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 The Lodge of the First Wing

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PostSubject: The Lodge of the First Wing   Wed Sep 16, 2015 3:52 pm

Equestria, 900 years Post Alptraum.
One-thousand years ago, the demon now known as Ten Days Darkness was sealed away. 100 years later, she broke her bonds and ravaged the lands for ten days and ten nights. In all that time, the sun never shone, and all lived in fear of when the Darkness would come for them. By the end of its reign, half of all ponykind was gone. They were not dead, no. Dead things leave behind a corpse after they’ve finished dying. They were simply...gone.
On the eleventh day of darkness, the night sky cracked open, letting forth an incomparable light that blinded every pony in the world until it dissipated. When ponies could open their eyes once more, the sun was rising from the horizon.
This was the beginning of the Second Age, an era of supreme peace and prosperity. From atop Canterlot mountain, two alicorns descended; one broken and blue, one gracious and golden. The greater of the two, the male, presented the broken mare as the lost Princess Luna, reuniting the Royal Pony Sisters far ahead of their time, and yet this Hero was not without faults. While he did spur the world to a golden age, his actions had still broken things behind the scenes of the world. Within a meager hundred years of his shared reign with the Sisters, he disappeared, taking his name and all of the direct sources describing him with his passing. None know why exactly he disappeared, though what would come far later give scholars pause to consider what exactly came of his actions.
Two hundred years ago, the Third Age was precipitated by one wondrous spring coming to an end with ten days of darkness. Panic ensued across the world, and powerful, dangerous beasts wandered all of Equestria in the end of it. Monsters. When the tenth day came to an end, the calendar seemed to have not even noticed; the summer solstice came, despite the fact that it was supposed to come on the first day of darkness. The Monsters, however, stayed, even while the darkness was beaten back by the sun.
The world was lucky that year. The Founder struck out that year, knowing how these Monsters worked before any others knew. He flew all across Equestria, slaying each and every Monster. He let it be known to the world at large, that if any Monsters were to survive to the next Ten Days Darkness, that the world may very well end. They would have to be destroyed in the year between. To ensure that even his own absence would not be enough to stop the world, the Founder set up the Lodge of the First Wing, to train mares and stallions in the art of hunting. It would become their responsibility to take down as much of the plague as they could, while the Founder cleaned up the maggots left over, if any. This worked for a long while, and over time, other hunting guilds began to grow, ensuring that no part of Equestria went without a guard against the darkness. Creatures that weren’t Monsters also came within their purview, and while the extermination of such things was not required, the hunters of such guilds would deal with them however they wished, whether through blade or through cage.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Morphic Fields (basically, physics for this world, and how souls work)
3. Major Races and Where They Stand
4. Magic, and how it works.
5. Glossary
6. Author’s Notes/Some Words for the Players

Morphic Fields: All things are composed of an undifferentiated material with no true properties. Earth physics do not apply in any sort of way. Objects and the properties they have are described purely by morphic fields, rather than our concepts of atoms and molecules. Density is not the result of a high number of molecules filling a given space, but is a property defined by the nature of an object’s or material’s inherent morphic field. Organisms are not made out of cells, but of the same matter as other things, but creatures stand out from other objects and even from mere plants by the nature of having multiple, overlaid morphic fields.
All living creatures have at least two morphic fields, or souls. The the higher soul, the Ib, and the lower soul, the Ka. The Ib consists of an individual’s thoughts, emotions, and knowledge, and is functionally immutable to even the strongest magics known. Then, there is the Ka, which serves a bridge between the Ib and the physical world. The Ka defines the body itself; how it looks, its physical properties, what actions it takes, and provides the Ib with the information the body receives, in return, the Ib tells the Ka what actions the body ought to take.
Ponies and certain other creatures possess, on top of this, a third soul, the Mog. It lies hidden deep within the Ib, and is woven into the fabric of the world itself. It is where the mind retreats when the Ib is assaulted, and where the truest version of the self resides. It holds the creature’s destiny, and is physically manifest in the form of special, unique marks upon those who have a Mog. The Mog’s properties are typically called Precepts, and these Precepts can be read from these marks, allowing a skilled reader to come to understand a pony’s true self and their destiny with ease.
To fight against one’s destiny is to deny the Mog and to deny the self, and the effects it has on a creature are typically disastrous at best.

