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 Way Down We Go

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PostSubject: Way Down We Go   Thu Jan 28, 2016 4:27 am

"Haha a simple thing, well sound simple on paper but, well going in font of the leaders of a nation and try to convince them that monsters are real and not all are evil. I expect a struggle, and a rough patch or two till it settles down. Haha man a nation separated over a thing like that. and now the master want to "kill everyone he said" and of coarse many support him. their irony in that I know. And bad thing comes in threes, raiders and crime lords on the rise . A simple thing that was a gamble to admit but with 1000 plus years of my life. I never thought of this, I wonder if Equestria would rise from this better, or the way down we go." - Count Showcase - Head vampire of the Final Cut.

Well all those monsters from your stories as a youngster, had some true to them.
Vampires, werewolves, and all those freaks in between. Real and out to kill. And now theirs multiple of group fighting over the who stupid thing.

The Clean manes
"Find Monster kill monsters end of story." - Clean Sleet, Leader of the Clean manes
Their nothing call a "Nice" monster. It all a trick just to kill us. No matter what.
Clean Mane purely believes anyone that not a "pure" race. Must be destroyed. Have fun because unless you're on death door you don't have an excuse to leave a fight.
Royal guard
"Don't like monsters but have more moral then the mane's"- Recent guard recruit.
Your royalty goes to the princess celestia and twilight. 
Not saying your ally with the freak it just your not going to kill them on the spot. But their not to be trusted.
to sum up You normally side with the normal species. but unless the the Freak does something bad their "Fine."

"They give you money you do them a job."- Sandy Pyrtinker, Merc
Karma, monsters, normal who cares you have money
pretty straight forward. you do any job for any one for money.
If you have feelings well, good for you.... you wimp.

The Final cut.
"super natural monster hunters."- Nightingale - Rep of the FC, in charge of normal and supernatural relation. 
Not a "pure" breed that sick of the other monster giving the super naturals a bad rep.
Then you're a supernatural, not a monster.
Your job is to end the wicked and help the good. Rather they be monsters or hunters or normal.

Now for the bad guys

"I think Sombra had the right Idea."  Smiling hope, Ironic cult member.
... ya your kind of the annoy fans of the super naturals. You think that monsters are a higher race the you since your a normal. Only they more then to go then fliers and door to door cookies, they more of.
"If I kill enough normal I would become one." AKA they nuts.

We might kill things but at least we don't eat each other all the time." Loaded dice, Raider ringleader
You know those raiders in the fallout series.
Ya those guys kill for (insert reason here).
Not particle smart or welled train but their probably to drugged out to care.

We are the superior race. everyone else is nothing but food. Kill anything that stand in the rise of hell" -
 The master of the under world
You were treated like a freak you who life now it time to rise and make them pay make them all pay.
Your a monster, and you don't care about moral all you care about is killing and feeding one the meek.

WELP that should sum up a lot but, Might as well go in to details

  •  CMS HATE all thing monsters, expectantly the leaders, So only pure races may join.
  • RGs Don't like the problem monster cause but would not attack unless provoked. Again only pure races.
  • MERCs Offer jobs for payment. anyone could join. 
  • FCS Are Supernatural Monster hunters. So monster that want to live in peace or only hunt when it necessarily, this would be the group for you.
  • Monsters are for those that want to kill and pray on the meek.
  • You will die. Possible rarely or every two pages. Don't worry It be GTA style. 
  • Normals would spawn the nearest hospital as monsters would spawn at the nears graveyard.
  • Those that are neutral about everything, just put down nothing under you group listing.
  • most of canons are still kicking. but they would be in different groups.
  • THIS WILL GET WEIRD AT TIMES, also not taken seriously at all. So relax.
  • If you choose to be in a hunter group you be ether a normal member or a recruit.
  • All groups have leaders and the leaders would be treated like a boss.
  • All Monsters are weak to silver.
  • You try to be meta player. YOU DIE. 
  • Changling are conceded Normal race.
  •  crystal ponies can get eaten/ bitten. just because your made of rock does mean your not edible.
  • As of now only up to 2 OCs per person. 

Any thing I forgot don't hesitant to ask ether in post form or in PM. And if you have any ideas pitch them makes the world more interesting.

Now how to sign up

  1. Link to OC you be using.
  2. Group you like to join if any at all
  3. Reason to join the group.(not require but would make you cooler)
  4. Special gear you OC carries. 
  5. modification to OC.

Other then that this is a sand box and we see where things go and build this world from the bottom up.

Pick-a-mare: Sandy, Nightingale Dream Sickle and one dude: Cresent Keeper.

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PostSubject: Re: Way Down We Go   Fri Feb 19, 2016 8:07 pm

1: http://ocroleplay.forumotion.co.uk/t204p375-brand-new-oc-character-thread-2-this-thread-is-now-locked-please-use-the-oc-character-thread-3-above (Second to last) Indicus

2: The Final Cut

3: logical group considering OC's past also lets me use idea from another other RP im in.

4: containers for gathering extra blood in cases that he can't feed immediately, depending on tech level pistol with silver tipped rounds. Longsword with a silver coating on the blade.

5: Make my OC a vampire. Can use blood consumed to bolster his magic or already super natural abilities at cost of having to feed more often. Older the blood the less it satisfies his hunger. If his hunger is not satisfied he risks biting anyone he can find to feed his hunger and this usually kills the victim.

Unless victim is hostile or he is in a fearal state he never kills his victim.

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PostSubject: Re: Way Down We Go   Wed Mar 23, 2016 3:33 pm

I haven't forgotten about this just waiting for more responses.

Pick-a-mare: Sandy, Nightingale Dream Sickle and one dude: Cresent Keeper.
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PostSubject: Re: Way Down We Go   

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Way Down We Go
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