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 National Identity [Sign-up]

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PostSubject: National Identity [Sign-up]   Mon Apr 27, 2015 9:51 am

So, I had an idea whilst trying to take a thirty minute nap prior to morning classes. Tossing and turning in bed, I randomly say to myself….. What would a thread where players, instead of controlling individual characters, control countries be likr?   Dm updates would constitute of ‘issues’ global or local, for each individual civilization to decide upon in their own unique ways. Go to war with your neighbor, explore space, dig a hole! Who knows what your people could accomplish between DM updates?  Provide the following information, and I shall write up descriptions for your nations, and, the world they shall occupy.  Think nationstates.net, only, populated by the various races from MLP, and, forum-based.  The world's level of technology is akin to our own.

Please provide the following:
Nation Name:
Government Type:
Current Leader:
Government Spending:
Ethnic Makeup:
Leading industry:
National Motto:
National Flag:
National Animal:
Capital City:
National Religion:
National Anthem:
What is your nation known for?:

Look, you don't have to be a political science major for this thread. It's for fun. Nationstates.net is really good at simplifying government, and, since I'm following its template, I will be too. Talk to me, ask questions. I'll answer them.  You know where to find me.


One day, one room.

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PostSubject: Re: National Identity [Sign-up]   Tue Apr 28, 2015 12:45 am

Nation Name: The Mistypeak Trade Conglomerate
Government Type: Oligarchy
Current Leader: The Lady of Feathered Bastions, The Lady of Shifting Laws, The Lord of Bargains, The Lady of Violet Reach, The Lady of Red Snow, and The Lady of Omninous Seas.
Government Spending: Administration 10%, Welfare 5%, Spirituality 10%, Social policy 5%, Public Transport 5%, Law & Order 15%, International Aid 1%, Industry 6%, Healthcare 10%, Environment 10%, Education 15%, Defense 8%.
Ethnic Makeup: 16% Unicorns, 16.5% Pegasi, 16.5% Griffons, 14% Earth ponies, 15% Bat Ponies, 1% Crystal ponies, 4% Minotaurs, 15% Seaponies, and 2% Insect Ponies.
Leading Industry: As a result of its well-funded and well maintained education system, Mistypeak has a large amount of intellectuals, many of home form research based in the various settlements among the nation for other intellectuals to gather at. The most famous of these is in the capital. Silver Square is dominated by the Twin Spires. Spire A is a magitech research laboratory, one primarily focused on the wide and every updating array of golems that Mistypeak sells. Be it security or labor, Spire A representatives can offer the highest possible quality. They are assisted and assist Spire B, the Material Research laboratory. Spire B is constantly crafting or improving new materials, many of which go into ever more advanced golems or machinery.
Mistypeak also boasts a strong fishing industry, one under careful government supervision to prevent it from being over-fished. Most if not all settlements in the Mistypeak Trade Conglomerate host sprawling bazaars with representatives from each of the various research stations dotting the nation, where foreigners and natives alike are free to trade and commission a wide range of magitech items.
Currency: The Silver Square.
National Motto: "When in the fog, do as we do."
National Flag: [Until I get an image, picture a light blue background with two manticore heads roaring at a thin spire of rock with a ring of cloud around the top]
National Animal: Manticore
Capital City: Fogkeep
National Religion: The Mist Code, a series of poems detailing the principles by which Misters conduct trade.
National Anthem: The Cloud-bound Peaks
Demonym: Misters, Misties, Foggers.
What is your nation known for?: A huge selection of exports in fish and magitech items. It also acts as a trade hub for surrounding nations, though this is primarily dominated by the native golem industry.
the nation itself is hung like a dangled spider's web over Jörmungandr's Maw, a strange rock formation. Jörmungandr's Maw is a a thick forest of rocky pillars (many of which as wide as large towns and home to self-contained ecosystems) that jut out of a the frigid swirling ocean. Towards the coast several of the 'teeth' fuse together into a large rocky plateau that connects to the shore. In the center of this forest of pillars is another Plateau. The Silver Square is a vast, unnaturally smooth rectangular prism of granite roughly. Not made of silver, the granite's sheen in the morning sun gave the appearance (at least to those that first discovered it) of being made of solid silver. Many years later, it became the olcation of the Capital city of the Mistypeak nation. Mistypeak as a whole gets its name from the year round, constant fog banks that conceal the cities.

