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 Prizm Inc. (We're gonna play with some dice~)

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PostSubject: Prizm Inc. (We're gonna play with some dice~)   Sat May 03, 2014 8:43 pm

From: Prizm Inc.:

Welcome, welcome, everypony. It's me...that Brony Khaos guy who sometimes pretends to be a llama in the Cloudsdale chat and says the mildly funny lines on occasion. I know, I know...nobody really cares about that junk.

Anyway, I'm just gonna leave this offering to the Roleplaying Gods. I'm intending to run a little game using an RPG system called "Pony Tales", you can find the full and official reference here, in google docs form.
I'll be DMing the madness, but for now I just want to know if anyone is interested at all in RPing with a system like this in place. It's honestly a pretty simple system, just gotta keep track of what bits and pieces your character has, and there's no complicated things to deal with (you are welcome to try and find some sort of ridiculous combos all you like if you feel the need to do so, though).

It will still be a roleplay, just one that involves us rolling some dice and combat being basically completely dice-driven.
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Prizm Inc. (We're gonna play with some dice~)
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