using Soul Cleave, a deadly arc of it's scythe at melee range. Both of these attacks slightly drain an opponent of energy, but Evoltimon cannot use the energy.
Lordemon is an armor digivolution branching from Dullamon, similar to Dullamon in every way except it's armor is pure white with a golden trim, the gold crown on it's helmet, which returns and is cylindrical, like a templar helmet, but is only white and has small slits where it's eyes are, which glow with a golden light, and the long red cape. Lordemon wields it's longsword, and is extremly intelligent, but has low strength and balanced speed an endurance. It's abilities are Glory Blade, in which it slashes the opponent with it's glowing blade, and Divine Shield, in which Lordemon holds up it's hand, and a semisphere of light protects it's front and sides from attack.
Her third Digivolutions are:
Mortemon, stemming from Evoltimon, a larger set of thick plate armor with a loose, pitch black robe surrounding it, skull flickers where it's head is supposed to be, there then gone, every twelve seconds. Twelve feet tall. it wields a massive scythe made of a black metal, and has barbed chains that float around from it's shadow. It fights with Chains Of Death, which restrict an opponent unless they can break them, and sap it's energy, but barely, and Mortemon cannot use this energy. It also uses Charon Cleave, slashing with a blade that glows a deep purple. Mortemon also can float and 'fly' in this form.
Regomon, stemming from Lordemon, is also twelve feet tall, and gains a massive tower shield and a broadsword, both used with one hand each. His armor becomes exquisitely designed with gold trim, and a gold cross lays over it's helmet, painted on, the crown gains an amethyst at the front, and his cape gets a white, furred frill aroud the edges. Regomon uses Aegis Wall to form a thick wall of gold, translucent energy to defend itself and allies. It also has Excalibur, a deadly slash in which it's blade glows gold, sometimes launching the golden energy as a disc of fiery energy.

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Johnny Maker


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PostSubject: Re: Sign Up: Digimon: Equestria! (Cartoon Violence)   Thu May 29, 2014 7:48 pm

OC Name: The Nightmare Knight. 

Digimon: Ferrumon
Ferrumon is a short, humanoid, weak skinny looking figure wearing dark purple gauntlets, chestplate, plate shoes and a helmet. In the darkness of the plain looking helmet's visor two glowing blue circles take the place of eyes. The areas not covered with armour (Arms, Legs) Is in fact a smooth black metal that doesn't reflect light. 
At its hip is a plain scabbard housing a plain sword with a white crescent shaped hilt and a blue jewel that comes to a point for a pommel. Attached to its left arm is a simple rectangular shield. Both of these are made out of the same black metal as the rest of it. 
On its back is a pair of mechanical bat like wings folded up tightly, but fully functioning and usable for flight, if a not very fast or agile flight. 
Its special attack is called Sword Beam, a slash of its sword that forms a crescent of black energy to shoot out in the direction of the slash. However this Digimon is still skilled with its sword, and combined with its ability to mold its shape makes it a very effective fighter. 

Strengths: Unstoppable and strong, with the intelligence to use its powers well all Digivolutions of this Digimon are scarily effective fighters, and are not to be taken on lightly.
Something that adds to the fear factor is it's much stronger at night, but as a side affect is weaker during the day.

Weaknesses: While tough, this thing is not fast or agile, relying on its ability to take a hit rather then dodging it. Also, due to the nature of its power (Absorbing energy and storing it), whenever it De-Digivolves it can do nothing more then walk, needing time to recharge before doing anything. This causes it to go into a meditative state to recover faster. 
However, one of its biggest weaknesses it the thing itself. As it looks so dark and foreboding it can easily be mistaken for a Virus Digimon, while it is in fact a Vaccine Digimon. 
Another minor issue is its lack of emotions. It can seem very cold, and not easy to get along with.  


Champion Form: 
An eight foot tall hulking warrior of destruction. Clad in a complete set of very dark purple armour, what little can be seen of the knight inside is just black metal. Its armour is now detailed with black edging and an emblem of a shield and a bluish slitted eye on its chest. Its wings are larger, more suited for gliding then extended flight. 
Its sword now has a jagged edge to it, the hilt much larger, and the pommel a jewel encrusted royal blue, three spiked star like thing. 
Its shield now looks more like a crescent on its side, the points facing upwards, with a third point pulled down from the centre of the arch. In the centre of the shield is a large gem in the shape of a slitted eye, a larger version of the one on its chest. Instead of a left hand the thing now has a metal pincer that lays folded up behind the shield, ready to shoot out and cut things in half. 

