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 Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)

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PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Sun Mar 30, 2014 1:36 pm

Name: Thunderstruck

Race: Unicorn

Age: 22

Mane: Bright yellow, styled like lightning, reaches down halfway to her knees, same with her tail.

Coat: dark, storm-cloud grey.

Cutie mark.: A bolt of lightning.

Extra details that aren’t needed but are nice to add:

Distinguishing Features: Her lightning-esque mane, and how her bright yellow eyes seem to spark whenever she is excited.

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): Lightning-based spells and the inability to be harmed by her own

specialty, so she cannot have a 'taste of her own medicine'.

Weaknesses: The fact that, when she is under stress, her electrical powers will go haywire and she will not be able to

control them, just give a tiny bit of direction. Lost control is usual characterized by multiple, about a dozen, arcs of

electricity bouncing around her body, sometimes more.

Occupation: Electrician

Gear: A seemingly random assortment of tools.

History: Thunder was born in Ponyville but moved to Canterlot to begin her current profession of being an Electrician. She

had always liked working on machines and had a bit of a fascination for her father's work with Tesla Coils, and after she

got her cutiemark, she started studying up so she coukd get the job, and because of her immunity to being electrocuted,

she isn't even taking any risks. 'She avoids as much stress as possible after giving a friend a heart-attack when she lost

control, and has taken up meditation to try to solve the stress problem. She would have died a dozen times over if it

weren't for her apparent ability to absorb or redirect any electrical charge to prevent harm to herself.

Personality: Kind, shy, but very bubbly when she knows someone.

Current Home: Canterlot.

Misc: Every few seconds, a spark or two of electricity will arc from her mane, harmlessly small, but a bit alarming to

others usually.
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PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Sun Mar 30, 2014 1:37 pm

Name: Kitsune

Race: Diamond Dog

Age: 23

Mane: None

Coat: Reddish-brown, white, a bit of black, patterned like the average fox.

Cutie mark.: None

Distinguishing Features: Her adorable, fox-like features, including the fox tail and face.

Specialty: Illusions

Weaknesses: Her physical strength, though better than the average Pegasi or Unicorn, is only as good as the average

Earth Pony.

Occupation: None

Gear: Baggy leather pants, Thick, tight-fitting leather vest over a loose wool, green long sleeve shirt, steel bracers on her

forearms, and a quarterstaff made of an odd, white wood, the wood being a specific type that enhances and channels

magic to id the wielder, it can be shrunken down to fit in a tiny sleeve sewn into her left bracer, hidden.

History: Kitsune was born to a dragon and a diamond dog, but she never questioned how or why. Her father was an Arch-

Drake, a magic-based dragon, that reliesnon it's massive pool of mana,rather than flame. Her mother was an average

diamond dog, and was courted like a noble lady by Kit's father, and they eventually fell deep in love, and thy both counted

Kit as a blessing when she was born. Kit was born with a rather large pool of mana she could access, but rather weak

physical strength.

Personality: Kind, but reclusive, friendly to those who treat her kindly, and always helpful.

Current Home: None.

Misc: Loves sweet things.

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PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Sun Mar 30, 2014 1:39 pm

Name: Evoltit, Latin for Headless

Race: Unicorn Dullahan

Age: Three hundred and twenty seven, though her appearance is near the age of seventeen.

Mane: Snow white, long.

Coat: Pale, bone white.

Cutie mark.: A skull, with a dagger stabbed into the left temple, the tip of the blade exiting the right temple.

Distinguishing Features: Her scar, going from above her left eye down to her lower left jaw. Her very tall stature.

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): Fighting, any form of combat, including mental combat, aka Chess or


Weaknesses: Her paranoia, especially since she is technically an undead, and therefor unwanted by most.

Occupation: Mercenary.

Gear: Heavy, jet-black steel plate armor that covers every inch of her body, though she oddly lacks neck or head armor.

And a large, jagged obsidian dagger.

History: Her years when she was alive was spent fighting and training for the Guard, her family being a military one, but

when she died at age Seventeen, by being decapitated by a Diamond Dog, she was reincarnated into the form of a

Dullahan, a headless warrior, but, even though Dullahan are called 'headless', it is because they're heads are not

connected to their own bodies, and can detach in order to intimidate others, or to do anything else they require. Eve, due

to her massive amount of willpower, was able to break free of the urge to kill others, a curse placed upon all Dullahan,

but few break free from the curse. She spends her now-eternal life wandering the country, taking messy jobs others will

not, but she enjoys her work, and her interactions with the living make her feel as if she were still alive. She harbors a

massive hatred to Diamond Dog's since she was killed by them, and her curse seems to return in double whenever she

sees one.

Personality: Kind, but can be mean at times. She is gentle, but her tall, towering plated form can scare others. She can be

very harsh and cruel when aggravated.

Current Home: None.

Misc: ...She likes to experiment...
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Mr. Market

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PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Sun Apr 06, 2014 4:38 am

Name: Rha Ür

Race: Dragon

Age: 343

Appearance and Features: Emerald color scales all around and light green webbed areas and eyes. 10-feet tall. Four legged with good griping joints on all his 'feet' but particularly so on his forearms. Tough webbed extremities that allow for good swimming and some additional minor flight stability. Wingspan twice as wide as he is tall. Is rather plain looking all around with the exception of the dull protrusions coming out of the top of his head, neck, back, tail all the way to the tip, and the major joints on his legs and forearms and wings. Sharp teeth and claws.

Specialties: At his age, he is a naturally great flier, hunter, and a competent swimmer. Is a fire breather. Can usually tell the difference between an attack that will harm him, and one that will simply hit him with minor consequence, especially while hunting or in a fight. Very strong anti-bodies against physical adverse effects. As a fire breather, he is naturally resistant to extremely high temperatures, but can also handle very low temperatures well for an extended period.

Weaknesses: Has no special resistance to magic. His only defense to magic is his own ability to dodge or natural elemental resistances aside from the tough hide. Due to an overall simple way of living, he is not particularly intelligent outside of his honed skills compared to other dragons although he is not incapable of learning. Cannot speak in any language other than his own properly, and therefore cannot communicate too well with most other creatures though he could try to say certain words at times and make certain gestures with ease at least.

