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 Red Vs Blue Ponies (NOT a Sign Up)

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PostSubject: Red Vs Blue Ponies (NOT a Sign Up)   Wed Mar 18, 2015 2:12 am

So this came up in the skype chat for those of you who weren't around for it. The idea is simple, a version of the Rooster Teeth series Red vs Blue, with ponies o3o.

For those who haven't seen Red Vs Blue, a basic summary of the premise; in an alternate history the war between Luna and Celestia never ended but due to both sides being incompetent and immature the war has long since faded from an actual war to being a petty squabble that just happens to involve armies.

In a lonely canyon in the middle of nowhere, two teams of the Red Army (Celestia) and the Blue Army (Luna) fight it out (they can't be bothered to remember the official titles of their armies, hence the names) in their lazy way while mostly just lounging around day by day and trying to remember why they're even shooting at each other to begin with.

That's the start, anyway.

Below I'd like you to describe your character in this setting; what army they belong to, a brief bit of history and personality, etc. Bear in mind this is a comedy story, so feel free to be silly.

This is just an ideas and general discussion thread for the idea as well, so don't agonise over details.

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PostSubject: Re: Red Vs Blue Ponies (NOT a Sign Up)   Wed Mar 18, 2015 2:19 am

Hmmm... I would like to act as the second free lancer encountered, just to see what level of killing intent the RP will have by then. Assuming you're good with that, I'd like to use Mind Blaze. I suppose Phasing would work as the armor ability. I'm not really sure what I would be doing yet, since it would depend on where the story had gone once I arrived.

Edit: Some sort of sniper rifle or carbine for the weapon. Not quite sure how we're doing the RvB---> Equestria tech though, so I won't specify beyond that.
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PostSubject: Re: Red Vs Blue Ponies (NOT a Sign Up)   Wed Mar 18, 2015 3:43 pm

Okay, it looks like I'll be signing up Cherry Morning on the side of Red Team. He's even color coded for your convenience. Cherry himself would have been an aspiring author, almost completing his first novel until the military called on him to serve. They handed him a shotgun, gave him a crash course in basic vehicle repair and operation, gave him another shotgun as his backup and shipped him off to a box canyon in the middle of nowhere, where he can throw a rock and hit the other base if he tries hard enough. The do tend to fire back though. 

Cherry is a hard working, shotgun toting stallion who half the time means business, and the other half of the time he really doesn't care. Being in a box canyon where you can see your enemies moon you will do that. He still swears that the convoy he was on dropped him in the wrong place, but he's not above general idiocy. He has a strange liking of polka music.

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PostSubject: Re: Red Vs Blue Ponies (NOT a Sign Up)   

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Red Vs Blue Ponies (NOT a Sign Up)
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