Lunar Fury. 
A powered up version of Sword Beam, resulting in a larger primary crescent of energy and a multitude of smaller ones to bombard the enemy. 
Eye Of Terror.
The eye on the thing's shield glows with terrifying power, and any who look upon it are stricken with paralysing fear as they see their worst fears brought to life. Only the very, very strong willed can resist this. 

Ultimate Form:
After receiving a growth spurt this Digimon now stands at over fifteen feet in height. Not much changes in its appearance, its armour now spiked (With axe like blades running along the shins and forearms) and much darker in colour. Armaturamon is armed with an even larger sword and an energy cannon built into its left arm as well as the pincer and the shield. 

Lunar Wrath. 
Meteors rain down from the sky, striking foes with unnerving accuracy and causing chaos. 

Nightmare Fuel.
A shot from the cannon in its arm, those struck aren't harmed, but are instead dragged into their own minds to experience a hell conjured up by their own subconscious.  

Mega form:
Standing at over twenty feet in height this Digimon is a monster of a fighter. With four wings on its back for added lifting power, a cannon attached to each arm and completely black in appearance MegaArmaturamon is one scary sight. Instead of the fin like plume its previous Digivolutions possessed this one now has two sets of horns growing out of each side of its helmet. It also loses the shield, its left arm now just a huge cannon, though a large, rectangular shield can fold out of it if need be. In the upper part of the left arm, near the shoulder, is another cannon, which can fold out for one of its attacks. This is the same for the other arm. 
Its right arm has a smaller cannon built into the arm blade, but aside from that and the clawed hand there is not much as this arm still needs to move. 

The Last Sunset. 
Using this move makes the area around the Knight pitch black, seen from the outside as a dome, which only last for a few seconds. But, in this time the Knight with a barrage of powerful Sword Beams the enemies won't see coming. 

Banishment Cannon. 
MegaArmaturamon's chest opens up to form another cannon. Firing all five through the eye like jewel in the sword creates a beam so powerful that when it hits an enemy it punches them into a hellish dimension. The tear in reality self repairs a second afterwards.
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Lightning Shield

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PostSubject: Re: Sign Up: Digimon: Equestria! (Cartoon Violence)   Fri May 30, 2014 9:41 pm

OC Name: Blade Shield

Rookie Rank: Lanternmon
He is a small Digimon that walks around on it hind legs and hops around like a kangaroo to get around. Lanternmon is rather small Digimon, about 4 ft tall. He also carries a green disc that shines a green light while he is up and about. This Digimon has four fangs along with his normal teeth. His eyes look like a reptiles as well

He can create constructs of what he imagines and these construct can boost his durability and movability. Lanternmon can hop around quickly to deliver quick attacks or to avoid attacks with his jumping abilities.

He can't create or maintain constructs without his lantern in physical contact. When he is in his rookie form then he lacks any venom so biting someone does not do much unless he hits somewhere vital.

Champion: Shieldmon
He stays the same height and his body is slightly more toned than his previous form. His body is covered with armor that looks like a Greek hoplites and his headdress is gone. His lantern turns into a circular shield with the head of a gorgon

Added Powers & Drawbacks:
His shield can turn anyone who looks at it into stone though it only works on one opponent and needs to go uninterrupted or the effects of the shield wears off immediately.

If his shield is away from his constructs become limited and weak, but is still able to use and create them

Gains the venom in his fangs which sucks away the energy around the person he is biting and adds it his own abilities for a brief period of time though is less powerful and normally pathetic without practice.

Ultimate: Wadjetmon
He grows to about 5 ft, almost 6 ft. In this state he has a cobra hood that looks similar to an Egyptian headdress with the eye of Horus decorating the back of it. His lantern becomes a small disc that rests on top of his headdress. His eyes look like serpents and his tongue becomes forked. His body is only covered by a few bracelets over his arms and wears a pure white skirt and golden greaves that have marking and pictures of snakes.

Powers and Drawbacks:
His fangs can easily allow him to pierce into the skin or hide of most things. He can use his tongue to detect enemies.

He needs to have the little disc on top of his head or like normal his constructs are weakened and frail though it will also affect his ability to see and will make his gorgon power unusable.
Mega: Aegismon
This form has him grow to above 10ft tall and the armor not covered with his regular armor is by a black scale-like plating. His no longer has his shield and the gorgon face is placed onto the breastplate. His armor is now decorated with serpents.

Power and Drawbacks:
He no longer needs an item to help maintain power and his stare acts much quicker, but still needs constant eye contact.
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PostSubject: Re: Sign Up: Digimon: Equestria! (Cartoon Violence)   

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Sign Up: Digimon: Equestria! (Cartoon Violence)
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