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 Royal Flush (Sign-Up) (Tags Inside) 2.0 Because of Turtle.

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PostSubject: Royal Flush (Sign-Up) (Tags Inside) 2.0 Because of Turtle.   Sun Jun 22, 2014 7:50 am

A Royal Flush, one of the best hands in a game of poker, and the only to trump a Full House. It is a ironic term that generates ideas across many minds, young or old, it makes no difference. That Royal Flush is a ironic term as it is that of a mere game, but depicts a story. A king and Queen do not wish to be wiped off of their throne, and they choose not to influence it. Yet this single game depicts it perfectly, what those royals don't want. A Royal Flush is the embodiment of what no government wants, but allows to keep in this card game made for gambling.
   It is also the two words that the Four Suits of Rebellion follow. A group of rebellious spirits that want nothing more than to end all suffering to the civilians of Equastria. It is the year 5000 and Celestia and Luna draw to their death beds, leaving only their children to rule. The 37 heirs to the Equastrian thrown however was given a price: only two may rule side by side. 29 Children of the Night Princess, and 8 Celestial. With that rule set Equastria found itself a battle ground as the siblings and cousins fought each other for the throne. It made the land war-torn, and divided. Equastria had become a separated nation, each ruler or two taking a chunk of the land and holding it like a monopoly, giving the people only free passage to move where they want depending on the ruler they chose. However, they land has grown dark and in its divided state Rulers became Emperors and Empresses, taking over foreign land and ruling it with a iron grip. 
   The Four Suits of Rebellion. Four groups, four different organizations, same goal. Wipe out the children of Luna and Celestia. Leave no child to take rule except the one you deem fit. See through to the end that only one remains. And kill them if deemed unworthy after coronation. These rules are law to them, they will chose the next leader and take the world as a whole, they are Gaurdians of peace and want nothing more than to watch as the world becomes not just a land of peace, but full of love and tolerance for all, and it will all start at the death of Equastria's greatest era, and the beginning of it's worst.

Meet the factions:

(Ranking System: Leader, Deputy, Medic, Soldier)

Spades: Elsi the Twin Soul 
About the Spades: The Spades are a particularly stealthy group and they follow the logic and teachings of their suit leaders Elsi and Sweeps. They prefer the Celestial Children and firmly believe the kindest and eldest of the children, Solara, should be put in charge. They attack in stealth and always find their medic house full, although they are by far infinitely better than any regular hospital.

About the Clubs:

About the Diamonds:

Hearts: Heartstring Archbishop of Hearts
About the Hearts: The Hearts hold a motto for how they carry themselves in disguise; "Hide within the hearts of others." So they cover themselves up as passing off as this Church-like Organization, with their main purpose being to help ease the troubles of ponies, or more specifically anyone in the need of help. This group relies more on their thought process than anything else, so their technological advancement is a major threat. Though to the public no one suspects a thing and sees them as helpers to the citizens of Equestria. Their hideout is directly underneath the Cathedral they work from with secret passages going in and out. Within their underground hideout is where they work on their technological aspect and are always trying to work towards making newer and better technology for Equestria. As a whole they prefer the children of the Night, mainly due to Luna's ability to enter into the dreams of it's citizens and assist and ease their troubles with it. They highly prefer that the Eldest of the Night Children take the throne. The group prefers to have a tactical advantage over their enemies and mobilize in well thought out groups that covers each others downfalls.


1. All Forumotion Rules apply.
2. This thread is Anthro, Violent, and AU, also take to heart this is the year 5000 it's far far more advanced than it was in technology, so use of pones, MP3s, Headphones, and Cars are acceptable, however nothing like the Internet or texting is available calling however is completely possible.
3. You may play any race as of this moment.
4. Have fun.
5. No special powers, or special magic (Controling minds, Causing someone to explode/implode) on this thread, we will instead be using something a bit more old-fashioned.
6. Please link your Character's Bio
7. If you choose to change their history to be a Prince or Princess, message me personally. I have most of them planned out and set since they are just dummy OCs. Only one will be chosen and that will be one I select from these messages. Same goes for the three open Suit commanders. Daimond, Heart, and Clubs, also give a bio for the group.

Weapon Rules and Character Form:

1. Feel free to make any physical weapon you want so long as it doesn't float, shoot infinitely, or have rune enchantments. I don't mind things like lasers or bombs as this a cybernetic age and most things are being somewhat replaced by machines.
2. Non-rideable weapons, or in other words tanks are a no no.
3. If it's a Melee type weapon please specify if it has any special features, such as a chainsaw sword, or a laser tip.


Weapon (If used):
Weapon type (Ranged or Melee) (Blade, Gun, etc):
Special Features (if any):
Example of use (Optional):


There will be five royals not one, however the one I accepted through PM will be the only one that is to be seen story long. The other four will be needed Midway to the end. So do not bother signing them up until that point, I will be doing such a thing with Solara and I would enjoy to see the other faction leaders do so as well if the wish to.

