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 Game: To Raise a Broken Moon (Sign Up, Adventure, Steampunk, Anthro, Alternate Universe)

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PostSubject: Game: To Raise a Broken Moon (Sign Up, Adventure, Steampunk, Anthro, Alternate Universe)   Fri Apr 04, 2014 10:24 pm

Harmony is such a wonderful thing. It makes people full of Laughter and Kindness, it makes them Loyal and Honest. And it makes the world revolve around acts of Generosity and Magic.
Unfortunately, to achieve this perfect state of being people will do some very dastardly things in pursuit of what they see as True Harmony, and some have some very twisted interpretations.
When Discord was overthrown and imprisoned in stone the vast majority would say that this was absolutely fine, and that the villain deserved it. However, Discord himself would argue against it. He'd say that he was just having fun, that Celestia was just being a fussy goody two shoes, and that being turned to stone and still being concious for a thousand years wasn't very nice. Can you imagine getting an itch? Pure torture.
But because it happened to The Evil Chaos Spirit everyone was fine with it. You do the same thing to anybody else, like a civilian, and you'd have uproar as others complained and protested.
No one protested against Discord's imprisonment, because he was a bad guy, and obviously deserved it. That is how these things go.
When people take it upon themselves to decide what is good and what is evil some dangerous thinking can start to occur.
And when you get someone who decides they are the Judge, Jury and Executioner who thinks themselves in the right and has power, that's when things start to go bad for someone else very quickly.

Having vanquished Discord and bringing Harmony back into the land of Equestria Celestia and Luna ruled a land that welcomed back the peace. Everyone was happy, prosperous and glad the Chaos had ended.
And then Nightmare Moon happened.
She was promptly defeated and banished, but the damage was done. People feared her, and the legend she became.
When the dark Alicorn returned and was defeated by the Elements people were happy. Princess Luna was back, Celestia was happy and the land rejoiced for the return of the Moon Goddess to her natural state.
But as is the way, you always get those that don't trust, that doubt what they see, that cling onto tradition like it was the absolute truth.
A group of people gathered together with one shared thought. That Luna was a lie. That she was just Nightmare Moon wearing a mask of innocence, trying to lull the Goddess of the Sun into a happy, unguarded state to stab her in the back and take over, as she had tried to a thousand years ago.
The attacks that happened after her return, Discord, The Changelings, Sombra, Discord('s reformation), did not help. They thought these were just more ploys by the Evil Night Witch to weaken Equestria and to get allies, especially Discord's reforming.
By that point they quite firmly believed that Luna had brainwashed Celestia, and was using her as a puppet for the time being.
They called themselves The Guardians of The Righteous Light, and their goal was to save Celestia from this terrible evil.
Deciding to deal with this threat to the throne secretly, as to not alert Nightmare Moon to their plan, the group worked on a device that would rob her of her source of power and end the menace before she had a chance to attack.
They were going to take control of the moon and sever the corrupt Goddess' link to it.
Using resources supplied by the many members of the powerful organisation the construction of this machine went without a hitch and at the peak of a Winter Solstice many years after Luna's return they activated it.
Before the machine could do its job though Luna showed up to stop them from tampering with what they didn't understand, having all this time been legitimately good and in no way a threat. It ended up as a tug of war between the Alicorn and the machine for control of the moon.
The machine won, simply because it could outlast the Goddess.
But the fight had damaged it, and something went very, very wrong that would change the face of the planet forever.
Releasing a colossal burst of magic the machine malfunction and instead of holding the moon in its proper, correct orbit it dragged it closer and held it at that level.
This was not much enjoyed by those living on the planet, except fish.
For the change in the moon's orbit made the environment go mental, and for near a hundred years there was nothing but storms as the apocalypse hit hard. When the environment settled down the world was a mess. Little land was left as the water levels had risen, the landscape was near solid ocean and society was near dead.

But what would life be if you just gave up on it?
For the next few thousand years the creatures of Earth adapted and society grew once more. But it was near unrecognisable.
Celestia was still around, but she was but a mere shell of her former self, the loss of her dear sister and the destruction of her empire destroying her from the inside, and was now just a figurehead for the new people in charge.
The Guardians of The Righteous Light.
They had survived, and taken over, blaming Luna for maliciously starting the apocalypse, now ruling as the government in charge of an empire spanning the entire planet and every race.
The winged races had faired pretty well all things considered, the ones without wings, not so much. Pegasi, Thestrals, Griffins and the like vastly outnumbered their landlocked brethren, who where few and far between.
But speaking of the Thestrals, they hadn't faired well in an odd, but predictable, way. The Guardians of The Righteous Light saw them as natural servants of Nightmare Moon, and demonised them because of it to the point that they had to form their own empire on the borderlands, and couldn't enter a city without the proper documents. They were treated as scum by most of the other races because of this hateful propaganda towards them that had gone on for hundreds of years so tensions were always high between them and the Solar Government.
With the lack of land cities were much more different, very rarely residing on land. Most floated on the sea or flew high in the air on clouds, some submerged, for in a flooded world, making space to live was key to survival. This is why the sky was now ruled by airships. Ranging from balloons attached to sheds to great metal behemoths (Even though seeing one of those was much more rare.)
While technology was somewhat limited everyone made do with what they could make in the world of constant competition for survival, with the smartest and most able ruling over those who couldn't make it on their own. This was a land of Steam and Inventors, with an added bit of class.
Welcome, to the New Equestria.
This is no longer a place of Friendship.
Right, down to the sign up.
As this is an Alternate Universe you will need to rethink your OC's history. If you could please post the character sheets of the ones you wish to use when you sign up that would be smashing (And kinda needed)
Everything will need to go past me before it is allowed in the main thread, so feel free to ask me any questions, in this Thread or through PM.
Good Luck. You'll need it.

An additional note.
Could everyone that signed up please post your Characters again here.
Here's a link to the original sign up
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PostSubject: Re: Game: To Raise a Broken Moon (Sign Up, Adventure, Steampunk, Anthro, Alternate Universe)   Fri Apr 04, 2014 10:28 pm

-city is moderately-sized; not a small town, not a big city; partially on land but mostly over the water to leave room for farms; some trading happens in the bigger part of the city
-mother builds mechanical animals, mostly birds though; father designs clothes and jewelry and the like; aunt owns a small restaurant, and is the local "gossip pony"
-Crystal is just now an adolescent when her life takes the first huge turn
-one day, pirates attack and some corner Crystal; she has a Twilight Freakout moment and crystals sprout from the ground all around her, killing several and wounding all the attackers
-she gains mixed attention from this: "What is this world coming to if our children can kill to well done, she fought off pirates to- oh wow she can summon crystals."
-after police investigate and let the ponies off with a warning, Crystal becomes known in her city as a hero
-her 15 minutes of fame would’ve been the typical… well, that, but her aunt decided she needed to milk Crystal’s fame and talents as much as possible
-this captures the attention of a group of pirates; they attack the city, capturing Crystal and looting and burning the city, being sure to kill her family mostly for cruelty’s sake
-Crystal, for... some amount of time is held in the brig and forced to create crystals almost constantly, very much a drain on her energy; she'd given what she needs to live, but she's not allowed outside the brig and has to do exactly what her captors tell her
-soon, one pirate decides to try to rape her; Crystal ends up, in a panic, instant-growing a starburst of sharp crystals from inside the pirate's throat. it's rather messy
then she comes up with a plan; she blackmails all the pirates into following her command or instant death; she's taught how to fight very well and they start trading instead of stealing by exchanging the stolen goods for different goods, and some of Crystal's crystals
-Crystal got a large pet mechanical dog
-Crystal figured out the pirates would eventually betray her; after brainstorming, she decides to kill the pirates, most times as quickly as she can, and finds somepony to trade ships with; somepony and their crew got a larger, sturdier ship with good weapons, Crystal got a small, one-pony-and-helpful-mechanical-dog run ship, fast and agile, with a comfy bed and smells much better; room for cargo significantly less than what was on the pirate ship
-Crystal starts relying more on her selling crystals, due to a lot of her cargo space having things she herself needs to survive; this got the attention of Magpie Inc., and soon Crystal had a job

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PostSubject: Re: Game: To Raise a Broken Moon (Sign Up, Adventure, Steampunk, Anthro, Alternate Universe)   Fri Apr 04, 2014 10:34 pm