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PostSubject: Re: National Identity [Sign-up]   Tue Apr 28, 2015 6:28 am

Nation Name: Nocturnia
Government Type: Heroarchy
Current Leaders: Star Sentinel, Elegant Hooves, Nocturnal Nights, Soundless Wind
Government Spending: 30% Space Research, 30% Defense and Military, 20% Education, 10% Health Care, 10% Welfare.
Ethnic Makeup: 85% Thestrals, 6% Earth Pones, 5% Unicorns  4% Pegasus
Leading Industry: Ore Mining
Currency: Equestrian Bits
National Motto: "Shadows are as silent as we are."
National Flag:
National Animal: A bat.
Capital City: The Shadows' Den is a cave city made into a cave that is at the base of a mountain. It's buildings and homes are mostly shaped from the cave walls itself, but there is the occasional home and building that needed to be built using raw materials. And thanks to the expansive knowledge of Nocturnal Nights, The city is lit up with magical lights all around that can and will turn off if they so needed it to.
National Religion:
National Anthem: Sleepless Nights
Demonym: Nocturnians, Nocturnals
What is your nation known for?: A great defense and space research.

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PostSubject: Re: National Identity [Sign-up]   Tue Apr 28, 2015 7:28 am

Name of nation: The Imperial Utopia of Glacia

Government type: Father Knows Best State/Dictatorship

Current Leader: Ciergey Sergla

Government spending focus:
Law and Order/Defence: 30.5%
Scientific Research: 16.0%
Industry: 14.2%
Education: 10.7%
Healthcare: 10.5%
Social Welfare: 5.1%
Miscellaneous: 13.0%

Ethnic make-up:
Unicorns - 40%
Pegasi - 20%
Earth Ponies - 20%
Zebras - 10%
Griffons - 10%

Leading industry: Mining (Gemstones)

Currency name: Icee / Equestrian Bit

National motto: “Harmony At All Costs”

National Flag:

National animal: Snow Petrel

Capital city: Ixainia
Ixainia is a city built on a mountain, somewhat like Canterlot, except instead of being built on a mountain it is built in a mountain. The Mount Divine, at the heart of the Frozen North, is the mountain of choice. The city’s presence is obvious; as the mountain approaches its peak, it flattens off into a plateau where mortal hooves have levelled a part of the mountain to provide a flat surface upon which the towering city walls and massive Outer District stands. The remainder of the city is situated within what is left of the mountain, spanning the distance of the plateau to the peak, as ground was levelled around the peak rather than forming a complete plateau. What is in this hollowed-out region is the relatively small Inner District - where nobles, Ministers, and other such rich people stay - and the Palace of the Divine. The predominant colour of the city is blue, in keeping with a glacial theme.

National religion: Royal Divine - It is believed that the founder of Glacia, Emperor Glaceon, was himself a deity, and he partially passed down his divinity through the sovereigns of the Imperial Utopia. Every time the Emperor or Empress chose his or her successor - who did not necessarily have to be related by blood - the mark of the Divine would be passed down, and when the previous ruler died the new one would rise to full demigodhood. The ruler, therefore, is worshipped as the Ascendant, or the Royal Divine. The Royal Divine is not said to be omnipotent, nor possessing of great power, but rather be unfathomably wise and just, untainted by the sins and darkness of normal ponies. It is said that the Royal Divine makes no mistakes - and any mistakes that might occur are the result of mishandling at the lower rungs.