History: He hails from and was raised in dragon territory closest to the open sea, though he is of a particularly small breed. While he shares a good number of traits with other dragons, what tends to set him apart is his curiosity to more civilized territories as he grew older, even if it meant taking baby steps to learn as he was rather cautious at the time, as well as having a lot of time to do things at his leisure. When he does come closer to civilized territories, he finds just about anything that wasn't made naturally rather fascinating, ans so he'd try to learn more of their cultures as time went on from a distance. He has also learned over time that creatures from civilized territories tend to be especially fascinating and worth not attacking or eating... usually. While he has no particularly strong goals in his otherwise long and simple life, he does enjoy making attempts to come into civilized territories for more life lessons... even if he is not necessarily welcome.

Personality: Curious to say the least. There is also the fact that he tends to not be aggressive when his resting territory or personal space gets invaded so long as there is no aggressive move or intent towards him and merely shrugs it off. Relatively passive for a dragon, but his fighting instincts are as sharp as can be when it counts. May be considered goofy when actually managing some sort of interaction with those of a civilized territory. Can usually be considered as kind...-ish.

Current home: While he does travel, he tends to prefer making temporary homes out of unused caves or caverns. He is always welcome back at his homeland near the sea in the dragon territories.

Miscellaneous: He doesn't care much for gems as strictly treasure but does like to eat them for sheer mineral value. Prefers aquatic food over land meat, but isn't too picky either. Earn his trust just enough, and he may willingly offer to be ridden as he came to learn that flight is desired by many who are incapable of it.

Favorite Quote: "Rawr!"

Theme song: "Sumner's Tower"

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Mr. Market

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PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Sun Apr 06, 2014 5:07 am


Name: Noriaj

Race: ???

Age: Incalculable

Appearance and features: He is a sapient entity of pure energy. While his appearance may vary, he typically appears to be of a somewhat small humanoid shape with no particularly noticeable features like a mannequin other than it's eyes, 'hair', and wings. The 'body' is silver white, the eyes are a Sapphire blue and always seemingly glowing, the long near body length 'hair' is of the same blue color and glow and seemingly moving on its own, the six featureless wings on his back are a translucent Sapphire blue and very flexible as though they were large life-like streamers.

Powers: He has the ability to quite literally make almost anything happen and do almost anything at will... for better or worse, but usually for the better.

Weaknesses: A higher power commands him from beyond conventional means. Only it can keep his will in check.

Occupation: Supreme Guardian, Tutor, part-time god.

Gear: If he needs it, he'll "find" it. If he doesn't, he'll just put it "away".

History: ERROR! Data not found..............................

Personality: Generally calm and passive in demeanor. Playful even... Best to keep him that way.

Current home: He mainly resides in a self-made pocket dimension until needed or he seeks to travel on his own.


Main theme: "The Ultimate Weapon"

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Cobalt the Alicorn


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PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Tue Apr 15, 2014 9:35 pm

Name: Silhouette
Race: Earth shadow pony (shadow pony explained latter
Mane: whispy grey, peices break off from time to time
Coat: same as mane
Cutie mark.:N/A
Extra details that aren’t needed but are nice to add:Shadow ponies are cursed ponies, they have to true physical form but can train themself to retain an equine or anthropomorphic shape. They are cursed either by being hit directly with a dark magic spell, or coming in contact with an item imbued with dark magic. The shadow conversion starts in the blood, first turning it black then to a gaseous substance. Then the more solid tissues starting with the extremities are converted into shadow form
Distinguishing Features: Silhouette wraps her whole body, except for her face in bandages to help "train" herself to retain he equine shape
Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc):Although still able to interact with the physical world, she is not limited by physical restrain. (e.i. she can lift any weight or run a marathon without getting tired) Her life is also extended indefinitely
Weaknesses: When in sunlight she loses almost all energy and has the agony of an intense burning sensation
Occupation: She works in a museum studying and handling different artifacts
Gear: Just gauze bandages...tones of gauze bandages.
History: When unloading a blade though to have once belong to Luna/Nightmare moon, she accidentally cut herself. It turns out the blade was cursed and was meant for Celestia. but shattered before she could use it on her. Silhouette know finds the stima's against shadow ponies to be quite strong and struggles to deal with it alll
Personality: She is trying to see the bright side in her life although her conversion has left her with a serious case of clinical depression
Current Home: A manhattan apartment, a block away form the museum it which she works
Misc: Loves blueberries
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Pseudologia Fantastica


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PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Sat Apr 19, 2014 4:01 am

Name: Ivy Vine
Race: Figment
Age: Late 20s
Mane: Blue
Coat: Dark green
Cutie mark.: Ivy leaves
Extra details that aren’t needed but are nice to add:
Distinguishing Features: Minor inconsistencies in appearance, wears reflective glasses
Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): Altering how others percieve her, moreso
towards strangers, heightened sense of touch
Weaknesses: Impulsive, still getting used to abilities
Occupation: Gardener
Gear: Saddlebag filled with random assortments of mostly useless items, simple gardening kit
History: Ivy is the fourth Figment, and the youngest ever to become fully Figment.  Her Figment abilities are based around perception; she can alter how ponies will see her.  She at first used this ability for her own personal gain, which displeased the rest of the ascended Figments.  She dislikes the supposed rules of being a Figment, and broke off of the rest of the group, adopting a more solitary lifestyle of hiding in populated areas.  She still enjoys making use of her abilities at any given time.
Personality: Speaks and acts her mind, generally self-assured
Current Home: Manehattan
Misc:  Figments are a race of imaginary creatures, and implant the idea of themselves in order to gain power off of being known.  As their only physical presence is a magical avatar, they can perform a few different types of magic despite the lack of a horn.  This also means they cannot be killed from attacks aimed at their avatar, though they do feel pain. Are distant relatives of Changelings.  When they are fully ascended, their eyes appear mirrored.  Five in existence, but only three have ascended as of now.  Each Figment has a different specialization, such as perception or emotion.