Name: Viridian Rain
Race: Unicorn
Age: 38
Distinguishing Features: Belted around her waist is a collection of all manner of sharp implements, from a saber to a scalpel to scissors to a paring knife. Although it seems like the weapons are never used, they're kept fastidiously polished and sharpened.
Specialty: Magitech scholarship and physical sciences.
Occupation: Assistant Chief of R&D for Ironshod Firearms.
Gear: Slide rule, calculator, measuring devices, engineering scales, drawing compass, etc. Also a 5-shot .40 caliber snub-nose revolver in an ankle holster and a .480-66 16-shot lever-action carbine in a long quick-draw holster across her back.
History: Viridian Rain was born into an upper middle-class family living in New Trottingham, the youngest of six children. Her parents both worked ad the nearest subsidiary of Ironshod Firearms as engineers managing the automation portion of the factory. Already a precocious child, Viridian was thoroughly intrigued by the crude magitech that her parents worked with to keep operations at the factory running smoothly, and so she decided to dedicate herself to learning all that was possible to learn about magitech generally. Stoic and serious to the point of being more than a little intimidating for her peers, Viridian made very few friends and thus, formed very few connections. One of the connections she formed, although not entirely by choice was a thestral highly active in rebellions and an underground series of actions against the Guardians of Righteous Light. The thestral, one Razor Back by name, needed piles of guns so those she recruited could be effective; Viridian was the means to those guns. For a mildly lonely Viridian, attention was a craving not easily satisfied and she met Razor on a rebound from a relationship that had just ended badly (and would result in her daughter). The thestral clearly had an agenda and just as clearly planned to simply use Viridian... but Viridian didn't care that she was being used. All that mattered was that someone exotic and beautiful had entered her life and she was thoroughly smitten.
At first it was a business relationship; when Verde was born, it became something more and something much deeper. Viridian accepted that her Razor would be absent much of the time and so, while working her way up the corporate command chain, she entertained her child with math, engineering, science... any intellectual pursuit that might sharpen her. As Verde's amazing eidetic memory and latent high IQ kicked in, Viridian started going out of her way to provide her daughter with puzzles to solve and engineering diagrams, classified portions still on the blueprints more often than not. Verde took to these things like a normal filly takes to dresses, makeup, and colts. In time, Viridian advanced to being an assistant to the chief of R&D... and there she stopped trying to advance. As a mere assistant, she could travel in search of new designs or methods and wasn't tied to the central offices. She could also legitimately take samples with her of the newest products to distribute and encourage sales... and of course, these new weapons found their way into the hooves of her thestral lover.
Eventually, however, Viridian Rain has become convinced that her craft is reaching its apex, soon to strike the glass ceiling imposed by the Guardians to prevent any one company or power from developing weapons that could give a different party an edge before the Guardians themselves had it. As a highly-placed designer and researcher, she was a natural target for recruitment into the crusade formulated by one Johnny Maker to set the world right again--and bring down the Guardians who had so oppressed the people of her Razor and were standing in the way of pony progress.
Personality: Viridian is scholarly, professorial, and appears quite cold if you don't know her. For Razor, she's a playful and passionate marefriend; for her daughter, a doting mother who's almost crazily adoring and affectionate. When she's focused on a task, whether given to her or formulated herself, nothing short of an apocalypse (or the two females she keeps in her heart always) can bring her back out.

Name: Verde Tin
Race: Unicorn
Age: 19
Distinguishing Features: Verde is prodigiously intelligent and, raised on a steady diet of mathematics, science, engineering, and essentials of design, treats these things the way a normal teenage filly would treat dresses, social status, and the other concerns of this typically vapid age bracket.
Specialty: Engineering of all sorts, but primarily firearm and mechanical.
Occupation: Armorer and engineer-at-large. Also, a teenager.
Gear: A camera in a case with a variety of lenses, a four-shot microcamera in a belt pouch, three adjustable wrenches, a pair of specialized hammers, drawing instruments, pads of 1mm square graph paper, speedloader, three pre-loaded cylinders for her 7-shot .357 revolver, quad-barrel breakaway 8-gauge shotgun, "Reaver" (7.9x70mm bolt-action long rifle with a 1.2-12x select-magnification scope, bpiod, and flash-hider with an 8-shot internal magazine), and a Mosey-Neigh "Army" model revolver.
History: Verde Tin is the only daughter of Viridian Rain and an unidentified stallion (her mother has never named him and seems not to care who he was) but for practically her entire life, her other parent was an energetic and attractive mare named Razor Back. Her first toy was literally an adjustable wrench (Viridian was distracted and handed the curious filly the first thing she grabbed) and from the moment she could walk and talk (which was slightly earlier than is typical), she hero-worshipped her mothers. Instead of flowers and other pretty things, she tried to copy the precise linework of her mother's design studies. Instead of children's books, she heard age-appropriate stories of Razor's adventures. She learned to read from an engineering textbook and learned to socialize from a mare who had a fantastic right hook and was extremely aware of how drop-dead sexy she was. When she was old enough to know how to sit still and watch, Viridian would sometimes bring he to work and Verde came to regard clanking machinery as a second home and the vibrato of a well-tuned engine soothed her to sleep at night.
With her education in right hooks, engineering, machines, and how to flaunt what Celestia gave her, Verde picked up much more about the world and politics than either of her mothers really wanted her to; before she even hit puberty, she was quite opinionated on the evils of the Guardians and Razor found that her adoptive daughter was just as likely and able to slip her guns and supplies when she came knocking at midnight as Viridian was. Verde refused to have anything to do with school; there was little point when she was more aware of the world and better-educated in all important matters than anyone she might meet. Still, Viridian was quite firm and forced her to attend classes; it took roughly a week for the queen bee of the local "mean girl" clique to get her face rearranged, and Verde to drive her science teacher to homicidal impulses by brightly expounding on the deeper complexities of the principles being taught. Viridian, needless to say, concluded that Verde needed an environment more... conducive to her intellect and tendencies (although Razor laughed her plot off when she learned about the right hook that laid the queen bee out like a sack of potatoes). Verde, freed of school, threw herself full-bore into following Viridian's footsteps but with a genius for machines that her mother never really developed, she headed down the path of being more of a practical engineer and a builder than a researcher and designer. Needless to say, her first successful design that was mass-produced mysteriously ended up entirely in the hooves of Razor Back and her cohorts (everyone involved was as innocent as wind-driven snow, of course). In the wake of the totally random and innocent accident that of course Viridian Rain and Verde Tin had nothing to do with, Viridian decided that it was time to sign on to the airship owned by one Johnny Maker... and Verde entered her personal nirvana. An entire ship of machines and weapons, watched over and mastered by a one-stallion engineering dynamo was as close to paradise as Verde could imagine... and she has been quick to take full advantage.
Personality: Verde Tin is the ultimate enthusiastically friendly eccentric. Genuinely happy by default and extremely sociable, she's also prone to randomly spotting something of interest and obsessively contemplating it right in the middle of a conversation. She thinks nothing of having someone follow her to her room as she expounds on something, strip down, and dress while a total stranger watches, seemingly unaware of how exceedingly odd and inappropriate this could be. She also has a nearly unhealthy interest in weaponry and when she's not inventing or flummoxing others with her odd mix of respect for and ignorance of social niceties, she's teaching herself how to be expert with her own personal arsenal. Needless to say, she's becoming far too good with that long rifle for a 19-year-old girl...
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PostSubject: Re: Game: To Raise a Broken Moon (Sign Up, Adventure, Steampunk, Anthro, Alternate Universe)   Fri Apr 04, 2014 11:58 pm

Name: Lightning Storm

Race: Pegasi

Age: 24

Mane: White with grey highlights

Coat: Grey

Cutie mark.: A lightning bolt and a bow

Extra details that aren't needed but are nice to add: None

Distinguishing Features: None

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): His cutie mark shows his natural natural quickness and precision. Lightning is able to move clouds with a magic field. His field can give more energy into the clouds making them turn into storm clouds and lightning bolts. Lightning is also able to hold said bolts and can change its shape to anything he want allowing it to branch out into smaller bolts to stun enemies. Can also use the clouds as fog cover to sneak up on people and is also able to feel anything inside the fog as long it goes over their body. He also can use markers that act as waypoint for him to teleport in between. This allows him to port a quickly and accurately at a thought.

Weaknesses: Excessive use causes his headaches which can make his storm to go out of control or his lightning bolt to branch out without him wanting to. Without his magic protecting him he runs into the risk of being electrocuted by his lightning. He can control more clouds than he can actually convert into lightning bolt which can break through the magic he has protecting him given enough time. Changing the lightning bolts shape takes up more energy. He can't do both his lightning and teleportation at the same time and can only have up to the markers. More would cause him into losing a body part during the teleportation. Markers only stay on for about an hour two and require physical contact with object.

Occupation: Naval Captain

History: As for his alternated backstory I was planning for him to be an orphan that survived by stealing whenever he had to along with earning some money from whatever job he could get. One, of his thefts led in him obtaining a book with some spells, most of which were things rather out of his field of learning, but even still he learned a few seals and teleportation markers along with limited weather control. This book forced him to stowaway on a ship for a while which for safety and was later discovered by the crew. While the crew was naturally a bit confused and somewhat angered by the colt they allowed him to stay as long as he helped take care of it. Lightning spent a few years doing this before he later joined the Navy. He is currently the captain of his own ship. Lightning has little to no experience in an actually sea battle since he has only recently became captain though he makes sure that his crew has at least some knowledge of what he himself has learned from his book.
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PostSubject: Re: Game: To Raise a Broken Moon (Sign Up, Adventure, Steampunk, Anthro, Alternate Universe)   Sat Apr 05, 2014 12:30 am


History: When he was young, Zero and his brother would walk around The Deceptive Isles and play around. Whenever they would get bored of walking around, they would open a book up an try to learn new spells. Zero would try to learn about illusion magic and his brother would try to learn about combat magic. When they both got older, they decided to explore New Equestria. They packed all the things they needed and set off, flying to find the closes city.