National anthem: The Royal Divine (The Imperial March)

Demonym: Glacian

What is your nation known for?:
The Imperial Utopia of Glacia, situated in the Frozen North, is a country under a system of ‘benevolent dictatorship’... sort of. While a single individual, an Emperor or Empress, has historically been in wholly in power, civil rights are relatively free and individuals have been free to express their opinions, to an extent at least. Yearly satisfaction polls appear to indicate high approval rates for the government under the latest Ascendant, Empress Ciergey Sergla, which either means that the government is highly effective and liked, or that the box for maximum satisfaction on the poll scroll is the biggest and easiest to tick, and the population is hopelessly apathetic about their situation.

The Empress is advised by an Inner Council, led by High Councillor Tact Ician and Deputy Councillor Insight. The Inner Council comprises the Councillors and Ministers, who are responsible for running the separate departments, and are overseen by the High Councillors and the Empress.

Corruption is very low, but that’s because most corruption happens out in the open - the Ministers receive a ludicrously high pay sanctioned by policies and legislation. The Empress and Councillors have themselves renounced large portions of their salary, but still retain a significant amount. This, in conjunction with an active (and well-paid) Anti-Corruption Bureau and draconian laws, keeps corruption to a minimum.

Glacia’s economy is fuelled by a very strong Mining industry, occupying large swathes of mineral-rich land. The company responsible for most of the industry, SerglaCorp, is government-affiliated (read: owned in all but name), as are many other large presences in significant industries such as Information Technology and Arms Manufacturing. Legislation regarding employment is very employer-friendly, with almost negligible minimum-wage laws and an ability to retrench workers for almost any reason whatsoever. The sole union in existence, the Worker’s Union, is permanently chaired by the Minister for Industry and Trade. As a result, unemployment is at almost zero, though workers aren’t exactly the most well-paid and income inequality is rather high. However, safe and satisfactory working conditions are harshly enforced by both the Union and the Ministry of Manpower, which may explain why approval ratings are still as high as they are.

Laws in Glacia tend to the draconian side, with capital punishment falling in the list of appropriate punishments (and sometimes the only punishment) for a plethora of crimes, from murder to culpable homicide to drug-smuggling to unlawful entry, reluctant as judges are to pass such judgement. Corporal punishments, predominantly caning, are also common. Charges of sedition and contempt of court are thrown around liberally by the government and government officials, as are libel and defamation suits. To date there has been no instance where a government official has lost a defamation suit.

Defence and Law and Order are high up on the Glacian priority list, with one strong arm to back up the draconian laws and the other to keep interferers out. A very paranoid High Councillor has led to a large number of fortifications; cities are protected by large shield generators that can be turned on or off at will, and all have tall, thick, armoured walls. Thanks to the strong Information Technology sector, Glacia tends to be quite advanced in the latest technological and magical advancements, which translates into more effective (if sometimes insufficiently tested) weaponry.

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PostSubject: Re: National Identity [Sign-up]   Tue Apr 28, 2015 7:42 am

