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 Shopping for the Perfect Item (Anthro, shopping and possible themes of clop)

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PostSubject: Shopping for the Perfect Item (Anthro, shopping and possible themes of clop)   Fri Nov 07, 2014 7:07 pm

In the middle ponyville a new shop has opened up. A strange curiosity shop that seems to hold all sorts of object from curious nature. Everything from enchanted items to assorted pastries. The strange old looking wooden building stands out in comparison to all the modern buildings around the place. The heavy stench of  wood rot fills the air. More and more of the air around the building comes to reflect the light that comes over the mountains. A strange sign squeaks in the wind that says "Ye olden Artifact Emporium." The weird shop has an open sign in the middle of the window with masks and  strange glowing cubes. Maybe there would be some buyers looking for things?

I will look over your posted character sheets as they come up on this thread.

1. You can have One OC at a Time in the Shop

2. There will be no enchanted items unless you wish to buy or sell.

3. You come back a little later if you die but think about your actions this time.

4. It is possible to use magic but be warned there might be consequences for using magic around sensitive items.

5. You break it you bought it so please be nice.

6. No ending the world because the four walls of this store can't be destroyed but any damage to the items will surely end up with some problems  on your hands.

7. Please be considerate to other shoppers in the store otherwise there will be trouble brewing under the surface.

By the way this will be more open world for your enjoyment
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Shopping for the Perfect Item (Anthro, shopping and possible themes of clop)
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