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 Beneath The Sea (Bioshock Crossover, Unrated For Now, Anthro)

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PostSubject: Beneath The Sea (Bioshock Crossover, Unrated For Now, Anthro)   Tue Aug 05, 2014 10:52 pm

Utter bewilderment. That was all the any of them could pretend to have; their memories of their day to day lives did nothing to inform them of how any of this was possible, not even some hint, in fact racking their brains did exactly the opposite and only reinforced the notion that this was not possible, that surely they must have snapped and gone crazy.

And yet clearly it was still happening. The low rumble of the engine, the cold feel of the metal, the clear view from the huge viewport, they could all see it. This group of strangers, who had not even the slightest knowledge of who each other were, had woken up together.

For now they were all that was familiar, as the viewport showed them the impossible city resting on the ocean floor, as the bathysphere slowly carried them towards it in an almost foreboding manner.

None of them knew how they had got there. Or what dangers awaited them.


1) One OC Per Player

2) Yes there will be guns

3) Yes you can die

4) Please adjust your characters history; this thread is an AU taking place 60 years before the return of Princess Luna.

5) Please don't do something stupid like saying you can walk on the floor of the ocean because reasons. If you do, expect to be crushed by the pressure and out of the game.

6) Have fun!





Appearance and Cutie Mark:




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PostSubject: Re: Beneath The Sea (Bioshock Crossover, Unrated For Now, Anthro)   Wed Aug 06, 2014 8:15 am

Yay, Bioshock! I think I'll want to use Sonata Nights for this.

And here's the modified version for this game.
Name: Sonata Nights

Age: 26

Race: Thestral

Appearance and Cutie Mark: Blueish grey coat/skin, with whitish silver hair that has a few purple streaks in it. Her cutie mark is a constellation of stars in the shape of a violin.

Skills/Abilities: Rather good with the bow and crossbows she's had practice with in her youth as well as better skill playing a violin and a few other stringed instruments.

History: Sonata grew up in the country side near the small town of Brambles. At an early age, she learned how to shoot a bow and took a liking to the craft. Her ability soon had her attending some competitions where she usually placed and occasionally won. Despite all the hard work however, a cutie mark never appeared, that is until one competition where her attention was captivated by some musicians playing nearby.

After the competition, Sonata's relentless questions about the performers and their instruments finally broke her fathers resolve and he acquired an old violin for the young mare. Sonata took to playing the instrument relentlessly, practicing constantly, and driving her parents insane with the squeaky scratchy noise that she called her first performances. Her first actual performance, for others, however would yield better results as it was actually decent and by the end of it she had a new mark along her flank.

Sonata continued to pursue her new passion of playing not only the violin but several string instruments, and gradually rising in fame and talent, though she never achieved the level of prestige that others, like Octavia who Sonata holds as a personal hero, have. Playing concerts, private gigs, and even common parties, Sonata just enjoyed being able to play. In fact, the end of one of these shows was the last thing she remembered before waking up in the bathysphere.

Clothing: A nice black dress with a side slit on the left. Likely what she was wearing during the after party of the concert.
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PostSubject: Re: Beneath The Sea (Bioshock Crossover, Unrated For Now, Anthro)   Wed Aug 06, 2014 2:39 pm

Bioshock, huh? I don't know too much about it, but I guess that just makes it easier to roleplay my character's cluelessness, because he'll be around as clueless as me. There's a positive side to everything.

Anywho, I'd like to sign up Vision. He doesn't have much relating to Luna, so the changes to his history are minimal.

Name: Dream Vision

Age: 20

Race: Unicorn

Appearance and Cutie Mark: Dark grey mane, dull yellow coat. More on the thin side, but not excessively so. His cutie mark, a couple of mirrors half-obscured with a cloud of smoke, his often hidden beneath his clothing.

Skills/Abilities: He specialises heavily in the use of illusion magic, having the ability to create vast and expansive illusions that appeal to all five senses and seem very real.

History: Ever since he was but a foal, Vision had a great interest in creative writing. Often, he would close himself in his room and churn out page after page of prose. Early on, they were cringeworthy; but as time wore on, he improved, bit by bit, until he was securing prizes left and right in all the local writing competitions in Vanhoover. But try as he might, no matter how well he did, he never got a cutie mark for it.

One day, at the age of fifteen, having once again isolated himself in his room to write, he entered a particularly exciting action scene. Slowly, he began to get more and more absorbed in writing it, until such a point in time when he realised he needed to eat and looked up from his script.

He got a frightful shock.

Raging around him, at that very moment, was the scene he had been writing. He stumbled back, alarmed, and all of a sudden the world fractured. A few seconds later, he found himself back in his room, the scene having all but disappeared from reality.

He breathed heavily and let the glow from his horn dissipate. After a moment, it clicked that his horn had been glowing.

