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 Help an admin out!

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PostSubject: Help an admin out!   Mon Jul 06, 2015 8:48 pm

So here comes the first official Doomed admin post.

As some know am I one of the PR guys for the group, a lot of the ads that there have been posted around the web being sat up by me with help from the rest of the admin team. And now do I need your help to spread the word further!

As one person can I only spread the word so far, so I would like all of our members there are writing stories or making art and posting them on Fimfiction or DA, or other sites that I don't know of, to lend a helping hand. All that you would have to do is either post our ad as either a blog on your profile or in the author note of your story.

I do know that a lot of people will say that they ain't big enough to be seen, and that there voices won't reach enough people, but each and every person that sees a mention of our group will be one more person that could end up joining us in our fun, and in my eyes does each and every member make this group come alive and counts.
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Help an admin out!
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