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 Turn Around

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PostSubject: Re: Turn Around   Mon Jan 12, 2015 10:02 pm

Setlarc gave no inclination that she'd been addressed in her mind, though for the briefest moment, the monster had a worry that the other one was speaking. A hesitation that passed quickly when unfamiliarity gave the voice a new character. While Setlarc didn't like being given an order, or even really a suggestion, she saw potential with this and she quickly moved closer to the door once again with near silent flight. Setlarc's eyes glowed for a moment and the shadows beneath her solidified before seeming to reach up and encase the little abomination.

The ball of shadow continue to move towards the door, shifting in shape until a larger cloaked form was now walking towards the door where Setlarc had been just moments ago. The figure moved out of the room and towards the wagon quickly since the illusion was moving at Setlarc's flying speed, not her walking and settled right behind the thestral as silently as she could. The disguised Setlarc then had the illusion grin, showing the finely meshing pointed teeth while she spoke so while the words would be coming from the illusion, it would appear as if it wasn't talking. "What help do you need?" she asked hollowly.
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PostSubject: Re: Turn Around   Tue Jan 13, 2015 6:35 am

A dark purple pony known as ‘Haunt’ sat on the other side of the Thestral. It was here she was told to sit and wait, and that was exactly what she intended to do. Haunt was very careful about following orders, she didn’t like to mess them up. Simple orders like these were easy, especially with someone by her side. Haunt looked like she was in her own world at the moment, her gaze staring at nothing. It would have been a distant look if she didn’t appear clinically insane.

Haunt wore nothing but her usual grin, though at this time it seemed a little darker, a little more unsettling. Her pupils, as they had always been, were small while her eyes were big. it seemed they lacked an iris of any sort, or perhaps it was simply just as white as her sclera. Her smile was wide, as always, and quite toothy. Haunt’s hair was up in every which way, something not even a brush could tame. It swayed and bounced about as she turned and locked her gaze on the ball of shadow. Her brain processed words, no, a question, though she did not understand it. The femme simply ignored it, instead turning her head towards the Thestral. Is moved quickly, then suddenly snapped to a stop, like a faulty machine.
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Turn Around
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