Races: Do note these descriptions are based on averages; there are always standouts.
Ponies are the most numerous species in Equestria, and as noted above, possess a Ka, Ib, and Mog. Adolescent ponies receive cutie marks when they discover their special talent, the appearance of the mark precipitated by the metabolization of a sizable amount of the magical substance alicorn that grows in the youth’s body (largely within their bones) until they receive this mark.
Earth ponies are a stocky, hard-working lot of ponies, known for their endurance. Despite being about being roughly equal in number to the other tribes of pony, earth ponies actually make up a majority of most political agents in Equestria, their reputation for efficiency and ethics giving individuals just the little bit of edge needed to either gain appointments or receive votes, depending on position. They are rather varied in terms of build, but average height is about 5’8” for stallions and 5’7” in mares.
Zebras are physically similar to Earth Ponies, and while less common in Equestria (most of the population living in Zebrica, after all) are similarly regarded as generally trustworthy and wise creatures. Other equine or mundane, hooved races (donkeys, goats, etc) are treated similarly to Earth Ponies as well.

Pegasi, the high-fliers of Equestria, have always made up a sizable contingent of any military regiment in Equestria. Strong, fast, and with an endurance bested only by earth ponies, the ever mobile pegasi are the ideal frontline soldiers in the guerilla-style warfare common to Equestrian military operations. Generally standing at around 6’ for stallions and 6’3” for mares, Pegasi are usually stick-thin, requiring significant amounts of work to put meat on their bones and to develop powerful muscles beyond those meant for flight.

Unicorns stand at the fore of magic in Equestria, and why would they not: They have a magic focus built right on top of their head after all. They typically stand at around 5 feet in height in males, and 4’8” in females, and by their nature are thinly built, often described as svelte and graceful creatures. Of note is that the horn grows continuously throughout their life, constantly producing more alicorn.

Changelings are a strange sort of creatures, not properly related to any of the three tribes. They first appeared in history books shortly after the beginning of the Second Age, bringing strife to the land before disappearing from the world for centuries. Or so ponies thought. Changelings never left, they merely adapted, taking on the shapes of those they lived amongst. Changeling transformation magic is unique amongst other modern magics: it does not incur any use of alicorn or other biological material in casting. Autopsies of changelings have revealed an intricate series of runes made out of pure alicorn woven throughout the body, clearly the source of this natural spellcraft and the only reason they can perform the magic at all. Sadly, it is the fact that this alicorn is devoted to casting this one spell that prevents a changeling from ever developing a cutie mark. Normal changelings stand at about 5 feet in height, regardless of gender, if they happen to have one.
Noble changelings are defined as those that are fertile, drones are infertile, and royals are normally Alicorn-sized, fertile, and stand on a power level above the lesser changelings of their kind. Besides this strange division of reproductive ability and their physical appearance, changelings stand out against the other equine races by the nature of their souls: they lack an Ib, leaving their mind entirely at the whims of their Mog. While ostensibly a good thing, as this means that a changeling is always their truest self, it is also rather limiting: They lack the mental ability to even slightly resist their true self and the destiny they are meant for. While a pony whose destiny is to guard may do unrelated things and even reinterpret the meaning of their cutie mark, a changeling is born into the world with a preternatural understanding of where they belong in the workings of the universe, and they lack the ability to imagine themselves in any other place.

Griffons: An uncommon sight in much of Equestria, those griffons that do live under the rule of the Princesses tend to live in insular communities composed almost wholly of their own species. An uncommon sight in Equestria overall, griffons are regarded with a sort of awe and splendor, their rather strange, predatory forms presenting something unique amongst a society of herbivores. They are often regarded as “exotic” and while their dietary habits drive off plenty of ponies from forming long-term relationships with them, that does not keep them completely ostracized from equine society. Griffons range in size depending on avian and feline type, standing anywhere between 5’ and 6’6”, with males typically larger and with more obvious plumage displays than females.

Bestial Equines: Not a single race by any means, this category includes creatures such as nagas, kelpies, kirins, minotaurs, and even such rarities as satyrs. While each species is seen in an individual light, of course, it should be noted that bestial equines are not confused with Monsters by the greater population of Equestria. While they are strange, they do not have the preternatural qualities that set apart Monsters from normal creatures, and only a few backwards-thinking and particularly insular, traditionalist communities see them as evil beasts that all must die in our modern free-thinking society.

