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  Crusaders of Harmony (Reboot) Sign up

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PostSubject: Crusaders of Harmony (Reboot) Sign up   Sun Oct 18, 2015 8:28 pm

Concept creator: Action pony    

Original RP

Long, long ago, before even the Elements of Harmony, when the universe was young, the world was divided between Order and Chaos, with most races existing in the no-man's-land in the middle of the eternal war. Sides are chosen between order and chaos, and pony agents of each side continue the conflict. This is the state of the world, how it was made, and how it continues to be.
Well, some ponies are having none of that. A group has formed, known as the Crusaders of Harmony. Their mission: to adhere to the principles of Good, and bring peace and harmony to the war-torn world. To that end, they have created the so-called Elements of Harmony, virtues by which one should live their life. They stick strongly to their virtues, although these virtues aren't always the Elements (the Elements are just the main ones), and they are spreading the joy. They're out to change the world forever, and make it a better place in the meanwhile. It's an uphill road, and they will need to fight for their peace, but it's a cause worth fighting for. Join them in their quest.

Character Base-
Mane & Tail:
Cutie Mark:
Other parts of appearance:
Virtue (doesn't have to be the Elements of Harmony):
Reason for Joining the Crusaders:

(just put virtue, sin and reason along with link to character sheet)

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Posts : 153
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PostSubject: Re: Crusaders of Harmony (Reboot) Sign up   Sun Oct 18, 2015 8:32 pm

(Made because this Indicus has some huge differences from my character sheet.) (also original Indicus)

Name: Indicus
(Known to most as Shadow Dancer or just Shadow)


Gender: Male

Age: 35

description: White skin, dark brown hair with stubble on his chin,he wears black leather armor with multiple satchels on his person it also has a hood and cowl

Weapons: A dagger, and sword made of a rare metal called Shadowsoul. Its properties let it bind to a Shadow Caster and amplifies Shadow magic for a fifty percent increase in power.

Magic type: Uses a magic type that rarely appears known as Shadow magic

Other parts of appearance: Some scars across his face

Virtue: Protector

Sin: Murder

Reason for Joining the Crusaders: He is an assassin that tried to stay out of the war. When he heard about the group he decided that the endless war went on for long enough with no end in sight,even if he thinks it is foolish to believe peace and Harmony can last forever. He also believes that Chaos is required for harmony to exists

History: He was born into the assassins guild, and trained in the rare art of shadow magic , the blade and stealth from the time he could use levitation and was one of the best Shadow casters of the guild surpassing or on the level of all of his peers, in his free time he studied philosophy. (the groups Shadow casters number at 5-15)
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Crusaders of Harmony (Reboot) Sign up
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