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 Dimensional Crossing: Sunset (adventure, possible blood later on, light shipping, many alternate universes)

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PostSubject: Dimensional Crossing: Sunset (adventure, possible blood later on, light shipping, many alternate universes)   Fri May 23, 2014 5:50 am

The vast expanses of the uber-city and command center of the defenders and watchers of the multiverse known as Calcutta stretch for hundreds of miles in its own pocket dimension. Many transports to the rest of the multiverse lay in guarded hangars, protecting them from unauthorized access going in or out. One of those ships was a small vessel, no bigger than three meters any way. It just sat there, looking unimportant. To the captain of the ship though, it was home. Speaking of the captain, she was not home at this time. Instead, she was in one of Calcutta’s many many meeting rooms. Several of Calcutta’s high-grade field agents were in the meeting room as well, discussing past adventures with one another.

As the captain of the previously mentioned ship, named Sunshine, was telling them a riveting tale about her last adventure, she noticed something peculiar on the table. The table was covered in decorations and snacks What caught Sunshine’s eye though was a blinking centerpiece. “Um… Is it supposed to do that?” She asked. The other approached the centerpiece, all obviously curious. Sunshine, however,stepped back. “I don’t think it’s safe. It looks like a-”

She was cut off as a red aura engulfed everyone around the centerpiece. A loud grinding sound and their screams of pain were heard before the red aura flowed back into the centerpiece. The agents all flopped over, seemingly unconscious. Then a large red shockwave blew everyone back. Sunny was hit and slammed against the metal wall behind her, knocking her unconscious.

When Sunshine awoke, she was in a medical ward. She wasn’t the only one. A dozen others were in there with her. The doctor told her that several arcane bombs were used as an attack on Command, attacking and stealing the souls of high-priority targets, using powerful shockwaves to damage anything or anyone nearby, and that these were the survivors of the attacks. Since most of the other high-class field agents were taken out by the bombs, Sunny was given a new mission. Find the culprit. Since there was a dimensional transport missing from hangar 17-B, the culprit most likely left Command. While the doctors insisted Sunshine stay a little while longer, she wasn’t exactly injured aside from a bump to the head. She quickly hopped out of bed and made for her ship as fast as she could.

Sunshine knew she couldn't complete this mission alone. She started up her ship, known to her as the Bardis. While not usually empty, she left her friends behind in another dimension so that she could attend the meeting. Activating the dimensional transition, the Bardis ended up in a mall in Canterlot, much to the surprise of many ponies. Sunshine stepped out of the Bardis and sat next to it, just watching the crowd, looking for someone to take along with her.

  • Sign up with your character sheet, either by linking it or copy/pasting it.
  • A character can die, so be careful.
  • If all players have not posted within 4 days, I will move on without them.
  • I wouldn’t recommend shipping too much, as the story will soon take hold of the game. I say this because shipping was a huge part of the old DC.
  • Anything can happen, but don’t come prepared for anything. We start in a mall. Anything you would have would come from the mall unless you convince me otherwise.
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PostSubject: Re: Dimensional Crossing: Sunset (adventure, possible blood later on, light shipping, many alternate universes)   Fri May 23, 2014 12:37 pm

Name: Rat

Race: Earth Pony.

Age: 20

Mane: Light, pale pink.

Coat: Dark grey.

Cutie mark.: Silhouette of a rat, in profile.

Extra details that aren’t needed but are nice to add: Warm, chocolate brown eyes.

Distinguishing Features: The way her tail is braided tightly enough to resemble a rat's tail, and the white spot of fur over the left side of her face, covering her eye and cheek. The fur on her lower hooves is mottled white and grey.

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): She is very fast and can climb just about any surface easily, due to a natural concentration of her Earth Pony body's magic, reverting all plant-capabilities null while giving her a grip seemingly harder than steel, as well as a mental capability to see any vertical surface as merely an inconvenience, or 'too easy'. She lives up to her name almost comepletely. She is also very clever.

Weaknesses: Her small size, and being rather weak.

Gear: A short cloak and a pocket knife.

HistoryRat was one of the only children in her orphanage that pulled pranks, mostly since she was always so bored. But the younger kids loved her pranks, and Rat was constantly the 'cool kid' because she was funny. Rat grew attached to one of the kids, and visits once a week if she can, but Rat usually does her best to try to. Rat was raised in an orphanage most of her life and she left at age eighteen to strike out on her own, and eventually found a thrill in being on the wrong side of the law. She always sticks to the streets she knows and will allow herself to be hired to steal specific things, but most of her money is anonymously donated to the old orphanage she was raised in. She has had a few close calls with the law but her unnatural ability to climb almost any surface has aided her in escaping.