That was the day he earned his cutie mark. And with time, as he practised with his newfound skill, he found himself improving tremendously. A few years of such practice gave him the overwhelming ability to make his illusions almost as real as reality itself. It was a great shock to everyone in Vanhoover when, one day, Vision's practice drove him to make it rain illusory snow across an entire block of houses.

That was the clincher. A local theatrical company hired him to be their special effects pony and scriptwriter, and they were so successful that the entire show moved to Canterlot, and now they perform in the Canterlot Opera House on a regular basis. It was during one of these shows that Vision had his most recent memory of maintaining the special effects as usual, but no other recollections emerged between then and now, in the bathysphere.

Clothing: He's wearing his usual clothes, a plain white body-length cloak, which hides his torso and his cutie mark. He also has his precious fiery-red magically-conducive ruby around his neck in a chain, to boost the strength and realism of his illusions.
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PostSubject: Re: Beneath The Sea (Bioshock Crossover, Unrated For Now, Anthro)   Thu Aug 07, 2014 3:51 am

I absolutely love Bioshock, so I think I literally have to join this. I'll be using Falcone (http://ocroleplay.forumotion.co.uk/t12p135-brand-new-oc-character-thread. He's the seventh one down.)

Anyway; considering he doesn't have any connection to Luna, the changes to his history will be largely non-exsistent.

Name: Falcone.

Age: Late 20's.

Race: Earth pony

Appearance/Cutie mark: his mane is light black and very unkempt, and his coat is beige. He has a muscular build, but not anything close to a body-builder or the like; just the build of someone who keeps in shape. His cutie mark is that of a pair of brass knuckles.

Skills/Abilities: he has impressive physical strength, even for an earth pony, and equally impressive durability; able to take on most anyone in a fist-fight.

History: History: He was born in Manehatten, to a powerful and respected family. He never really knew why his family was so powerful, but he never questioned it, as he liked having the respect, even at an early age. His family's standing, however, never stopped him from picking fights with other ponies to earn more respect for himself. After one particularly bad fight, at the age of 11, his family informed him of how they were in, and running, a mafia, headed by his grandfather. They informed him because they planned for him to be brought into the families operations. He, while surprised at the revelation, told his family that he'd be happy to help them, and officially be "made". Before he was made, however, he had to prove that he could be helpful; after all, If he wasn't a help to them, then he wouldn't have been made, whether if he was related by blood or not. So, for a few years, he spent his time stealing things for the family to sell for a profit. He did this until he was 17, which was when his family felt that he could be of use. So, he was brought into the family. He, however, would still receive no special treatment until he fully proved his loyalty. He later found out that his grandfather wasn't very trusting of anyone. So, for a while, he just did the dirty work for the family; strong arming stores, helping out the loan sharks, and making examples of ponies; something he had no qualms with. After a few years of doing this, he finally proved that he wouldn't be ratting out the family, and thus, he was made a Caporegime, and given a small part of the gang to command. He still, however, did the dirty work for the family; actually liking to do so.

Clothing: he wears his typical attire; a grey suit with matching flat cap, overcoat, and pants.

Let me know if I should change anything In the history, or other things, because I honestly am not entirely sure how different things were 60 years before the return of Luna.

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PostSubject: Re: Beneath The Sea (Bioshock Crossover, Unrated For Now, Anthro)   Fri Aug 08, 2014 7:47 pm

Name: Coal Scorcher

Age: 35

Race: Earth Pony

Appearance and Cutie Mark: Burly, with a somewhat brutish appearance. A brown mane with a red and white-checkered bandana around it. Cutie Mark is a piece of coal over a flame background.

Skills/Abilities: Has a small variety of firearms that he's made himself (Not available at the start, obviously, he'll craft them later on from looted parts), which lend very well to customization.

History: Coal's family was one belonging to a long line of smiths in the northern Badlands of Equestria. When he was 15, he was considered skilled enough by his father that the family's long tradition of weaponcrafting could be passed down. He proved himself up to the task, crafting shotgun barrels by week one, spring mechanisms by week 3 and adjustable sights by the time the first month was over. However, his personal favourite type of weaponry belonged in the category of the musket and flintlock pistols. Over time he began to see opportunities to make weaponry better and better with simple adjustments, giving them more punch, accuracy and less recoil.
Ever since he was becoming recognized for his customization skills, he began making his own weapons. They were all heavily stylized and all of them were made by commission. Now he has a gun store in Canterlot, where he conducts business like his dad did in the Badlands. He hasn't heard from his family in years, but honestly, he couldn't bother to find out.

Clothing: Simple worksman's clothing typical of a smith.
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PostSubject: Re: Beneath The Sea (Bioshock Crossover, Unrated For Now, Anthro)   Fri Aug 08, 2014 7:51 pm

Name: Opal

Age: 230

Race: Dragon

Appearance: naturally pearl-white scales (with a slight rainbow tint), and silver wing membrane and spines. Has silver finned ears, like Spike's, only slightly longer and slimmer

Skills/Abilities: chameleon-like abilities, stealthy, can breathe fire, fireballs, and smoke, has good stamina, observant

History: Rejected by her manipulative siblings, and generally ignored like them by her parent, Opal spent several decades of her life simply observing ponies, feeling sad and envious that they were usually so close and caring for one another. She felt she couldn't have that, since most of her kind is not very loving in the first place, and almost no other races like the greedy, aggressive dragons.

