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 A different sort of Post-Cataclysmic Earth RP

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What time frame 'after' the Cataclysm would you prefer?
The very first day [lots will start alone or maybe with one other person, and mostly still human]
 100% [ 2 ]
The end of the first week [possibility for everyone to be in one group, or 2, and most will be between half and full changed]
 0% [ 0 ]
After the first month [Chances are, we've all found a place to call 'safe-ish' and grouped up together, and most if not all will be fully changed and somewhat adapted by now]
 0% [ 0 ]
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PostSubject: A different sort of Post-Cataclysmic Earth RP   Sat Jul 18, 2015 3:06 am

It's funny, did you know that 'Apocalypse' in literal definition bears the meaning of a revelation of secrets?

So, This is no Apocalypse scenario, Tis a Cataclysm, A Massive and violent event that greatly transforms the earth's surface and life as we know it... What survives it at least.

Now I can't reveal 'all' the details of the RP as there are some choice bits that would either be important to stay unknown to our characters and maybe players, or might change drastically depending on the course of the RP, which I will need the opinions of interested individuals to decide on. I can't even name the RP officially because i'm sure everyone here would be smart enough to discern some spoilers from it. I'd like everyone joining in to have a vested interest in the RP and be able to enjoy the RP for the long-run, as even after it starts much of the progression will depend on participation of my fellow RPers... I have ideas but I'm afraid I'm not up to being the sole person in total control of the RP, and I would really love it if things were setup in such a way that if I end up disappearing for whatever reason it can continue at a healthy pace in my absence.

With that in mind what I 'can' most assuredly tell you is this:

The world blew the fuck up... No, literally, you ever see those cheesy end of the world movies where someone has a choice to make based on listening to their boss or the super nerd who knows what they're talking about, and in the end they wise up and do the smart thing and end up saving the world? Well in this case that guy was kinda dead cause the boss shot him, and the boss didn't like smart guys telling him he's wrong cause it challenged his imagined authority, so he fucked up.

Basically, what 'everyone' knows no matter where they were if they survived is that the entire planet was shattered by whatever caused it. we're talking chunks dozens of miles wide blasting off into space, though some people might actually only have been able to see the 'suddenly no atmosphere' part of it. Then something green sweeps over everything and it all gets pulled back together, the Atmosphere re-asserting itself if a bit thin and in recovery, and no explanation as to why. Granted, while everything got pulled back together it was hardly seamless, many of those chunks weren't aiming 'out' when pulled back... To say that the Geography of earth changed is a bit less accurate than saying it looks like a completely different planet now.

Indeed, there are some places that managed to stay vaguely like they were before, albeit 'demolished' cities and the like, but there are countless new mountains and water formations, underground openings, so on and so forth. There is also magic in the air. Literally, the air is tinted very slightly green, and it's doing things, changing people and creatures, warping evolution in ways that would make countless scientists roll over in their figurative graves, and yet these changes all seem to relate to things people already knew about, if only fictionally, before the Cataclysm.

The period in mind for this RP?

The Early Days /or/ Rebuilding: The survivors are few, compared to 8-10 Billion at least, but a few million scattered about is still enough to rebuild if given a few centuries. The hard part is coping with their remade world, learning to survive again without losing people to the still re-stabilizing planet or the new creatures surfacing in the wake of the Cataclysm, or perhaps even more importantly is learning to cope with their own changes as the strange energy polluting the air seeps into their bodies and transforms them both slowly and quickly into something else.

The obvious Implication here is playing a group of incredibly lucky survivors who didn't get wiped out and happen to be in a location where they can find eachother fairly easily, perhaps a randomly chosen city that happened not to be put back in place upside down, yeah? They of course would have to deal with the changes being forced on them by the 'new' Atmosphere, as well various other creatures coming into being because of that very same thing, and eventually other survivors. Of course, they are still only human at heart, and while some instincts may change or be acquired alongside the physical changes, there is the very real possibility of becoming a monster on the inside, or running into such individuals.

One can expect the usual gamut of troubles, rival survivors, undead, mutants, poor souls who went mad from the changes, and other much less usual elements that I may not clearly define right off the bat.

The General starting time-frame for this one would ideally be between the first day and a week after the Cataclysm, depending on group preference and if some want to start off already changed.

For those curious, the mention of the various changes relating to creatures known about before the cataclysm is a hint to the variety of options you have for things to change, as well as currently 'classified background details' relating to the Cataclysm itself. No, it is not that the world has been infected by 'video game', bad, don't even go down that road, I have a nice big plan for what put everything back together and set the changes in motion.

The variety is quite broad even within the limits of OPness. Werewolves and vampires, Ponies or changelings, Elves and Dwarves, Griffons and Dragons [lets keep starting sizes moderately low please], Demons and monsters, Trolls [yes 'those' trolls], Anthros, perhaps even just partial conversions, just to name a handful of broad possibilities. Use your imagination and common sense and ye shall see countless options.

as a note, This is not a multiverse RP, it's not about 'becoming' a specific character, you might physically resemble some, such as Lucian from Underworld, Twilight 'OCD gon blow shit up' Sparkle, or hey if you wanna get freaky, maybe the Patriarch from Killing floor, or Parodies like 'Edmund Dashie'. However, It would be a purely physical change with no accompanying 'magical knowledge that lets you be a master of your new abilities'. For example, you could be Samus physically, but that doesn't come with a power suit, acrobatics knowledge, or years of experience fighting monsters.

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A different sort of Post-Cataclysmic Earth RP
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