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 The Alternates [UNRATED](Sign-Up)

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PostSubject: The Alternates [UNRATED](Sign-Up)   Thu Jun 19, 2014 1:20 am

It was a peaceful day in Canterlot. An average day. Ponies went places and did things. You know how this cliche opening goes, why should I have to tell you?

Either way, the day was nice and boring. At least, until thunder started rolling. It started out quiet and subtle; only a few ponies would notice the silent rumbling, and likely assume it's from a machine of some sort. But it quickly grew louder, becoming very noticeable to most ponies, especially those near the castle, and with the rumbling came small tremors in the ground.

By the time the "thunder" was at roaring levels, murmurs and the occasional scream of fear traveled through the growing crowds in the streets. Their eyes were now just above Canterlot Castle, focused on a small pinpoint of bright white light that, unnoticed by most eyes, was surrounded and trailed by a faint purple-ish shimmer leading back into part of the building, almost like it was attached to it.

Then a number of events happened in quick succession. First, the white pinprick (it was actually pony-sized, but it looked like a pinprick to most observers) above the castle went from emanating a loud thundering to an absolutely deafening roar. Well, if it could be called that. The pitch it made was so low that a third of the populace couldn't actually hear it. But they felt it. It shook everything, from the ground beneath their hooves to the grey matter between their ears. This was the harbinger of the second thing. The next thing to happen was that the light went from the size of a pinprick to the size of two trucks, torn bigger to grant access to the sonic boom of dimensional magic that tore through the air, the buildings, the mountainous landscape, anything that stood in its way. Finally, from being a milisecond to several miles behind the boom, five "fireballs", unknown objects covered in several layers of extremely unpredictable magic, shot out of the white light in all possible directions, each of them landing somewhere in Canterlot, and most if not all of them adding to the damage and injuries the previous events had caused.

Thankfully, the mass of light wasn't there for long. Half a minute after the sonic boom had occurred, the very fabric of reality in the area of Canterlot seemed to bend itself just to close the wound. It was no longer a normal day.

This is The Alternates. This roleplay will be centered around your OCs... and their evil counterparts, and what they all decide to do as time goes on. They could be subtly evil, at least until they can enact whatever plan they manage to come up with, they can be hack-and-slash serial killers, or they could just want to do their thing back in their own dimension and decide to lay low in this one until they can go home.

There are requirements for this sign-up. The most important one is that you create an alternate history for your evil OC, to make sure you actually know what your OC's motivation is, among other things (it should be at least 3 paragraphs long). You will have to play at least two characters, unless one of them dies. Ah, yes, you can die in this thread. There are four available spots, and I say four because I'll be playing as well o3o.

Group rules apply here.
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PostSubject: Re: The Alternates [UNRATED](Sign-Up)   Thu Jun 19, 2014 2:37 am

Here's my OC's, though for this RP I'm leaning towards Shard. And now for the alternate history.

Like the original, alternate Shard was a slave during Sombra's tyrannical reign over the crystal kingdom. She too fell for the allure of the guard that watched her group, and was also called to Sombra's throne room for the despicable test of loyalties, strength, and fear. She also found the corruption of dark crystal magic and was imprisoned out of fear when Sombra noticed the corruption's presence in the mare. She was even freed when Sombra was defeated, and brought to the princesses when found.

That however is roughly where the similarities ended. When Shard had been wandering the frozen wastes, she hadn't tried to shut out the whispers of the corruption and by accident, it fully infiltrated her mind and soul. And when she was brought before the ruling bodies of the crystal empire, instead of quietly accepting the fate that the princess of love would bestow upon her, Shard acted first, being driven by the whispers of the darkness.

In a flurry of dark magic, large crystal spires began erupting from the floor of the crystal palace. These dealt with the guards and Shining, either pinning them to the floor or worse. Caught off guard by the sudden cruelty and display of dark magic, Cadence was powerless to stop Shard from imprisoning her in a similar crystal prison that she herself had been trapped in for centuries. Then Shard let the corruption spread out from her and touching the crystal heart. As the core of the city was corrupted, the crystal palace darkened, it's normal radiant glow replaced with a sinister sickly green. The corruption continued to spread until it drew the attention of neighboring cities and the other princesses.