Nation Name: Lunar Republican Governance
Government Type: Confederate Democratic Republic
Although very similar to the democratic republic embodied by the United States of America, a confederate democratic republic has looser national bonds between its contingent states and a weaker central government. There is an explicit prohibition against any federal ruling on any strictly state matter, although the cultural tendency of the Governance is to track fairly tightly with the cultural and legal tendencies of the central government.
Current Leader: Speaker of the Congress Keen Edge
The Governance essentially operates by a parliamentary system, although their prime minister is called the Speaker of the Congress. It has a house elected by popular vote and a second appointed by the governing bodies of the several states, and the legislative branch operates executive functions more or less as a committee within the Congress and its departments as connected subcommittees. The federal court consists of a large judicial body composed of one judge appointed by each state with assignment to the highest court of appeal operating on a randomly rotating schedule. All offices, committees, and appointments are explicitly at the will and pleasure of the appointing body, and any one of them can be stripped of office if the appointing body desires it.
Government Spending: 6% Government HSA Matching Program, 2.5% Temporary Welfare, 8% Long-Term Welfare, 22.25% Security Research Grants, 20% Infrastructure, 12.75% Extraterrestial Research Grants, 10.5% Perpetual Education Endowment, 18% National Security.
Ethnic Makeup: 21% Pegasi, 24% Unicorns, 20% Earth Ponies, 19% Thestrals, 16% Other
Leading Industry: Energy (Nuclear, Oil, Coal, Electrical).
Currency: Governance Sol
National Motto: Ni shagu nazad. ("Not one step back.")
Like all nations of a high level of social advancement, the Governance has gone through several convulsions of popular agitation over past sins and errors in judgement by governments long past and ponies long dead. Each wave of these convulsions edged the central government with the full support of state governments towards an extreme response until finally, there was a brief military crackdown that resulted in tragic loss of life among innocent people and loyal soldiers alike. The trauma of this event, the Bloody Months, spurred a cultural revolution encouraging examination of the past while arraying very strongly against any attempt to stir up old bones. This attitude, which has created an unusually long period of civic peace, eventually became the slogan 'Not one step back," with 'but moving always forward' sometimes added.
National Flag:
National Animal: Python
Capital City: Sekhammit
National Religion: Duskan Twili
The state and popular religion, which essentially means "dusk and twilight", is a religion that venerates the concepts of a balance point between light and dark, and good and evil. Generally speaking, this balance skews towards and odd mix of "live and let live" and strict adherence to "old school" morality and tradition. Some younger adherents have jokingly said that Duskan Twili is a placard that says "go away" on one side and "pleased to meet you" on the other.
National Anthem: Fire In The Sky
National Demonym: Lun, Respub, Govvie
What Is Your Nation Known For: A cultural melting pot united around a common language and a culture of individuality and hands-off government. The Governance is extremely technocratic and spends lavishly on its physical and educational infrastructure, and grants for certain technological research goals such as next-generation energy and a low-input system for putting payloads into space. The current major project is a construction of a comprehensive space station with modular industrial machinery that would permit the transport of raw materials into orbit and the fabrication of certain components there to mitigate the need to move those components from the surface. The ultimate goal of this gradualist approach is active colonization and exploitation of extraterrestrial bodies--such as the closest moon.

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PostSubject: Re: National Identity [Sign-up]   Wed Apr 29, 2015 12:36 am


Government type: Tyranny

Current Leader (An oc, perhaps?): His Splendid Majesty, He of the Moonwater, Sol Invictus, Lord Faye. A unicorn who is rumored to have attained immortality, or at least some pale shadow of it, and whose magic is largely unmatched throughout most of the world.
He may or may not be a mishmash of several of my other characters in terms of personality.
He also may or may not be mad. This madness may or may not have something to do with living in Hydrargyria for a long time.
He is, however, definitely a necromancer.

Government spending focus: Today, qu’ils mangent de la brioche; tomorrow, we shall spread the fires of war.

Ethnic make-up: 50% Mudpony scum, 40% Shiny-rockpony dirt, 10% boneheaded worms, 33% deceased (primarily government officials and everyone who lives in Hydrargypolis and the immediate area).

Leading industry: Mining makes up a massive share of Hydrargyrian industry, primarily for Rare earths, coal, cinnabar, and cobalt. In contrast, very few food crops (or crops of any kind) will grow in most of Hydrargyria, but those that do flourish (possibly due to the fact that most weeds will also not grow), though the borderlands are the most fertile regions and are practically littered with farms. Essentially all trade with Hydrargyria is completely private in nature, with exports oftentimes sold purely to supply the region with food. Import tariffs make up all of the government’s income, with domestic commerce and income going completely untaxed. Unemployment is always very low, as most of the population only clings onto sanity and structure by doing menial labors, such as working in the mines. Trade visits are typically kept as short as possible, to minimize one's exposure to Hydrargyria itself, with many companies using border towns as bases of operation for trading ventures.
While Hydrargyrian technology is rather behind the times, arcanotech is very common, and most readings place ambient magic at strongly elevated levels. While electricity is an almost-unheard of concept, crystal spires direct focused beams of mana through cities, powering what luxuries do exist in Hydrargyria.
The small number of living people working in government minimizes direct government expenses, at least by way of payroll. This has also led to many of Lord Faye's architectural and engineering projects being rather successful, since he has the ability to literally throw bodies at a problem until it's solved.