A note on Alicorns and other immortals: Alicorns are natural Evokers. This is a double-edged sword. While the force of their destiny and fate makes their abilities in the Art of Evocation extremely powerful, it makes diluting this power into other forms of spellcraft a challenge at best and actually painful in most cases. For alicorns like Celestia and Luna, creatures steeped in time and with destinies that span millennia, destinies that shape the world for an eternity to come, such lesser magics are completely out of their reach. Immortal creatures, on the whole, have severe issues using any form of magic other than Evocation.

The following are just example arts, to give a grasp of how magic works and breaks down in this world. These are just some of the most common or notable arts, there are plenty more where these come from.
All magic is a sort of extension of the Mog upon the world, using the force of the caster’s destiny to make the world do as he wills. Spellcasting, in general terms, requires three elements: mental focus of the Ib; sequences of ritualistic actions, either mental or physical, to give the Mog direction; and energy to both, supplied by the Ka’s reserves of energy. An additional component in most forms of modern magic is the use of some sort of reagent to further catalyze the spell, one of the most common being a small amount of alicorn (the material unicorn horns are made of, not the species). Unicorns are advantaged in this, since their horns are constantly growing in life, providing them a constant supply of alicorn so long as they don’t use all of it. Other casters often wield staves or wear ornaments with sizable pieces of alicorn on them, either kept in the form of horns or carved into interesting shapes.

The Art of Alchemy: Alchemy makes up a great body of magical works, and is the Art most commonly associated with magical initiates. While the Art of Alchemy requires some of the most complex rituals to perform, it also requires the least personal focus to perform amongst the other common arts. Alchemy allows a caster to transform any material or object into another material or object, so long as both sorts of things exist in the natural world.

The Art of Transmutation: The Art of Transmutation involves altering the nature of that which already exists. A transmutation spell is learned through memorization and cast via both a short ritual and through the application of the caster’s will, and is used to change the properties of something that exists. It creates a shift in the morphic field of an object, changing that which defines an object’s existence. Duration and scale depend on how much magic is used and how deep the change is (cold fire, for example, requires a rather significant investment of time and magic).

The Art of Transmigration: Transmigration, while originally nothing more than a subfield of Transmutation, has evolved over several hundred years into a field of its own. Pure Transmigration is only practiced by some ascetic sects who believe that to simply throw meaning into the world is unnatural and upsets the balance of the world: where transmutation spells allow the caster to just write what they wish into the world, transmigration allows a caster to transplant properties from one thing to another. Transmigration spells, if part of this Art rather than of Transmutation, involve rituals phrased in the form of requests upon the world, though the enforcing power of the Mog is typically more than enough to ensure said requests are heeded nonetheless. Transmigration also involves the creation of barriers, either by making a request upon an object to not enter an area, or by requesting the nearby morphic fields to prevent something else from entering by directing their will upon it.

The Art of Evocation: Evocation is the direct action of the will upon the world. Where other magics reach out to the world, the Art of Evocation shapes the Mog into a physical existence, extending it from within one’s soul into the physical world. Telekinesis and telepathy are common effects of Evocation, but less common effects include enacting the precepts of one’s Mog upon the world. A talented musician forms music. A pony with a cutie mark of a match creates fire from nothing. The actual spells of Evocation vary widely, depending on the nature of the caster’s Mog. Typically, they have to be discovered individually, since everyone’s Mog is distinct and unique.

The Art of Infinite Creation: Not one single spell or even a single set of spells, the Art of Infinite Creation is unique among all other sorts of spellcraft. While lesser magic is capable of manipulating morphic fields, shaping it to the caster’s desires, that Art of Infinite Creation is used to create and utterly destroy morphic fields. The art itself is disturbingly simplistic, being something even a sufficiently focused earth pony could achieve with no rituals, but each individual spell is disturbingly unique: Every single casting requires its own specific spell, honed to the situation, the material used or targeted, the nature of the morphic field, its size, strength, and every single property defined by it. Even those that “master” the Art typically only gain the ability to create and destroy a small handful of things. This is the deepest magic of the world, an Art that can create on a whim that which shapes the world.

The Art of the Ib And Ka: One of the darkest magicks understood by ponykind, the Art of Ib and Ka is a magic of the soul. It is an abuse of the spirits of others, and involves spells that affect changes upon the Ib and upon the bond between Ib and Ka. The rituals of the Art of Ib and Ka do not involve focusing the Mog at all; they involve shaping the Ib into a force of comparable power. Doing so damages the Ib, leading to various forms of insanity over continued use. Entry into the art involves forcing the Ib into such a usable form, which is known for generally ripping the “equinity” right out of the initiate.

