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 equestrian dreamwalkers

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PostSubject: equestrian dreamwalkers   Tue Jun 16, 2015 11:12 pm

equestria is having a increase of bad dreams and nightmares, it all started a few days ago and began causing problems to the ponies, interupting the sleeping patterns with horrid dreams untill they started to blame on luna for doing it.
but as it turns out, luna is not the one causing the nightmares, but something or someone else is to blame and afterwards, voluntiers or others are alowed into a group to travle the dreamworld of equestria to find the culprit, but they must watch out for what might lurk in the darkness of a dream, a nightmare of thier own could come and stir trubble for the group

this is my first sign-up for the site, feel free to add constructive critisism so that i can be better att these
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PostSubject: Re: equestrian dreamwalkers   Wed Jun 17, 2015 1:59 pm

I'll sign up using Shard, a cursed crystal pony. Now I've got one post on that link, and it contains most of my characters. Shard is the 7th one down the list.

Shard fears being completely abandoned as well as Sombra. There's also some lasting fears of his guard's and the slave drivers from her time spent under them. And we can't forget the fear about the curse that afflicts her as well.
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equestrian dreamwalkers
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