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 The Drunkfull Coincidences

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PostSubject: The Drunkfull Coincidences    Thu Aug 27, 2015 6:30 pm

It's an stormy night at heart of the winter. At this time of year sun barely showed up from behind the mountains, which caused it to been called as 'The Time of Shadows' in the village, where you just arrived.

You notice few shags with fully boarded up windows, not a living souls seemed to live under those roofs. Actually... There is no sign of lighted fire anywhere around the village, expect one... You decide approach it and its welcoming aura of lights. Faintly you hear through the blizzard laughter, flutes, drums and lutes, drunken singing... So you decide to step in.

And so, adventurer, here begins our story. Where and how it ends, is straightly up to you.

____________________________________________________OOC LINE_________________________________________________________________________________________________

So, about to join our little game, huh? Let me explain how it works.
There will be max. 6 places at this time (Sorry, or it gets way too hard for me)
I will work as an gamemaster. As Gamemaster, I will notify you at the change of events, play as enemies and NPCs. You are free to do most likely anything at anytime, but remember. You have only one life. You die, you are out.
The plot goes on when I so decide, meantime, idle passive RP. Get to known eachother better, make some friends.

First of all, let us know who you are. No background, just... What you look like?
You are allowed to apply for one special ability, or you can change this to somewhat decent knowledge of magic. (includes proper knowledge how to use different weapons, picklocking, sneaking.)
You are also allowed to apply for decent gear. (Armor, one weapon and some food and drink. You still must eat at your adventures.)

So, no background needed, just let us know what gear you are having and in what things you are good at.
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PostSubject: Re: The Drunkfull Coincidences    Sat Aug 29, 2015 9:17 am

I think Midnight will get thrown into this.

She's a Thestral mare, dark blue coat, silver mane, amber eyes, kinda small. Her 'Ability' is sneaking as she is an assassin/bounty hunter/LunarGuard. She is wearing worn down Lunar Guard Outfit with the ensign taken off and a katana blade.
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The Drunkfull Coincidences
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