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Pseudologia Fantastica


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PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Sun Apr 20, 2014 3:59 am

Name: Lizza
Race: Griffin
Age: Late 30s
Mane: White feathers, ends dyed dark green
Coat: Feathers and fur
Cutie mark.: N/A
Extra details that aren’t needed but are nice to add:
Distinguishing Features: Left wing entirely missing
Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): Navigation, mapmaking, exploration
Weaknesses: Unable to fly, short tempered
Occupation: Explorer, cartographer
Gear: Hunting knife, maps, compass
History: Lizza was found to be exceptionally skilled at making maps and charts, and joined a
small team of scouts exploring uncharted territories.  However, an unknown disease resulted
in the emergency amputation of her left wing, and she could not get the necessary bird's eye
view to make proper maps.  Eventually, she learned how to navigate treacherous territory on
the ground, and began exploring the land itself, instead of simply charting it.  She has made a
few allies over time, but a particularly nasty break-off with one resulted in issues with
trusting others.  She now continues exploring solo.
Personality: Lizza has difficulty turning down challenges, and always attempts to exceed her
physical limits.  She has minor trust issues, and is willing to cooperate with others, so long
as they do not have any sort of power over her.
Current Home: Varies
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Pseudologia Fantastica


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PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Sun Apr 20, 2014 4:09 am

Name: Radiant Joy
Race: Figment, appears as an Earth Pony
Age: Child
Mane: Yellow
Coat: Pink
Cutie mark.: N/A
Extra details that aren’t needed but are nice to add:
Distinguishing Features: Wears a gold locket at all times
Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): Can manipulate ponies' emotions, heightened hearing
Weaknesses: Unable to fully control ability, usually simply projects her own emotions.
Occupation: Student
Gear: Locket which can display various images of ponies
History: Joy is the fifth, and youngest of the potential Figments.  She specializes in manipulating
emotions, but has yet to fully develop that and her other Figment abilities.  Her biological
parents were killed in an accident, and she was sent to live with a foster family.  The other
Figments discovered her potential Figmentism after an odd coincidence involving a bag of
frozen peas, a temper tantrum and a flash mob.  Since then, they have become an extended
family of sorts.  She is waiting on inheriting her biological parents' fortune on her eighteenth birthday.
Personality: Highly emotional, usually remains cheerful or forces herself to be
Current Home: Manehattan foster home
Misc:  Figments are a race of imaginary creatures, and implant the idea of themselves in order to gain power off of being known.  As their only physical presence is a magical avatar, they can perform a few different types of magic despite the lack of a horn.  Are distant relatives of Changelings.  When they are fully ascended, their eyes appear mirrored.  Five in existence, but only three have ascended.  Each Figment has a different specialization, such as perception or emotion, as well as a single heightened sense
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Pseudologia Fantastica


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PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Sun Apr 20, 2014 4:11 am

Name: Crow Ethos Kings
Race: Changeling
Age: Mid-40s
Mane: Frill, or brown with green
Coat: Chitin, or brown with gold stripes
Cutie mark.: N/A
Extra details that aren’t needed but are nice to add:
Distinguishing Features: Horn partially broken
Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): Lying, putting on emotional masks,
lockpicking, reading faces
Weaknesses: Unable to use all but the most basic magic, only capable of assuming one form
other than changeling
Occupation: Psychologist and nurse
Gear: Notebook
History: Crow was a spy-for-hire, using his ability to read faces and act to convince ponies to
give up information.  He was hired to steal information from Jonathan Kings, but after a run-in with Kings' pet, Darryl, his horn was permanently damaged, resulting in his transformation being limited to Kings' form. Jon was impressed by his abilityies, and took him in as a laboratory assistant, dealing with the patients.  Eventually, he inherited the Kings laboratory and became a Researcher of Applied Psychology.
Personality: Experiences very basic emotions, capable of putting on various fake
personalities and emotions
Current Home: Laboratory
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Hanna Lovelace


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PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Wed Apr 23, 2014 10:58 pm

Name: Hanna Lovelace
Race: Alicorn
Age: 60 but looks like she is 26
Mane Colors: blonde with light lavender streaks at the ends
coat: lavender
Cutie Mark: an open grimoire containing dark magic
Notable features: bicolored eyes, one emerald and the other ruby.
Specialty: dark magic as well as shadow magic.
Weaknesses: Alcohol, cannot cast spells for long durations, tends to act before she thinks when under stress.
Occupation: Librarian
Gear: grimoires containing magic, a knife with a dragon holding a ruby and emerald fused together as the blade is made of phantom mythryl. a soulstone.
History: Lived a life of misfortune as a filly and only strived to better herself in magic to protect the ones she loves.
Personality: Calm most of the time, kind to those who are in need.
Virtue: love and magic
Current Home: The Crescent Islands
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Hanna Lovelace


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PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Wed Apr 23, 2014 11:00 pm

Name: Forte Symphony
Race: unicorn
Age: 29
Mane: Silver
Coat: Black
Cutie Mark: A treble clef with a fortissimo going through it
Extra details: he dislikes dubstep due to the irregular beat
Specialty: more of a bard who uses his music to attack
Weaknesses: quick to anger and extreme OCD. Being mistaken for a mare, spiders and squid. the sight of blood.
Occupation: a wandering bard in pursuit of life's meaning
Gear: a keyboard handed down from his father, a violin passed down from his mother.
History: Forte grew up in a wealthy family, he never liked being rich as most of his friends were changed by it. He really liked the thought of becoming a musician for the princesses. Forte took some of his parents money and went off to explore equestria for what it truly is.
Personality: flirty with mostly stallions, dramatic at times.
Virtue: Generosity
Currant Home: living with Lyrica in Fillydelphia
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Unity Wolfpony


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PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Thu May 01, 2014 1:50 am

Name: Lightning Blast

Race: Bat pony

Age: 16

Mane: her main is a light blueish purple with a pale yellow bolt going through it.

Coat: Her coat is a light purple.

Cutie mark: her cutie mark is a hoof with a bionic interior exposed.

Extra details that aren't needed but are nice to add: she is allergic to pears.

Distinguishing Features: Her wings are two different colours,
shes got a bionic left front hoof, and her right eye is covered with an eye patch, with an easily visible scar protruding from beneath.