It didn't take long before Shard was facing odds she couldn't hope to defeat, so in an act of desperation, she made to escape through any means necessary, casting aside any caution about the corruption that had become such a solid part of the mare now. She's nothing more than a victim to the whims of corruption which possess the goals of spreading as much as it can and snuffing out the anything in it's opposition, like light, kindness, generosity, resistance...

((I wasn't sure how you wanted to run the whole being pulled from their home dimensions, but I think that should roughly do it for everything else))
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PostSubject: Re: The Alternates [UNRATED](Sign-Up)   Thu Jun 19, 2014 3:32 am

That's the page That the character I plan on using (Graham) is on. I don't know how to do what the chap above me did. Anyway, alternate history time!

Alternate Graham starts off largely the same as regular Graham, sans him being friendly. It takes a change when he aquires his vessel and sets off. First off, as a minor change, he names his ship the "Killer bee". The second, more drastic change, is how he gets his crews respect; by being ruthless, cunning, and cruel; thus earning said crews respect, and fear. When alternate Graham reaches equestrian waters, he decides to be a bit smarter than his regular counterpart, and starts off by attacking small ships, and working his way up to the larger ones. Along the way, he makes a reputation for himself by sinking every ship he attacks, killing all of the crew aboard. His feared reputation started to go to his head, and thus, he strived towards being the most feared pirate equestria had ever seen; not stopping at just killing his victims, but sometimes torturing them, then sending them back to the mainland, broken and battered, all to scare the ponies of equestria. Eventually, he upgraded his ship to a very large and strong galleon, more then capable of destroying any equestrian ships looking to take him down. He now is one of the most successful, feared, and hated pirates to roam the equestrian waters. And he loves every minute of it, and wants to make sure that even the hardest of the sea-faring ponies quiver when they hear his name.
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PostSubject: Re: The Alternates [UNRATED](Sign-Up)   Thu Jun 19, 2014 7:06 am

I'll sign up with Star Sentinel.

Alternate's History: When he was young, he had been beaten up by a rouge Royal guard, but unlike his counter part, he had not been saved by the fair maiden of the night. He just barely escaped death and just barely made it away from the guard. In his mind, he saw that the princesses did not deserve to be on the throne if they let a pony that would hurt foals into the royal guards. He also saw that the guards went against their oath that said they would protect all ponies. His frustration grew for the little time he still had in that one time period.

When he was sent forward in time, he faced a different problem. Thestrals were seen as evil and...demonic, seen as servants of Nightmare Moon. So when Star landed in Ponyville, he was immediately run out of town by a pony that just so happened to pass by when he was very confused. He had fled to the Everfree, where he was then attacked by a timberwolf. Luckily he barely survived, but he swore he would get the damn pony who ran him out of town.

The next few years was, more or less, him hiding in the shadows at night and stealing from some stores, but he learned a few skills over the years. He swore to the moon that he would kill the pony that ran him away from Ponyville and kill all the damn guards. He still saw in his mind that the guards were breaking their sworn oath to protect citizens and he sees ponies that looked down on thestrals as nothing but disposable bodies of wasted flesh and meat. He decided to wander near Canterlot where he can kill the royal guards and the snobby nobles that look away from thestrals.
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PostSubject: Re: The Alternates [UNRATED](Sign-Up)   Thu Jun 19, 2014 4:30 pm

I'd like to sign up with Ician.

Alternate History: Alternate Ician's history is exactly that of the original Ician as described in the character sheet. The main differences, however, lie in motive. Although the original seeks to improve the Royal Guard, having blamed the Canterlot invasion on the changelings and the Guard's incompetence alike, the alternate Ician finds blame in one more source: the government itself. He views the current system under the Princesses as weak, crippled by the corruption of the nobles who often cloud the Princesses' judgement with their own agendas. He seeks to establish a more authoritarian regime by either seizing control himself or undoing the nobles of the Royal Court, thus concentrating control firmly in the hooves of the Princesses, who would wield absolute power, with himself as the advisor.