Personality Kind, reclusive, quiet, but very out-going once she gets some alcohol into her system.

Occupation: Thief.

Current Home: Manehattan.

Misc: She likes shiny things.
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PostSubject: Re: Dimensional Crossing: Sunset (adventure, possible blood later on, light shipping, many alternate universes)   Fri May 23, 2014 12:40 pm

Name: Flailing Spirit (Flail)

Race: Changeling (Male)

Age: in pony years he is 6, in changeling years he is 24

Mane: short, shaggy, yellow membrane.

Coat: Black, except for his wings and mid-section, which has a yellow tint to it.

Cutie mark: Well, obviously since he is a changeling there is no cutie mark, but he does enjoy (when in disguise) the picture of a sword stabbing into a small rock. Or a vial filled with yellow substance. (After looking below you will find this substance to be curiosity, which fits his persona very well since he is inquisitive by nature.)

Extra details that aren’t needed but are nice to add: Is EXTREMELY interesting in ponies! Will invade personal space to examine and ask questions, think Twilight encountering a human.

Distinguishing Features: His ominously yellow chitin and wings, as well as his membrane and eyes are considered rare and rather envied by other changelings, doesn't have as many holes as most changelings, and his wings are completely hole free. Tends to wear just about any kind of disguise, as long as it works, and has wings. So Pegasus mostly.

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): Was the first changeling to discover the ability to combine magic and emotions together, when combined it creates a liquid-like substance in a concentrated dose, some examples are:

Love: Think a very strong healing potion, temporary benefits such as: High class magic can be preformed, spells and wards are much stronger, injuries are considered rather minimal and heal very quickly.
Tastes like: Eating sugar, very sweet.
Looks like: Pink

Lust: I think this one is rather... Obvious. Suffice to say better under the bedsheets.
Tastes like: Spicy, but sweet at the same time, like combining sugar and cinnamon.
Looks like: Red

Hate (Rage): Fills drinker with anger, will lash out and ignore pain, will also become extremely hostile, think a berserker in a bottle.
Tastes like: Drinking hot sauce.
Looks like: Flames in a bottle.

Curiosity: Funnily makes the drinker question almost everything around them.
Tastes like: Lemons, very tart.
Looks like: Yellow

Sadness (Sorrow): Fills drinker with grief for past wrongs, will make the drinker want to confess everything s/he did as well as want a pillow and a cuddle buddy, as well as a bucket of ice cream and a sad romance movie.
Looks like: Very blue.

Emotions: These liquified emotions CAN be drank by any race, although they will effect them in a lesser state, so as opposed to drinking Hate and smashing through a building, the other species will just become pissed and wish to hit somepony.

Weaknesses: Has trouble doing Alicorn's and Earth Ponies when thinking of a disguise, has rather high offensive magic, as well as a moderate defensive magic, he is also very, very, VERY calm about situations, leaned back and confident in himself to accomplish any and all goals he is focused on at that point in time, tends to overthink and ends up being late to do most of his work, he daydreams in the worst possible times as well.

Occupation: Before he was kicked out of his Hive for killing the Queen's Heir, he made himself renowned for his scientific breakthroughs in emotion, he was also very close to making Love into a solid state, which could be used potentially as a military ration.

Gear: Has a very unique satchel, it stores hundreds of vials, around 4,000 or less are stored in his satchel, and yet when you look inside all you see is blackness, he pours a bit of magic in it and asks for the vial, since only he knows of each and every vial he has to be specific of what he wants, example: "I want Hate Vial 22 cross with Lust 72." He would get a vial of Lust and Hate mixed together. Has a favored magic spell that allows him to conjure a weapon of any sort, in a spiritual manner, giving it a glowing purple aura. (If this helps at all think: Skyrim and the conjured weapons you can summon.) His favored weapon (ironically) is the flail, although he has no idea how to use it effectively, he will summon it when intimidating, or trying to scare others off. Can use most weapons effectively. He may be a major "Egghead" but he is still a changeling, and has advanced training.

Has three special vials (in magically protected glass, try running that thing over with a mountain and it would be fine) on the side of his satchel, one is a combination of all emotions known, looks like a rainbow, second one is very unstable, a hard mixture of pure Rage, Hate, and Self-Loathing, and the last is a very soft pink, he simply marked it as: The Forgiver.