Specialty(eg. special spells, unique powers etc): While young, Lightning wished to be like her parents and so she devoted a lot of time to developing a few skills possessed by each of them. Like her father she can use magic, but not of the same level, she can form a ball of energy that she can shoot, though Lightning's are channeled through some augmentations on her hooves and are more unstable and often explode, the balls properties a volatile and magnetic. along side this she often helped her father with his machines and even her first bionic hoof.This gives her an edge with mechanics and such due to the need for a new one every month as she wears through them quickly. She also inherited her birth mother's vampirism, allowing her to take on a vampiric aspect. While in this form, Lightning has enhanced hearing, and night vision as well as a weak version of mind manipulation, though this is more of just a mental suggestion than any real control. She must also deal with the blood craving, but it's usually not that bad unless she sees blood. Following in her adoptive mother's hoofsteps, Lightning also has a close connection with nature and a talent for gardening and caring for the ill and injured, be it pony or critter.

Weaknesses: Since her incident as a filly she has been very susceptible to lightning and simple electricity, also, due to that very incident she has night terrors and has been known to have fairly bad panic and anxiety attacks. Lightning's also blind in one eye and her bionic limb does limit her abilities to some extent. The explosions from the magic orbs are a constant hazard and when she is in her vamp-pony form, her enhanced senses are also extra sensitive. also when using her temporal space time destabilizer, if she was to rush the programs and the programing it could atomise her.

Occupation: She develops automated prosthetic limbs for those who needs them, often for free, but sometimes for a small fee, she can on occasion though adventure into the realms of full blown engineering.

Gear: her bionic hoof, an eye patch that is kitted out with sensors that relay to a chip in her eye socket and her fathers digital probe which uses sonic disruption to manipulate the particles in the object, this more often than not is used to open electric locks or be used as a screwdriver. her bionic hoof can be home to numerous odd items, her temporal space time destabilizer and a picture of her birth mother.

History: she was born in the old luna republic, but brought up in trottingham. whilst there she toyed with the power of lightning and magnetism which lead to a disaster, while fitting a pilone it was struck by lightning. the charge coursed down her hoof but met with her internal magic, the collision blew her left forehoof to pieces, the remnants of the unstable magic got to her eye and blinded her right eye. When she was 6 her mother died after struggling with the disease 'venenum animae' and her father vanished. she was moved to cloudsdale orphanage where she used what she learnt from her dad to build a bionic hoof.
After being bullied and ridiculed at the orphanage she dived off the edge whilst above ponyville, with her moderate flying ability she glided to the ground but got trapped by the crowds of the market and got scared, whilst backing off, a single kind loving mare helped her out of the crowd and took her home. lightning told her all about what happened, the mare took her to the orphanage, but at the last second as a surprise she adopted the odd filly. at the age of 8 she finished her ai controlled small work bots that she advanced for the next 10 years. in the same year her father turned up and after being asked by lightnings adoptive mother he moved in with them. throughout the next 8 years she did many many things. building a giant robot that was only meant to be scary and watch as ponies pass to stop her bullies but a malfunction sent it on a path of destruction for instance.

Personality: neutral good, shes very tidy but can act sporadically.

Current Home: she ventures all over, but still technically lives at home with her mother and father

Misc:thanks to her temporal space time destabilizer she can appear in nigh on any time period as a means to put her up for rps in different times. she would never use it to change the past or cross her on timeline. she is more than aware of the responsibilities of time travel.
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PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Sat May 10, 2014 4:26 am

Name: Showstopper
Race: Pegasus
Age: It changes to fit the roleplay but she is most commonly around 14
Mane: She has a long goldish mane that curls at the front and ends
Coat: Aqua marine
Cutie mark.: An eye, representing a crown watching her perform
Extra details that aren’t needed but are nice to add: Her left wing is crooked from when it was broken as a filly
Distinguishing Features: Her tail is spectacularly long, and on it she often wears a small pink bow. She always, always, always wears an identical one on the front curl of her mane
Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): Her special talent is acting (with bit of singing) and as such she is amazingly good at it. She has potential to become one of the convincing actresses in all of Equestria. Her talent also lends itself well to lying, making her a rather hard pony to figure out.  
Weaknesses: She is strangely over protective of almost everypony. If she decides that she likes you, then anything that threatens you she will attept to crush into dust ( more often then not failing to do more then just confuse everyone involved). Due to her crooked wing, her flight is seriously impaired. She can't stand authority, any kind at all. If you are at all 'above' her, be it age, statis, whatever, Showstopper will instantly hate you.
Occupation: she is a student (or, depending on where she is on her timeline, wandering the country doing odd jobs till she gets her big break or running an inn)
Gear: Normally nothing, although she sometimes has a dagger given to her by a friend. She has also been know to love fire, and apply it liberally to every and any thing that stands in her way
History: This one shifts depending on whats needed for the roleplay. The most common backstory is this one. When Showstopper was very young her father walked out on their family, sending her mother spiraling into depression. With her mother too unstable to do anything for her, Showstopper mainly cared for herself. She spent all her time trying her best to cheer her mother up, never quite knowing why her mother was so sad in the first place. For years she failed until one day she put on a lovely performance for her mother. She was the happiest she had been in ages and that seemed to rub off on her mother who came to her senses for a bit. Realising that she was not fully fit to parent Showstopper, she shipped her off to boarding school. Here the story goes one of two directions, either she meets a strange young filly by the name of Posy Petal and goes mega protective on her, swearing to protect her from the evils of the Academy (which is a pretty screwed up place by the way) or this happens.
Personality: Showstopper is a very proud creature, never accepting help unless she absolutely has to. She is normally incredibly cheerful and optimistic, but when ever she isn't, she refuses to let it show, preferring to bottle it up rather then bother her friends with it. She is very, very motherly, emotionally adopting everyone she even slightly likes. She gets really over protective of those she loves (as previously mentioned) mostly because of her oddly motherly attitude. She is led by her incredibly strong (albeit easily confused) moral compass. She loves adventure and is always up for something new. Being largely unable to be surprised, she takes very well to things that most others consider terrifying, such as changelings. She gives everyone a clean slate, if you personally have never hurt her or one of her loved ones, then she doesn't care what you look like or what you have done.
Current Home: this depends on the time and what the roleplay calls for, although she did originally live in the tiny village of summit, which sits in the middle of  forest on the very top of a mountain not too far from Manehatten.
Misc: When young (before he was arrested) she spent every summer at her uncle Blaze's house. Blaze was a master thief and a pyromaniac. He was also a major influence on her. Showstopper has a few interesting hobbies.
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PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Sun May 11, 2014 1:28 am

Name: Gytos Iratos (Gin)
Race: Unicorn, Male
Age: 24
Alginemnt: Neutral

Mane: Colour: Blonde/ parted in the middle and brushed back
Coat: Colour: White/ scruffy
Cutie mark: Nightshade flower

Distinguishing Features: Patches of fur missing from his front legs and underbelly.