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PostSubject: Re: Royal Flush (Sign-Up) (Tags Inside) 2.0 Because of Turtle.   Sun Jun 22, 2014 5:17 pm

Character: Insight

Race: Unicorn

Original Bio: http://ocroleplay.forumotion.co.uk/t12p225-brand-new-oc-character-thread#4378

(Changed) Bio: Since young, Insight was born and raised as an heir to the Equestrian throne. He was a quick study, picking up on the political games around him and growing to be quite the competent prince. Upon Celestia and Luna's deaths, when the empire fractured into many tiny fragments, he originally refused to partake in the reckless claiming of land and warring that came as a result. However, his stance changed abruptly in the aftermath of a failed assassination attempt by one of his brethren, which, although ultimately fruitless, left him with painful scars across his face and completely blind. He was furious. Ironically, with the loss of his vision came the opening of his metaphorical eyes. He beheld the extent of destruction, mayhem and chaos that the war was causing, and swore to reunite Equestria under the rule of two.

He allied himself with Solara and laid claim to one of the few pieces of land not yet taken, in the remote reaches of Equestria. He used his political cunning to the fullest extent, making and breaking temporary, often secret and informal alliances to inch his way up the ladder of power. Although he is far from the most powerful, or even one of the more powerful ones, he is clever and patient, willing to bide his time to get what he wants.

Cybernetic technology allowed him to acquire replacements to his eyes. A form of technology implanted in his head, he can manipulate it with his magic to allow him sight of his surroundings, but without colour and with a limited range of a hundred metres.

Faction: N/A

Position: Child of the Night Prince

Weapon: Ceremonial Sword, Switchblade (Hidden in his clothing)

Weapon type: Melee, Blade

Special Features : The switchblade has a laser tip for added armour penetration.

Example of use (Optional): Insight uses the ceremonial sword to spar in his free time, or what little of it he has. His switchblade, however, is often concealed within his clothing - many of his clothes are specifically designed to have a slot in the long sleeves in which to hide the blade - and he has used it to dispatch opponents in private meetings on occasion.
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The Notebook


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PostSubject: Re: Royal Flush (Sign-Up) (Tags Inside) 2.0 Because of Turtle.   Sun Jun 22, 2014 7:32 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Royal Flush (Sign-Up) (Tags Inside) 2.0 Because of Turtle.   Wed Jun 25, 2014 9:39 pm

Character: Heartstring
Bio (original):http://ocroleplay.forumotion.co.uk/t4p30-character-thread#38
Bio:Heartstring since young had always been one to touch the hearts of the ponies he's come across. It was engrained into him like the cutie mark on his hip. A golden heart shaped lyre with three miniature floating heart shaped lyres floating about it. He was once of the city manehatten, but had long since moved from there to find himself and in that process of finding himself he had started a service, something similar to a religion except that it's purpose wasn't to spread the word of some god-like figure, but to assist in easing the hearts of others. He had created this group and nurtured it over the span of ten years and it had grown deep into the society today. Where the members of the group hold powerful positions, which many of them held jobs ranging from assistants to the rich to mere small-town priests.

Heartstring is the leader of this group which he likes to call 'The Cathedral of Hearts'. He upholds his position as the Archbishop of Hearts and stays within the Cathedral a majority of his time to attend to the ponies that come in seeking assistance. Though for Heartstring this is all just a cover-up for the truth underneath. As he also is apart of rebellious group known as the Royal Flush. He head's the Heart suit.

Faction: Royal Flush Hearts
Position: Archbishop of Heart

Weapon: Heartstring adorns a golden crown, which is fixed onto not only his head, but his horn as well. What this crown does is that, with the use of a bit of his magic, it allows for Heartstring to interface with any nearby technology, with a maximum range of 1609 meters.
Weapon type: Ranged
*Added note: When in use, he cannot move else wise he risks losing the connection he has established.

Weapon: Semi-automatic Cybernetic laser Rifle - A highly advanced laser rifle, which was designed to recharge after every 3 shots. It fires a highly concentrated beam specifically designed to punch through different types of materials. It comes with an highly advanced scope which has night vision, infrared, x-ray, and zoom.
Weapon type: Ranged
*Added note: After the 3 shot, the rifle enters recharge mode, which takes about an hour per shot.

Weapon: Shock gauntlets; a pair of gauntlets, which when powers by Heartstring's magic, provides a extra powerful punch upon contact.
Weapon type: Melee
*added note: It's pretty much a strong tazer.

Special Features: The tribal markings upon his face are natural and tend to glow softly whenever he uses his magic.

Example of use (Optional): The crown heartstring wears all the time. It's extremely rare for him to ever take it off, but it allows for him to hack into the nearby security cameras all around and keep a watchful eye on what's going on around him. At the same time it allows for him to properly strategize with his group members. It's main purpose really in its use has been for information gathering. The Cybernetic Laser Rifle is a prototype that was created within the group and has been rarely used, outside of testing, it's never actually been used against another being. This weapon is clearly meant to be used in a stationary position out of sight. The shock gauntlets are also something Heartstring carries around with him all the time, he keeps them in a pouch, which he carries on his waist.
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PostSubject: Re: Royal Flush (Sign-Up) (Tags Inside) 2.0 Because of Turtle.   Wed Jun 25, 2014 9:44 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Royal Flush (Sign-Up) (Tags Inside) 2.0 Because of Turtle.   

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Royal Flush (Sign-Up) (Tags Inside) 2.0 Because of Turtle.
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