History: Was a brilliant scientist in the Hive that found his egg, Chrysalis was very fond of his breakthroughs on emotions, giving him the emotions for him to pump into the vials and harness their powers, once he was called to the throne room, one of Chrysalises three Heirs was sick, they tried giving her love, hoping it would cure her, it only made it worse, he came in and tried reversing the effects of Love, he made the liquid state of Hate, giving it to her in full trust of his own abilities she was indeed cured, but it was such a potent amount of Hate that it changed her very personality, making her horrible, nasty, and loathing, treating everyling as the worst kind of filth. Enraged by the failure of Flail, she exiled him from the hive, he now wanders around Equestria selling his potions, as well as doing odd jobs, one could call him a very important asset to have. He stole all of his research and all the vials he ever made, continuing to make more and more as his life continued.

Personality: Feels horrid for what he has done in the past, commonly refers to the accident with the Queen's Heir as: "My first and last failure." Isn't exactly a sob story, won't complain about life no matter how saddening it is, he could have his carriage burned down as well as everything taken away from him, and he would still find the bright side (In short a "Glass half full" kinda guy.) is happy to help others, but is wise enough to know when he is being tricked, or cheated, doesn't like and will not Tolerate stupidity.

Virtue: Very good. (some times is tricked into thinking what he does do IS good, but ends up horribly wrong.)

Current Home: Traveller, Wanders around selling his wears, has been most everywhere, and knows certain things most shouldn't.

Misc: Has a deep interest in ponies, not only scientifically, but also just flat out curious. Will ask questions to mostly unicorns, while studying Pegasus and their wings. Ignores and is rather weary of Earth Ponies, since the last one he tried to approach almost kicked him in half.
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PostSubject: Re: Dimensional Crossing: Sunset (adventure, possible blood later on, light shipping, many alternate universes)   Fri May 23, 2014 4:15 pm

Wyvorn Whitewing will join, if possible.

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PostSubject: Re: Dimensional Crossing: Sunset (adventure, possible blood later on, light shipping, many alternate universes)   Fri May 23, 2014 4:40 pm

I'd like to sign Archon up, if I can.
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PostSubject: Re: Dimensional Crossing: Sunset (adventure, possible blood later on, light shipping, many alternate universes)   Sun May 25, 2014 1:33 am

Mind if Chrono Clockwork joins the adventure?
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PostSubject: Re: Dimensional Crossing: Sunset (adventure, possible blood later on, light shipping, many alternate universes)   Sun May 25, 2014 2:01 am

Name: Neon Fire

Race: Unicorn

Age: 23

Mane/Tail: a bright neon green, styled like flame.

Coat: Dark, ashy grey

Cutiemark: A ball of neon green flame

DistinguishingFeatures: Her fiery mane and tail. Her bright green eyes.

Specialty: Fire magic. Her favorite spell is a whip made of flames to lash out at an opponent. Fighting. She specializes in using her spear and small shield.

Weaknesses: Water. Being wet will weaken her fire-based magicks. Strength. She i not thestrongest but makes up for it with speed.

Occupation: Freelance Soldier.

Gear: Her light, padded clothing that is enchnted to be fire-proof and quite resistant to tears and cuts. Her spear, which is a family heirloom, passed down from when Nightmare Moon tried to take over, made of Solar Steel, which stays sharp and is extremely resistant to heat. Her shield, which is enchanted to absorb impacts, but she still feels every hit.

History: She was born and raised to the age of sixteen at a farm far from any other town or settlement, her only friend a dog and her brother. She and her brother were taught to fight until age twenty, when their father gave them their gear, her brother got a sword in place of a spear, and trained them with that for another year. Her family was military, so they were expected to be in the guard, but Neon had other plans, spending her time traveling around, helping who she pleases, not being hired but calling it 'doing favors' and in return, ponies gave her bits, food, a place to stay for a while, and other things, as payment or as gratitude. She is simply happy to help others, especially if it involves fighting. She visits her younger brother at Canterlot every once in a while, happy to see him enjoying his own work, and she will even spar with some of the guard at times, just to test their skill.

Personality: Kind, helpful, a bit psychotic when angry, out-going, polite, and she always is happy to be around children.

Current Home: N/A
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PostSubject: Re: Dimensional Crossing: Sunset (adventure, possible blood later on, light shipping, many alternate universes)   Sun May 25, 2014 2:31 am

I would like to sign up with an alternate Jonathan Kings.