Glossary of Common Terms/Items (More may be added later)

Adamant: One of the most common modern magical materials, adamant is a material of great strength, used in weapons, armor, and architecture, adamant has been in wide use since its invention in the First Age, and is one of the few First Age materials to have remained understood into modern times. While small amounts of adamant can be mined in regions of great magical events, most of it is produced alchemically, through transmutation of various metals, the most common stock feed for it now being steel.

Alicorn: Alicorn is one of the most important materials in Equestria, both due to its function and its rarity. It is a key reagent in all forms of modern magic, its use as a focus resulting in a slow, gradual wearing away of the bony material. As a part of pony anatomy, it is outside of the scope of most transmutative magics to create, and the few that can create it tend to fall under the scope of dark magic, for good reason. It is produced commercially by trained horn-trimmers, who buy the right to shave off small amounts of alicorn from live unicorns. Unicorn funerary rites have developed around the fact that a whole unicorn horn is so valuable, and it is traditional for a unicorn to include their own horn as part of their will; if the horn is not specifically granted in the will, it will be passed down following matrilineal primogeniture or the closest next of kin, to either be put to use as a spellcasting implement or sold for a tidy profit in bits (even “low quality” horns of alicorn being valued at a few thousand bits on the open market, if pedigree can be demonstrated).

Calendar: 4 seasons, 8 months of 15 days each, nothing more exotic than that. 10 extra-calendar days known as “Ten Days Darkness” signal the end of Spring. That’s a 130 day year, yes it is.

Ib: The morphic field/soul of one’s mind and ability to reason.

Ka: The morphic field/soul defining one’s physical body.

Magic: The influence of the Mog on the physical world

Mog: The morphic field/soul of the “true self” and one’s destiny.

Monster: Creatures that don’t exactly belong in reality, Monsters spontaneously appear either during or after Ten Days Darkness (nobody has been able to tell, really), and are generally opposed to all forms of Equestrian life. They come in many shapes and sizes, but Equestrians feel a natural sense of “wrongness” while in their proximity, similarly to how one might feel hostility towards a person due to their body language despite not consciously noticing their posture. Trained monster hunters can tell the subtle difference between this normal feeling and the wrongness of Monsters, allowing them to hunt them down despite their myriad of forms. It is widely believed (for relatively good reasons) that letting any monsters survive from one Ten Days Darkness to the next will result in some variety of apocalypse, either by the monsters proceeding to become stronger and simply destroying Equestria, or by the ten days becoming ten years of neverending darkness.

Orichalcum: Similar in nature to gold in weight and luster, orichalcum is an uncommon material in modern Equestria, used in magical devices to direct the magical energy, and occasionally as a power source to draw from ambient energy. It is a highly magically conductive material overall, capable of forming a sort of passive energy exchanger, pulling in magical flux from the air and directing it where it is needed, most often to some sort of casting circle, or even to directly provide energy to a spellcaster. Orichalcum is typically made via transmutation of large amounts of high-purity gold, producing anywhere between 10 and 60% of its weight in orichalcum.
Runic Tablet: A common device amongst even amateur mages, runic tablets are perhaps the second most important part of a mage’s paraphernalia, with spare pieces of alicorn standing as the most important bit. Runic tablets allow a mage to cast spells without first obtaining the normally-requisite focusing of their Ib, as well as allowing casters to use spells outside of their normal skill level, making them incredibly convenient for mages who do not have time to devote large amounts of their life to intense study. More importantly, they serve as excellent catalysts to allow earth ponies and pegasi to cast magic, though other magical implements are equally common, so long at they include alicorn in their construction. While each one will only have a limited number of uses before breaking, they are still highly common amongst all sorts of adventurers.

Quintessence: Matter that is not contained in a morphic field. Extremely rare in nature, and has strange and relatively unpredictable properties. Can be very easily placed in a morphic field, so it’s useful for making “something out of nothing”, essentially.

Ten Days Darkness: 10 days after Spring but before Summer where the sun does not shine. The time period is associated with, well, darkness, bad luck, and the appearance of the Monsters that haunt Equestria every year.