In his own universe, he had recently succeeded in using an excuse to initiate martial law, gaining a sort of invulnerability as Head Strategist of the Guard, and subsequently crafting false evidence and fake allegations to engineer the removal of the majority of the nobles in the Court. He does, however, believe that all ought to be released from the shackles of noble corruption, and thus would actively intervene in this new universe to bring about a similar effect as in his home universe.

His thirst for ends at the expense of means far outclasses that of the original Ician's, the former viewing them as far more important than the latter and hence being willing to go to much further, despicable, underhanded and malicious lengths to achieve his ends. He still has his limits, however, although it isn't immediately apparent since they are very far off.
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PostSubject: Re: The Alternates [UNRATED](Sign-Up)   Fri Jun 20, 2014 9:27 pm

I'll sign-up Blade Shield

Alternate History:
Unlike his counterpart this Blade was grown up in a world that was ruled by the less friendly Celestia, who had made Equestria focused on its military because of the Nightmare Moon incident. So, his after he grew of age, ten years old, he trained to be apart of the Guard. They pushed him to be the best warrior he could be along with every recruit. His training ended when he was twenty, mastering his type of magic and was at his peak physical abilities. After, this he had a choice to join the Guard or put his abilities outside of combat.

He would ultimately decide to become an advisor to Celestia and would later receive the nickname “The Eye of Celestia” due to an encounter against Nightmare Moon after she returned. While Celestia was on the verge of death from the battle, Blade absorbed a blast meant to finish off the Princess and blasted it back at Nightmare. This led to a battle which Blade would win against the weakened alicorn. After the battle, Celestia had lost the sight from one of her eyes and with Blade’s cutie mark being the eye of Horus and Ra he got the nickname.

So, while he only remained to be her advisor he fought against many of the threats that would plague Equestria, never being far from his Celestia. After, these battles and peace being restored to Equestria Blade was sent to help increase the military strength of other Equestria’s. He was sent to talk to the Celestia of that universe and ask for the alliance and if he was denied he would give this Equestria a reason to need them, unless he thought their military strength was already strong enough.

This Blade is not truly evil, but he will kill anyone to force this Equestria to increase its military power. His power far exceeds his counterpart greatly and has more experience in combat.
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PostSubject: Re: The Alternates [UNRATED](Sign-Up)   Sat Jun 21, 2014 10:14 am

I'll sign up Astraylzenika and Verde Tin (because they sort of come as a package deal in most circumstances).

Alternate History
Much like their 'Prime' universe counterparts, Verde and Astra grew up as cousins-by-adoption, the only daughters of Viridian Rain and Scarlet Knife respectively. As in the 'Prime', Verde's natural intellect was strongly encouraged by her mother and Astra's natural gifts for physical pursuits by her mother. Finally, the two bonded very closely and intimately in school and emerged very much in love. In the darker universe in which they lived, however, Viridian Rain's tutelage was of intellectual pursuits shorn of ethics, and Scarlet Knife made a genuine thug of a young mare with a chip on her shoulder the size of a small country. Instead of died-in-the-wool patriots, the pair were shaped to be self-interested and very much in favor of using their gifts for their own advantage. While Verde wasn't exactly lacking physically and Astra was only just short of her cousin's sheer intellectual prowess, they assumed the respective roles of brains and brawn in a carefully-organized crime syndicate they began building right out of high school. It wasn't long until they owned entire blocks and also began to absorb smaller 'enterprises' that tried (and failed) to compete for the territory. It would be in this state that the two found themselves abruptly displaced from their own Equestria and faced with doppelgangers just as smart and strong as they--but of an entirely different mindset and moral code.
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PostSubject: Re: The Alternates [UNRATED](Sign-Up)   Mon Jun 23, 2014 8:57 pm

Signing up Bronze

Alternate History: Much like her regular counterpart, this Bronze Gasket also lost her arm to a tragic workplace accident. The difference was in the placement; unlike her main universe counterpart, this Bronze Gasket did not have the guidance of her mentor Wither before she lost her arm and as such lost it in a factory.