Currency name: ☿ (symbol); Amalga, Amalgi (big units); Amal, Amas (little units)

National motto: “Sic Semper Tyrannis”

National flag:

National animal: Swordfish

Capital city: Hydrargypolis “The City of Silver Water”. Hydrargypolis is an inland, landlocked city where the concrete road has been declared obsolete. Gondolas and bridges rule the silvery rivers that divide the city into pieces, and which wrap around its borders. There’s only one bridge that leads between the city itself and the outside world, leaving most of the transportation in and out of the city to be by gondola.

National religion: Philosophia Mutatio: An esoteric set of beliefs and activities that revolves around a faith in change. The world is always in flux, and these people glorify it. Alchemy is a common practice within Mutatio, and despite it not working all too well in practice, faith is maintained.

National anthem: “Good King Wenceslas”

Demonym: Mercurial, Mercurials, Hydrargyrian

What is your nation known for?: An almost absurd amount of isolationism and an emigration rate unmatched by any country in the world. The piles of Mercurial bodies that died a few hundred miles from the country after attempting to leave clearly have nothing to do with that.

How about you?
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PostSubject: Re: National Identity [Sign-up]   Wed Apr 29, 2015 3:12 am

Nation Name: The Gallentine Republic

Government Type: Democratic Republic, divided into three branches. The Courts, The Head of Republic, and The Chamber of Voices

The Courts settle all legal disputes and rule over all laws being made. They can ultimately shoot down any law or action that violates the established constitution (which is updated every 100 years to keep the language from becoming outdated). Each of the 20 judges serves a 5 year term and are voted in by the people.

The Chamber of Voices is a set of representatives, 5 per district, that propose laws and try to represent the interests of their districts. They can vote to remove the current Head of the Republic or the Judges of the Courts. Each representative serves a 4 year term, and can serve as many terms as they like as long as they're voted back in.

The Head of Republic is a single pony, voted into office by the people to work for the people. He can veto laws passed by the Chamber of Voices, make the deciding vote if the Chamber of Voices is evenly split two ways, and can pass executive orders that bypass the Chamber of Voices (But are under scrutiny of the courts). The Head of Republic serves 6 years, and can be voted back in as long as he or she runs for Head of Republic.

Current Leader: Head of Republic, Ser Dedan Cardine. Dedan is a kirin and a former archaeologist, having extensive knowledge of the strange and alien magic utilized by the church. He's perfectly capable of defending himself without guards, but doesn't mind that they're required. He prefers negotiation to war, but isn't afraid to step on toes to benefit the people

Government Spending: 35% Education, 18% Defense/Armed forces, 10% Law, 12% Public Services, 12% Alternative energies (Solar, Bio-fuel, wind, nuclear), 6% Social Security, 5% Healthcare, 2% Occult magics and rituals.

Ethnic Makeup: 37% kirin, 22% Moth Pony, 18% Unicorn, 15% Earth Pony, 8% Pegesai & Thestrals, 

Leading industry: Manufacturing

Currency: The Drachen, originally a coin made of copper, now replaced with a paper dollar

National Motto: "Face the future, remember the past."

National Flag: A black flag that depicts the sign of radiance in gold thread on the flag.

National Animal: The Bee

Capital City: Cal Varde, a circular city in the middle of the Republic. All roads lead to Cal Varde, eventually. Cal Varde is the center of education, research, and politics.

National Religion: The Idea of Evolution or Evolutionism. The Church itself is kept separate from the state, but the church does earn taxable revenue that the Republic takes advantage of.