Where we are Now
Well, now it is time to let the fourth wall fall down. So, it’s time to put my expectations for what kind of thread this will be into words. First of all, this thread is a sandbox. That means multiple things. It means I want you, as players, to throw things into the world. Come up with ideas and talk to me about incorporating them into the world. It helps make the world more vibrant and keeps me from getting into a rut. Second, if you run around doing your best to avoid conflict and activity, then you will not enjoy the thread.
Thirdly, I would like to encourage everyone to offer as many characters as they are comfortable playing simultaneously. However, I’m going to make a very odd demand of all my players: For every player character you play as, I am going to require that you give me 2 NPCs for me to use however I wish to help make the world a bit more vibrant. These characters do not have to be guild members, they do not need to be any single specific thing, really. They can be guild members, or they could be close friends of your own character(s), or even contacts who provide them with information, supplies, and/or favors, rivals (because we always need more villains, of course), retainers (for you rich people), or whatevers. The main requirement is that they have to be usable, there has to be some way that such NPCs can appear in some capacity at some point, as more than just background decoration. I will, of course, edit all submitted NPCs to my own liking, but just having a bunch of good ideas floating around will make my life easier. The reasons for me to make this demand are, I think, legitimate. I want the world to be vibrant and a bit full of people, so at least a 2-to-1 NPC to PC ratio without me making anyone up will help that a lot. It also means that I won’t always be flying by the seat of my pants when NPCs come up. Moreover, it shows that you as a player are willing to put some effort into the thread.
Perhaps most importantly, it assures me that you are willing to actually do some worldbuilding with me. If you can make 2 characters who can fit into the world from scratch, then I can expect you can do more things, like mention little events offhand and let me expand upon them if needed. It’s a sandbox here, and that means I want more than just me building the sandcastles.

As to the matter of your characters and who they are in the world, I’ve only got one expectation for them: your PCs are going to be members of the guild that this thread is named after: The Lodge of the First Wing, a prestigious organization centered on Monster hunting. While not all of its members are necessarily hunters, all of the official guildmembers are either adventurers of one type or another, or have provided some great service to the lodge over a long period of time, though such individuals would merely be “honorary” members. I am not going to set you into a certain sort of ranking or reputation within the organization, so feel free to plop yourselves all over the hierarchy (just realize that I get final say on whether or not you get such positions, so talking with me beforehand is certain to help you in getting what you want).

But most important of all, guys: Have fun.

How about you?
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PostSubject: Re: The Lodge of the First Wing   Wed Sep 16, 2015 6:05 pm

I gotta say. This sounds awesome.
I'm going to go with Sandy PyrtinkerDream Sickle, and Nightingale
Sandy be in to the magic of alchemy
Sickle be more in to transmutation
As gale be in to evocation. (being able to summon shadow birds.) Kind of creepy.
Now for the good part. NPC.

Golden Orb. Butterscotch mane with an lemon yellow coat.
Nightingale rival. She a spider earth pony. ( Can make spider legs come her back.) She unlike gale choices to become evil and stopped caring on who she killed. 

An other one of gales rival. An evil Pegasuses werepony. (an pony that can turn to wolf at will and that could still fly.) Strong and tough, this guy cocky and feels untouchable.

Sickle rival. This unicorn has practically has the same power as dream only with water. But she always try  her best, one up sickle. (Sickle makes an nice ice sculpture, Conventina performed an mind blowing water show.) Yet she not as good at fighting or keeping calm as sickle and quick to jealousy and grudges. Mainly works an bartender.

Nurse Brightside (I don't have an official image of her, but I image her being hot.)
From the name She help out at the medic, patching hunters up. But, Gale terrified of her. due that Bright side has an habit of torturing monsters with syringes till death. All with a grin on her face.

Gear Pyrtinker.
Sandy Farther/ rival. After killing his wife/ sandy's mom. He began an life of crime as a bandit and thug. He one of the reasons sandy agree to join the guild. Just for a chance to find him and kill him.

Plasma wave.
An stallion Pegasuses that into tech and all thing science. Even makes an few Pieces of gear. However all his gear has some form of flaw to them. Some big some small. Kind of a roll of the dice. He also has a crush on Sickle. (even though Sickle made many hints that she has no interest.)

Sandy more the aggressive type, Gale more of an stealthy type. As Dream, Is kind of a joyfully, comical type. (even when it comes to fighting.)
If you need more ideas for monsters I do have more that you could use.

Pick-a-mare: Sandy, Nightingale Dream Sickle and one dude: Cresent Keeper.