If we can have multiple, I would also like to sign up Crow.
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PostSubject: Re: Dimensional Crossing: Sunset (adventure, possible blood later on, light shipping, many alternate universes)   Mon May 26, 2014 10:34 pm

Signing up for this with Wild Card.
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PostSubject: Re: Dimensional Crossing: Sunset (adventure, possible blood later on, light shipping, many alternate universes)   Tue May 27, 2014 10:15 pm

Signing up:

Name: Poisoned Wound

Race: Unicorn

Age: 28 (Physically) 1032 (actual)

Mane: gunmetal grey, very wispy and unhealthy looking

Coat: Light grey

Cutie mark: None

Extra details that aren’t needed but are nice to add:

Distinguishing Features: Has a very unhealthy general appearance, looking almost always starved and ill. He doesn't suffer any physical effect for it however.

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): A master alchemist, particularly his Eternal Night Potion; the potion gives eternal life to one who keeps up a regular consumption of it and can even heal lethal wounds in high enough doses, though (listed in history) at a heavy cost. The Eternal Night Potion despite it's amazing properties requires multiple doses before it begins to take permanent effect and even one dose is lethal to ordinary ponies, which is why Poisoned Wound made a deal with Nightmare Moon.

Weaknesses: Dependent on his Eternal Night Potion, mediocre fighting skills.

Occupation: Owns an apothecary

Gear: An ancient tome containing various secret and ancient recipes and rituals.

History: Poisoned Wound was not the original name of this mysterious alchemist though his true name has long since vanished to the flow of time; an alchemy prodigy, Poisoned Wound did several pieces of work for the Princesses before Luna's transformation and betrayal as Nightmare Moon
An eternal opportunist, Poisoned Wound went to Nightmare Moon and offered his allegiance if she would grant him the ability to use his Eternal Night Potion, which while it worked in theory would kill any pony who drank it. Nightmare Moon imbued Poisoned Wound with some of her own magic and soon he was able to drink the potion with no ill effects.

Poisoned Wound once he had this was quick to betray Nightmare Moon and leak valuable information to Celestia, Nightmare Moon being banished before he could face any retribution for this act.

Since then Poisoned Wound has continued to explore and terrorize Equestria as the Eternal Night Potion took it's toll, destroying his mind, causing his cutie mark to fade and his appearance to decay. In spite of this Poisoned Wound is too far gone to give up on the potion now and continues to use it to sustain himself and cause chaos and panic across Equestria; every time it seems he has finally died or been defeated, he reappears.

Personality: Always had sociopathic tendencies which were dramatically worsened by the Eternal Night Potion and continue to get worse each time he uses it, Poisoned Wound sees others as tools if that and holds the belief that because he was instrumental in bringing down Nightmare Moon, in his own mind at least, that the others of Equestria have no right to object to him using them as playthings for his own amusement because in his mind they owe their lives to him.

Virtue: Chaos

Current Home: Moves around a lot, currently living in Fillydelphia

Name: Indigo Masque
Race: Unicorn
Age: 24

Mane: Long and shimmering in three shades of purple

Coat: Brown with two red streaks down each side of her body

Cutie mark: A pair of theater masks

Extra details that aren’t needed but are nice to add:

Distinguishing Features: Her face is almost always hidden by a mask of some description, along with usually a cloak or some other head covering clothing. Even in private she is rarely without a mask on her face.

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): Indigo's horn is cracked and broken, as such she cannot perform regular feats of magic. This damage to her horn was however intentional as it allows her to channel her magic directly into her masks to give them enhanced supernatural properties.
Weaknesses: Lack of ability to perform regular magic, Indigo is also psychologically dependent on having a mask and if unmasked will place covering her face above all else. In addition while the masks appearance does not inherently have anything to do with it's power, Indigo's natural artistry means that she tends to make the masks into elaborate and themed designs, which while appealing means that it becomes possible to discern their ability before it is used, sacrificing the element of surprise.

Occupation: Part of a merchant caravan.

Gear: Her masks and the various tools she uses to create them, along with the Alicorn Horn, an ancient stone relic shaped like an Alicorn's Horn which is what allows her to transfer the magic energy from her damaged horn to her masks.

History: A mask maker by trade, Indigo Mask was fascinated by the beliefs in Grifhalla that masks were the way to block others from staring into your soul. She thought nothing of the rumors that that was actually true but it did motivate her to try being some magical based experiments with her masks.

Using the Alicorn Horn as acquired temporarily for her by a merchant in exchange for her demonstrating it for him, Indigo was horrified when the Alicorns Horn cracked her own horn and crippled her magical abilities; learning that the merchant had known this would happen and simply did not want to subject himself to it, she tried to strike at him and accidentally killed him with the new mask she had crafted granting her the strength of a Diamond Dog.