Already more bitter and cynical than her normal counterpart, alternate Bronze's crafted arm was a fine example of engineering and allowed her to continue work. So much so she decided to replace both her arms. Then her legs. Then her ears. Then her internal organs...

Bronze Gasket of that alternate world knew not when to stop, soon kidnapping griffons and ponies when her own body was so overloaded it was no longer suitable for experimentation; her workshop expanded into an ever growing labyrinth beneath Griffhalla, soon she built into Griffhalla itself as more and more disappeared...

Griffhalla of her universe is now a dark, desolate place; a city of catwalks, bloodied hallways and machinery where The Engineer as she has come to be known uses her automatons and "Lockets" to intercept any who enter for experimentation. After about five patrols of guards vanished into the city and never returned the city was sealed off completely. Truthfully no one even knows if Bronze Gasket still lives in the cursed city but none are willing to enter to find out.
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PostSubject: Re: The Alternates [UNRATED](Sign-Up)   Fri Jun 27, 2014 3:18 pm

Signing up Coal Scorcher

Alternate History: Much like his regular counterpart, this Coal Scorcher lost his family to a dragon going on a rampage in the area near his home.
However, unlike the main universe Coal, this counterpart remained bitter and resentful of the dragon who had slain his family. After 4 years of tracking down, Coal had found the one responsible and slew the great wyrm, but not before having one of his eyes clawed to uselessness, forcing him to wear an eyepatch ever since.
Nowadays this pony hunts dragons actively, using his enchanted weaponry to combat dragon fire. And he doesn't only hunt dragonkind, but dragon sympathizers as well, burning the homes of those who would protect dragons from his hunt in an effort to share his family's fate and suffering with those who would deny his revenge.

Called the "Burning Vengeance" in certain circles, they say that each gout of flame fielded against this wanted arsonist only strengthens his resolve to kill every dragon in Equestria along with anyone who holds no ill feelings towards the reptilian race.
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PostSubject: Re: The Alternates [UNRATED](Sign-Up)   Tue Dec 09, 2014 2:34 am

I would like to sign up Lolk.

Alternate History: The life of Alt!Lolk mirrors the original up until the point where they struck out from the hive. In that timeline, Discord was far more powerful, and managed to delay the Elements of Harmony by twelve years while the Princesses were imprisoned. During this time, the land devolved into absolute anarchy. Lolk carved out a life of brutality, weaving his songs across the land, creating havoc then salvaging the remains. When the elements were finally able to act, the Everfree and those inside it were unaffected, including Lolk. When Lolk emerged, seeing the land restored, he quickly went to work carving a new life. He headed to Canterlot, taking a life of political assassinations and theft. Eventually the bodies rose too high however, and Alt!Lolk was forced top flee into the countryside. He began spelunking ancient ruins, searching for artifacts of power. He had no real purpose, unsure of what to do in this sane world.
After awhile, his gathering of artifacts was noticed by the magically sensitive, and a squadron of specially trained guards was sent after him. They caught him by surprise, and having been rendered deaf before embarking on the mission, were immune to Lolk's manipulation. Fending off the guards with only his physical sound manipulations, Lolk was eventually blasted across the rune by an errant spell into a magic circle.
Lolk had only recently unearthed it, and was unsure of what it was. Fortunately for him (as compared to his current situation of getting his arse kicked) the circle torn him from his home dimension into a new one.

"Why should I form an alliance when I can do it all by myself?"
"To allow you to live serves no purpose. Knowledge must be preserved, and I already have yours."
"We are opposites.... And strong."
"I'm on my way Sister."
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PostSubject: Re: The Alternates [UNRATED](Sign-Up)   

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The Alternates [UNRATED](Sign-Up)
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