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PostSubject: Re: The Lodge of the First Wing   Sat Sep 19, 2015 6:57 pm

For my PC's, I will have Pure Light, Faerie Fire, Pretty Bird, and Sophie. All of them are members of the lodge, and typically work as a group.

As for my NPC's.....
first up is Felicity. I'll have to talk to you in private about what all she;s doing though, because spoilers.

Second up is Lixir Plasma. We already discussed what she's doing, and I won;t say it here because spoilers.

Third up is Falx. She works at the lodge as a blacksmith, and was born to merchants. Whens he was young, her parents were attacked by monsters. They both survived, but since then they have encouraged their daughter to become a member of the lodge while they do their best to help it form an economic standpoint. Falx tends to be snarky, but cheerful. Her special talent revolves around enchanting materials she works with, especially enchantments of cold. She despises coffee and tea. She has the same coat colors as Pure Light, and is often mistaken for her, much to both their chagrins.

Fourth is Distant Flare, a stallion who wishes to help the lodge, but can't quite bring himself to actually fight monsters. Instead, he seeks them out, then alerts any nearby monster hunters. His name a cutie mark of a lit fuse from from his affinity for pyrotechnics. He mails the Lodge an updated list of what each of his flares mean every week. Whether anyone actually reads it is up to the lodge. Flare is a bit cowardly, and much better at sneaking and hiding them standing and fighting. He does mean well though, and will stand firm if pushed. He is an earth pony. His favorite food is the noble apricot.

Fifth and Sixth are the siblings Sharp Mind and Phantom Blaze (brother and sister respectively). They are both explorers, obsessed with finding out the true identity of heroic male alicorn that saved them all. Fortunately for them, they are  both well funded and competent magi.  Each possesses a wide array of spells and resources at their disposal. They are both unicorns. they enjoy speaking in riddles to anyone that isn't on their payroll, and are fond of watching talk shows in their spare time. Sharp Mind is allergic to strawberries

Seventh is Hoarfrost, a powerful magus who specializes in fire. He hates his name, but considers changing it too much of a hassle. His personality is very gunge-ho and flamboyant. He owns a small flower shop that he lets his nieces run, but his primary focus is the lodge. He takes an alarming amount of joy in hunting monsters, but as long as he does his job most let it pass. He has posted several flyers around the Lodge offering dancing lessons, and dearly wishes to make a Lodge Band. His cutie mark is a fireball surrounding a a white flower. His fur is blue, and his mane is white.

Eight is Cloud Hopper, a Pegasus. As his name suggests, he enjoys hopping on clouds. He also enjoys raining down precipitation and lightning bolts on random people. He gives the Lodge a wide birth, and considers any clouds near it "tainted". He hates the lodge for reasons no one has yet bothered to ask, and will do everything within his power to interfere with the activities of monster hunters as long as his own life is not put at risk. He likes eggs, and his coat is the color of the sky on a sunny day. His mane is peach colored.

"Why should I form an alliance when I can do it all by myself?"
"To allow you to live serves no purpose. Knowledge must be preserved, and I already have yours."
"We are opposites.... And strong."
"I'm on my way Sister."
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PostSubject: Re: The Lodge of the First Wing   Mon Sep 21, 2015 7:41 pm

I'll look to bring in my own crew as well. We'll have Ungetüm Jäger leading the charge as just a powerhouse with little knowledge of any magic while Sonata provides some ranged support with her bow and transmigration abilities, and Maple will be screaming "why are you still standing in the LAVA!" as she tries to keep them all alive and provide some support with her understanding of the arts of evocation and creation(linked specifically to plant life).
Sonata and Jäger can be found here
Maple's over here

So 3 characters means 6 NPCs:
Stalwart: A seasoned earth pony guard for the lodge itself rather than an outgoing adventurer. Despite the gruff, blunt, and sometimes even rude disposition, he's been known to throw himself right out into harms way to try and drag others out of it, proving surprisingly mobile in the heavy full plate armor he wears. He's also got something of a soft spot for newer members of the lodge, occasionally dropping hints, suggestions, or even the occasional useful item into a newer group's lap, though he's never answered how he knows what might be helpful for what hunts.

