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 Contest Results!(Old)

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PostSubject: Contest Results!(Old)   Wed Sep 16, 2015 3:43 pm

As the title says folks, the wait is finally over and all judging has been completed on our Roleplay Prompt/Intro competition. First and foremost I just want to say thank you to every single person who entered; we did not expect as enthusiastic of a response as we got and we were overjoyed to see the number of entries into the competition.

With that said, it's a shame that there can only be one winner here but I want to say to you all that I enjoyed reading all of your prompts, and I sincerely hope that those of you who entered will at least try to make full on games out of these ideas, I sincerely believe they could all be very successful.

With that being said, here is the final scores for all our threads:

PortalHunter- 28

DualThrones- 20

DragonSoul- 20

Wild Card- 19

Brony_Khaos- 18

BrotherRoga- 17

CynicalWhovian- 16

Veryveryfluttershy- 16

Star (Dream Nor Nightmare)- 15

DragonxNeon- 15

Darth Quadro- 14

Wiserodin- 13

Star (Game of Life)- 13

Doomande- 13

The Adept- 10

jz96- 9

As you can plainly see from how tightly packed almost all of the scores were, this was not an easy contest to judge at all. Still, we have our clear winner in PortalHunter for their fantastic submission of Skyward, a game I eagerly anticipate and hope to potentially be involved in, along with many of the other threads submitted to us.

Congratulations to PortalHunter but equally congratulations to every single entrant. This response was very encouraging so expect more competitions in the future from us, your creativity and talent shown in the entries alone made this a joy to preside over. 

Very soon a link will be added to this thread where you can read all of the entries in depth for yourself and see the individual scores that added to your total.

EDIT: And here you are!

- ObsidianPony

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PostSubject: Re: Contest Results!(Old)   Wed Sep 16, 2015 3:58 pm

First of all, thanks a lot to all of those that entered this contest!

I have for a long long time thought about how we could make a group project, and are really really happy over the result we ended up with. I must admit that I feared what we would end up with in the beginning where announcements of this contest were met with rather negative attitudes from a few members of our group, but looking at the results, looking at how much work and energy and love people have laid into their ideas am I happy that we all went ahead with this contest.

To end off with will I come with a little reminder, both to Portal that have won the art, and the rest of the group there properly have forgotten what the prize of the contest was by now. Portal will get a picture made in the same style and quality as these pics
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Contest Results!(Old)
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