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 A Bit(e) of Hope (Private)

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PostSubject: Re: A Bit(e) of Hope (Private)   Mon Mar 26, 2018 2:34 am

lightning stepped up to the 'heart', she stared at it a bit first, lost in its infinity but quickly snapped out of it. she took a breath and closed her eye to narrow her minds focus, with a single action, she casted two beams of magic into either side of the 'heart' and just as promptly, she pulled out of it two new balls of like one a deep dark blue, the other a brilliant bright gold. each orb, equal to the size of the original,  floated about a meter away from the heart, lightning paused once more getting the concentration she needed for the next part. "they resemble the princesses magic but they aren't there just yet, we need them to truly line up for there magic to work right." lightning explained. she took a breath before two beads of white light shot from the young mares head. upon impact with the unfinished proxies the became like coloured glass with both princesses cutie mark within the appropriate orb shining bright. lightning could now relax for a brief moment she casted her master rune which intern spat out her 6 runes and coated her in symbols of an arcane nature.
this was it, no turning back now once the moon and sun were put in the right place she would have to cast the spells and plot them in such a way to not do lasting damage to nearby equestria. her eye opened and she waved her hoof with the battle cry of the anchents. two beams fired out of the heart each at the proxies powering them, the proxies then began to shine blindingly as they rose up and that was that, the sun and moon were now in there 20 degree above horizon, lightning waved her hoof up and a final seventh rune shot out of the master rune. "if this goes wrong kill the master rune st/" before she could finnish the seventh rune was hit by beams from both the sun and moon, the magic was flowing and lightning was now floating, glowing brightly along with the six original runes now orbiting. lightnings eye shone white and with a glint the black mambo moved hundreds of miles.

the ship survived, the runes were gone, where they were was now clear sky and was now replaced with a huge display of admiration for the princesses with a paragraph in old ponish, promising to meet them soon, a fanciful depiction of twilight, cadence, celestia and luna hung in the sky, with a mild mural for the elements, this display was huge and was likely visible from the badlands to griffonstone.
on deck layed lightning not hurt but drastically out of energy, she giggled to herself knowing she had probably achieved her goal and simply hugged the floor.
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PostSubject: Re: A Bit(e) of Hope (Private)   Mon Mar 26, 2018 8:42 pm

For the most part, Sugary was on edge during the entire experiment process, if only because he was still learning things from her as she developed them before him, and therefore had to keep much he could only theorize upon to try and back her up. Even so, he found himself continually impressed by the thestral's prowess, and artsy take on the project.

... In some ways, it all seemed too brief in retrospect, almost surreal for him when he found himself along with the airship in a different part of the sky. He knew, he felt, that it all did happen, and they were not in the same spot; It both frightened and excited him that it all worked as mostly intended. "A-... Amazing... Incredible!!" He sprung from where he was and quickly went to grab Lightning off the floor to check on her and congratulate her with a vigorous hug and nuzzle of his own. "Marvelous work, Miss Lightning! You actually did it!!" Granted, he was a bit less hardy about it than Sky was with her before, but it was clear they somewhat shared a knack for hardy affection.

Speaking of... he recalled that Sky had not come out to join them yet, his expression then becoming more neutral, if still invigorated in tone and spirit as he still held Lighting in his grasp. "Oh...! Sky! We need to check on her too!!" As soon as Lightning showed herself to be well enough, he would urge her into coming inside to check on Sky...
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A Bit(e) of Hope (Private)
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