Evolutionism is the idea that there are beings greater than us that we can eventually be like, if we try to emulate them and evolve boldly enough. They search through ancient ruins, study strange tomes of lore, and practice eldritch magics that they come across, trying to find a way to evolve beyond their mortal bindings. Eventually, a breakthrough was made when a series of labyrinthine catacombs were found under one of the colleges, forcing an expedition into it. Results are pending, though the evidence towards this being one of the 'summoning' sites is promising.

Evolutionism's holy symbol is the Sign of Sight, symbolizing the church's devotion to seeing beyond the veil.

National Anthem: "May the Great Ones of Old bless the Republic"

Demonym: The Gallentane, Gallenteians, Seekers 

What is your nation known for?: Extensive archaeological programs into strange ruins located in the country, strange magic, and tanks with mounted rail guns.

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PostSubject: Re: National Identity [Sign-up]   Wed Apr 29, 2015 5:29 am

Nation Name: Lavinya

Government Type: Federalism

Current Leader: Scarlet Writ, Mythic Sketch, Maple the Tyravani (plant pony), Wisp

Government Spending:
Administration 12%
Defense 10%
Education, Research and Development 26%
Environment 10%
Healthcare 6%
Industry 4%
International Aid 9%
Law & Order 5%
Infrastructure 12%
Welfare 6%

Ethnic Makeup: Sea ponies 15%, Pegasi 18%, Thestral 7%, Unicorn 24%, Plant Pony 17%, Earth Pony 3%, Crystal Pony 4%, Other 22%

Leading Industry: Magical devices, tools, equipment, and practices (and some tourism)

Currency: Ven coin (an enchanted wooden coin)

National Motto: Unlocking the secrets of magic

National Flag: A large and complex magic circle with the lines red in color, set on a yellow background

National Animal: Bird of paradise

Capital City: Valrune

National Religion: None

National Anthem: I don't have a name for this yet

Demonym: Lavs, Magi

What is your nation known for?: Lavinya is known quite a number of things. It's breath taking sights and varried scenery, the wide variation in it's seasons and environments on the collection of islands and small continents, the unique and strange wildlife that flocks to the natural magical nexus, and even the unique architecture that can be found on the sea, land, and sky, but foremost is Lavinya's magical research and capabilities. Lavinya itself is situated on a natural magical nexus that's spread about the islands and sea, which has affected just about everything in it and can give those that live there strange and sometimes unpredictable properties. These properties can range from simple discoloration to full on mutations. Lavinya's own head of the council, Mistress Scarlet is one such afflicted by these mutations.

There are numerous towers, ranging widely in size and shape on many of the islands, and even the dozen or so floating islands that dot the skies of the nation. One in particular spire is at roughly the center of each island is notably large, these are the weather defense spires. As Lavinya is an island nation, hurricanes and tropical storms were a constant problem and threat until the completion of these towers which in times of need, can set up specially designed magical barriers to keep the harmful weather at bay. The towers and spires that don't serve as island weather protectors, act as the homes, research labs, and testing locations for the nations many... eccentric magical scientist who are always pushing the boundaries and capabilities of magic along the regulations that are put in place.

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PostSubject: Re: National Identity [Sign-up]   Wed Apr 29, 2015 9:44 am

Nation Name: Minotauros

Government Type: Monarchy

Current Leader: King Brutus the 23rd

Government Spending: 10% Welfare, 27% Military, Defence & Industry (One and the same thing to them), 15% Education and Development, 9% Law and Order, 10% Infrastructure, 4% Enviroment, 1% International Aid, 9% Healthcare, 15% Administration

Ethnic Makeup: 74% Minotaurs, 20% Griffons, 6% Other

Leading Industry: Mercenary armies and Weapons.

Currency: Horns. Minotaurs shed their horns every winter, which they use for currency in their own land. Elsewhere, they use bits.

National Motto: Enemies of the King shall be mounted on our walls!

National Flag: A black bull's head on a red background.