Once they found a city worth exploring they both landed, but Zero's brother overshot the landing a little bit and crashed into a pony walking by. Zero went over to check on both his brother and the pony. The pony pushed Zero's brother off of himself and walked away grumpy. The pony had been wearing a steampunk goggle, but dropped then when Zero's brother crashed into him. Zero helped his brother up, watching the pony leave before picking the goggles up and putting it in his saddle bags. Zero's brother shrugged it off and went to explore the city, Zero following.

Zero and his brother had stayed a few days in the city before they decided that they should look venture to another city. Just before they took off flying, the pony that Zero's brother had crashed into stopped them. Zero and his brother were confused when the pony asked them to follow him. They shrugged it off and followed the pony. The pony lead them to a small house. The pony told them to go inside and meet a pony they might want like to meet. Zero's brother said no and the pony shrugged his answer off. Then an arrow flew towards Zero's brother, hitting him on the chest. Zero panicked and threw a knife at the pony before picking his brother up and flying as far away form the city as possible. He also tried his best no to crash into any airships.

Zero stopped on a cloud and set his brother down carefully. If the arrow had been shot an inch to the left it would have killed his brother. Zero did his best to help his brother, but it didn't help much. He started to blame himself for not staying in the city. He quickly grabbed his brother and flew to the nearest city as fast as he could. Once there, he walked around trying to find a hospital.

Once at the hospital, the doctors said his brother had lost quite a bit of blood. Zero stayed by his brother's side until he recovered enough. Once his brother okay to be let out of the hospital, Zero told him to go back home to The Deceptive Isles. His brother didn't argue and flew back home, leaving Zero alone in the city.

Zero flew away from the city his brother was shot in and landed in a different city. He wandered around the city a little while until a mare crashed into him. She was wearing a top hat and had a monocle. The mare got up and ran away. Zero got up and followed her. She ran up to a little house that looked abandoned. Zero continued following her, but he was invisible thanks to a spell he learned when he was young. The mare went in the house and Zero followed. He was surprised when he was several cloaked figures. He could see that one or two of them had horns. Zero dropped his invisibility spell and looked at all of them. Big mistake. He was captured and tied up. The mare from earlier gave him an option because he was rather good at stealth. He could help them and be a mercenary or he could die for following her. Zero first asked who they were and why they were wearing cloaks. The mare told him that the they were mercenaries and that the other ponies just really liked to wear cloaks. She said it made them think they could hide better, away from the Solar Government.

Zero thought about why they would be hiding from the Solar Government. He asked why they were trying to hide and she answered, "We are mercenaries. We work for anyone who pays us and we get the job done. Our job has lead us to killing members of the Solar Government." He asked why she was telling him this and she just said it was because if he didn't help them he was dead either way.

Zero thought very, very carefully about what to do. He finally answered that he would choose to become a mercenary. The mare was rather happy about this and quickly told him that he shouldn't get any funny ideas because they were watching him. If he told anyone about them he would be killed. He was rather bothered by that but he still agreed to be a mercenary, not wanting his older brother to think he did something stupid when he was alone and got killed for it.

Eventually, the mare let Zero go and he flew away from the house and the city. He traveled to different cities with the treat that if he told anyone he was being forced to be a mercenary and that he knew about the ponies who killed several Solar Government ponies, he would be killed. He avoided other ponies, worried he might get hurt just like his brother or get caught and get killed. The mercenaries gave him a job to kill a pony. Zero went to find the pony and killed him, but the Solar Government caught him and he ran away, flying as fast as he could. He thought of what to do next. He was on the run and was wanted.

He eventually chose to fly around New Equestria trying to find The Deceptive Isles or at least the airship of a friend. Luckily he had found a friend's airship. He landed on the ship and asked his friend if he could fix/improve the steampunk goggles he picked up from the first city he explored. His friend agreed and took the goggle and started to work on them. When his friend was done Zero asked if she had a cloak he could used. She asked why, but Zero didn't answer. Instead he said he really just needed to hide. His friend was a little bit confused but gave him a cloak. Zero put the cloak and the goggles on and left.
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PostSubject: Re: Game: To Raise a Broken Moon (Sign Up, Adventure, Steampunk, Anthro, Alternate Universe)   Sat Apr 05, 2014 1:10 am

Yep, still looking forward to this as much as I was when I first saw this.
Name: Krix
Race: Diamond dog
Age: Late twenties
Coat: ashen grey with flecks of white and black throughout the coat. Paws and mouth are solid black.
Distinguishing features: Left ear is missing a piece of the top, right is pierced with 3 small silver hoops, the middle hoop has a sapphire in it.
Specialty: Exploring and fighting.
Weaknesses: Slow speaking, extensive trust issues, blind in left eye.
Occupation: Scavenger
Gear: A hooded cloak, and some chainmail armor, carries around a decent sized pack of camping and survival items like rope, canteens for water, food stocks, and various other supplies. As part of his trade, Krix also has a deep sea diving suit and a small ship for sailing across the sea and air.
Weaponry: A shield, similar in design to a tower shield, but thinner, a bit shorter, and bladed along the edges, the bottom of which has been set into a curve like shovel. Also carries a couple of knives, but uses those primarily as tools.
History: Krix was a diamond dog of the black snout clan. The clan itself being one of the larger and more spread out ones made it not too surprising that at least a few members of it managed to survive. As he was brought up on the surface, Krix was taught about the many things. Things like how to sail both the sea and air, how to speak a little of the various tongues, how to work some of the mechanics of the new technologies, and about the old world and how things used to be. These stories are what drives him in his newer pursuit, scavenging. Scouring the old world for trinkets and treasures still buried at the bottom of the world sea either by request or by choice.  
Personality: Krix trusts anypony very little after the devastation caused by the ponies. He talks little, because of his limited vocabulary, and trust issues. Relying more on his established contacts in the trade world when it comes to selling things, taking specific request jobs, and general information.
Virtue: neutral.
Current home: Krix wanders, traveling along in either a small ship or airship.
Misc: Likes books and reading stories, and is surprisingly knowledgeable despite the limited speaking vocabulary that many would make an assumption from.

And his vessel
Ship: Rough cut is a small single being craft with a boat-like gondola. When at sea, the balloon is able to be deflated and stored within the hull and from there it can be hooked up to helium tanks so it can be re-inflated, this process though takes quite a bit of time, roughly 3-5 hours to do either. It's main source of propulsion is a pair of propellers that are set along the ship's sides when at sea, and are rotated out on wings via a crank when in the air. The Rough Cut's only real weapon is a harpoon gun mounted on the bow of the ship. The gun is rigged with a motorized crank so it can also be used to reel up treasures too large to just be carried up as well as fish caught by the gun.

Definitely not a 'top of the line' ship, but it should work well enough for a simple scavenger to do his treasure hunting. Also due to the fact that helium and gas probably aren't free, the ship will spend most of it's time on the water, only taking to the air when it needs to reach one of the airborne cities or it needs to escape a storm.

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PostSubject: Re: Game: To Raise a Broken Moon (Sign Up, Adventure, Steampunk, Anthro, Alternate Universe)   Sat Apr 05, 2014 10:09 am

Name: Atemlos Rune

Race: Griffon

Age: 43

Coat: Beige and beginning to go white. His feathers have fared a little better though.

Specialty: Knowledge of shipbuilding built up over 25 year Career. The ability to lie convincingly (though his lies are often terrible). Has fought on multiple occasions though to only a small degree of success.

Weaknesses: Overconfident and talks too much at the wrong times. A  strong sense of self preservation and safety.

Occupation: Head of ship production/ PR representative. Ship drive and propulsion engineer (former. promoted since)

Gear: Inherited ring that was his fathers. It has a deep scratch running diagonally through the top.
History: Grew up in a town that was all about work, foul language, sex and alcohol. His father got caught his hand up but crushed in a work accident when Rune was eleven. This led to his slightly cautious nature and extreme seriousness when it comes to safety.

Born into a great time for his industry, he got a job in a shipyard. He hasn't left the job since but has moved up the ladder significantly. He seemed to have a slightly higher amplitude than the others, and always tried to conduct himself as an intelligent professional on the job.
He spent time reading, old and new books, preferring textbooks and anthologies over literature (which didn't really interest him). Not having an amazing education, he struggled his way through, eventually building a wider understanding of the world. He also learnt from the accounts he had managed to see, that Luna was a liability and it was a good job The Guardians of The Righteous Light took action when they did, else things could have been a lot worse.

He struck lucky when the Solar Government were looking for a few additional skycraft and offering partnerships with firms to get more, high quality and fast. By an overwhelming vote from both his bosses and colleagues, Rune was put forward to present why they should be chosen.
He met with the appropriate government officials and presented his pitch, talking about strengthening world unity  by the inclusion of more non Equestrian partners, the considerable linage he and most of the firm's staff shared and the fact of how much of an honour it was to work on the project. He also made sure to use all the big and clever sounding words and phrases like "socioeconomic disparity".

Afterwards, they began to ask him a few questions about him, which he answered all rather patriotically. He had no reason not to be, life had been rather kind to him and he couldn't blame the misfortunes that had occurred on them.

When asked about his past, he spoke truthfully about where he was from and poor education they acted surprised, further inquiring where he learnt his manners and speech. He answered he just observed and read from what little he got.When asked about on what he thought about the quality of life where he lived, he openly admitted it was not great, but had no illusion it was the governments fault.

