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 Ponies of Third Earth (tags: Gore, Violence, Maturity, slavery)

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PostSubject: Ponies of Third Earth (tags: Gore, Violence, Maturity, slavery)   Mon Aug 24, 2015 12:08 pm

This is a cross-over RP with Thundercats.  Rated for Gore, Violence, and Maturity.  
For those here not though a link from Fimfiction, The 4 cannon alicorns do not exist.  The Elements of Harmony exist.  If you want to create an OC from Thundercats feel free, but you must have at least 1 Pony OC.  The ponies were once slaves of Mum-Ra, kept from the other slaves on another ship so it did not land on Third Earth the same time as Lion-o's people.  So there are non-Thunderian cats about, that have no idea that Lion-o is their king, Mum-Ra is their overlord (don't know if he survived his ship's crash).  They have a working food replicator and an emergency medial machine for birthing.

Have Fun!

They said Ponies once lived on another planet.  That we lived in peace and harmony, not fear and starvation.  We have escaped the feline oppressors, but now... what do we do now?  We are a herd with no leader.   I am 1438, an earth pony brood mare.  I am 90 years old and have lived to see freedom from Mum-Ra and his evil felines.  

1438, "I am uneasy my friends.  I fear to close my eyes, lest I find myself back on that ship, breathing stale air and waiting for my last foal to be taken from me."
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Ponies of Third Earth (tags: Gore, Violence, Maturity, slavery)
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