However, one week she chose to check out a certain rock farm, only then learning that there was such thing as a rock farm. That happened to be the same week as the sonic rainboom that changed Pinkie Pie's life, and Opal's. While Opal saw it as a terrifying, earth-shaking wave that came from nowhere, Pinkie saw it as a beautiful phenomenon that brought great joy to her. She even had her first party. Opal was astounded. The pony had managed to take something frightening and use it to start a life of fun and joy! That inspired her. She may not have friends or family that liked her, but there was still an entire world she hadn't explored! Lots of fun things to do! She vowed that day that instead of moping from loneliness, she'd make the most of her life in the world full of magic and surprises!

Clothing: N/A
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PostSubject: Re: Beneath The Sea (Bioshock Crossover, Unrated For Now, Anthro)   Fri Aug 08, 2014 7:58 pm

Name: Lightning Storm


Race: Pegasi

Appearance and Cutie Mark: A lean stallion with a grey coat. His mane has a few spikes and has white highlights to it. Lightning is about over 6'1 and on his flanks is a bow with a blue lightning bolt being drawn.

Skills/Abilities:The Storm Field allows Lightning to feel anything that moves with the invisible field though it's originally used to move around clouds and condense them into lightning bolts. The original ability causes more strain the further the clouds is from Lightning and is best to be done within a few miles of Lightning's field, with the field having a radius of four miles. Sadly, at its biggest Lightning can barely feel anything outside of clouds and has to focus solely on it to condense it. The reason for Lightning even being able to sense things outside of clouds is because of they move through the field and disrupt it slightly due to their own magical aura. The larger the area causes the feeling to be slowly away if big enough the feeling goes away entirely, around two miles or more. The field also cant tell Lightning about the person moving through it outside of their basic outlines. It also protects him from lightning strikes and a higher resistance to electric based attacks.

History: He is the child of the retired Wonderbolt, White Lightning, and has tried to live up to his father's expectations, but when the young fliers competition came and went his father pushed him harder. His father would push him way beyond his limits and even had Lightning fly through a storm system without the use of his field, living Lightning sore and crispy. After each failure to produce a sonic boom, came another around of insult from his father. It became too much for Lightning and he left his family. Lightning's mother had been divorced from his father few many years, but had kept custody over his younger sister while his father took him. While, Lightning could have made it into the Wonderbolt Academy and pass with flying colors, his drive was gone from it. Soon, Lightning became a mailpony and now lives in Manehattan with no connection to his family what so ever. The stallion learned how to use firearms and knives, normally using his father's picture or Rainbow Dash's for targets. His hatred being pointed at Rainbow Dash because of her setting his father's expectations so high. 

Clothing:He normally wears his black jacket with a light blue t-shirt underneath and a pair of black of sweats pants when he is not delivering letters.  
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PostSubject: Re: Beneath The Sea (Bioshock Crossover, Unrated For Now, Anthro)   Fri Aug 08, 2014 8:21 pm

Name: Dark Wing

Age: 25

Race: Pegasus

Appearance and Cutie Mark: A tan stallion with two gears as his cutie mark and a rust colored mane and tail.

Skills/Abilities: He has a keen eye and can spot the smallest of details. Due to his experience and knowledge of gears and cogs and screws and other things, he knows how to make a few things that will help him in a sticky situation.

History: Dark would always go with his dad on his airship to explore Equestria and beyond. For some odd reason though, the clocks on the ship were always broken. Dark tried to fix a few of the clocks and to his amazement he was good at it. He also tried to fix a few of the crew members' weapons and guns so they could properly defend the airship.

On one of their trips to the Griffin Kingdom, there was a terrible misunderstanding. What happened next involved the griffins firing at the airship and killing almost everyone on board the ship. The only ones who did survive the attack was Dark Wing and one or two of the crew members. They somehow made their way back to Equestria.

Dark set up a repair shop in Ponyville and continued his life, now with out a dad or any family. He would mostly fix clocks and the occasional gun, but other than that, his life was fairly simple. Though he did still hate griffins and that would never change. When there wasn't anything happening, he always decided to nap at his workbench.

Clothing: Black desperado hat, red bandanna, aviator goggles, white t-shirt, and blue jeans.
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PostSubject: Re: Beneath The Sea (Bioshock Crossover, Unrated For Now, Anthro)   Sat Aug 09, 2014 11:53 am

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PostSubject: Re: Beneath The Sea (Bioshock Crossover, Unrated For Now, Anthro)   

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Beneath The Sea (Bioshock Crossover, Unrated For Now, Anthro)
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