Traumatised, she was found by the merchants boss. After calming her and being convinced it was an accident, the merchant leader, a zebra named Merrick, offered her a place in their caravan as an opportunity to see the world while she got over her experience.

Along the road however Indigo found herself using the Alicorn Horn when a bout of illness hit the group, creating a witch doctor mask which allowed her to magically repress the illness for long enough for the group to reach a town for proper treatment. Realising the powers of the masks can do a lot of good she now strives to make masks which can help ponies in need who could otherwise not help themselves.

Personality: Indigo is a quiet mare who would prefer to be left with her thoughts rather than have fun with others, with the exception of her fellow travelling merchants who she opened up to after several weeks of being together. She doesn't do this to be stand offish or anti-social, she just enjoys the quiet and peace that she thinks one can't get when with friends.

Indigo is motivated to continue making the masks to help others in need, seeing that while the masks are certainly a very risky idea and could be easily abused for power that while in the right hooves such as hers they can be used to help people and serve a good cause.

Virtue: Kindness

Current Home: On the move with the merchant caravan


Name: Bronze Gasket
Race: Thestral/Bat Pony
Age: 31
Mane: Long and straightened brown with a white zebra stripes
Coat: A lighter grey than most bat ponies
Cutie mark: A bat wearing goggles.

Extra details that aren’t needed but are nice to add:

Distinguishing Features: Always wears a pair of magnifying goggles with a dozen different lenses on little arms around them which can move into place for different effects. Her front left leg has also been replaced with an artificial one of bronze metal, gears and hydraulics.

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): A master of the steampunk technology used by Griffhalla, including airships and particularly a focus on automated machinery.
Weaknesses: Her artificial leg is something she is still adapting to and so she is rather uncertain on her hooves compared to when she is flying. In addition working in the loud forges and factories has caused her to become used to loud and constant noise, meaning she actually becomes uneasy when things are too quiet.

Occupation: Mechanic/Blacksmith

Gear: Her goggles described above, a large saddlebag full of a wide variety of tools including additional lenses and spare parts for her leg. Is often making new devices in her spare time in her workshop (this won't be used as a Deus Ex Machina, any new inventions she has will either be defined at the start of the thread or made in the course of it).

History: The daughter of the night guard ambassador to Griffhalla, Gasket recently relocated to Griffhalla permanently to ostensibly allow her father to retire from the position. While that was supposedly her reason Gasket has largely left the diplomacy to her partner Kaleidoscope who took the position after only a year of their presence there.

In reality Gasket knew that she was destined to be a mechanic from the moment her cutie mark appeared, and she desperately wanted to move to Griffhalla to fulfill that dream and her fathers desire for retirement and Kaleidoscope's desire for a diplomatic position was the ideal excuse. She quickly took up a job in the Workshop of an aging Griffon forge master by the name of Bartanicus, who retired after six years of Gasket's working for him.

Having seen what Gasket will give for the workshop, even losing a leg in preventing a disastrous failure in the workshop as well as seeing her skill on regular display, Bartanicus left the workshop to Gasket and quietly retired, leaving the enthusiastic thestral to fully live her dream and become one of the most widely requested mechanics in Equestria.

Personality: Gasket is a very energetic and excitable thestral, often getting a child like glee over anything new she creates and finding the invention of anything no matter how pointless worth celebration.

In spite of that though she is a consummate professional in the workplace, calm and focused on her work, as she knows first hand the dangers present even when you're careful.

Virtue: Kindness

Current Home: Her living quarters underneath her workshop, the chamber itself built into a cave.

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PostSubject: Re: Dimensional Crossing: Sunset (adventure, possible blood later on, light shipping, many alternate universes)   Tue May 27, 2014 10:26 pm

Edda Epic is being signed up for duty.
May Faust have mercy on the souls of all those gathered here.
Also, pie. Pie is good. May Faust have pie on all their souls.
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PostSubject: Re: Dimensional Crossing: Sunset (adventure, possible blood later on, light shipping, many alternate universes)   Wed May 28, 2014 1:57 am

Those who made it in:

Players - Characters

  • Wild Card - Wild Card
  • Rayne - Flailing Spirit
  • BronzeFog - Neon Fire
  • DragonXneoN - Wyvorn Whitewing
  • Brony_Khaos - Edda Epic
  • Star Sentinel - Chrono Clockwork
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PostSubject: Re: Dimensional Crossing: Sunset (adventure, possible blood later on, light shipping, many alternate universes)   

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Dimensional Crossing: Sunset (adventure, possible blood later on, light shipping, many alternate universes)
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