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 A Euthoria Castle Party {Interest Thread}

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The Adept


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PostSubject: A Euthoria Castle Party {Interest Thread}    Wed Aug 26, 2015 12:28 am

A strange glowing older piece of parchment rolled up into a scroll bearing a black wax seal in the shape of a black rose appears in your mail. You break the seal and unfurl the scroll to see in fancy cursive writing read,

Dear Guest:

You have been formally invited to the dinner party hosted by the benevolent and most hansom host, Black Rose La Shade...  He has request the honor of your presence to his dinner party at Euthoria castle in the far marshes to the north. Transportation will be provided to there but a few recommendations are presented.

You must something fanciful that can be easily stripped in and out of for party circumstances. One better not mind that the clothing might get a little bit dirty during these times but if one needs to was there will be all services provided. One more thing is you will be well fed, bring yourself hungry since this won't be a night to forget. Bring a friend since this will not be a party to the elite. We cannot wait to see you there around Six Sharp.

Warmest Regards,
Black Rose La Shade.

A few hours later a black carriage rolls up to your door, neither the animals pulling the carriage or the driver are in sight. You try to approach carriage carefully but the door flings open to the carriage revealing a very comfortable looking neon green interior with green draw curtains. You climb inside and setting yourself down when the door closes behind you. The crack of the whip feels the air; slowly the carriage moves forward then breaks into a dash down the road to parts unknown.

All character are anthro, so there are breasties and hands.

This game will have some sand box components but there is a direction the party is heading in. In the beginning we will be having a dinner part, followed up by desert then we move onto the first game where everyone is invited but you don't have to join. You can go off and mingle of you want or do what you want. There will be a bit of a break before the murder mystery happens so you are free to do what you want during that time.

When the murder happens there will be several NPCs that you can interrogate and search rooms for clues. When you think you have figured out who it was then you can PM me once with your answer... Any subsequent guessing or guessing before the go ahead will be ignored.

Sex is allowed anywhere you want to do it, any person or NPC played by yourself or me, at limits, is allowed. Though violence will not be tolerated, any person seen doing so will be thrown out on their head. So with that I welcome you to the party of the century.

With your character, link their sheet and what they will be wearing to the RP. A maximum of two characters can be played. For example, Black Rose
He will be wearing these robes in a slightly more open manner.

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PostSubject: Re: A Euthoria Castle Party {Interest Thread}    Wed Aug 26, 2015 12:33 am

Fudge it. I will sign my griffin Sir Malendor up. A bit of character info:

Name: Sir Malendor Delaryn, The white templar of the Shield.

Race: Griffon.

Age: 32 years

Coat: Golden brown coat, the colour between wheat and honey, and always newly groomed.

Feathers: A lighter brown

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): Even with with her armour on are Sir Malendor a fast fighter on the battlefield, her main power and force. Her plate not even slowing her down in flight. She are even fast enough to reflect incoming arrows in flight.

Weaknesses: While Sir Malendor are quick and have armour are she not the griffin with the biggest strength there is, her attacks many times weak when she fights for to long, and if she can´t fly almost like a sitting duck, her mobility coming from her wings.

Gear: Sir Malendor are always wearing her old plate armour the one wearing her house Coat of arms and her own motto "Facilis descensus Averno", on her arms and legs are she clad in ringmail, giving her great mobility.

She does also always have her two weapons with her, her magical falchion its blade never growing dull, and its green metal said to be the legendary metal adamantium, hanging from scabbard to her left side. On her back are her sturdy gunpowder pepperbox rifle, reinforced many times over, so sturdy that it can be used to deflect attacks and be swung like a hammer if needed, also made of the same green metal as her falchion.

History: Sir Malendor are actually daughter of a noble family, her house and family said to be one of the biggest in Avelonien, gaining said power by corruption and always being with the leading family no matter who they where.

As Malendor began to train with the sword saw she how rotten her family where, and when she took her oath did she not say the same words as all the others, them saying the words of loyalty to the family no matter what, when she said the words of the people, of justice.

Personality: Sir Malendor is fair and righteous to such a degree that she can be called zealous

Virtue: Justice. Lawful Evil
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PostSubject: Re: A Euthoria Castle Party {Interest Thread}    Wed Aug 26, 2015 1:38 am

Well then, a party is it? Lady/Lord Diamond Mind and Sir Bloodstone will be in attendance. Lady Diamond Mind will be wearing her blue quipao to the party as well as her rather large 'wizard' hat, while Sir Bloodstone will be wearing the traditional clothing of his position as nobility

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Star Sentinel


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PostSubject: Re: A Euthoria Castle Party {Interest Thread}    Wed Aug 26, 2015 3:09 am

I'll sign up Sacred Knowledge. She'll be wearing a light blue dress and her little communicator thingy.
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PostSubject: Re: A Euthoria Castle Party {Interest Thread}    Wed Aug 26, 2015 11:53 am

I think Midnight will be showing her face. She'll be wearing a dark blue Dress.
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PostSubject: Re: A Euthoria Castle Party {Interest Thread}    

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A Euthoria Castle Party {Interest Thread}
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