Specialty: Potions master

Weaknesses: Not specially good with physical combat.

Occupation: Medical potion vendor

Gear: Medium sized carriage with decent sized potion lab. Small field kit (includes mixing bowl, specimen containers, cutting tools, and simple concoctions recipes)

History: Born in Canterlot, Gytos Iratos, was mostly raised by his uncle. His father was gone and his mother worked in a boutique in town. His Uncle Veil was a stage magician, preforming 'miracles' on stage. He entertained audiences and let his favorite nephew help behind the stage. Gytos's mother passed away when he was in his teens and his uncle took custody of him. They moved around the country playing shows and street performances for years. A lot of the magic that the audience was seeing was preformed behind the scenes, made by Gytos in little bottles. He found a love in concocting simple creations that gave each trick that special smoke screen or glitter shower when thrown on stage. They were incredibly simple however and didn't satisfy his love for creation. As his Uncle Veil became older he could no longer travel and preform which he required to a nice apartment in Hoofington. Being of twenty, Gytos took his uncles travel carriage for himself and made it into a live in lab. He spent the last three years moving around Equestria collection knowledge from books, tales, and experimentation of potions creation. He makes a small living on selling medical potions out of his mobile home but most of his time is spent learning.

Personality: He is kind of an oddball. He is the type of pony to be as serious as possible and then crack a joke, or downplay a serious situation with sarcasm, or just kind of say the wrong thing. He is introverted when it comes to most things but is more than willing to talk to anyone if he needs a test subject.

Current Home: Mobile carriage (medium sized)
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Clever Build


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PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Sat May 17, 2014 8:30 pm

Here I am:

Name: Clever Build

Race: As far as anyone can tell, earth pony.

Age: Around age of Big Mac (minus half a year)

Mane:Hazel (Brown, Green,and a speckling of golden hairs all in one.)

Coat: Brownish-Grey (more emphasis on brown.)

Cutie mark.: a Triad symbol made of gears, pistons, and wires.

Distinguishing Features: Hazel eyes that take in and assimilate things rapidly, ever-present mechanical Harness around him (like a bridle or wagon hitching harness, but made entirely of pistons, metal, and such (bit steampunk))

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): Despite being an earth pony, can use self-sustaining spells that power his machines and can help slightly increase his physical constitution (endurance, speed, stamina, etc.), although this tires him in the case of overuse. This magic can also manipulate the behavior, thoughts, or whole mind of others, being a form of tele-manipulation. The giveaway is a slight increase in contrast or shine in his eyes. Also has innate knowledge of his own constructs.

Weaknesses: Single-mindedness when it comes to a trial or experiment or test of some sort; unintended psychopathic insensitivity to others when in said situation, etc.

Occupation: Used to be lead inventor of Canterlot, now conducts weather control and mechanical experiments for Ponyville and surrounding areas.

Gear: Harness can construct many different weapons/tools, never exactly the same selection twice.

History: Clever used to be in a very high ranking position in Canterlot, being lead Inventor for all Equestria. However, his entire life has been plagued by the fact that once in pursuit of a test, trial, or experiment, he becomes intensely insensitive to the pony element present in most of said tests. After 49 ethical pseudo-felonies, he was put on death row for a short time, only to be pardoned by Celestia, stripped of his rank, and sent to Ponyville, hoping the ponies there could help him. He now resides there, trying not to hurt others and care for Joy.

Personality: Nice, thoughtful, slightly catatonic at times

Virtue: Ironically, Loyalty. (Even though he has hurt many, he always tries as hard as ponily possible to keep those he cares for out of danger, and that includes himself at times.)

Current Home: Tall mechanical tower just outside of Ponyville, near Zecora's house.

Misc: Enjoys playing the violin and thinking about what else he can make next.
Name: Joy Melody

Race: Earth Pony

Age: just above Mane 6

Mane: Wavy at the base, ending in a mix of straight and curly hair that looks almost exactly like a fire. Color is similar to coat.

Coat: multiple shades of orange, red, and the like, though it is hard to tell which color is which, giving her coat the strange appearance of a bonfire's flames.

Cutie Mark: a gem shining with fire

Extra details that aren't needed but are nice to add: Has a deep love for music that surprises others, due to her childhood.

Distinguishing Features: special coat, energetic-ness, etc.

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): Joy is reminiscent of Pinkie Pie, always happy, though not as much as Pinkie. She has a strange power that directly links her happiness level to her physical and mental prowess. This makes her stronger and smarter while happy, and the opposite effect, too. She can also channel her power into one part of her body to enforce a punch, run faster, and use rudimentary fire control by extending her aura and igniting it. However, if for some reason her happiness level drops too fast, she can injure herself immensely from internal damage. Clever has created an amulet which will attempt to regulate this effect, though it does not always work.

Weaknesses: Said weakness from losing happiness too quickly. Also, her trusting nature can let her be put in danger a lot.

Occupation: Unemployed, though she sometimes helps Clever out with his machines.

Gear: Suppression amulet given to her by Clever, as well as the occasional violin or piano.

History: Joy Melody was born to the Joy family, a well-off family in the small town of StraffordShire, in the continent of Stirrup, only three years before the birth of Twilight Sparkle. She was born with a strange defect that caused her to be very small, weak and crippled. Her family, seeking help for their daughter, sent her all the way to Canterlot for the best medical advice possible. She stayed there for a long time, playing music when she could, as it was one of the few things she could do. She was also in Canterlot during the first sonic rainboom that gave Twilight her mark, and for some reason, the emotion contained within was imparted upon Joy, and she had found that all her weakness was gone. It seemed that this 'defect' was her emotional-physical bond: Because of the strange emotions felt by an infant during birth, the bond had made her grow weak, and she had never been happy enough to reverse it.
After all this, Joy stayed in Canterlot working as a part-time musician, though after hearing of the happenings in Ponyville, she left for there. She then found Clever, who was willing to let her live with him for the time being.

