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 New subsection, and little New Year's message from ol' Market.

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Mr. Market

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PostSubject: New subsection, and little New Year's message from ol' Market.   Fri Jan 01, 2016 6:34 pm

New Stuff!

It's been a pleasure being with the group for so long, minor stress and gripes aside here and there. We don't have plans to be making HUGE resolutions with the group yet, but then as usual, I encourage people to share their ideas whenever possible in the OOC section to properly address future ideas, since despite popular belief, I don't actually stalk people's homes with a spy-net of turtles for ideas too much myself.

I am also aware some people have been having hard times during the holidays, but sooner or later we need to let go of things holding us back, whether its sorrowful memories, or just plain negative thoughts. I know some things just can't be helped no matter what, but if you can't do anything about it yet, you can at least try to look forward to and work for a time when you're able to, lest you become a prisoner of your own mind and possibly overlook a solution without meaning to... That said, to those that feel the need to mourn(you know who you are), go all out with those tears to shed away the old you to make way for the new you; With the new year here, it's the most fitting time to make that metamorphosis.

Annnd now for the forum specific announcement:

I'm sure a few of you know by now, but recently the forum has been given a subsection for Post-Apocalyptic style threads in the NSFW area(More specifically, placed above the sign-ups subsection); That's not to say Post-Apocalyptic threads HAVE to be gore, doom, and gloom (and smut), but given the entire time since the group was formed, such types of threads with dark themes have been commonplace, so now they've been given their own little corner to distinguish. How Fallout and similar themes came to be so big in MLP, I'll never understand, but then again I'm just a silly hairy man, so what do I know? Just remember in advance that currently running threads of such nature need not be added but can be upon the request to the Admins, but threads made afterwards are highly encouraged to be placed there.

Right now, it's pretty barebones, but among the recommendations made by Doomande to make it more distinguished is to have an area where S.P.E.C.I.A.L.-style stat characters would be placed in a relevant and constant manner given past experience. Now, this is not to say to make whole character sheets solely for it, we have a thread for characters within the group in general for a reason after all, it's just our own recommendation to have a thread where keeping track of finer details is easier by looking at just the stats and usual perks linked to characters in such a setting from time to time should it need to apply(as of this moment there is no such thread in the subsection, but keep in mind ideas for it are still new as is, so it's a work-in-progress for making some adjustments).

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PostSubject: Re: New subsection, and little New Year's message from ol' Market.   Sat Jan 02, 2016 4:09 pm

I did not know that there had been a death to someone near a member of the group over the holidays, but my condolences to whom it is. Death is never an easy subject to handle when it comes so close, especially not at Christmas meant to be the time to bring families together.

So after that sad, a thousand yays for us getting a post apocalypse section! I will go out post hast and spread the merry news... as soon as the wasteland have gotten a few threads. I mean sure it is a wasteland, but a little sliver of life would be nice to see before I try to show it to other people.
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New subsection, and little New Year's message from ol' Market.
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