Arachne: A strange and rather reclusive abomination, Arachne sometimes helps or hinders lodge members, or really anyone who wanders into her lair. At first she appears as a green earth pony but with a very long silvery white mane and tail. Then however the extra four largely elongated and spike ended legs reach around and lift her off the ground. Her main and tail are actually strands of thick and strong spider silk that can easily encase the unwary, and her tail holds a second hidden surprise of a prehensile scorpion like second tail fully capable of injecting a powerful paralytic poison. Arachne is playful and deceptive, liking to acquire debts and then collect them at later times just so she can get the amusement of her victims begging for their lives. How she got the way she is, and why she does this are lost to her own history, but the information and sometimes rare items she's managed to acquire off of the field and victims has proved her too useful to warrant a true hunt.

Mythic Sketch: an aspiring young unicorn artist who's taken to being a horn trimmer until her art manages to support herself. Usually quiet but not withdrawn or anti-social, Mythic isn't directly associated with the lodge though she's done work for it and many other businesses associated with the substance alicorn. Mythic also knows very little about monsters and life outside the city, or well area around the lodge even after traveling out a bit sometimes in search of inspiration for her more recent works. She's also been steadily developing a fascination with the art of drawing and making illustrations of monsters, but for now it's just a curiosity.

Fert: another earth pony, this one a farmer who's had more than his fair share of bad luck when it comes to the monster attacks and a frequent visitor to the lodge. His fields are under constant threat given the large area that they cover, yet it's thanks to their vastness that he's able to harvest much at all, they're simply too big for the monster attacks to destroy it all. That doesn't mean though he isn't almost always asking for lodge members to swing by and fight off some other monster so he can get back to work again. He's always complaining, but his determination and pride keep him in his current profession.

Verm: A soldier class changeling who's hive was wiped out during a monster attack. In the early stages of the battle, Verm was thrown into a tree and knocked unconscious, only to awaken later and find the majority of his hive demolished. Suddenly finding himself without anyone telling him what to do for the first time, Verm simply stood about for a long time awaiting his next 'orders'. As luck would have it though, these orders came from a group associated with the lodge who instructed the previously order-less Verm to come with them back to the lodge where he continues to work as a hired helper. Since Verm more or less just does what he's told without question, the lodge itself presides over the process of hiring him out and making sure he's taken care of. Verm by his self is a pretty blank slate with few expressions and fewer opinions, though he's found a certain appreciation for chocolate in more recent times.

And lastly (for now) we have Tally Mark: a rather cheerful yellow pegasus who works for the lodge in handling paperwork, contracts, rewards, and similar such things for the hunters. A smile can almost always be seen on his face, and he's always quick to pass out priority work to the most capable. Despite the cheery disposition though, Tally Mark's surprisingly cunning and almost seems to have a puppet-master like setup going with which hunters and groups of hunters go after which creatures. He's also a touch fickle as his favor can be gained just as fast as it's lost and that will usually factor in on which jobs and such he presents a group with.
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PostSubject: Re: The Lodge of the First Wing   Sun Sep 27, 2015 2:08 pm

Lotor'Xifor Will be part of this Lodge, working hard to fight against evil in all forms.

You can play around with Tombstone Blade and the White furred Succubi pony Ivory that is normally attached to Black Rose.

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PostSubject: Re: The Lodge of the First Wing   Mon Oct 12, 2015 1:28 am

Alright, sorry for the belated sign up. I'll be signing up Diamond Mind as a changeling noble following the mixed message of her cutie mark, a staunch evocation practitioner and a student of Infinite Creation in his/her spare time. Meanwhile Bloodstone will be the experienced mage and a five year member of the First Wing, utilizing alchemy, transmigration, evocation, and the art of Ib and Ka.

Now for the NPCs:

Divinus Lancea: A rather old and kindly stallion who was once a very strong monster hunter, but has now retired from the front lines to teach the next generation of monster hunters how to hunt. In all honesty, he would prefer to go back to hunting, but has resigned to his new position. He's willing to train open-minded ponies who need help in learning how to physically combat monsters, and can teach basic transmutation on top of that.

Duchess Blood Moon: A rather domineering and controlling noblemare who owns a duchy, is usually between anxiety attacks, and is always willing to hire on more defenders. She donates plenty of money to the First Wing to get some of their best as defenders of her duchy, just in case monsters appear there. She is rather influential and able to help those who want to climb the social ladder climb it with gusto, in return for personal favors of course.

Lagnia: One of the many ponies turning a profit off of the First Wing. He's a cunning, elegant, mysterious and reserved stallion who will occasionally take an exceptional, almost obsessive, interest in one of his customers and make multiple (likely failed) attempts to court them. He sells all sorts of items to the lodge, ranging from basic medical supplies to magical weapons and armor. He also deals information on the side, and anything you can't afford can be bought in secrets and information.