National Animal: The Goat

Capital City: Bullnas (Patras in their own language)

National Religion: None

National Anthem: Might Save The King

Denonym: Minotaurs (Same as their species)

What is your nation known for?: Minotauros is known for it's top-notch mercenary military and the mere sight of a unit of elite minotaur crossbow bulls is enough to make many lesser countries quake in fear. This says a lot when firearms are already a thing. The kings of the nation have always been after the interests of their own people first and foremost, often disregarding the calls for aid of many larger countries in order to opportunistically claim territory later on. The current king, Brutus XXIII, has raised the expertise of the armies of Minotauros even further, by using tech purchased from other countries to strengthen the navy of his nation, to the point where even the smallest city of the nation has at least 5000 marines garrisoned at a time, along with any mercenary regiments that are stationed there. It helps when all of the country's cities are on coast-lines, too.

All in all, they are known as the mercenaries who cost a big penny, but they always are more worth than the price they demand and they know it.

Link to a page of links for my character sheets because listing them here makes the signature too long: --> Here <--

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PostSubject: Re: National Identity [Sign-up]   Fri May 01, 2015 2:50 am

Nation Name: New Pegasopolis

Government Type: Monarchy

Current Leader: Queen Aurora, the Alicorn of the Sky.

Government Spending: 20% Education, 15% Infrastructure, 10% Industry, 10% Transportation, 10% Environment, 5% Welfare, 1% International Aid, 9% Defense, 5% Administration, 5% Law, 10% Healthcare

Ethnic Makeup: 67% Pegasus, 19% Thestral, 8% Griffon, 6% Unicorn/EarthPony

Leading industry: Airship Manufacturing

Currency: Equestrian Bit

National Motto: “We keep our heads in the clouds.”

National Flag:

National Animal: Albatross

Capital City: Cumulia

National Religion: None

National Anthem: Follow the Wind

Demonym: Pegasopolian, New Pegasopolian

What is your nation known for?: Being the leading nation in Meteorology and Airship technology. Though, they aren’t big on tourism, due to the nature of clouds and the limited duration of cloudwalking magic.


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PostSubject: Re: National Identity [Sign-up]   Sat May 02, 2015 9:02 am

Nation Name:
The Democratic People’s Republic of Accenture

Government Type:
Accentrian Democracy
Decisions regarding domestic policy are made under the advice of the digital intranational plebiscite - structured hexadecimal inclination tabulator (See DIP-SHIT section), a device distributed to every Accenturian. The final decision however, is entirely up to the Premier to make. Furthermore, the Accenturian government is divided into seven parts: the Ministries. The Ministries of Accenture are present in virtually every facet of Accentrian life. All seven are under the Premier’s direct control, but are headed by the exemplars of a Ministry’s particular field. Together with the Premier, the Ministries make up the entirety of the Democratic People’s republic of Accenture. The Ministries, their duties, and their exemplars are as follows:

The Ministry of Technology can best be described as Accenture’s engineering department. If it’s broken, needs to be built, or practical… The MoT is sent to deal with it. The MoT is the largest of the ministries and is the nation’s chief source of labor. Led by Ministry Stallion Heavy Hammer.

The Ministry of Arcane Science is Accenture’s research and development branch, responsible for the study and research of modern magic. The MoAS is a collection of the nation’s brightest minds, and the second smallest ministry in terms of souls. Accenture’s space program is also spearheaded by the MoAS.  Led by Ministry Mare Sharp C. Note.

The Ministry of Metonymy is Accenture’s face. A vast propaganda machine, MoM is responsible for the creation of graphics and imagery for the other ministries, as well as information control and censorship. MoM controls what literature is allowed to enter the country via the DIP-SHIT electronic library, often altering historical facts into propagandistic, pro-Accenturian versions. Another duty of the MoM is to  manage and control the education system, planning out schools, universities, etc. Let by Ministry Mare Clear Image

 The Ministry of Unity is publicly responsible for bolstering the spirits of Accenture’s civilian population. They are the speech writers, the motivational speakers, and the parade planners of Accenture. Privately, however, they are responsible for close surveillance of the entire nation. MoU knows, no exceptions. Coincidentally, the MoU is also responsible for Accenture’s civil security. Led by Ministry Stallion Equilibrium

The Ministry of International Affairs is Accenture’s eyes in the other nations of the world. Often involved in highly clandestine activities, the MIA makes sure Accenture is well aware of any threat to Unity. MIA is also responsible for the direction of the Accentrian Military. Led by Ministry Stallion Color Spectrum

 The Ministry of Medicine primarily dedicated towards the research and production of medicine. They operate the nation’s hospitals, and clinics, as well as several medical research facilities across Accenture. Led by Ministry Stallion Dosage.

