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 Tales Of The Outlands

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PostSubject: Tales Of The Outlands   Wed May 06, 2015 11:52 pm

It's years before the return of Luna, and while most of Equestria is perfectly peaceful and calm, the Princess simply does not have the guards nor resources to maintain a consistent royal guard covering all of Equestria; for this reason the large land mass of desert on the west of Equestria develops it's own system of law that the princess for now has no choice but to reluctantly accept.

The Outlands as it became known is a huge expanse of desert dotted with old fashioned towns, troubled by a comparatively lawless land. There's plenty of opportunity for riches and ruin in the Outlands, where ponies either come to die, come to live or come because nowhere else could handle them.

The White Samba gang, named for the stagecoach they travel in, are one such group; an ever changing line up of bandits, bounty hunters, treasure seekers, adrenaline junkies, the kind of riff raff that already covers the Outlands. Unlike most of the lawless ponies who wander the Outlands as travellers, the White Samba Gang haven't decided to go native and have dedicated themselves to doing good for the Outlands... provided there's a bounty to collect at the end of it of course.

End of Description
So as you can see, what we have here is a very typical western set up. The story will focus on the members of the White  Samba travelling around in the stage coach to various towns and locales in search of bounties to collect, treasure to hunt and evil plans to stop.

Bearing in mind when submitting an OC to this story, this is a very Western inspired storyline and takes place some time before the events of the Friendship is Magic series; as such no references to say having met Princess Luna or Princess Twilight, as they would not be a part of the universe yet. Also feel free to add your own bits of worldbuilding.

And for those who will undoubtedly ask, the Outlands is pretty much a free for all; griffons, changelings, dragons, minotaurs, ponies of all kinds, every species has about equal chance to show up here as outcasts whether they be of the criminal kind or not tend to drift to the Outlands if they've got nowhere else to go for long enough, or especially if they're inclined to mercenary work as there's no shortage of need for hired guns in the Outlands.

Additionally, this story right now is an anthro story; as such descriptions of your OC in anthro form and their general clothing would be much appreciated alongside of course a general run down of your OC (it doesn't need to be a full on character sheet but a history for this verse, abilities, skills, looks and so on is needed for them to be featured properly as they should be written).

Any of your own worldbuilding ideas are welcomed for this verse as well as any storyline ideas; whether it's about your OC or a general idea of what the White Samba Gang could run into.

Questions can be asked here about the verse in more detail and how your OC can fit into the storyline. Please bear in mind the idea of this fic is to have a rotating cast so your OC will most likely be written out and back in intermittently.

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PostSubject: Re: Tales Of The Outlands   Thu May 07, 2015 2:05 am

I'll go ahead and throw Axis at you. Razz

She has long, dirty blonde mane and tail. Sapphire-esque eyes, and light, creamy fur, with the yellow tinge barely there. Cutiemark(Though I doubt ish needed) is a heart that fades from red to purple. Since it's anthro...Well, she's average height, very fit, and rather pretty, with more of a lithe frame.

She'd probably be wearing simple black pants and a tighter-fitting long-sleeve shirt. Boots, too. And then her signature Scarf, the red-and-purple striped thing around her neck. She's normally a Guard, though, so armor is optional.

Her abilities are extremely simple. She's good at detecting lies, she's good at hand-to-hand(though she rarely uses weapons themselves). She's got regeneration. Lots of Stamina. But the real power she has is when she bleeds. If she catches sight of her blood, she goes crazy, literally, and is then extremely fast and stronger than the biggest of minotaurs. It's her manifestation as a Vampire. But Sunlight does nothing to her, doesn't even affect her "Blood Rage" she has upon seeing her own blood. She's not the most endurant, though, getting hit still hurts like hell. Razz

For this, I'd say she's just one of the nicer people around, I'll give you free reign except she's no bad guy.

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PostSubject: Re: Tales Of The Outlands   Thu May 07, 2015 10:32 pm

I will sign up Sophie Witherweird and Attrition as mercenaries.
Attrition is quite tall, Sophie is about average height. Both wear dusters, hats, bandannas, and close fitting pants, all of which is the color of sand.

Sophie speaks with the spirits, and can make pacts with them. Use her abilities as you see fit. She tends to speak like a Nord from skyrim, and constantly complains of the heat. She gets teased and hit on by Attrition frequently, though thus far they have remained 'just friends'. Uses a rifle from afar.

Attrition is physically strong and posses a keen mind. Enjoys hitting on Sophie, but is skittish around other mares and stallions. Prefers to use a shotgun or revolver.

If at all possible, I would also like to sign up Castle and Celerity as .... A suppose Good Aligned Bounty Hunters is the best term for it. Both wear the same clothes as the above two, but the colors are different. Castle wears a faded black duster, all other clothing grey. Celerity wears a sand colored duster, all other clothing grey.

Castle can speak with most birds, and is very good at persuading any species of corvid. Prefers to shoot from afar, likes rifles.

Celerity is good hearted, to the point of being naive. However, she is also very fierce, though not to the point of headstrong stupidity. Also prefers to shoot from afar.

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PostSubject: Re: Tales Of The Outlands   

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Tales Of The Outlands
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