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 Of Princesses And The Mad

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PostSubject: Of Princesses And The Mad   Fri Oct 09, 2015 3:11 am

Day 1: Day Court. Afternoon. Light Spring showers. Princess Celestia is on her throne. A unicorn stallion enters the throne room. Expecting business, Princess Celestia is shocked when the pony blasts her with a beam of dark magic. The pony is almost immediately overwhelmed and detained by the royal guards. Princess Celestia appears unharmed, aside from a small burn on her neck, under her jaw.
Day 2: Princess Celestia has grown increasingly irritable. She snaps at her sister in the morning. She glares and glowers at anypony she doesn’t ignore. Then, as Day Court nears its end, a red translucent film forms over Celestia’s eyes and her saliva turns black. She attacks the pony nearest her: a royal guard. He suffers severe injury to his head, neck, and front legs. He is rushed to the royal infirmary, in critical condition, while Princess Celestia rampages, causing mass panic.
Within an hour, hundreds of ponies are dead or infected, some rampaging. Some buildings are damaged or destroyed. Princess Luna has been woken and rushes to intervene. She is attacked by Princess Celestia and knocked unconscious.
Day 3: The sun has not been raised. Princess Luna has ordered herself locked in the dungeons. Princess Celestia has worn herself out and rests deeply on a cloud. Princess Twilight Sparkle and her friends are alerted to the crisis. They rush to Canterlot and are nearly overwhelmed, but the aid of uninfected ponies allows them to reach a safe spot.
Discord notices the sun has not risen. He teleports to Canterlot to see what’s wrong and is shocked. He finds Princess Twilight and her friends, all of whom, excepting Pinkie Pie, have been bitten and blasted. Discord is ordered by Princess Twilight to raise the sun, take Pinkie Pie to the Crystal Empire, and tell Princess Cadance as well as every town, city, village, and individual pony he can of this crisis. With permission, Discord takes Fluttershy to the Crystal Empire as well.
20 minutes later, Princess Twilight’s friends turn rabid and she is forced to leave them. Princess Twilight leaves Canterlot to warn and prepare Ponyville. By dusk, Princess Twilight turns rabid and attacks two ponies before being caught and locked up.
Days 4-7: Princess Celestia wakes up and devastates Cloudsdale, where she happened to float in her sleep. Princess Luna soon escapes the dungeons and castle. Princess Luna and Princess Twilight fight, causing collateral damage to what remains of the city. Princess Twilight is knocked unconscious and it is half an hour before Princess Luna gives up trying to kill her and flies away from Canterlot.
It is discovered that contact with the black saliva, as well as any infected bodily fluid making it into the pony body, will infect a pony. It is also discovered that ponies don’t survive more than a few days infected -- as they asphyxiate on their excessive, foaming saliva -- and that they don’t like really cold temperatures.
Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and Princess Twilight reach many cities, towns, and villages, causing horrible damage to the former and often leveling the latter two. Multitudes of ponies also spread the dark rabies quickly, especially flying ponies.
Past the first week:
All but the smallest, most isolated and well-hidden villages and towns have been hit hard by this magical epidemic. Three of the four Princesses are constantly soaring all over Equestria, looking for something or somepony to take their rage out on, something to eat, or somewhere to rest. Princess Cadance, Discord, and Pinkie Pie are in the Crystal Empire, which is now nearly buried in snow and winter weather. Discord raises the sun and moon, and he’s not good at it: sometimes the sun rises in the South, sometimes the sun and moon rise side-by-side, and sometimes they go up and down like on a see-saw. There are few if any pegasi outside of the Crystal Empire to control the weather, so showers are rare, sporadic, and sometimes dangerous. Animals fear and flee from ponies, and may even attack. They are oddly unaffected by the rage part of the disease, but will still asphyxiate on their saliva.
Equestria lost its Element Bearers. New ones need to be found. That’s not to say it’s guaranteed that the Elements will fix this, but they’ve fixed and averted most of Equestria’s major disasters, so it’s the best chance. Pinkie Pie is still alive, and Princess Cadance may be a suitable substitute bearer for Magic. Discord is searching for survivors, and possible bearers, in the remaining population. And so is somepony else…

Constructive criticism of my work is always, always appreciated.

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PostSubject: Re: Of Princesses And The Mad   Sun Oct 11, 2015 11:50 pm

I would like to throw in Haruspex ready to fight the dead with his sword and if possible his break action TOZ 66 to take care of this dieases menace
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PostSubject: Re: Of Princesses And The Mad   Mon Oct 12, 2015 3:36 pm

I'm game to sign up either Shard (a crystal pony with crystal/ice manipulating magic), Scarlet Writ (Zen's illusionist daughter), or Resonance (Lost pony with sound magic)

All three can be found here.
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PostSubject: Re: Of Princesses And The Mad   Mon Oct 19, 2015 1:51 am

Looks interesting if it is still looking for players I would like to join with Indicus ( next to last on page.)
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PostSubject: Re: Of Princesses And The Mad   

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Of Princesses And The Mad
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