Personality: Happy, optimistic.

Current Home: Clever's tower near Zecora's house in the Everfree.
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PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Mon May 26, 2014 10:27 pm

Transferring Wild Card's character sheet to this new forum for referencing:

Name: Wild Card

Race: Pegasus

Age: 24

Mane: Black and Red

Coat: Dark Blue

Cutie mark.: A single card, split diagonally, with one half showing the four of clubs, the other showing a joker

Distinguishing Features: Always wears his Top Hat and Suit

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): Never loses card games

Weaknesses: Can be sidetracked quite easily by his other personalities, sanity is hanging by a thread, his personalities can gain control easily due to outside influence

Occupation: N/A

Gear: A black suit with a blue waistcoat and bow tie, a magic imbued top hat which can store anything inside it, an enchanted silver-tipped cane which can fire explosive energy orbs, hundreds of decks of cards (playing cards, fortune cards, fighting cards - bladed edges, smoke bombs etc), a special deck of runic cards that give him another personality.

History: Born in the Bitish Isles, Wild Card was the only child to a middle class Pegasi couple, and so he had a rather decent start in life. However, at the age of five Wild began to show signs of mental instability, and as such his parents were very worried. They met several child psychiatrists but sadly the only option to help the colt was to send him to an insane asylum, as they had exhausted all other options. Wild Card spent the next five years of his life being watched, recorded and educated in that asylum, and during this time his personalities appeared and grew. When Wild's calm personality appeared, he quickly gained assistance from the second personality to appear, Madness, and soon led the mind of Wild Card. With him in control, Wild now acted rather normal for the next few months, passing examinations and soon being allowed to leave the asylum with a certificate deeming him sane. Swiftly he was dragged back into a normal life, heading to school and growing up as any normal pony would, only that he had to keep his personalities a secret from everypony he met, which was difficult in the early stages of his life.
At the age of eighteen he decided that he would leave the Bitish Isles and travel across the world, heading to Equestria first after saying goodbye to his parents. He arrived in Manehatten, and was amazed at seeing the lights and size of the city itself. He was drawn to one sign in particular like a moth to a flame, and this sign was one which was above the entrance to a very large casino.
Wild had to quickly escape this casino half an hour later, now in possession of several thousand bits, a cutie mark, and an unofficial death sentence from many casino-goers who had just lost their money to him. With this new money he bought himself some more clothes, and used some of it for traveling as well. Where he traveled he gambled, and always won, often having to flee the establishment afterwards.
Upon arriving in a small town south of Las Pegasus he met with a zebra who, when Wild inevitably beat him in a card game, gave him his hat and a strange glowing purple deck, within which a runic parasite was held. Leaving the building and wondering why the zebra was smiling after he lost, Wild opened the deck and was subjected to a mental attack, which due to his many minds he was able to defend himself against. They then held the parasite prisoner in Wild's mind, but soon began to treat him as one of their own when they realised it could no longer pose a threat to them or Wild's body.
Wild now travels across Equestria and the rest of the world, buying things, winning money from places that have never heard of him before and generally trying out what the world has to offer.

Personality: Has several:
Gentle Card - Personality of Calm
Cheshire Card - Personality of Madness
Credit Card - Personality of Greed
Ace Card - Personality of Determination/Adventure
Psycho Card - Personality of Insanity
Trap Card - Personality of Cruelty
Beast Card - Personality of Anger
Blank Card - Personality of Sadness/Depression
Terror Card - Personality of Fear
Cupid Card - Personality of Love
Joyful Card - Personality of Happiness
Alu Card - Runic Personality

Current Home: Top accommodation in hotels and often stays around friend's houses

Misc: He's incredibly rich, even he doesn't know how much he has as he lost count after the first few million bits.

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PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Mon Jun 30, 2014 3:45 pm

Name: Hoodwink (possibly an alias)

Race: Earth Pony

Age: Early 20's

Mane: Dark Brown

Coat: Brown

Cutie mark: An open coffin

Extra details that aren’t needed but are nice to add:

Distinguishing Features: Midnight blue cloak containing numerous pieces of equipment and a wide brimmed hat, rarely seen without either.

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): Exceptionally agile, skilled thief and survivalist, modest alchemist and improviser.

Weaknesses: Physically weak for an Earth Pony, relies on equipment somewhat heavily, slow to trust others.

Occupation: Adventurer/Thief

Gear: Bandoleer of various vials, grappling hook, hat and cloak are both fireproof and corrosive proof to an extent

History: Raised in a foster family of nobles who largely looked down on him, Hoodwink stole what he could from his foster family and left home at the age of 13, growing up on stories of Daring Do and modelling himself after her through extensive training. Known among the Canterlot Nobles for his deeds he is little known elsewhere and prefers it that way.

Personality: Suave and sophisticated, very confident, gentlemanly to a fault, sarcastic when irritated, brave.

Virtue: Hoodwink would mostly represent the Element of Loyalty; while he takes a while to fully trust a new person when he does they will have his undying devotion to their cause.

Current Home: A small (relatively speaking) manor house in Canterlot.

Misc: Coltfriend of Silver. He and Daring Do have worked together but have recently had a falling out for unknown reasons.

Name: Ekonata

Race: Has alternately appeared as a unicorn and a pegasus

Age: Unknown but records suggest he may predate even Celestia

Mane: Blood Red

Coat: Brown, the shade of tree bark

Cutie mark.: A pair of tangled roots

Extra details that aren’t needed but are nice to add:

Distinguishing Features: Plant life seems to thrive around him, has many scars along his back that look like the result of a whip

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): Evidently has immortality of some description, can become intangible, appears to have some connection to plant life and can change species or at least give the illusion of doing so.

Weaknesses: When he has appeared he has shown no more durability than an average pony and in the one recorded of him fighting he appears to be a poor combatant. He also appears to be weakened when in the presence of unnatural constructs.

Occupation: If any it is unknown though he implies that he is some kind of Guardian. To who or what is unclear.

Gear: None.

History: Recorded across history at a seemingly completely random set of appearances across Equestria's history; in those appearances he has been both an ally and an enemy to the throne, most prominently he sided with Discord in his original rule of Equestria but later sided against King Sombra. Where his allegiances currently lie is anyones guess.