His story, presentation and the work ethic he seemed to display were enough to sign a very long term contract as well as a short but comprehensive shipbuilding course focusing on the larger and mid sizes, as well as a solid reference that would all but guarantee a future position servicing, building or working abroad on any ship of his choice.

Rune pulled off a passing grade with some merit in the course, qualifying him for some nice letters after his name. He then went on to take this knowledge with him back to the firm he worked for. This also got him appointed as the chief of design and building for that project. With completion of the last contracted craft soon dawning, he wants a new opportunity to seize. Any heightening of tensions, cold war or real one, only serve to benefit him.

Personality: Depending on those around him, Rune's personality changes. He is both able to speak coarsely and as colourfully as one of any the members of his hometown and certainly has a confrontational nature in him.  He is rather opinionated and has no trouble with sharing his thoughts with others. His thoughts, of course, being something everyone should hear seeing as they came from his mind.

Despite his crude humour, somewhat inappropriate sarcasm and confrontational attitude, Rune can be quite the gentleman. Using what he has read from books and picked up from his time around those who seemed high up. He knows professional courtesy as well as some terrible jokes that qualify as humorous. It is also this side of him that like to be cautious and stay in accordance with rules.

He views new places around him with a keen eye and is always motivated throughout any project. He wants to tour a behemoth and get a hold of the designs, but knows he really doesn't have the knowledge to actually design such a feat of engineering.

Misc: Owns a small vessel called The Komar. It is something of a company car that was put  together with the purpose of showcasing the kind of design he was capable of. Despite the fact its interior was designed to be presentable, the ship is surprisingly fast on open water and a serviceable flying craft. The ships only real protection is the Solar Government markings.
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PostSubject: Re: Game: To Raise a Broken Moon (Sign Up, Adventure, Steampunk, Anthro, Alternate Universe)   Sun Apr 06, 2014 5:26 am

Name: Tact Ician

Race: Unicorn

Age: 20

Alignment: Neutral

Mane: Dull yellow, short and well-combed, much like his tail.

Coat: Light Brown

Cutie mark: A puppet on a cross and strings

Distinguishing Features: The most prominent is a small seabird, often perched on his back or hovering by his side.

Specialty: He is a genius at strategy and political manipulation, and his innate telekinetic skill is fairly strong as well. He knows a few combat spells too, but these are usually rather weak.

Weaknesses: Physically, he is below the average in the Army, despite holding the post of one of its officers, because of his tendency to regard intelligence as a far more important factor than fitness. Besides this, he also has all the social aptitude of a hermit, and a predisposition towards temporarily losing all traces of good humour upon a less-than-optimal outcome, i.e. he is a sore loser and doesn't take defeat well. A truly disastrous, catastrophic, and severe loss can cause brief breakdowns and near-insanity, although he is liable to revert to his usual cold demeanour within the hour. Probably.

Occupation: Commander and strategist of the 2nd Aerial Division of the New Equestrian Army, captain of the flagship Zenith

Gear: Along with the usual army shortsword, spear, and single-shot firearm, he has standard gold-painted armour - helmet, breastplate, etc - though he doesn't normally use any of it unless he's on duty. Most of the time, he simply wears a plain grey cloak, drooping to the floor and all the way over his tail, obscuring his cutie mark. It has a hood he can pull up, if he ever needs it, and a little slot down by his left hoof with a concealed knife; again, if he ever needs it.

His flagship, the Zenith, is held aloft by a combination of helium, propellers, and magical levitation and telekinesis enchantments. Armoured with two-inch thick metal plating and bristling with cannons - both magically and explosive-powered - it is not a force to be reckoned with. Ician's habit of volunteering the Zenith for all sorts of new military experiments ensures that it is constantly equipped with state-of-the-art weaponry, half of which are unreliable, untested, and liable to blow up in his face if he uses them before they are fully operational.

The ship itself is reminiscent of a zeppelin, except with multiple smaller gasbags mounted atop a larger habitable space, resembling the hull of a modern battleship. This is, naturally, where all the big guns are kept. The Zenith is painted in brilliant gold and orange, with the New Equestrian crest mounted on its side.

History: Born into a relatively well-off family in a land-locked city - or, at least, as well-off as farmers could get - Ician's original lifestyle was lost at the age of three after the death of his father, due to an inability to pay the bills in the aftermath of the passing of the family's sole breadwinner.

His social life was disastrous. From the time he entered school to the time he graduated, the number of friends he had ever made could be counted on two hooves. His personality was simply too cold and awkward to allow many friendships. The only non-familial creature that stayed close to him was a common seabird he found when he was ten. It had been ill, but Ician soon nursed it back to health, and from then on it had been by his side.

When he was fifteen, a high-ranking official from the Solar Government came down to the land for a crop inspection and output analysis. Ician recognised an opportunity to pull himself out of the relative poverty the death of his father had left him in, and he sought to impress her in whatever way he could.

He succeeded. He was a master at chess and playing his opponents, and the official acknowledged his skill. She brought him back to the capital and awarded him with a government-sponsored scholarship to study at a prestigious university, to the exultant joy of his mother and the great interest of the Solar Government.

While in the capital, he eventually became close friends with a fellow classmate, a unicorn mare named Antimony, who was the only pony in his life who had ever been able to accept and befriend someone as cold and distant as he. In a few years' time, it almost seemed ready to move on to something greater, but alas, tragedy struck; during a university-arranged educational journey to the border of New Equestria and the Thestrals, a bout of fighting between angry Thestrals and Equestrians saw Antimony's accidental death - right before his eyes, no less, as he stood by, unable to save her without himself being killed.

Grieving, embittered, and disillusioned, Ician was determined to never be so helpless in the face of such threats again. Joining the New Equestrian Army at the age of nineteen, he rose swiftly through the ranks, and, with the aid of his intellect, attained the position of strategist and commander of the prominent 2nd Aerial Division, taking command of its flagship, the moderately well-armed and armoured Zenith. Rumour has it that he has further promotions ahead of him.

A number of factors contribute to his continuing success. Firstly, his intelligence, far beyond somepony his age. Secondly, his willingness to go to any lengths to secure a victory, so long as the lengths didn't jeopardise the victory or render it meaningless - essentially, the greater ends justify the means. Finally, his staggering ability to predict and think like his opponents, which allows him to stay a step ahead of them at all times.

Personality: Cold and calculative, shrewd and manipulative, and most of all cunning, he is the perfect fit for a strategist - but not so much for a friend. If he opens up to someone, however, he can quickly show himself to be warmer and friendlier than usual, although still somewhat crippled with social awkwardness. As mentioned above, he also has a fear of losing, and would do a lot to ensure that he wins, sometimes going so far as to use extremely underhanded means.

Current Home: A comfortable house in the capital of the new Solar Government, in a more well-off district, though he spends most of his time on the Zenith.

Misc: He is a firm believer in the phrase "the ends justify the means". Although he has the best interests of the world at heart, he would go to great lengths to achieve his goals, no matter how underhanded or ruthless the methods may be. However, he does have a limit, and a threshold he can never cross: The cost of the means can never outweigh the benefits of the ends.

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PostSubject: Re: Game: To Raise a Broken Moon (Sign Up, Adventure, Steampunk, Anthro, Alternate Universe)   Sun Apr 06, 2014 6:34 am

Race: Unicorn

Age: 23

Mane: Burnt Orange

Coat: Red

Cutie mark.: Two crossed, lit torches.

Extra details that aren’t needed but are nice to add: Blue eyes

Distinguishing Features: none

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): Anything that has to do with fire. He's good with fire spells, manipulating fire, and is rather resistant to heat from being around flames a lot.

Weaknesses: Has less tolerance for the cold, and is only slightly stronger than an average unicorn. Other than that he's average.

Occupation: Traveling Entertainer

Gear: A cart full of all the props and tools he needs to perform.

History: Torchlight was born in a town where the differences between the rich areas and the poor areas were very distinct. he in particular was born in the rich area. He's the second oldest of four, and his parents and older brother are loyal to the Solar Government. He always had a thing for fire, and his parents weren't surprised he got his cutie mark for having a talent in literally playing with it, and surprisingly fostered his talents despite them being among the noble class.

Up until he was sixteen, he never went to the poor areas, having no need to go there. But at one point he did, and even put on a bit of a show for the ponies there. After the show was the first time he met a Thestral, and filly too. After gaining her trust, he was introduced to her family, which was hiding in an abandoned warehouse. He soon introduced his older brother to them, his brother having sworn he'd keep it a secret since he was a soldier for the Solar Government. The next day his brother reported them, and personally detained them. Though they didn't often get along before, after this their hatred for each other became so strong that they couldn't be near each other without things becoming violent. As soon as Torchlight could, he left, telling nopony where he was going. He hitched a ride on an airship that took him far away from his hometown.

He always made sure he was paid for shows in areas that supported the Solar Government, while in poorer areas, especially where Thestrals were, he did shows for free, his shows being the only thing he knew what to do to help them keep their spirits up.

Personality: A carefree pony who isn't all too concerned on how many bits he earns as he works, although he earns a good amount thanks to his skills. He often lets insults simply roll off of him, and sometimes he makes a joke out of them. He keeps his anger against the Solar Government hidden so he can travel anywhere without raising suspicion. Absolutely loves little foals.