Onyx Cog: A happy-go-lucky kirin who works for the First Wing after an incident that got him a prosthetic hind leg and his cutie mark that involved a spring, a lever, a rather long length of rope and a sword. He makes mechanical traps and crossbows for the First Wing, and the occasional prosthetic. He also uses transmutation and alchemy, constantly trying to create new ways to apply his talent for engineering.

Ivory Charm: A middle-aged pegasus and one of the older lodge members. A knife thrower by cutie mark and profession, she uses throwing knives, chakrams, and javelins in her hunt, and uses transmutation to assist in preparing her weapons. Ivory Charm was a circus performer originally, but felt as if she could really do more in life, and ended up finding her way to the Lodge, joining on and becoming a rather skilled monster hunter for the lodge. While generally bitter and down to earth due to her experience, she holds out hope for a better world and would be willing to train any incoming new members that Lancea wouldn't take on if she has the time.

Ruby Mind: Diamond Mind's twin and joining the Lodge alongside Diamond. Ruby is much more aggressive than Diamond, favoring melee and heavy evocation reliance to Diamond's use of Infinite Creation and Evocation in tandem. Ruby is also older than Diamond (by two seconds), believes herself to be the stronger (and wiser) of the two, and lacks Diamond's dislike of physical contact.

Little Note: A wandering earthpony minstrel who (guess what?) wanders the land, giving performances and spreading the tales of heroes. She is an adrenaline junkie and a risk taker, often searching for inspiration on any battlefield she comes across. This has the adverse effect of getting her into trouble more often than not, and since she lacks magical skill and training, has to rely on her short sword for protection. This leads to her having to be saved from danger, and from there writing songs about whoever saved her or refused to save her, causing her to alter their reputation and renown.

Dark Pyre: the zebra leader of the Cult of the Ten Days who occasionally wanders Equestria looking for new inductees into his cult. On the surface, he is calm and collected, and most definitely not someone who would murder another pony for the chance to practice the Art of Ib and Ka some more. Though a master of Ib and Ka, he can seem to fake having an undamaged Ib extremely well, almost as if he was born a sociopath. He also practices alchemy and the art of infinite creation, and is the bane of any warrior he comes across by destroying their armor and weapons with little effort. The Cult of the Ten Days believes that the monsters are the fault of Equestrians not embracing the ten days of darkness, and will actively try to force ponies out of their homes to face the monsters. They are also trying to keep at least one monster alive to the next ten days, just to see what happens.

"You're very mistaken. I'm not locked in here with you. You all are locked in here with me."

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How about you?
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PostSubject: Re: The Lodge of the First Wing   Sat Jan 16, 2016 3:47 am

I think I'll be trying to add in another character, obviously up to you where she sits in the guild, but I think I want to bring in Riese, armed with a proportionally correct lucern hammer with a couple convenient little slots for Alicorn or Orichalcum. Her magic however would be a subsection of evocation known as the Art of Null. An art of projecting out one's mog but to actively cancel out other projected mog, and work to return morphic fields to their normal state. It can even be used to combat the art of infinite creation since the art of null will work towards keeping something from being made of nothing and keep something from being destroyed entirely, but this only applies if the creation or destruction is in progress. The art of null can't restore a completely destroyed field as there's nothing to restore, nor can it erase a completed new field as now it exists in it's natural state.

And now for the NPCs:
Second Hand: or at least going by that nickname, the pony's a scavenger. Scouring the scenes of lodge and monster battles, picking up anything and everything of value from the dead lodge members and monsters. This has certainly earned him the ire of many of the more loyal and seniority of the lodge, but there's no denying his resourcefulness or the stock of his wares. Second Hand has merchandise that simply isn't sold in other stores because of his willingness to go through with just about any measure to acquire what he believes can earn him coin or favors.

Lucky "Peg": An experienced hunter of the lodge, Peg (for short), got his ironic name when on his very first hunt, he lost his leg as the only injury of the entire mission. Outfitted with a peg-leg, Peg continued his bad luck streak as mission after mission seemed to cost another part of the hapless stallion. The ones that could be replaced were, while others were simply covered up and left to see if he could just keep on living without. He does however still strive to go out on missions, even if he's now more limited to the ones that are a little more accessible.
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PostSubject: Re: The Lodge of the First Wing   

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The Lodge of the First Wing
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