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 The Hidden Goddess of the Forest [Private]

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PostSubject: Re: The Hidden Goddess of the Forest [Private]   Sat Aug 27, 2016 3:22 am

I believe I understand, she murmured as she nodded, glancing around quietly. If I may ask, I would like to know more about the princesses you mentioned. She smiled as a squirrel poked its head out of her mane. Oh, Leo, I completely forgot you were sleeping in there... did I wake you? she asked, petting the tiny mammal as he stretched out and curled up on her shoulder. As for these Apples... I believe I would like to meet them.
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PostSubject: Re: The Hidden Goddess of the Forest [Private]   Wed Sep 14, 2016 8:02 am

Ara and Sella look at one another. There is... not a great deal known about them, Ara admits. Celestia minds the day and the sun. Luna minds the night and the moon and stars. Outside of the obvious strength that a being who's magically connected to an orb of intense light and heat would have, we've never known anything else of what Celestia is able to do.
Luna can poke around in dreams, Sella says. We suppose it's part of her duty as the princess that minds the night and shepard the moon and stars.
There is one other thing we know for certain about them. Ara's expression becomes a little darker. Their own concerns are more important to them than the well-being of their subjects.
Oh, c'mon Ara... not those old creeds and stories...
They're old, but they impart wisdom and insight. Celestia permitted her sister's fate and return to remain a secret so that the common pony couldn't prepare. She and Luna took no apparent preparations for the reemergence of the Crystal Empire from the depths of history. The stone prison of the most powerful and dangerous immortal in Equestria was allowed to remain a trophy instead of smashed, and Celestia took no thought to what might happen if the prison weakened. Ara looks intensely at Sella. We exist because this was true, is true, and will be true: mortals are ants before the glorious Sisters and someone needs to defend them and care about them.
Sella's ears flatten and she looks genuinely intimidated by her hitherto mild sister. Ara, do you really think that ranting about this in front of a mysterious alicorn who's already nervous about entering our world is a good idea?
Ara sighs and shakes her head. I'm sorry Artemia if any of this frightens or concerns you. I just feel like, if we're to conduct you through our world, being frankly honest as a first impulse is a virtue. Certainly far better than pushing it aside, only for the truth to strike you out of the clear blue.
Both sisters smile at the brief break that the squirrel provides, seemingly relieved that Leo disrupted the flow of conversation. And we believe you would as well, Ara says, and that they'd like to meet you.
I'm surprised we haven't run into any of them yet, Sella says. They usually appear to be hidden behind every tree
Who knows? Ara shrugged. Best place to find them is at their house anyway.
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The Hidden Goddess of the Forest [Private]
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