Current Home: A small, one pony airship that has all of his props and a small cart to carry his props through town streets.

Misc: Often seen as irresponsible, but he's actually isn't. He makes sure to never put the audience in danger.

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PostSubject: Re: Game: To Raise a Broken Moon (Sign Up, Adventure, Steampunk, Anthro, Alternate Universe)   Sun Apr 06, 2014 8:31 am

Ician wrote:
Name: Tact Ician
Okay, several things I need to point out here

Quote :
Born into well-off family in a land-locked city
That would be a farm, so they'd be workers and not well off. Land is so rare it's needed purely for food, not people.
Speaking of which
Quote :
common garden snake - a rare sight, in such a waterlogged world
Correct, because they're extinct. No land locked creatures exist any more, except farm animals.
However, there is a bigger thing I'd like to address

Quote :
Princess Celestia came down to the land for a Royal visit
Yeah, no. Celestia is in a state of living death, because of the loss of Equestria and her sister, and is only just able to raise the sun. She's not making any royal visits.

Quote :
a bout of fighting between angry Thestrals and Equestrians
I'll let this slide because although their at peace, they're is still the odd spat.

Quote :
flagship, the moderately well-armed and armoured Zenith.
Going to need a tad more information then that I'm afraid.
Sort these and your character can be considered.
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PostSubject: Re: Game: To Raise a Broken Moon (Sign Up, Adventure, Steampunk, Anthro, Alternate Universe)   Sun Apr 06, 2014 8:41 am

Dragon Soul wrote:
Race: Unicorn

Age: 23

Mane: Burnt Orange

Coat: Red

Cutie mark.: Two crossed lit torches.
This has a few issues as well. For a start

Quote :
Born and raised in the Capital of the Solar Government
The Capital is only for Solar Government people, like, the people who run and work for it. You have stated neither, so I'm going to assume he isn't.

Quote :
Torchlight dislikes them for hating and imprisoning Thestrals for no apparent reason.
Can you give a reason why Torchlight wouldn't if he's apparently living in the central for Anti-Thestral Propagande in the whole world? He just goes against everything he'd been taught in his life?

Quote :
Gear: A cart full of all the props and tools he needs to perform.
Current Home: His cart, which he pulls all around towns and refuses to leave without.
Bit of a nit pick but that would have to be an Airship, not a cart. Carts are useless.
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PostSubject: Re: Game: To Raise a Broken Moon (Sign Up, Adventure, Steampunk, Anthro, Alternate Universe)   Sun Apr 06, 2014 10:42 am

Quote :
That would be a farm, so they'd be workers and not well off. Land is so rare it's needed purely for food, not people.
I thought I'd put the word relatively in there, but it seems I missed it out. My bad. Fixed.

Quote :
Correct, because they're extinct. No land locked creatures exist any more, except farm animals.
... In hindsight, I probably should have seen this coming. Fixed. I'm assuming, of course, that birds, being flight-capable, would be able to at least survive, if not prosper.

Quote :
Yeah, no. Celestia is in a state of living death, because of the loss of Equestria and her sister, and is only just able to raise the sun.
Oops. Well, fixed.

Quote :
I'll let this slide because although their at peace, they're is still the odd spat.
I suppose their governments might be nominally at peace, but I actually meant a civilian fight. (Or at least as civilian as thugs, gangsters and the like can get).

Quote :
Going to need a tad more information then that I'm afraid.
Right. Fixed. Put it under Gear. Although it's only now occurring to me that I may be either over- or underestimating the advancement of their technology.

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PostSubject: Re: Game: To Raise a Broken Moon (Sign Up, Adventure, Steampunk, Anthro, Alternate Universe)   Mon Apr 07, 2014 3:55 am

Name: Sphere
Race: Stallion, Pegasus.
Age: Late twenties.
Mane: Short messy mane, spiky in a few places. It is colored in black, green, and white stripes, black being the dominate color and white having very little presence. The tail is very similar, only longer and messier.
Coat: A shade of off-white.
Cutie mark: A dark green and grey bowl with noodles piled up past the rim.
Distinguishing Features: His wings are slightly larger than your average pegasus, boasting an impressive wingspan.
Specialty: Sphere is a good cook, he makes all kinds of food ranging from mostly vegetarian meals to pastries and beyond. He usually cooks his famous hay noodles of which he is known for on the floating island of Currahee where he resides. He is also a great flyer with his wings giving him a slight advantage.
Weaknesses: He is gullible and naive, he finds it hard to say no when something is requested of him. Sphere has gotten himself into a variety of sticky situations, some worse than others.
Occupation: Chef.
Gear: Aside from the horde of kitchen utensils that he uses on a daily basis, Sphere does not have many possessions that he carries on his person. Has a gauntlet designed by his father that acts as a hoof held retractable magical sword, but never wears it as he’s never had the need for such a lethal device.
History: Sphere worked on becoming a chef, apprenticing under the tutelage of his mother, Linda Wheat, who was already an accomplished chef. They even owned their own restaurant named after their signature dish, “Hey Noodles!” His father, Tin Shaper, was a self proclaimed inventor, always creating inventions to ease the day to day labor of him and his family. But most of his inventions were either pointless or colossal failures. One of these inventions, an automatic can opener, backfired and cut a hole through the floor, nearly cutting off Sphere’s hoof in the process.

Despite all of Tin Shaper's mishaps, his inventions were still bought by a lot of their neighbors on Currahee. In addition to these purchases, their food business was taking off as well. Delivering food to hungry customers was something Tin thought would be a worthwhile endeavor. Sphere quickly took up the mantle of delivery boy, putting his large wings to good use. He flew all over the island of Currahee, delivering food or his father’s inventions to the people who bought them. Even though Sphere was a chef first and a delivery boy second, flying was quick and easy for him, which made deliveries all the more profitable. He was praised for his speed and efficiency, which lead to offers from others around the island to deliver packages that the postal service would take much longer deliver. Letters and packages traveling between the islanders took more than a day when traveling through the postal service for some bureaucratic reasons. Employing Sphere to fly the letters and packages between the islanders took significantly less time. But soon he was exploited by some shady characters and before Sphere knew anything, he was arrested for possessing illegal drugs.

Sphere was met with infuriated parents when he finally returned home. But everything went back to the way things were, besides his mother looking after Sphere like a hawk from then on. He learned what he could in the kitchen and he stretched his wings on deliveries for his parents only. Sadly, this time of peace and quiet came to an abrupt halt when Sphere's mother fell ill. She lasted nearly a month in bed before passing away suddenly in the night. Needless to say, the two ponies Linda Wheat left behind were in shambles. Their restaurant closed down for several weeks. Without their head chef, there wasn't much they could do to keep the business alive. Getting over the depression of losing his mother took Sphere a long time, but when he did, Sphere tried reopening, “Hey Noodles!”

With what little help his father was able to supply, Sphere successfully ran the restaurant. He garnered the support of a lot of the regulars, but did not receive many customers outside of that. He wasn't nearly as good a chef as his mother and his skills reflected in the drop in customers. The restaurant was able to stay open for a long time, but was not making nearly as much profit as before. And unfortunately, Sphere’s father ran into a slump and was no longer making any money off his many inventions. Tin was in a downward spiral ever since his wife died and he wasn't looking like he’d be snapping out of it anytime soon.

On a pleasant summer night an investor came to see Tin Shaper to offer him a position at an research and development facility on the large floating city of Augusta. Dismissing Tin’s initial rejection of the offer, Sphere pleaded to his father to accept the position and to get his life back together. Tin accepted the offer after his son’s plea, realizing the mess he had put himself in. It wasn't immediate, but Tin would soon be back on his hooves, running at a hundred percent again. However, this meant that Sphere would be on his own. While he wasn't sure if he could handle the stress of running the restaurant by himself, Sphere resolved himself to the fact that if he didn't, he would never be able to live with his mother’s death. It was her restaurant after all, he couldn't abandon it or let it fall to ruin after all they have done to keep it up and running.


One fateful day, a Thestral stopped in at Sphere’s restaurant with a growling stomach. Sphere didn't hesitate to feed the Thestral even though the stranger could not offer any payment for the meal. After chatting with the Thestral, who was about his age, he learned his name, Dancing Shadows. Sphere thought it was a great name and quickly bonded with the Thestral. But misfortune befell these two when members of the Solar Government raided the restaurant. At the time, Sphere hadn't known of Dancing Shadows’ criminal past. And when the assailants attacked the Thestral, Sphere defended his new friend.

Dancing Shadows was able to escape the clutches of the Guardians of The Righteous Light thanks to the help of Sphere, but Sphere wasn't so lucky. With his restaurant nearly demolished, Sphere was arrested by the Solar Government for harboring and aiding in the escape of a wanted fugitive. Once again, Sphere found himself in jail, only this time he wouldn't be released anytime soon. Having lost his mother, seeing his beloved restaurant destroyed, not being able to contact his father, and being locked away in a state of the art prison facility, Sphere fell into a deep depression.

