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 Interest Check: Maxwell, the big fluffy stallion! (\o3o/)

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PostSubject: Interest Check: Maxwell, the big fluffy stallion! (o3o/)   Sun Mar 08, 2015 12:27 am


Species: Canine, Leonberger/Tibetan Mastiff mix

Age: 32

The Leonberger

The Tibetan Mastiff

The Leonberger is a huge dog breed, meant to look like a lion. It's known to be a great swimmer and rescue animal in continental Europe. The Tibetan Mastiff is an equally huge dog breed known to have especially thick fur around its neck and shoulders to give it an appearance like a lion's mane. Many huge breeds owe their sizes to this dog being bred into their lines. Tibbies were bred to guard nomadic Tibetan tribes and their flocks of sheep.

So, what do you get when you cross the breeds?

You get Maxwell.

(Normally he would have an anthro canine form, but I will just show his pony form below, since this is an MLP forum.)

Pony form (for when he's gotta be MLP-friendly): Maxwell is an imposing beast of an earth pony, standing at least a head over most stallions, even standing a bit taller than larger ones like Big Macintosh, and with a much, much thicker muscle mass. He has fluffy black fur with tan-rust patches and, instead of a usual pony mane, more like a lion's mane, with extra-long black and tan fur around his neck, sternum, and collar bone. His tail is long and colored in swirls of black and grey, with spots of tan. His fur, unlike other ponies, seems to be double-layered, letting him stay comfortable and dry in almost any weather. His cutie mark is a large white canine pawprint.

Backstory (MLP-friendly): Maxwell grew up in a small, quiet town, a very rural little village far from the country's capitol, and the god-like diarchy that ruled said country. His rural life's daily chores and hobbies manifested as ways for the fluffy stallion to learn a multitude of useful skills. He learned to shoot his father's old 1866 Winchester rifle to get rid of vermin and larger beasts, and clean it afterwards. Max learned to care for the plants and few crops his family had, but his real talent and joy was working with the animals. From the dairy cows to the farm dogs to even the skittish rat-catching cats, he loved animals and animals loved him.

Maxwell's hobbies mainly consisted of things like hiking, nature-walking, fishing, and especially backpacking. The large pony loved nothing more than to fill his saddlebags with some things, strap his father's rifle to his back, and walk into the woods to camp out for a few days. Maxwell learned a set of survival skills during his camping trips, including how to start a fire, make a shelter, orient himself using the sun, a compass and a map, patch up a cut, sterilize and filter water, those sort of things. Even if he had nary but a knife or hatchet, he could make himself fairly comfortable out in the woods.

Maxwell's talent with animals didn't seem to extend well to mythical or supernatural beasts, however, like timberwolves or Ursas or manticores. For this reason, he always carries his father's old rifle when backpacking, as he couldn't rely on his talent with animals to always keep away aggressive wild beasts.

Eventually, Maxwell grew up and, after earning a master's degree in a veterinary college out by Manehattan, moved out to his own little home in Whitetail Woods, a small cabin just a few miles from Ponyville. He currently has the job of a veterinary assistant and technician, working weekdays and spending his weekends backpacking. Maxwell is friendly, though quiet and reserved, having never been one for long-winded conversations. However, there is someone he likes to occasionally talk to. Or rather, two someones: his Black Russian Terrier named Charlie, and his Caucasian Ovcharka female named Daphne. The large, strong Russian dogs are his constant companions, staying by his side and generally keeping him company while at work or at home, wherever he happened to be. The big, strong, smart dog breeds were also no stranger to climbing or the outdoors, and thus made perfect backpacking companions for Maxwell at the same time.

Equipment: Maxwell has his multitude of gear for backpacking whenever he's out doing so, and Charlie and Daphne wear vivid, highly visible red vests that have pockets on the side for Maxwell's emergency supplies. Should Maxwell ever get hurt, or lose his normal gear, the large dogs could come to him and provide him the supplies he needs to stay safe. His father's rifle always stays at home unless he's backpacking, in which case he would be carrying it. He carries a strong slingshot to take out small game, so he can feed his big dogs whenever they are out backpacking.

Though technically not equipment, Charlie and Daphne are very well-trained and disciplined to listen to commands, thanks to Maxwell's experience and skills with animals, and can be told to be aggressive or friendly or simply do nothing at all, or whatever else, and all at a moment's notice. Charlie has 140 pounds of muscle and a large, stout head; the dog's power is similar to that of a Rottweiler's. Daphne weighs closer to 150 pounds, and is similarly muscled to her schnauzer companion.

Personality: Maxwell is a generally laid-back, easygoing person with a friendly disposition. His large, warm body is like a walking ball of fluff, and he loves to cuddle and warm up someone in need of a little cheering up. His sweet and gentle nature makes him great with kids, too. However, he's also very protective of those he cares about, and anyone attempting to harm those he loves will have to contend with him. His size alone can scare off most attackers, and his strength will back up his threats if they choose to continue threatening his friends. He's naturally territorial, and his guard dog heritage can make it hard to trust someone right away, though he's willing and able to love those that present themselves as easy to trust. He bonds to those he trusts and loves, and will be unwaveringly loyal to them forever, unless they do something that strongly goes against his personal morales. Even then, he wants to help them in their endeavors, not to abandon them if they fall from grace.


I just recently transferred Maxwell over from another site and ponified him, and I'm ready to get down to business. I'm interested mainly in sci-fi and post-apocalyptic settings (I'm not very good with magic stuff). I like to do some smut sometimes, and I don't care about the genders, but I like it as a side thing. I don't like making smut the main course; it's gotta be mainly about adventure and good storytelling.

If anyone wants to set up some sort of RP with Maxwell, please say so. I'm open for most things, though, again, my main interests are as above. I hope to hear from someone soon. He's ready to give fwuffy hugs. o3o

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Interest Check: Maxwell, the big fluffy stallion! (\o3o/)
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