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 Changeling In Perspective

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PostSubject: Re: Changeling In Perspective   Tue Mar 13, 2018 4:22 am

"Sorry folks, even big bruisers need their beauty sleep." Tea Leaf joked at the disappointed Changelings while Razor glanced at him in annoyance but relented at the expression on Tea Leaf's face, realising her friend was being serious. The thestral sighed and gave one last flex of her left arm for the assembled troops before she scooped up her jacket and put it back on.

"Hey, who knows? Maybe there'll be a more in-depth encore some other time." Razor teased Belladonna as she was led away. "Oh yeah and when he knows which way is up again, tell him that I'm absolutely telling Rainbow Dash about the changeling who thinks she's called Balderdash." She added, which got a chuckle from the stallion too as they walked back to Bronze.

"Oh yes... believe me, the nobility shall not be counted among my dearest of friends any time soon. Still, good ponies exist among them." Bronze said, stifling a yawn of her own as Mara Belle reprimanded the stallion for his questions on Gorgon breeding, the stallion simply gave her a playful chuckle and tipped his hat, bowing and kissing her hand as he bid her goodnight while Razor simply walked past with a muttered "night" as she passed.

"Thank you for everything Ms Belle." Bronze smiled. "I promise you won't regret this." She said as she turned to follow her companions to bed.


The bunker was certainly eventful with the trio around, to say the least, though they all had the decency to start rather reserved. On their first day Tea Leaf spent most of his time sat before the large, elaborate artwork of the royal family which had replaced the image of Nightmare Moon which had so unnerved Razor Back on their first night, brow furrowed and bent over a sketchpad; once he had finally rose from his position almost ten hours later it was visible that the stallion had produced a sketched recreation of the painting on his pad, to the best of his abilities at least. Obviously the sketch paled to the actual painting in details and elegance but the stallion had at least captured the resemblances of all the changelings depicted fairly well.

It was as Tea Leaf led Razor to the dining table from one of her most recent episodes as a garden statue that Tea Leaf found himself face to face with the upside down figure; given how Mara loved to appear from the walls and ceiling whenever she pleased the stallion had gradually gotten used to this and was rather caught by surprise as he took his customary step backwards and found himself almost knocking into the coiled mare who had managed to sneak up behind him, itself a rare feat.

"I am afraid I already have one daughter to care for Miss." Tea Leaf said with a chuckle at the rather sudden shift to the topic of children. "I assure you she is more than enough of a handful for me, certainly enough to not make me in a rush to have anymore." He tipped his hat to the newcomer while Bronze sat herself back down, having leapt from her seat in alarm at the sudden appearance of a second gorgon at dinner, distracted from the surrounding by a bit of chicken she had been given as a starter.

"I'm just sayin, there's something wrong when the bats are spending less time upside down than the hosts." Razor grumbled from her seat, stretching her arms out and rolling her neck to chase away any residual numbness from her recent statue escapades; her left eye still had a bright purple bruise around it from her fight with Belladonna, a battle which had seen the thestral in an almost feral state of adrenaline fueled bliss in the aftermath, it had been a long time indeed since Tea Leaf had seen Razor bearing her fangs and grinning when a fight was over.

Bronze looked rather sheepish at the attention heaped on her arm once more even before Limb spoke up. "I am sure my work is no more advanced than what the good Nurse is capable of." Bronze said diplomatically, blushing a little at the gleaming look being given to her by Maredusa. "Give her time in my workshop and I doubt you could tell our work ap-"

"Will you stop being modest and just admit you're a genius one of these days?" Razor cut Bronze off as she slumped down in her seat next to where the new Gorgon was taking up several seats while Tea Leaf popped the cork on a bottle of wine and filled their goblets.

"It is our pleasure madam, I assure you." Tea Leaf smiled as Maredusa sat, taking her hand and bestowing a kiss upon it as a proper gentlecolt should, flashing her one of his disarming smiles as he effortlessly slipped back into the charming, calm demeanor which seemed to come so easily to him. "It is so nice to have some fresh company, fascinating as our stay has been." He said, watching as Bronze nodded eagerly in agreement.

"Yeah, though somehow it only feels like I've been here a day or two."

"Gee I wonder why that might be?" Bronze deadpanned, taking a sip from her wine goblet but keeping her attention on Maredusa.

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Changeling In Perspective
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