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 Pet peeves

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PostSubject: Pet peeves   Sat Jul 23, 2016 12:47 am

What the title says. I've wanted to make this thread for a while now, as I'm genuinely curious, and have only now decided to do so, to bring some much needed negativity into the OOC chat.

"Well what do you find pestering?" You ask, even though you probably didn't. Well, I don't like using the word "nice" to describe a characters personality. It's so... Unhelpful. It tells me nothing about who they are as a person. It tells me nothing about them at all. Other things similar to that also get my goat, like they're "caring, or "sweet", or anything like that. In fact, I'm just gonna throw out the statement that unhelpful descriptions rustle my jimmies something fierce.

Mind you, I'm pretty sure I've used or used descriptions just as unhelpful in my previous oc's, it's too easy to do so, and nobody is a bad person for doing so, but still. I can say I'm not a fan nonetheless.

So, yeah. Feel free to vent here.

Really quick though, this probably goes without saying, but I'll remind everyone of it regardless, lets remember that no one is a bad person for doing the thing that annoys you. And don't use examples. Please god, don't use examples. Or names.
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Pet peeves
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