Sphere didn't blame Dancing Shadows for what happened. Sphere could only blame himself for being stupid enough to fight against members of the Solar Government. Even after learning of the crimes Dancing Shadows had committed, Sphere still thought of him as a good friend. He even harbored a small ounce of hope that maybe Dancing Shadows would rescue him from this awful place. But deep down Sphere knew that it would be impossible to do so. And he was right, Dancing Shadows never came to rescue him. Sphere sat in his cell, waiting to be released as the years passed by.

A prison riot, the likes of which the state of the art facility had never seen before, turned the prison into bloody battlefield. Prisoners attacked not only the guards, but other prison mates as well. All through the facility chaos erupted and the staff on site were spread too thin to control anything. Those lucky enough to slip through the guards defenses, escaped from the impregnable fortress. Unfortunately, the prison had been stationed on a floating island and the only path to freedom was to take to the sky. The ponies unfortunate enough to be grounded would either have to stay or fall to theirs deaths in the ocean below.

During this unprecedented prison break out, Sphere was able to escape on his own, flying as far away as possible. Even though he was free from that awful prison, he was a fugitive on the run. No matter where he went, the soldiers of the Solar Government would chase him. But that didn't stop him from returning home. When he arrived he was distraught at the state of the restaurant. Nothing more than ruined building, condemned and deemed unfit for living. This did not stop him from entering, there was something he needed to retrieve. The only thing he could think of that would benefit him him now that he is a wanted criminal. In a box hidden under the floor of his bedroom, Sphere lifted a box containing a gauntlet made by his father. He strapped it onto one hoof and grabbed a small picture of his family from the nightstand by his bed. He left the rest of the place untouched and hurried away from his old place.

Next on Sphere’s list was to visit his father and to tell him he was alright, but that would have to wait. A squad of soldiers had been dispatched to his home and restaurant by the Solar Government. They knew what connections Sphere had left in this world and would be waiting for him. He was lucky enough to evade his pursuers this time, but he didn't want to risk meeting with his father. It was hard to accept for him, but he knew he could never come back. Now, Sphere is just a wanderer who is just trying to survive while evading The Guardians of The Righteous Light.

Personality: A kind and generous pegasus, if a bit gullible and naive. Sphere is a run-of-the-mill kind of pony, nothing bad or good to say about him. He mostly spends his time to himself, the lonely type, but does go out of his way to help those who ask him of it. He’s very accepting of ponies and is highly empathetic, it’s rare for him to hate anypony.
Current Home: His family run restaurant, “Hey Noodles!” on the island of Currahee.
Misc: Sphere received a odd package from his father who was currently working on the mainland. It was another one of his inventions, Sphere could tell just by looking at it. A weird gauntlet shaped contraption that seemed to attach to one’s hoof. Instructions and a note were left with it stating only this, “For emergencies only.” Curious, Sphere strapped the device on and followed the instructions included. A whirling noise started after clicking the top button and suddenly a blade of magical energy sprouted from the end of the gauntlet. The whirling noise changed to a humming sound and Sphere felt slight vibrations coming from the gauntlet. It was a hoof held magical sword that appeared and disappeared at the users control. It was a fascinating piece of equipment, but Sphere quickly realized that it wasn't meant for cutting ingredients. He turned off the gauntlet and hid the device away, only to be used for emergencies.

Anthro Form:

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PostSubject: Re: Game: To Raise a Broken Moon (Sign Up, Adventure, Steampunk, Anthro, Alternate Universe)   Mon Apr 07, 2014 7:38 pm

Name: Wild Card
Race: Pegasus
Age: 24
Mane: Black and Red
Coat: Dark Blue
Cutie mark: A single card, split diagonally, with one half showing the four of clubs, the other showing a joker
Distinguishing Features: Always wears his Top Hat and Suit
Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): Never loses card games
Weaknesses: Can be sidetracked quite easily by his other personalities, sanity is hanging by a thread
Occupation: Scavenger/Trader (Black Market and Legal Market)
History: Wild Card was a fairly normal pegasus, being raised as an only child by two pegasi parents in a fairly large flying city. But at the age of 5, he began to act very strange, even more so than a normal 5 year old. His parents, not knowing what to do and after several visits to child psychiatrists, finally decided to send the colt to an insane asylum. This asylum was also another flying city, though it was much more mobile than Wild's home city. For the next 5 years, Wild Card was subject to being monitored, tested and had all his actions recorded, all the while his personalities developed and grew.
Finally, his calm personality took charge, and over a month of acting - what would be considered - normal, he was finally allowed to leave the asylum with a certificate deeming him sane. But the asylum city would not pass by Wild Card's home city for another 2 years on its flight path, and so for that time the colt did work around the city. It was during this time that he heard about the evils that were thestrals, but due to the words being said by those he knew were mad, he disregarded all this information and continued on with his work, earning small amounts of money for the time being. When he finally did arrive back in his own city, he resumed school, but with his views on thestrals he was once severely punished because he deemed a teacher mad for saying exactly what the ponies in the asylum said.
After leaving school, Wild was given a flying ship by his parents, and even though it was worn out, small and in all fairness a piece of junk, Wild was happy that he was no longer restricted to his own birthplace and, after saying goodbye to his family, he headed off to the next city over to make his way in life. Wild Card found his talent in this new city, after winning several card games and earning a large sum of money. It was also where he made his first improvement to his ship after buying a new engine with his winnings. He saw this as a necessary thing to have, especially as he had to make quick escapes after his card games. Over the years, Wild has been travelling to and from cities and ships, winning either money, or ships themselves and upgrading his own to make it the fastest it could be, while also delving into items for protecting himself and exquisite clothes. Now, Wild continues to gamble, but always offers to let the loser keep some of their money in exchange for their ship, which he will use to upgrade or repair his own, and then sell the left over parts to any market willing to buy them.
Gear: Top hat, black tailored suit, blue waistcoat, white shirt, blue bow-tie, black tailored trousers, smart black shoes. Occasionally he wears black gloves. A silver-tipped sword cane with a spring mechanism to launch the sword - handle first, and another button to produce a small needle at the bottom which contains a deadly and quick working poison. Wild also owns a small mechanical crab-like creature, also made of silver, which makes up for the end of the tip of the cane, and has the buttons for these mechanisms on it. It can detach from the cane and stay with Wild, thus making the mechanisms on the cane useless. Along with this, he has a basic short-sword he keeps at his side on a belt. Finally, he has two silver arm-mounted mechanisms, which go from his wrist to his elbow and can hold 54 specially crafted bladed cards which can be fired with the force of a gunshot, but at a rate of one card every half-second. Wild still has his Runic Cards with him as well.
Ship: Ship design Same design as this, though all the red areas on that ship are plated with Argentium Sterling Silver, and the rest of the ship is made of bronze. The two side objects are hydrogen jets, and there is only the middle bronze attachment keeping them with the ship itself. The jets are fully rotatable to allow for vertical take off and landing, along with increased maneuverability in the air.
Weapon-wise, the ship has two large gatling guns which fire 50 cal. ammunition attached to the sides of it near the front, along with flares that can be fired from the back to both disrupt any heat seaking weaponry and be used as a signal. Also under the cockpit, is a dome on which a small turret is attached that has a full 360 degrees rotation. This turret can fire several variations of ammunition (Piercing, Explosive Cluster, Shotgun blast) as well as elementally charged rounds that have various effects (Fireball - Useful for distraction, not much damage. Freezing rounds - Freeze whatever they make contact with. Lightning rounds - Send a discharge of electricity into whatever it hits, useful against ships that do not have electrical insulation. Turbulence rounds - Explode on contact and create a large burst of air, which mirrors turbulence but to a greater scale). All of the elemental rounds are mainly for use against small ships or as distractions for larger ones.
As for the interior of the craft, there is a storage compartment at the bottom of the ship, and the rest of it is generic living space. The orange lights at the front are tinted reinforced windows to the bedroom, which are also lights for night flying. Inside this living space are oak furnishings and a table made of mahogany... mahogany. In his bedroom he has a single bed which can change into a double bed with Steampunk Science! There is also a dimmer switch in this bedroom, main settings are "On", "Cupid" and "Off". Finally, the 01 on the picture would be replaced with an emblem of two cards, an Ace of Clubs and a Queen of Spades.

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PostSubject: Re: Game: To Raise a Broken Moon (Sign Up, Adventure, Steampunk, Anthro, Alternate Universe)   Thu Apr 10, 2014 5:35 am

Name: Plasma Stream

Race: Male Unicorn

Age: 32

Mane: white and red stripes, rather short but not quite bald

Coat: deep blue, kept very well kept and short

Cutie Mark: a line of orange passing through a red giant, with a spire coming out the other end

Distinguishing Features:

Specialty: Anything dealing with fire

Weaknesses: Certain spells backlash at him periodically, causing severe burns and/or lacerations depending on the spell used, and he sometimes makes bad decisions.