Personality: Ekonata displays a rather condescending demeanor toward most other ponies though he appears to hold those who wield the Elements and the Princesses in high regard. He is very calm and collected and never raises his voice even when it is clear he is angry with somepony; even during battle he is reported to be just as tranquil and calm as always.

Virtue: Magic.

Current Home: Unknown, though suspected to be the Everfree Forest or somewhere similar.

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PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Thu Jul 03, 2014 8:21 pm

Name: Aurum Vis

Race: Gryphon

Feathers: Pitch black

Fur: Pitch black

Claws/Beak(for claws, I mean the yellow forelegs on Gilda, in case you don't understand): A very dark grey

Personality: Kind, slightly funny, he always seems confident, no matter what happens
Distinguishing Factor: The fact that his blood is Gold, and glows softly. Also his Luminous Golden eyes.

Gear: Five machetes, strapped to his sides, just under his wings and three over his back, strapped there like an asterisk.

Weaknesses: Being unable to help someone, and being ignored.

Occupation: Mercenary

History: Rum was raised in Roam, and, because of that, he is a trained fighter and knows his way around a fight. His mother was a Pegasus while his Father was a Gryphon. Since leaving Roam to come to Equestria, he has learned that fighting it not always necessary, and that this is where he was born. His parents, he learned, died a few months after he left in a fire. He reacted by swearing to never return to Roam, lest he be haunted by memories. He travels Equestria looking for a place he likes. Because of his gold blood, he thinks himself a god.

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PostSubject: Day Dreamer :D   Wed Jul 16, 2014 8:12 pm

Name: Day "Dream" Dreamer
Race: Unicorn
Age: 18 or so
Mane: Mane: His Mane and Tail are Mildly Dark Blue and are often in a state of perpetual 'Bed head', Though he wears a purple Beret to keep his unruly Bedmane in check.

Coat: A Bit long furred and Moderate blue. He has a very light blue circular patch centered around his nose and muzzle that kindof looks like the moon from the front.

Cutie mark.: There's a tendency to interpret his Mark as both a pillow and a fluffy cloud depending on who's looking at it, perhaps it's both together.

Extra details that aren’t needed but are nice to add:
Distinguishing Features: He wears a hat... A Purple Beret that 'he' thinks goes well with his color.

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): He's pretty good with magic and enchanting, due to his imaginative nature he has a strong fascination with all things magic and exploring what it can do... He also likes to 'try' making his own spells, but he has yet to succeed at one, though likewise he has not 'yet' had a severe backfire happen.

He's quite the story-teller thanks to his wild imagination and exceedingly active dreams, Sometimes a problem solver, but now and then his imaginative solutions backfire.

He has Dreams, from wild dreams of places both horrific and amazing, to Precognative dreams that lead to daily, often mundane, but usually helpful predictions. The dreams tend to become Trigger memories that spring forth when he encounters somepony who's relevant to the dream in question.

Weaknesses: Well, there are the occasional back-fires of an attempted spell making.

He can't generally shut up when a dream springs to mind, typically his mouth runs on it's own to explain whatever it was to whoever it relevant to the dream... of course, he also has a habit of being long winded whenever he explains normal things too.

He can't really control what he see's in his dreams, they act more like being along for the ride and watching something, and he can't remember them well, he remembers that he 'had' some, but not what it was until something triggers the memory. He still has some that are hazey memories of 'having a dream' from even years ago.

Sometimes if a dream has particularly 'strong', instead of describing it when it springs to mind, he'll end up acting instead.

Occupation: Well, he fancies himself Ponyville's Resident Story-teller and Dreamseer, though not an 'official' job, he does occasionally wow somepony into giving him a tip for being helpful or especially enetertaining. He occasionally takes up the chance of 'foal sitting' and using some of his more fanciful stories to keep them entertained and out of trouble.

Gear: He doesn't own any fancy artifacts or anything, Though he does tend to keep a stack of scrolls handy for jotting down ideas and inspiration to help with his spell play to avoid forgetting them. He may occasionally carry around something he's tried enchanting to test it out, but more often than not he leaves them at home.

He is 'working' on a spacial enchantment for a bag, to no success yet, but if he gets it to work that might qualify.

History: For the most part Dreamer is just a normal pony born in ponyville, just, a 'normal pony' who happened to have dreams that predict things for ponies. He's known to explore a lot, and thanks his preference for wandering about at night he tends to be pretty good at sneaking around. For the most part though, nobody really knows what the hell he does at night, since most other ponies are fast asleep when he gets to wandering, but he has shown a habit of staying awake sometimes for 2 or 3 days so he can still be around during the day to help ponies. It is not an advertised fact, but he also 'moon-lights' as a Friend of princess luna... honestly, his specialty involves unique dreaming, It'd pretty far-fetch'd that she would 'not' notice him.

Personality: Dreamer is typically quite friendly and open, not shy about opening his mouth either as he tends to spout random things to other ponies when his memory pops up such as reminding them suddenly where they'll find that missing book or the bits they dropped.

He 'is' a bit odd in that he prefers to be awake at night for various reasons all his own, and can occasionally be seen if any pony actually happens to be up at the right time of night... yet he manages to still be present during the day while finding time to nap here and there or maybe even out-right sleep walking sometimes.

Virtue: *claps hooves together and pulls away a rainbow* Imagination!... Oh, and Throw in a little Kindness [Couldn't resist XD]

Current Home: He lives alone in a small house on the edge of ponyville, with a basement full of stuff. Though he's there rarely enough it may be more accurate to say that his 'home' is anywhere he can plop his head to sleep for a bit.

Misc: He's an acceptable cook, likes to sing or hum to himself, and tends to have a perpetually sleepy look except at night.
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PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Mon Nov 10, 2014 3:06 am

Jack Hoofington revised character sheet. He is my current Avatar image as well.

Name: Jacky Wildfeather (Griffish name), Stage name: Jack Hoofington

Race: Pegasus

Age: 26

Mane: Brown with yellow highlights, Well groomed and slicked back

Coat: Gray, also well groomed but often grown out a little

Cutie mark.: A massive explosion

Extra details that aren’t needed but are nice to add: While he does have scars, they are minor and cant really be seen from underneath his fur. They come from a multitude of his countless fuck ups.
He is also very flexible and likes to show it off.