The Ministry of Distribution is responsible for HERMS, effectively controlling who gets what and when. They are the clerks of the Accentrian government, keeping stock on what the nation has, what it needs, what it WILL need, and putting in orders to the other ministries accordingly.  The MoD is for the most part, controlled by a series of automated electronic systems, and is as such the ‘smallest’ ministry in terms of souls. Led by Ministry Mare Legal Tender.

A DIP-SHIT’s major functions are as follows:
MoM controlled radio, with assistance from the MoU
A Calendar
The Approved Accenturian Electronic Library
Two-way communication device
An electronic wallet for HERMS.
The Ministries have complete access to any and all information entered or received into a DIP-SHIT

Current Leader:
Premier Accentria

Government Spending:
Controlled on a day-to-day basis by the Ministry of Distribution.

Ethnic Makeup:

Leading Industry:
Ferrous Metallurgy

Homogenized Electronically Regulated Monetary Sum (HERMS)
Under complete control of the MoD, and by extension the Premier.

National Motto:
“In Unity We Progress”

National Flag:
(Unfinished base)

National Animal:
Snowy Owl

Capital City:

National Religion:
Ingrained deeply into the minds of Accenturians by MoM and MoU for centuries is the belief in Unity, that all ponies are created equal and that none should have more than they give to Accenture. MoM and MoU are chiefly responsible for the perpetuation of this ideal, and the fact it has been dominant for generations simply makes their jobs easier.

National Anthem:

Accenturian, Accentrian

What is your nation known for?:
Efficiency, consistency, and reliability. Accenture will always be Accenture. Long live the Premier. Glory to Unity.

One day, one room.

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A brief description of how this thread is going to be orchestrated.:

One day, one room.
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Nation Name: Eternia

Government Type: Democracy

Current Leader: Prime Minister Paladin Amor

Government Spending: 45% National Defense, 20% International Aid, Law and Order 10%, Welfare 15%, Education 5%, Environment 1%, Public Transport, 2%, Social Policy 2%

Ethnic Make-up: 20% Unicorns, 15% Pegasus, 15% Earth pony, 10% Zebra, 10% Griffon, 10% Minotaurs, 20% Others

Leading Industries: As a small island nation, Eternia can barely produce enough food to feed a third of its citizens. Instead, they used several large oil and gold deposits to purchase the resources to create several floating cities, and become a thriving centre for trade and commerce. Imposing strict but fair taxes on the goods traded on its shores, Eternia became the place to be if one wanted to buy or sell.

Defence though, was also a major issue for the island. Whilst the natural cliffs and mountains that surround the island proper provide an almost ironclad defence against assaults from land and sea, they initially had little to no defence against an aerial assault. As time has passed, the weaknesses have been covered, each city maintaining it's own guard, as well as an advanced shield generator, that whilst it would not hold out indefinitely, would allow for the city to request help.

Currency: Equestrian Bit

National Motto: Coin is good... but trust is better

National Flag: A bag of gold resting on a silver shield.

National Animal: Dove

Capital City: Artemia

National Religion: There is no one national “religion” in Eternia, and indeed, there are no restrictions on what a creature has to believe. However, most of them believe in reality and little else, and have no need to believe in a higher deity. They do not believe that there is not one, but they  do not see the point in believing in one without solid evidence.

National Anthem: “Forward unto Dawn"

Demonym: Eternians, Terrans

What is your nation known for: Honest and fair deals, trade and commerce.
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One day, one room.
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National Identity [Sign-up]
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