Occupation: Scavenger/Inventor

Gear: thin cloth clothing with a metal ring around the base of his neck, he almost always has a bag containing a couple bottles of morphine pills, a reusable syringe (think of a hypo from Star Trek), various loads for said syringe, a plasma torch, and a crowbar

History: Plasma Stream was one of those quirky scientists, always trying to find a way to make his ship better and faster, taking whatever tech he could find and push it to it's limits. In a sense he's an inventive scavenger, trawling the deep ocean for anything of value, or speeding across the skies with a hold full of goods. He stopped for no one and always manages to either escape or beat away any pirates that tried to catch him. His ship is his home, but he would typically park his ship near the borders between the Thestrals and the Solar Government. He often comes out to collect salvage and possibly dig for new and undiscovered technology, or simply to ferry small amounts of passengers or large amounts of cargo to and from other floating or underwater cities; being one of the few ships to be able to go through both majors without refitting he is paid big money for his services. He usually scavenges near the bottom of deep seas to find some unique and/or usable components when he goes for them, as they are relatively easy pickings for a ship like his. Down at the bottom of the Southern Sea, he found a very odd couple of ores; one looks gunmetal grey while the other looked like a regular rock, though it was able to absorb any magic he tried to use on it. Taking a few dozen kilos for sampling, he found that the grey rock was extremely brittle, but when he melted it down and refined it like one would steel, it created a metal far stronger and lighter than steel; though the lightness was not nearly as good as Mythril, the strength outmatched it in almost every test he did. The new ore could prove to be very useful and he coded a mining sensor to specifically detect the new ore, which he dubbed Trinium. The second ore was a bit more of a mystery; it was much more dense than lead and could store any sort of energy within it, though the amount of energy that can be stored is dependant on the mass of the ore. Though unintentionally, he took a tiny sample of of the ore and had it collide with a tiny sample of potassium; the resulting explosion was enough to rock the entire city and leave the room the explosion happened completely black and bulging outwards. Now that he knew that the ore isn't able to touch alkaline or alkaloid metals, he made sure to keep any bananas or other items with an alkaloid/alkaline metal in them away. Dubbing this ore Terminalis, he also coded the mining sensor to find more of this ore, and began a few other experiments. Shortly after, the local law enforcement banned him from the city for endangering the lives of others. He was able to experiment a little more on the substance but he was unable to find out anything else about it.

Personality: Hardly what you'd call stable, but then again, he has been known to make some stupid decisions.

Virtue: Unpredictable and often changes morality more quickly than a gunshot

Ship (about the same size as this: Plasma Stream paid a significant amount of money to purchase and outfit his ship, The Constellation, but the cost was worth it, as it is made with a trinium skeleton (originally titanium) while the armor is a bronze-Steel alloy, the engines use a hydrogen/oxygen (water) mixture to function and the front of the ship has a pair of scoops to collect water that needs to be seperated into hydrogen and oxygen. The ship itself is powered by the four engines via a special component in the construction of the thrusters that turns a portion of the released energy into electricity (about 10% of the energy released in total). As it goes under the water quite often, the ship is able to shut the primary engines down,but leave the intakes on, pulling the water in and pushing it out the other end. Originally, the ship was an unarmed transport, but he paid a good chunk of his money to fit several articulated gun emplacements: 4 .30 caliber chain guns and 6 .50 caliber Heavy Machine Guns, both of which are loaded with SPTHEAPI rounds. His personal crew quarters has a king-sized bed, is decorated out in red and black, and has a couple small refridgerators, one with a couple liters of Sake', a bottle of bourbon, and a few liters of rootbeer the second refridgerator opposite the room has some basic foodstuffs and a small box of truffles. The entire ship is decked out in soft white light, but changes to bright orange when under attack, and the underside has a pair of spotlights for seeing the bottom of the lake or ocean he is looking around in. Both sides of the vessel on the top and bottom of the 'wings' next to the cockpit have a mark looking like a capital O with four small lines coming out, having a T hold it up while a triplet of lower case o's connected to the capital O by a single long line each. Finally, the glass in front of his cockpit is recessed into the frame, allowing him to build a bit of an armor system that deploys while underwater or in red alert, prividing rudimentary protection against hostile fire and good protection against the pressure of the ocean. The cargo bay also contains a winch and pulley system to pick up anything stuck in the mud, but the winch can be easily refit to hold a mining tool or a basic line of rope. Most of the money he spent on it though was to fit the ship with a specialized system of lift that used multiple fan blades spinning very rapidly to generate the required force to pick up the 45-ton vessel and propel it through the air

Misc: He stands high enough that his mouth is at the tip of the average unicorn's horn. The Guardians of the Righteous Light are constantly dogging at his heels trying to steal his tech for various reasons, and he has consistently called them "nothing more than scavengers and vultures" also inciting rather negative responses from them. He takes any chance he can to incite their wrath even though he has proven time and time again to not be in league with the Nightmare, and therefore untouchable to them without the group suffering backlash from other nations. He is very much like a bully to anyone loyal to the 'Righteous Scumbags' as he calls them, and he has become friends with more than a few Thestrals in his career. He insults and, while not often, physically assaults the Guardians, and they have tried to jail him on more than one occasion.

OOC: SPTHEAPI stands for Self-Propelled Tracer High-Explosive Armor Piercing Incindiary (basically .50 and .30 caliber missiles with no warheads) and his Constellation is stretched to have a couple extra rooms within, one being his personal quarters and the other being a utility room

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PostSubject: Re: Game: To Raise a Broken Moon (Sign Up, Adventure, Steampunk, Anthro, Alternate Universe)   Thu Apr 10, 2014 5:49 am

Hegamonia wrote:
Pony Name: Plasma Stream
Symbiote Name: Perseus (Goa'uld Queen)

I'm sorry, I can not allow this in. It just doesn't fit with the universe, mainly because you're forcing in another. I can't begin to start on the issues I have with this character.
Please try again with a different OC if you wish to take part.
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PostSubject: Re: Game: To Raise a Broken Moon (Sign Up, Adventure, Steampunk, Anthro, Alternate Universe)   Thu Apr 10, 2014 2:55 pm

Name: Coal Scorcher

Race: Earth Pony

Age: 20

Mane: Light Brown

Coat: Dark Brown

Cutie mark.: A piece of coal about to be thrown into an engine.

Extra details that aren’t needed but are nice to add: He stores a small piece of slightly burned wood in his mane - it's almost indistinquishable from his mane but one can see it if they look closely. Not that people would see it with his bandana on anyway.

Distinguishing Features: No-nonsense attitude, no sense of humor whatsoever unless it involves belittling Celestia and her cronies. Hates the Solar Government and as such, loathes Celestia.

Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): Being an engineer of exceptional talent, he always finds areas to improve upon, making him basically the tech-savant of Wild Card's ship.

Weaknesses: His hate of the Solar Government clouds his judgement which will always result in him becoming unable to make rational decisions when Celestia's cronies are involved. Which is often why he lets Wild Card handle them.

Occupation: Engineer working for Wild Card.

Gear: He has a small rugsack which has some coal in it. To keep a reminder of his family. He also wears a welder mask while in Wild Card's ship. But while on the deck or on shore leave, he has a red & white checkered bandana.

History: His family was butchered by the Solar Government for thinking badly of their rule, having the children scattered throughout the land under false identities. Orphaned at a young age, Coal had no idea how he might survive, until he came upon a facility for orphans who lacked a direction in life, ironically founded by the same government responsible for his parent's death. He came to like the field of engineering, especially the kind of engineering centered around the airships. He'd seen them, but he could see them always being better and faster. Stronger and sleeker. So he specialized in engines and passed with flying colors.
The hard reality of life would come bearing down on him hard. No ship captain would hire an orphaned child with nothing more than the graduation papers and no experience. How was a pony to gather experience if no captain would give him a chance.
That is, until he heard of a pony who piloted a ship which was faster than all others, housing a scavenger known in the big circles as "The Wild Card." It took him a lot of time to find the elusive pegasus stallion, but he kept tailing him and tried to find a chance to speak with him - only to be foiled as the ones who had been dealt the losing hand would come seeking revenge. Once his exploits became known to the government he has ever since been wanted for having dealings in the black market. But before Wild Card could throw the potential threat from his ship, Coal noticed some things in the cockpit and the gauges that made him think he could improve upon. He offered his services in exchange for a place to stay and a chance to make improvements to Wild Card's ship so he can get more experience under his belt. And he has done that for at least 2 years for the pegasus, with no intention of stopping anytime soon.
And the only pony able to keep him safe is also able to fly from city to city with a so called criminal on board. And he owes Wild Card for saving his sorry flank from Celestia's cronies.
Personality: He's a gruff, hardworking pony who doesn't appreciate practical jokes being played on him or any of the people he knows. He's completely loyal to Wild Card, however and as such, will probably take a joke or two from "the boss", as he calls him.

Misc: Every so often, Wild Card's winnings reveal schematics for new upgrades that Coal can apply to the ship, provided Wild Card can provide the materials. Usually these schematics and materials come from ships that Wild has won from his gambling ventures.

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PostSubject: Re: Game: To Raise a Broken Moon (Sign Up, Adventure, Steampunk, Anthro, Alternate Universe)   Thu Apr 10, 2014 4:37 pm

Hegamonia wrote:
Pony Name: Plasma Stream

I'm sorry, this character is still too out of place for this RP. There are still issues. Like the fact the ship is OP as all hell, and the character is off in his own little world it seems.
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PostSubject: Re: Game: To Raise a Broken Moon (Sign Up, Adventure, Steampunk, Anthro, Alternate Universe)   Sun Apr 13, 2014 2:49 am

Name: Hoodwink (possibly an alias)
Race: Earth Pony
Age: Early 20's
Mane: Dark Brown
Coat: Light Brown
Cutie mark: An open coffin
Extra details that aren’t needed but are nice to add:
Distinguishing Features: Midnight blue cloak containing numerous pieces of equipment and a wide brimmed hat, rarely seen without either.
Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): Exceptionally agile, skilled thief and survivalist, modest alchemist and improviser.
Weaknesses: Physically weak for an Earth Pony, relies on equipment somewhat heavily, slow to trust others.
Occupation: Adventurer/Thief
Gear: Bandoleer of various vials, grappling hook, hat and cloak are both fireproof and corrosive proof to an extent
History: An opportunistic thief, Hoodwink has had to work hard in the new world to have any remote chance of a decent life amongst the advantaged winged ponies.