Distinguishing Features:

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): His hoof to hoof combat prowess is quite notable after traveling all across equestrian and some other places in the world, he has learned atleast the basics of quite a few different martial arts styles and mastering a couple as well. Usually fights in styles akin to a pony version of muay thai, Ju Jitsu, and a variety of mixed kung fu styles.

Also a skillful stunt flyer, although he may be only decently fast he can accomplish more precision based movements than a normal Pegasus. This comes from years of practice dodging traps and explosions in a variety of movies as he insists on doing all of his own stunts and most of his stunts being real. For similar reasons he also has a high tolerance for pain because he isn’t a super pony and does fuck up quite a bit resulting lacerations and broken bones but even then will insist that they keep filming as it just makes for more realistic scenes.

Weaknesses: Pride mostly, he tends to overestimate himself and will fight almost anything if the challenge presents itself even though he is limited to a normal but athletic pegasus’s capabilities. He doesn’t like using weapons even if they are readily available and he’s losing a fight. He’s very full of himself and overly confident.

Occupation: Film/Stage actor, most commonly action and martial arts flicks but in a variety of other genres as well. Professional Martial Artist.

Gear: Fedora with red band, Expensive suit with red tie. Also a variety of other outfits such as breezy white shirt with black and yellow scarf, Black with red side striped track hoodie, prop solar guard armor if he can find it, and etc.

History: As an infant, Jack was adopted into a family with a griffon father and Pegasus mother in Trottingham. Even as a young colt Jack had a flare for the dramatics and participated in many school plays and had gotten into many fights with other foals due to his over the top personality. It didn’t take him long to get his cutie mark, which happened after becoming friends with another pony with a flair for chemistry and implemented pyrotechnics in one of his plays, and despite nearly catching fire and scorched a few times he was enamored with the special effects.

After Jack had graduated he became a traveling performer and traveled across equestrian at the age of 16, putting on shows and then dumping his bits into learning different martial arts techniques if there happened to be a school in the area. He actually picked up notoriety in the martial arts community first and was eventually being invited to martial arts tournaments would led him to travel overseas to fight, where he learned even more fighting styles and earned his traveling money through tournament fighting. This led him to make all sorts of friends and connections and actually got him started in the B movie foreign film business where he eventually became good friends with a particularly large lizardfolk mercenary while he was in working in stalliongrad (another character, will have separate character sheet).

After spending 4 years abroad he finally decided to come home to equestrian and try to make it into A-list cinema. After 2 years of more B-movies and some stage performances, he finally got the attention of some big name directors and began to star in some real action movies and since then has been steadily creating a reputation for himself. Jack had at this point adopted the stage name Jack Hoofington as he wanted a name that would be more relatable to a now predominantly pony audience, also cuz his friend Igneous kept calling him that when they got drunk once and thought it was funny. He still travels whenever he can and has kept up with the vast majority of his old contacts overseas. Jack is now an accomplished actor getting further credit as he is able to speak an admirable number of languages decently, and gathered leeway even among some of the canterlot elite. With such a vast array of contacts he is able move seamlessly between social classes getting fame or infamy wherever he sees fit.

Personality: Very overconfident and full of himself, he often portrays himself as the lovable asshole. The kind of guy who is a complete dick but you like him anyways for it and it just kinda works for him.

Current Home: He owns a penthouse in Las Pegasus, but he is often traveling from city to city for either PR reasons, vacation, or movie parts.

Misc: He swings whichever way he feels like at any given time. Although he still has preferences.

His father comes from the wildfeather clan and actually tried to get jack to be either a warrior in the griffin military or a doctor…. Because why the hell wouldn’t you want your son to be a doctor.

Jack can mimic a multitude of accents and has since lost his trottingham accent but can still revert back to it if he feels like it.

Jack met Igneous (the particularly large Lizardfolk) when he attended a traveling circus. Igneous was a sideshow and as for his act he wrestled 4 bears than a young hydra. Igneous suplexed the hydra, which continues to baffle Jack to this day.
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PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   Sat Oct 10, 2015 11:04 am

I figured it should be high time I brought this glorious bastard back.

Name: Junk Food (Formerly Healthy Appetite)

Race: Unicorn

Age: 20

Mane: Bright yellow. Twirled like a bowl of pasta.

Coat: Red with blotches of brown around and about.

Cutie Mark: A fork over a white porcelain plate.

Extra details that aren’t needed but are nice to add: In case it didn't become clear, this guy is fat as fuck.

Distinguishing Features: Obese to the point where it actually is a wonder how he is alive.

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): Impeccable sense of taste.

Weaknesses: Loves food so much he can't get enough of it. And if it is good-looking/smelling/tasting enough, he might leave his friends behind to gorge himself on the feast. And then he'll ask for seconds cuz he still feels a bit famished.

Occupation: Taster. For various restaurants and independant cooks.

Gear: Napkin that is always ready on his neck. He also has a suitcase which contains - what else? A pack of silverware so he doesn't have to rely on any plastic forks that become useless after one bite.

History: Born into a family of wealthy chefs, Junk Food was pampered at all points of his life, even after he discovered his talent was in his sense of taste. No food was off-limits to him. Many a chef, some of them griffon even, have made their name when he gave praise to their food. But recently his job has become repetitive. Always upstart cooks bringing in foods that combine this or that, but none of them seem to understand the true meaning of food. A source of nourishment and a way of making yourself feel complete. And that is when the junk food came in. Hayburgers and fries and cokes came into his life and ever since he has become more of a couch potato. But he never lost his touch. His sense of taste is as good as ever. Even if his physical fitness isn't.

Personality: Like most people say, a man with a large belly has a big heart. Junk Food certainly is a jolly fellow, always making time for his friends (Even if some of them are grossed by the amount of food he eats). When it comes to exercising and getting all that lard off, he is not that willing to move around at high speeds.

Current Home: Canterlot, in a hotel. Celestia knows how he hasn't crashed through to the bottom floor. :facehoof:

Misc: This is a joke OC! Only to be used in joke threads!

Link to a page of links for my character sheets because listing them here makes the signature too long: --> Here <--

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PostSubject: Re: Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)   

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Character Thread(For FiMfiction.net approved characters ONLY)
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