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 It's all Fun and... (Anthro, Violence, and the works with Arkham Horror) [Sign up]

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PostSubject: It's all Fun and... (Anthro, Violence, and the works with Arkham Horror) [Sign up]   Tue Nov 11, 2014 4:23 am

A gold laced letter arrived on in your mail a couple weeks back, stamped with a large red wax seal bearing the letter E. Inside the letter was a stained brown note and a small metallic gear. On the stained note it reads

”Dear guest,

You are being invited to my manor for a warm get together over some dinner and small drinks of brandy as we enjoy some of the finer qualities of life. The new year is coming and I wanted to spice up your time with some of my good will. Some of the most important ponies in Equstria will be attending this event and no pony would want to miss this event. Come to Clocvers manor on Lone hill road. We expect you there at 7pm Sharp. Formal dress is required but I do hope that you will enjoy yourself on this night of festivities. One guest per invitation, no exceptions to this rule but I know that this will be one party you wouldn't want to miss.

Warm regards,

Dr. Ether.

Following the instruction of the letter you arrive outside of a dark Victorian style mansion that stands high in the sky. The dark grey sky begins to let loose small white flakes of snow. Crossing the yard and coming to the metal front door you pull on the large ornate tassel. The loud vibrating of a lower tuned bell rings four times in quick secession. The tumbler turns as the gears on the door turn. The door opens with a blast of warm air and blinding light. A voice comes out of the bright light “Do you have an invitation?”

Your character will start with the handing of your invitation to the butler, and make sure in your sheet that you say what they are going to wear in the party. If you don't provide the clothing they will be wearing then you will be skipped.

Now to the boring part


1. No Destruction of Property, you can't just go around and destroy the good Doctor's home. Keep yourself restrained otherwise he will toss your sorry ass into the snow.

2. Make sure to talk to all around you, they might have interesting stories to tell you.

3. Don't cause rabble among the other party goers, anything that would cause a fight will land your sorry ass in the snow half frozen.

4. As the GM I decide what happens, no autohitting or anything of the sort.

5. This is NSFW and respect it as such

6. Make sure you tag who you are taking to. A simple tag is something like this:
Name: High Councilor Sunao Tora
Location: The Hydrophidian; Sunao's private pod
Tagged: Lord Alexander Farris

7. You will be subjected to wounds, grizzly attacks, and possible death actions if you aren't careful.

8. Make sure you have fun because something is going to cause the party to become a scream.
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It's all Fun and... (Anthro, Violence, and the works with Arkham Horror) [Sign up]
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