Hoodwink is possibly the first pony to successfully infiltrate the Inventor's Nest, or at least he certainly claims to be; during a rare supply drop pick up for the Nest, Hoodwink emptied some of the supplies from a crate and hid himself inside, using a potion of his own invention to render himself invisible until he was brought onto the ship.

While he was caught before he could make off with anything, Hoodwink was loose long enough to find exactly what the "big secret" of the Inventor's Nest was that some ponies rumored and gossiped about. He struck an acord with Johnny to use his criminal connections and infiltration skills to act as a spy for them, in return for not being killed to maintain the Nest's security, in exchange for keeping any valuable supplies he finds along the way.

The alliegiance is however, fragile; Hoodwink has never tried to hide that if captured and put in a position of death that he would happily spill the beans on the Inventor's Nest. Johnny, in turn, has made no secret that if Hoodwink ever does this he will not rest until the inventor has killed the thief.

Personality: Suave and sophisticated, very confident, gentlemanly to a fault, sarcastic when irritated, brave.

Current Home: Moves around almost constantly

Misc: Friend and occasional ally of Razor.

Name: Razor Back
Race: Thestral
Age: 20
Mane: Purple
Coat: Grey
Cutie mark.: A bat silhouetted against the moon
Extra details that aren’t needed but are nice to add:
Distinguishing Features: Bears several scars from her escapades, usually armed with explosives.
Specialty (eg. special spells, unique powers etc): Self-trained with a variety of weapons and combat techniques, has a particular fondness for explosives.

Weaknesses: Rash and always looking at the small picture, also very aggressive against non-thestrals due to the stigma against them.
Occupation: Terrorist
Gear: Guard armor stolen from the town she once lived in, her homemade weaponry
History: Descending from Nightmare Moon's foremost general served Razor no favors as a filly; her family, already treated like dirt as thestrals, were given the brunt of the abuse and it took it's toll on the young Razor, especially with her vengeful parents feeding her innate violence and bloodlust.

Razor finally launched her first outright attack, blowing up a supply ship for the Solar Empire. While successful in downing the ship, Razor's friend and accomplice Bronze Gasket was injured in the blast severely and arrested while Razor escaped.

Furious but also self loathing about Bronze's capture, Razor's spree of violence against the Solar Empire continued, leaving a trail of corpses and wrecks in her wake while seemingly refusing to die no matter what impossible odds of escape had been forced on her.

It would take five years before Razor and Bronze would meet again, Bronze now serving aboard the Inventors Nest as a source of revenue and engineer. Bronze's lack of a direct combat role by choice helped to mellow Razor's anger and tenacity enough that she can tolerate the idea of not all thestrals rising against the tyrants though she herself still feels that the best solution is to kill them all and to reinstate the old order.

Due to her volatile nature, Bronze has not informed Razor about exactly what the Inventor's Nest is hiding, lest she do something drastic.

Personality: A violent and vengeful mare by nature but unlike her parents there is a more gentle self under there, though it flourishing under the current regime is unlikely.

Current Home: A one man ship.

Name: Bronze Gasket

Race: Thestral

Age: 20

Mane: Brown and white striped

Coat: A light grey

Cutie Mark: A bat made from bronze plating and gears

Distinguishing Features: Bronze's left arm was damaged beyond repair by an explosion in her youth. Rather than settle for being crippled, the reckless but ingenious inventor had her arm amputated by the first doctor she could convince and meticulously replaced the damage tissue with gears and wires until she had an arm socket of mechanical parts that could mimic what her body would normally do naturally.

This artificial socket now houses the skeletal mechanical left arm which Bronze has. While it took some time to get used to Bronze is now able to use this arm just as efficiently as her normal right arm with the added benefit of some enhanced strength in that arm.

Weaknesses: Can be quite literally disarmed by removing her left arm which also throws off her balance on the ground and in flight. Additionally Bronze is not a close quarters combatant, despite her arm providing some extra weight to her punches.

Occupation: Inventor/Engineer

Gear: Her arm which also has a retractable blade in the wrist, a pair of flintlock pistols on in her hips holsters, her toolbelt which has as many pouches and pockets as she can feasibly fit onto a belt. When working outside or needing to fly Bronze also almost always has a retractable glider in case her wings are in some way incapacitated.

History: Raised more independent of the Solar Empire's reign than a lot of her own kind, Bronze's brief attempt at rebellion began and ended with her brief partnership with Razor Back. Combining Razor's combat and demolitions skill with Bronze's intelligence and resources, the two expected to be a force to be reckoned with against the Solar Empire.

Sadly it was not meant to be; after only weeks of random bombing raids, a bomb the two had planned for a supply ship malfunctioned and injured Bronze. Razor, having thought Bronze to be dead, left the scene and would not reunite with Bronze until they met aboard the Inventor's Nest two years later.

Bronze however refused to let it be the end; after planning and conducting the replacement of her arm with an artificial one, Bronze continued her small time strikes against the Solar Empire in more subtle ways than Razor's bombing raids before being recruited onto the Inventor's Nest.

Bronze is more loyal than Razor to Johnny Maker and the Inventor's Nest but is still uncertain about whether or not she is willing to sacrifice herself for the cause if it comes to that, after her already near brush with death years before. Additionally unlike Razor and Hoodwink she has no strong feelings toward the fact that Princess Luna is aboard, as Bronze is doubtful of their ability to restore Luna.

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PostSubject: Re: Game: To Raise a Broken Moon (Sign Up, Adventure, Steampunk, Anthro, Alternate Universe)   Thu Sep 04, 2014 1:53 am

Name: Lightning Blast

Race: Bat pony

Age: 16

Mane: her main is a light blueish purple with a pale yellow bolt going through it.

Coat: Her coat is a light purple.

Extra details that aren't needed but are nice to add: she is allergic to pears.

Distinguishing Features: Her wings are two different colours,
shes got a bionic left front hoof, and her right eye is covered with an eye patch, with an easily visible scar protruding from beneath.

Specialty(eg. special spells, unique powers etc): her whole arm works like a unicorns horn, she is an impressive engineer and can fabricate devises for most uses.

Weaknesses: Since her incident as a filly she has night terrors and has been known to have fairly bad panic and anxiety attacks. Lightning's also blind in one eye and her bionic limb does limit her abilities to some extent. pears are almost deadly to her

Occupation: She is a air ship maintenance worker, but on ocation she will make automated prosthetic limbs for those who needs them, often for free, but sometimes for a small fee.
Gear: her bionic hoof, an eye patch that is kitted out with sensors that relay to a chip in her eye socket, her bionic hoof can be home to numerous odd items and a picture of her birth mother.

History: she was born on one of the floating town where she lived until a 14. whilst there she toyed with the power of lightning and magnetism which lead to a disaster, while fitting a pilone it was struck by lightning. the charge coursed down her hoof but met with her internal magic, the collision blew her left arm to pieces, the remnants of the unstable magic got to her eye and blinded her right eye. When she was 6 her mother died after struggling with the disease 'venenum animae', which essentially is corruption of her life essence, her father simply vanished and she became a street orphan.
she pick pocketed loose change and stole fruit from market to get by, whilst using other ponies rubbish and broken devises to and learn how to build, fix and sabotage various mechanisms. at the age of 14 she saw her chance in a small air craft left unattended about to be scrapped. she gave it a quick look only finding that it was a very slow design and was off to explore... until she crashed into a largeish city. and became a mechanics apprentice. whilst there she saved up and learnt all she could for the perpouse of success. it was during one of her usual and plain inspections when she maid the foolish mistake of putting her left arm into the engine to pull a wedged peace of mettle out, as soon as she disturbed it, a piston that had been held up but this shard clamped down, this being such a large cargo ship the egine was huge and the piston took up all of her arm, which is wen the mark 3 arm was designed and built.
post that her life was mundane and simple.

Personality: neutral good, shes very tidy but can act sporadically.

Current Home: she ventures all over, when ever.


(cruppy image of her v)
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PostSubject: Re: Game: To Raise a Broken Moon (Sign Up, Adventure, Steampunk, Anthro, Alternate Universe)   Sun Nov 16, 2014 6:30 pm

I'd like to sign up Faerie Fire.

The only real changes needed would be that she's arriving in Equestria from the Griffon Empire in her first post, apart from that, the rest should work with Steampunk Equestria..... Although the iron thing will be difficult.
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PostSubject: Re: Game: To Raise a Broken Moon (Sign Up, Adventure, Steampunk, Anthro, Alternate Universe)   

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Game: To Raise a Broken Moon (Sign Up, Adventure, Steampunk, Anthro, Alternate Universe)
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